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4@ LESTARI ELECTRIC auTOarion nvisON TOTAL SOLUTION FOR AUTOMATION SYSTEM (ipEc FATEK® (Gwenrtex ee fab) Lanner ag G@ CV. LESTARI ELECTRIC Ruko Villa Melati Mas Blok B10 No. 20, Serpong Tangerang Ph: 021-538 9857, 538 9502 - F: 021-5315 6785 E-mail: fi DEC inbustriat AUTOMATION IDEC provides solution to lp you met the intertional ‘requirements ofthe safety standard 180 12100. 4 Enabling Switoh/ Grip-style Enabling Sulton eee te Door Handle Acutuator Safety ntalck Sth With SlenoidHSSL Serie Safety nal Steh sso Non-contact ik Interlock Switen Emergency Stop Switeh| (Plastic Enclosure) Photoelectre Sensor SALE Lp a ay rrinconter smn AXIS FS FE ze Touch Pa Ute HMI TOUCH SCREEN HG3G SERIES 5.7" 8.4" 10.4" and 12.1" Color TFT LCD Display 65,536 Colors NEW Mount Portrait & Landscape NEW Remote Monitor & Control SVGA 800 x 600 Pixel Resolution Fast 400 MHz CPU Processor Super Bright: 8.4" ~ 600 cd/m2, 10.4" ~ 700 ed/m2 Supports two expansion Microsmart digital I/O module ‘Audio Out, Ethernet, Serial, & USB ports FREE Software WIND O/! NV2 FREE BASIC TRAINING The Power to Control Anywhere, Anytime ‘— iilumination unit » ‘Smart Axis FT1A Series : ‘Smart Touch 3,8" TFT LCD Display 65,536 with Super-Bright LED. SMART AXIS PRO (12, 24,40,8 48 Points 10) with LCD Screen SMART AXIS LITE (12, 24,40,848 Points 10) without Screen: Ethernet Connectivity, Modbus TCP & RTU ‘Monitoring Ladder Program and i/0 status ‘1OOKHZ HSC and Outputs 110A Outout Relay Contacts Built in Analog input points 0-10V0C FREE SOFTWARE WIND O/1 NV3 Micro Smart Pentra FCSA Series: Embedded Ethernet Port 10/100Mbps R145 port PING Function Emall & Web Server Function Support 32-bit data processing Embedded 100kH2 HSC & Pulse Outputs Upto 5121/05, Configure up to 56 Analog /0s Max. of 7 10 Module Built-in Modbus Master & Slave FATE K® cvtomation controLier ‘ww. P5 SERIES HMI with V/0 Controller + Isolated Communication Port Hardware Feature : + Digial 10 Expansion wih Relay Output Transistor “+433 inch, 7 inch, 10.2inch with LED TFT Backight Cupat + Support Modus Protocol RS485, RS282, & TCPAP *ANalog WO Expansion with 0-1OVDG/ 4-20ma & “PLC Extension up to 512 10 ‘Thermo Cont “ EMIIESD Protection & Harsh Environments + compatible with other PLC's Device + cable fee communications tothe FATEK B1 PLC * Builtin\VNC Server for Ethemet Series + e-bult Terminating Resistor Switch for RS485/422 ports ‘Software Feature : + Ladder Edit a HIM Monitor + System: Secury, 15 securty levels and 100 user accounts for usermode + Function-Data Log, A maximum of 64 Data Log groups and each group ‘can monitor a maximum of 512 addresses + Functon-Recpe, Up to 16 recipe groups can be set & the recipe data can be from a es on't need to enter parameters manually “Function Operaton Log, Record the complete operation for objects, Record On - Off Power, Record Comm. Status + Function- Script Edit Easily WIO Remembering the All Key Words. + Pass Through function + FTP Server By Enabling FTP server on FV series, you can send and reieve fles between a FV and personal PC. FBS SERIES PLC FBs Series + or14207243240160 VO Points + Upto 4 sets of igh-sped pulse width *MASeres, Basic Series upto 100 KHZ __dlafon(HSPWM) output Me Sere, Basie Series up 200 2." S'Pport Modbus Protocol R485, R22, &TCPIP LEBEN soe + MN Series, Basic Series up to 920kHZ * Expandble lO Points up to'512 VO Output 2400-48 +Digtal UO Expansion wth Relay Outpt & Transistor Output Key Features : + Analog WO Expansion wih O-10VDC /420ma, & Thermo Meter -UnversalAC input - LED Power Indicator Daten etree ere -High Power Density = Made of double sided PCB Prosar carachy 20n Weds Compact Design + Short Cut Protection + axes of high-speed pulse outputs for NC positioning contro (wit near interpolation) poe + 18h speed interupts and captured inputs. Over Load Protection Over Votage Protection Economical and High-Quality