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29 TOP HITS FOR FLUTE PAGE TITLE ARTIST 2 ALLABOUT SOUL Billy Joel 4 ALLFOR LOVE Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting 5 ALL THAT SHE WANTS. ‘Ace Of Base 6 ANOTHER SAD LOVE SONG Toni Braxton 7 BED OF ROSES Bon Jovi 8 BREATHE AGAIN Toni Braxton 9 CANT HELP FALLING IN LOVE B40 10 COME UNDONE Duran Duran 11 DREAMLOVER ‘Mariah Carey 12 FIELDS OF GOLD ‘Sting 13 FOREVER IN LOVE Kenny @ 14 HAVE | TOLD YOU LATELY Rod Stewart 15 HERO Mariah Carey 16 HOPELESSLY Rick Astley 17 | DONT WANNA FIGHT Tina Tumer 18 I'D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE (But | Won't Do That) Meat Loaf 20 IF EVER LOSE MY FAITH IN YOU Sting 21 INTHE STILL OF THE NITE (Il Remember) Boyz Il Men 22 LOOKING THROUGH PATIENT EYES P.M. Dawn 23 ORDINARY WORLD Duran Duran 24 RAIN Madonna 25 REASON TO BELIEVE Rod Stewart 26 THE RIVER OF DREAMS Billy Joe! 27 RUNTO YOU Whitney Houston 28 SIMPLE LIFE Elton John 29 TELL ME WHAT YOU DREAM Restless Heart 30 TRUE LOVE Elton John and Kiki Dee 31 WHEN FALLIN LOVE Celine Dion & Clive Griffin 32 AWHOLE NEW WORLD (Aladdin's Theme) Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle HAL*LEONARD This publication isnot forsale i CORPORATION Se Coops © 1904 by HAL LEORRED CORPORA Se a Far ot ores cons et Cremer nog apy a SoS ek ee Sere ee . ALL ABOUT SOUL Flute Words and Music by BILLY JOEL Moderately ont F6 Ebmaj? F =~ To Coda) Gp Dm? m7 Dm? Eb Nc. FIA Bb/G. BoE FIED Gm CHE FIED Bb/D Ebmaj7 Bb/D FIG _Gm7 PG Gm7 toceastr Absus?__Ab Absus2 Ab FG Gm? FG Gm’ Absus2 Ab Absus2 Ab Gm7 Fs Ebmaj7 F Gm Dm? 1 Rake Comme a Loa RE HN Chee aoe ee Cat ep |! BbE gee Il? BD Bb FIAEbIG BbIF FIED Ebmaj7 BbiD FG Gm? FG Gm? Absus2 Ab Absus2 _Ab m7 F Dm7 Gm7 m7 F Dm? Gm7 a cm? F 11¢ Dm? Coda O@covan Absus2 Ab _Absus2 Ab DSS. al Coda Tl wok Repeat ad lib. and Fade 2a £ 26 Cy See ee (From Walt Disney Pictures’ “THE THREE MUSKETEERS”) Flute Words and Music by BRYAN ADAMS. Moderately (not too fas) ROBERT JOHN “MUTT” LANGE and MICHAEL KAMEN FS FE ae SI nf FIA Si BD = FC 3 F FsusG FA N.C. Gm? FIC e FIA| BbDm C FA _Bb To Cota @) Gm? FA Bho ORC Bh BIA Gn7-CF DS. al Coda @covaF Dm Bb Gm? FA Bb C Dm Bb oc Dm FIA Bb Bb Gm7 BIC 5 PIA, BbDm C FIA Bb Gm? FA Bho ORC Dm? FIA ALL THAT SHE WANTS Flute ‘Words and Music by JOKER. BUDDHA, LINN and JENNY Reggae pop beat Dm _-Am Gm Gm DmiA Am Gm NC. Dm Repeat and Fade Gm ANOTHER SAD LOVE SONG Flute Words and Music by BABYFACE ‘and DARYL SIMMONS. ‘Moderate R&B Ballad