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Homework 3, 2015

1. For the system shown in Figure below.

a. find Kp, Kv, and Ka
b. Find the steady state error for an input of 50 u(t), 50tu(t), 50t2u(t)
c. State the system type

2. Given the unit feedback control system

where G(s)=K/s(s+a).
Find the following.
a. K and a to yield Kv=500 and a 20% overshoot.
b. K and a to yield a 2% error in the steady state and a 10%

3. For the unit feedback system of Figure below where

G ( s )=
s ( s+5 )(s+ 7)
plot the root locus and calibrate your plot for gain. Find all critical
points such as breakaways, asymptotes, j-axis crossing.

4. Given the root locus shown below.

a. Find the value of gain that will make the system marginally state.
b. Find the value of gain for which the closed loop transfer function
will have a pole on the areal axis at -5.