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Ahmed Mohammed Fouad Ali

Cell: 01112211061 | e-mail:

Block 12, Alrahman street, Helwan, Cairo

Building me Experience in every single side of life, through joining the most qualified companies and

2012 Present
2010 2012

Chemistry, Science, Cairo

Average GPA: Very good ( 2.7 )
Alzahraa Secondary School, Science Section
Grade: 96.9%

Summer 2012
(14 days)

Internship, Petro Gulf Oil company, Cairo.

Learned the stages that oil crude pass before reach to the refinery company and the
processes required to reach convenient quality for refining.
Learned about the laboratory tests should the chemist be aware of to measure the
specification of every single sample reach the lab.
Developed a very good experience about Corrosion problem and how to prevent it
Learned about safety and dangers associated with working in fields.

Summer 2012
(14 days)

Internship, Al-Nasr company for intermediate chemicals.

Learned about how the production of chemical materials proceeds and how to prepare the
feed stock for the process.
Learned about some important techniques used in purification of the material such as
adsorption and electrolysis.
Developed an experience about the methods used to cool or heat the materials in industry
and why these are important.
Learned how to use chemicals for the productions of other have higher prices and more

Technical Skills

Using basic instrumental tools in laboratory (Titration, spectrophotometry,)

Preparing and analyzing the sample qualitatively and quantitatively.
Preparing of chemicals such as dyes, polymers, in laboratory scale.
Separation of some important chemicals for natural resources
Using Microsoft office 2010 (Word, power point, outlook, excel, access)
Working on Photoshop.

Syndicate of


About the chemical structures of the crude oil and some portions after refining.
Was in Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions in front of group of chemists and chemical
engineers. Used PowerPoint to make the presentation and implemented in fifteen minutes.

About the Adsorption as a technique for purification of liquid.

Was in the university and I was a member of four students, my quest was to prepare the scientific
paper for the team in addition to my main quest the presentation.


Hadith contest, University.

Won the forth place

ICDL Certificate


Available Upon Request