Em? Bm7 Am? cD Bbo Am7 Cai Bm7 Bho Ebmaj7 Cmaj7D NC. EMT Boy Am? Em ‘Am7 cp m7 Am7 Cmaj7/D Bm7bs E lates os ~ Am? cD Bm7b5 Am7 Bm? tte Cmaj7D Dbmaj/Bb N.C. Fn7 m7 Bbm7 DbrEb Fm7 m7 Bbm? Db/Eb Repeat and Fade BED OF ROSES Flute Words and Music by JON BON JOVI Moderately slow Ab eb Ab Bb af Gm. Ab eb Ebsus Bb | Ab Bb Eb Cm BBD ABE Eb Ab Bb Ab eb Sp OD AN aca pescm con Cm _Bb Ab Eb CmBb/D AbEb Eb Cm Bb Ab Eb Cm BB/D Ab/ED Ab rb op. BB/D Ab/Eb Eb BLD 2 cm Bho Ab Cm BhID ABE Eb Ab Bb 1 ab ob (Cm BbID AbER EB BHD ~ \fe Ze = Eeteade |F # ££ o Copynet © 2 Pyrmont ating ine SS BREATHE AGAIN Flute Words and Music by BABYFACE ‘Moderately slow BE Gm of Bb Am? a Dm Gm Gm7/c Bb bm ToCode Bb(add9) m9 ~ Am? Daa Bb(ade9) Gm9~ Am7 Dm7__ Bb(add9) Gm? Amt Dm, o cm F Bbmaj7 Bb(add9) Gm Am7 Dm, Bb(add9) —Gm9_ Am? = Dm7__ Bb(add9) Gm Am7 Dm? Ebmaj) ~ 7 z copa er” cr a en ih a - ‘s 2 AR é ¢ fis ot: at Eft io, 3 CAN’T HELP FALLING IN LOVE Flute Words and Music by GEORGE DAVID WEISS, HUGO PERETTI and LUIGI CREATORE Reggae beat F ci F c Bb FA E Am. D Am. D_ Dsus Am D Gmc e F c F e Bb FIA a Bb/D CE F CG _3—5 . —— F c Bb PA € BbD CE 1 2 F C635 F co F F BbiD cE F co, 5 OF o 1G _ F = Repeat and Fade Cop Rear nt Aig Ga Mae At es ced Coreg oe A COME UNDONE Flute Written by DURAN DURAN Moderate rock Cm Be Bb AbG Ab mp Bb cm BbO Bb cm Bb6 Bb Ab Ab Bb cm Eb AbG Ab ~ = Bb cm Eb Ab6 Ab Repeat and Fade cm Eb Abs Ab Bb Se op el AR DREAMLOVER Flute Words and Music by MARIAH CAREY and DAVE HALL Moderately Fmaj7 Gm7 Fimaj7 Gm7 a a Fmaj7 Gm7 Fimaj7 Gm Fmaj7 Gm Fmaj7 Gm7 Fmaj? Gm7 Fmaj7 Gm7 Fmaj7 Gm7 Fmaj7 Gm7 Fmaj? Gm7 Fmaj? Gm7, Fmaj7 i Gat Fa? Gat Feat fer B Fai Gxt Far Fo Gt Fmaj7 Gm7 Fmaj7 Gm7 Fmaj7 Gm7 Finaj? Gm7, Fmaj7 Gm7 Fmaj? Gm7 Emaj7 Gm? FmajZ FIELDS OF GOLD Flute Words and Music by STING Flowing, moderately Gsusd Eb Bb eb Bb Eb Bb EWG OF Bb EWG F Bb Gsus2 EDGF Bb Gsus2 Eb EbIG F Bb EbIG F VP tex er SCAR wes mc SL Se Sgt t FOREVER IN LOVE Flute By KENNY ¢ Tenderly Eb Gm, aoa ay —, 2 Bb Gm Ab Bb Eb Gm Ab Bb cons Ab Bb Eb Gm, Bb Repeat and Fade ~, ane We et ot it aeons SRNODE a eas HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY Flute ‘Words and Music by ‘VAN MORRISON Slowly, with expression Eb Gm7 Ab AbIBb Eb Gm? Ab AbIBD Abmajt. Eb Gm? Ab AbIBb Eb Gm? Ab AbIBb Eb Fim? Eb/G Abmaj7 S Gm7 Fn? AbIBb 2 be Gm Ab AbIBD Bb ont ea eis a Se & eS Esa ee Fm7 Ab/Bb Eb Fm7 Eb/G Abmajl, Som gs Fm7 Eb Fm7 Eb/G Abmaj7 Gm7 Fm? Ab/Bh Eb cs Aamo by Sng Of Perea tern Capri See, Aa age HERO Fine