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Good morning beloved guys and babes of freshmen ChemE 14.

I -------welcome every one of you to the grand premise of Chemical

Engineering, a gateway of opportunity, fantasy, companionship, brilliant career and
above all a fascinating life experience. Your footsteps in this rose garden of aroma
make us feel proud and in the coming year you will discover yourselves among the
enligtened personalities through the amicable guidance of our distinguished
faculties and also through the fraternal and cordial cooperation of loving seniors and
alumni of this department. The cohortness we enjoy here is unique among BUET
and we bind with each other through Bonds of Passion and Bonds of Vitality. Your
stay in this plethora of sapphires will endeavour your intellect, passion and energy
in the vast field of Process Engineering where you will find yourself in the spaceship
of moon to the masquerine eyes of your loved ones. You will be a forebearer of
civilisation and humanity serving them with tasty cuisine, fashionable attire,
renovated home interior, pleasant breeze of air cooler and endless services. In
return of your supreme service to mankind you will enjoy the grandeur and luxuries
of paradise in heartland of BASF Germany, Unilever Bangladesh, Du Pont USA ,
Gazprom Russia, Eurochem Switzerland, Loreal Paris France. Besides nourishing
your intellect your mastery and skills in other rejuvenated areas elsewhere will be
taken care of with your festive participation in cinematography contest,
photography contest , drama festival, sports tournament, music festival. Above all
the qualities and potency you require to make each of you a radiant personality in
this era of globalization are set for you in this magnificent Lyceum. In the coming
sweetest hours you will grasp that fantasy and with that I like to bid you goodbye
and wish you everyone a very frenzy, awesome and glorious dwelling in this
panaromic mansion.