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Phi Units” Size Wentworth Size Class Sediment/Reck Name 8 | 256mm 8 84 rm ee 4mm a 2mm 0 tm 1 12 mm 2 114 mn a 178 rem 4 | item 8 | 1266 mm Boulders Cabbles Pebbles Granules: Very Coarse Sand Coarse Sand Medium Sand Fine Sand Very Fine Sand sit Clay Sediment GRAVEL Rock RUDITES : (conglomerates, breccias)|* Sediment SAND Racks: SANDSTONES (arenites, wackes) Sediment MUD Rocks: LUTITES (roudrocks) * Udden Wentworth Seale om [mame Cees oar Tata Pome tt Sek ci crea ace, oa mane | See eramnemee pasar ae | Umene a coriae Bellas Fused quartz grains will fracture across Soa ee — |Rugary texture, Gut smoother than sand: z Serpentine | an dean Commorty has ‘Slckenaiged | Matic or Uramatic 2) a] 8 cantar ar arn eh adie wih eq | Morte, — | ene; tneoraimed rock wih concdotal | pny ne grained rock a ‘Sy, low erat lac ck may have al ed ee [eget neck Name Distinctive Features Parent Rock kk sine an ‘sate"Commonly dan gy ere, | tone, shale skie | ommme | Peptdro nis acto | teen ta wt Often gray or gray-green. : z Vile algns lay or atonoteminarate | aca ‘ancien. A coarse-grained rock with banded | Siicie iareous racks, SEDIMENTARY ROCKS ‘ste Nowtaste Voeancaste | | Tonigenous deste Cabonates others Pepcies loniies trontones conomeraes rece, secu! depoats Minera grains Lhe asm Bogen mateat |_| chemical pretats @ | diterent rote Diterent rocks iter roots Diternt rots #8 ‘may include: ‘may include ‘may include: ‘may include: i wince of 2 usr Limestone shots carbonates &S ‘Mica ‘Mudrock ‘Skeletal material Chlorides eldsar vel ek ton dos Stipes exche etnrrpie rook Atuaacera Ss, te ‘hen ons me