Words and Music by MARIAH CARE: — and WALTER AFANASIEFF c F(add9) Eb6/9 Dm7 fies pf Pe = eT soe f tee ee ee C9sus c F(add9) Eb/G Db(add9) cous CC Fladd9) CE Dm7 FIC Bb(add9) Fado Gm7 Bb/C F CR Dm7 Dm7c Bb(add9) Feadd9vA, 2 CE Dm Bb F Gm7 C9sus To Coda Db AbIC Ab Eb Db AbIC Ab Eb/G Fm7 Eb DS. al Coda Db AbIC Ab Eb Db Bbc OC @ copa Bb(add9) FA Gm7 BbIC Cc Fsus2 CE Dm7 FC Bb BbIC € F Congr ©1983 Soy Sone tye Sans 9 Make Cr Wren Ms 1p ce eto Sr Sat sa oe Se nae tM Peg HA ep We tie, TT Mg cae Care Laas a Co HOPELESSLY Flute Words and Music by RICK ASTLEY ‘Moderately slow rock and ROB FISHER C Am? Fus2 Gus Dm7 Fous2 G7sus C Cladd9yE T 2 Fus F FIC ic Dm7iG DmG G7 ie Em? Am? Fsus2 G7sus G7 Em? Am GTsus Em? Am Fsus P FC c Dm7iG G7 © Am7 sus? G7sus G7 c Am7 Fous2__ WG Ei CE Fsus F FIC c CG G7sus Db(add9) — Bbm7 Ghsus2_ GH/Ab Ab(add9yC Db Bbm7 Ghsus2 Ab7sus Db DbF Gbsus Gb GbiDb Db Ebm7/Ab Gb Ebm7/Ab Fm? Bbm7 Ghsus2 Ab7sus AT Fm? Bbmt, Ab7sus Fm? Bom? Gbsus_ Gb GbiDb Db Ebm7/Ab Ab7 Db Db7F Gbsus_ Gb GbiDb Db Gb/Bb Db/Ab Ebm? —Db(add9/F ——Gbsus2_ Ebm7v/Ab Db fe 2 crn © 1983 y Come S08 Mi Paige BC Som Sees amp I DON’T WANNA FIGHT l (From The Touchstone Motion Picture “WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT") Flute Words and Music by BILLY LAWRIE, LULU FRIEDA and STEVE DU BERRY ‘Moderate beat, but not too fast. F a BA Bb c af Fus Foo FA Bb 2 C7sus || Bbsus2 F Gm7 Cus c m7 Bbsus Bb FA Gm? Gm7ic C fe8 Eb(add2) Repeat and Fade 18 7 I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE (But | Won't Do That) Flute Words and Music by JIM STEINMAN Slowly, somewhat freely (Tempo II) Eb BbsusF Bogus Bb BbIEb of AbIED Eb mS , BbsuiF Bhsus Eb BbIES Ab(add9y/Eb cm ag Gm/B> Ab(add9) Bb Eb ae, BbsusF Eb/Bb Bb Ab(add9) ‘Tempo Bbsus a Abmaj7 Bb % Cm Po Ab(add9) ‘Tempo Tt Bb? __ Eb Absu ——_Bbsus Eb Absus2_— Bbsus/F Eb — Absus2_—Bbsus Ab(add9) = = To Coda Q) ‘Tempo 1 A ~ aa Ab Bb Bb Coda CODA gy Bb Ab cm omBb Ab(add9) ee Eb Absus?_—Bb Ab(add9) Bhsus Eb Absus2 Bbsus Eb Absus2 BbsusiF Bb Absus2___Bbsus Bb Ab(add9) 2 Bbsu Eb Absus? Bbsus Eb Absus2 a Slower BhusF Eb Abuse Bb Bb/Bb Bbsus Absus2 Bbsus Eb Absus2/EbBbsus'F EbBb BOT Eb i IFIEVER LOSE MY FAITHIN YOU Db Absus%(sus4) Ab Absus2(sus4) Ab Ebsus2 Eb DOS Absus2(sus4) Ab Ebsus2 Eb m7 Bbsus2 Bb a To Coda) Absus2(sus4) Ab crus C7 Db6 Ebsus Eb Eb/F Bbsus2 Bb CIsus C7 1 2 Db6 Ebsus Eb Ebsus Eb —_-Ebsus Eb _xDbs —_Bbs Dm7(add4) bs BbS bs BbS Dbs BbS cm? Ebmaj Fsus F Csus2C Disus D7 FEB Eb FIEb Eb6 Ebsus2 Eb Cm7 Bbsus2 Bb ee