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Issue 2, Volume 2

January 2016






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Sasha Storm

1. Invisible seaming stitch
4. Comes from a rabbit
6. Needle type for tubular
7. Knit this first
8. K2tog
11. Typical first project
15. Common synthetic yarn
16. Scottish island
17. Knitting club
18. Steam shaping
21. Unraveling
22. K1, P1 row, then P1,K1
row stitch
23. A scarf accent
24. Jacket type sweater
26. Popular over-the-head
28. Crustacean edge stitching
29. The end
30. Garment creation instructions
31. Straight or Double Pointed
33. Blank over
35. Small poncho
36. A small blanket



2. Incan royalty yarn

3. Indicates the beginning of the
5. Japanese yarn
9. Number of stitches to produce
one inch of fabric
10. Yarn length of measurement
11. Yarn coil
12. This is where it all begins
13. Knit and purl stitches next to
each other
14. Irish islands
19. Knit every row stitch
20. Working with separate balls
or bobbins of yarn
22. Friend knitting
24. Yarn name that comes from
the French word for caterpillar
25. "___" protectors
27. 3 to 3 1/2 stitches to the inch
32. Strap of a purse
34. Stitch 'n "___"

Answers on pg 11


Fiber Folks Christmas Party 2015

Linda & Roberts Excellent Adventure By Linda Arment

During the first week of December, my husband and I decided to make
a speed run to northern Indiana to purchase a loom. The day started
well, until I opened the front door. As I stepped out the door, a raccoon
charged up the front steps toward me. Saying a few choice words, I
went back into the house, got my rifle and went out to dispatch the
raccoon (I figured it had rabies, daylight charging is not normal), three
shots later, the darned thing was still walking. Yes, I hit it, Robert shot it
three times and it walked off toward the bushes, yes he hit it too. But it
was out of the area, so we left.
The rest of the trip was uneventful, until we got to Indiana. I used a
computer program to get our routing for the trip, so we could avoid
going through Chicago, Illinois and Gary, Indiana. The state roads were
great, the first county road, no problem, but when the blacktop started
getting thinner grass started growing up through the cracks, well, lets
say I am getting less happy by the minute.
I have been driving for hours in my sons 4-door pickup with a 12 foot
long enclosed trailer on behind it. The road makes a sharp turn to the
left, over a slight rise and turns to gravel. Okay, at least it has quit raining,
over another rise and the road is one lane wide, muddy and running between two corn fields.
There is no place to turn around, we are surrounded by muddy corn
fields, so pedal to the metal, we went onward for two miles (the front of
the trailer was mud covered) and suddenly the road was blacktop once
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Upon arriving at our destination, the lady says just back

into the garage up to those
double doors, okay there is
six inches of free space on
either side of the trailer (did I
mention that I was a truck
driver for a few years?). It is
fun to be able to freak
people out, and Robert and I
take great joy in having me
do the backing. That done,
we saw The Behemoth
What we had purchased,
sight unseen was a Newcomb Weavers Delight, complete with a flying shuttle setup, the shuttles and cans for
the rags, the pony, which is
used for stuffing the rags into
the shuttle cans. Then she offers to give us lots of wool
and cotton yarn, bunches of
rug shuttles, long flat shuttles
(well you get the picture), if
we agree to take another
loom with us. In another
garage was a completely

Newcomb began producing the

Dream Weaver in the 1890s and
build just over 4000, ours is number 3976, production ended in
the 1940s. We have found two
different manuals for it online and
downloaded them. There is still a
company that we can order
parts from, at this time the four
cans that we have allow us to
weave a twill pattern, which is
great for rugs. It came with about
15 yards of black and white warp
wound on the back beam. That is
now through the heddles and the
reed. We are cutting strips of
black and white jeans and preparing to sew them together. Pictures of rugs will be in the next
newsletter or posted on our Facebook page.

disassembled 4 harness sectional loom. Saying

no was not an option for either of us.

Fiber Folks

This and that . . .

For Sale:

Dorothys Cranberry

Hand made floor loom, in design

of Schacht Wolf. 4 shaft, 37 inch
reed, 12 dent. Ive made many
rugs on this loom but find I need
room for an antique loom I want
to repair for my studio.
Have asked $500 for it, but will
sell to guild member for $450.


By Dorothy Cliff

1 bag fresh cranberries

c sugar
1 small pkg strawberry Jello mix
1 c hot water

No bench or other equipment

comes with it.

Celery, walnuts, two oranges

Thanks for looking.

Using blender, put about 1/3 of bag at a time and water to

cover. Whiz up to chop berries, pour into drainer and then
chop the remaining berries the same. When drained, pour
into small bowl, stir in 1/2 cup sugar and set aside.

Dorothy Cliff
WeaverBirds Rugs

Crossword Answers

Mix one small pkg strawberry Jello with one cup hot
water, stir and set aside.
Chop celery, walnuts, and 2 oranges, any desired amount
of each.
Now just mix it all together and there you have it. Chill in
refrigerator. For a firmer salad, use more jello and for a
sweeter taste, add more sugar.


This amount seems just right to me. Enjoy.