PcatCoaa {9-CODA Ss Gm? Fsus2 Bb Gras G7 Ab6 Bbsus Fuusd F Gisus G7 Ab Bbsus Bb Bbsus2 Bb “ Cisus cv Db6 Ebsus Eb Eb/F Bbsus2 Bb ‘C7sus cr és 2 Db6 Ebsus Eb Ebsus Eb Dbs Bbs IN THE STILL OF THE NITE (I'll Remember) Flute Words and Music by FRED PARRIS Moderately slow Bb Gm Eb EWF F EDF Bb Gm Eb Eb/F F EDF Bb Gm Eb BIE F EDF Bb Eb Eb/Bb Bb Eb Bb Bb9 Bb9bS Eb ebm Eb Bb F Eb Bb Eb Eb/Bb Bb IE F EbIFBb Gm Eb EbIF F EbIF Bb Eb F Nc. Bb Gm Eb Eb F Eb/FBb Repeat and Fade 2 22 LOOKING THROUGH PATIENT EYES (Contains sample from “FATHER FIGURE”) Flute Words and Music by ATTRELL CORDES ‘and GEORGE MICHAEL. ‘Moderately NC. Fsus2 Ebsus2 NC. 5% Fsus2 Ebsus2 Fsus? Ebsus2 ‘To Coda Fsus2 = Ebsus2 Buus F Fsus2 Ebsus2 Fous2 7 z Ebsus? Fous2 Fous2 Sal Coda copa Faus2 Ebsus2 : rams MUSICLTD. 1 HORRSONLEIY MERCED Te pina ome A ORDINARY WORLD Flute ‘Written by DURAN DURAN Moderately slow, with a steady beat Dm7 F G7sus_ Dm? F G7sus Dm? F Gres Dm? ToCodayF Gs c Gm Ebadd9 BbaddyD Ebadd9 BbaddD| c Gm7 Ebadd9 Bbadd9/D ic Gm7 Bhaddo Bbada9/D F om Ebadi9 —_Bhad9”D F Repeat and Fade SS 24 RAIN Flute Words and Music by SHEP PETTIBONE ‘and MADONNA Moderately, not too fast Eos Ab Bbsus Bbw Bb cm Ab Cm? Ab Ab6I9 Bbsus NC. Ghmajp 5 Ab Gbhmajo ~ AD Shale Ab Bb S ——~ Dm7 Bb Dm? Bb Dm7 Bbsus Fsus2 Bb6/9 sus od Cee Capea St ALR Reed CAmacnamae 25 REASON TO BELIEVE Flute Words and Music by TIM HARDIN Moderately fast NC. Bb _= Gm F Feadd9) Bb rE Eb E Gm F Repeat and Fade esac tpn mend THE RIVER OF DREAMS Words and Music by BILLY JOEL 35 Smooth shut, wth soul = = 2) 4) Eb Ab Bb cm Bhs Abmaj?— Gm7—— Abmaj7 Gm Eb Fmv/Eb Eb Bb7 cm Bb6 Abmaj7 Gm7 Abmaj7 Gm7 F Bb NC. as DS. al Coda copa Eb Ab Bb Eb Ab Bb Repeat and Fade 2. 2 RUN TO YOU (From The Film “THE BODYGUARD") Flute Words and Music by ALLAN RICH ‘Moderately slow, tenderly and JUD FRIEDMAN Ab(add2) EbIAb Db/Ab Dbmv/Ab Ab(add2yfEb Bb(add2yD Bbm7bsie BbTus CIE Fm Bbm7bS/E Ab(add9VEb Bbm7/Eb Eb 2 Db Bbm9 Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Eb Ab(add9) Ab FT#S(b9) 35 Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Eb Db Bbm9 Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Eb T Ab(add9) Ab F7#5(b9) F769 Dbmaj7 Bbm7bS/E — Eb7sus Eb7 | Ab Db/AB ‘Wz Fm Bbm7bs/E AbiEb BID —_ | _teett. Bbm7/E> EbmvAb Dbm/Ab Bbm7 AbIC Bb(add9yD_ mF F Sasa = Eb m9 Cm7 Cm7iF F Bb(add9) Bb © G7#S G7b9. m7 cm7iF Fr ogb Ebm(maj7Gb EbGmG ——Bb{add9) BD 7 G7H5(b9) G7 Ebmaj? Ebm(maj7yGb —F7sus.F7.-—Bb EbmBb Bb a one Coren Sent Aap Roce DMCA meer 28 SIMPLE LIFE Flute Words and Music by ELTON JOHN and BERNIE TAUPIN, ‘Moderately Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb_ Bb Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab EWG Bb Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb Eb/Bb Bb Ab Eb/G Bb Abieb = -Eb AbIED Eb AbIED Eb Eb/Bb Bb F 7 EWE Bb Bb7 AbIED Eb AbIED Eb AbIEb Bb EbIBb Bb F ED/F Eb/Bb 1 2 DS. and Fade Bb Db |Eb Eb/Bb || Eb ‘Ab/ED acne Coprgi sere, Aan Reet 2» TELL ME WHAT YOU DREAM Flute Words and Music by JOSH LEO, TIMOTHY B. SCHMIT and VINCE MELAMED Soulfully, not too fast HG: Gar FIG Gm HIG Gm HIG Gm FIG Gm F Gm Eb FIEb Gm Ebmaj9 Dm7 Ebmaj9 @ copa FIEb Eb PIE a TRUE LOVE Flue Words and Music by ‘COLE PORTER Very freely F c F Caim ‘Tempo! c F Bb Bbms F Dm? Gm? sus F Bb Baim? F a Bho F Bb Baim7 F cr Bb6 F Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb Abmaj7 Fm? Bbm7 Bbm7/Eb a BbIC F Bb F T 2 Bb F Ab Db Ddim7 2 od 5 Ab Eb7 Db Ab Db6 Ab Dbm7 Dbmi/Gb Chmaj7 Abm7 Dbm7 Dbm7/Gb Eb7 31 WHEN I FALL IN LOVE Flute Words by EDWARD HEYMAN ‘Music by VICTOR YOUNG Freely Eb(add9) AbmiEb Eb AbmvEb C7b9 Am7bS Abmaj7/Bb Eb Cx,_—~Db7_- C79. Fous F7b9#5 Ab/Bb Bb7b9#11 Eb(add9) Cm7 Db7#I11_ Abm6 Eb Bbm/Db__C7sus C769 SiS Steadily, with feeling Fm Bbm6 Fm Bb6D Ab/Bb Eb AbmiEb a Eb Abm6/Eb Eb7b9 Cm6/Eb Bb7b9 Eb Fm7Gm7_Abmaj7 DbIC C+ EW F6—Abmaj7 Bb7b9 Eb Cm AmIbS D7#I1 BIG c Fm7 Db7 Eb/Bb Bbm755 Ab/Bb Bb7b9 Eb B/C Fim7 Abm Eb/F Bb7sus Eb Fim? Bb9sus Eb Fm7 Gm7 Abmaj7 Db/C C+ EF 6 Abmaj7/Bb Bb7b9 Eb Cm7 CTsus_ C769 Db7¥I1 Eb Bbm/Db Fm? Fm(maj7) Fn C9sus F BbmF F Eb7D7_ m7 a F Gm7 Am7Bbmaj? EW/D 79 BG 6 BbmajiC C799 Fs Dm Freely cB ETO Am7 D179 Gm7 bo FIC Bhm6/C F759/C G7/C Bhm6iC Ab/Eb Dbm6/Eb Ab7b9/Eb Bb7/Eb Dbm6/Eb FIC Bbm6/C F7b9/C DméiC CC F GFBbm6F F , oe 3 2 + Aco matting SA * A WHOLE NEW WORLD (ALADDIN’S THEME) (From Walt Disney's “ALADDIN”) Flute Music by ALAN MENKEN Eyties by TIM RICE Sweetly c FA GB DmF E7_ EGE Am AmG F © Grsus ¢ FA GIB DmF AwG A c EVGE Am FL G GB cease) C_| | GF CE GIF CE Am? Dsus D7 FIG G G#dim7 Am C1G Am7 DisusD7 Bb G7susG7_ Eb = AbIC Bb/D FrvAb G7susG7/B Cm CmvBb Ab Eb Bb Eb Bb/Ab Eb/G — -Bb/Ab —Eb/G ce - m7 Fisus FT Ab/Bb Bb Eb Bb —Bdim? Cm Eb7/Bb ‘ eo en —~ ig Bb/Ab Eb/G Bb/Ab_ Eb/G Cm? FisusF7 Db Ab/BbBb7 Cm —_—_EBIBb ‘Ab(add9) 2 oo EbIG Fm7(add4) Eb/G Ab(add9) Bb7sus Eb fa Tacnsiond Corpses ABR Renee AVAILABLE FOR FLUTE ¢ CLARINET ¢ ALT os TRUMPET « TROMBONE t MT A tg Anoler Sal (we Sin pater TRUE Love we When ! Fe Wl 1a LOG ALEUTS, i} HAL*®LEONARD