PLC Series Micro-Programmable Controllers BI Series += 1or14/20/24/32140 VO Points + Frequency Ouiput upto 50 KHZ + PLC built in RS222 & RS 485 + Digital V0 Expansion with Relay Output & Transistor Output + Analog VO Expansion with 0-10VDC / 4-20ma, & Thermo Meter + Execution speed 0:33uS/Sequential instruction + Program capacity 20K Words + Expandble 0 Points upto 80 10 Analog / Digital Points + Support Modbus Protocol RS485, RS292, & TCPIP Nw WE!NTEK PROFESSIONAL in HUMAN MACHINE INTERFACE PB coating protection (3) es om cer iE Series pene HDTV supported Compact design and DiN-rail mountable HMI device SMALLER, display range BIGGER EasyBuilder Pro Eulpped wth power a CIO Provides the most popular ns oFHMESin sacri snaps | optimal or ndustlcontrl application in cs harsh enviecnments a XE series EasyBuilder Pro ort Tt | i CloudHM EasyBuilder Pro Ey Wireless Access Point INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER PRODUCTS AND DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMS REMOTE 1/0 MODULES + ET-7000/PET-7000, a web-based Ethernet I/O module support Modbus TCP protocol -7000 and M-7000 modules support Modbus RTU and DCON protocols + Remote IO Type Selection ‘i yCKoel] Analog Input : Analog Output Photomos Relay Output Voltage & Current DC Digital Input Counter/Frequency = Thermocouple AC Digital Input -RTD DC Digital Output = Thermistor DC Digital Input and Output ~ Transmitter Power Relay Output Strain Gauge Solid State Relay Output INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION & NETWORKING PRODUCTS RS-485 Bus Repeater, Converter and Hub WIFI Data Acquisition /0 Module WLAN (Wireless Loc: lee. + ICP DAS provides total solutions on RS-485 bus + addressable RS-485 to RS-2321422 converter + RS-485 repeater & RS-485 converter + RS-232 to RS-485 converter + RS-23214221485 tof ber optic converter + USB to RS-485 convertor al Area Network) @2G/3G + Build wireless network via WEF technology. + Enable CAN/SerialEthernet device tobe ‘connected fo the same network via Wi-Fi without any cable + Use widely available IEEE 802.11 (WL) oF Ethomet network infrastructure 26 8 36 Products + Reliable GSMIGPRSIEDGEIUMTSIHSPA network connectivity, + handling data over @2GVSG wireless network ‘andthe Inmet + designed for both fixed and mobile machine tomachine appkcations. PM-3112/PM-3114 a += 5 Samar a ES ee A a a a So = en 5 tren ee sameeren : + Support Relay type digital outputs + Support sink source type gta inputs + Compatible with EEE €02.11bg standards + Suppor infrastructure and ad hoc modes for wireless networks + Support WEP, WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption + Support Modbus/TCP and UDP protocols + Support pais connection mode + Support 00 power on value & sae value Mechanism + Bultin Watchdog Industrial Ethernet Switch + Managed Ethernet Switch + Unmanaged Ethernet Switch + Cyber-Ring Ethemet Se healing Technology + PoE Ethernet Switch + 1P67 Water Proof Switch + Rugged M12 Ethernet Switch + Realtime Redundant Ring Switch Swed ey 1 ONLINE MONITORING SAMPLE TOPOLOGY li. oe * + * + ma A a —— | Re ea INVERTER senson Moron rLowneren COUNTER KEY FEATURES : «Displays the real time status of a machine or process in a color coded format (Run, Stop, Fault). - Displays & Record Online history alarm, operation log & Trend - Accurate production information in SECONDS not DAYS. = Monitoring of individual or all machines. = Monitoring proccess of machine. - Monitor total production output. - Software can be customized to individual requirements. ~ Applies to Any industry and Any type of machine - View shift by shift comparisons of productivity = Report on productivity by hour, day, week, month, ete - Monitor remote locations from your desktop - Save data production output for management data based DISPLAY SAMPLE le MAIN FUNCTIONS : - Reduce the rejection of finished products - Production Plan scheduling - Increase the efficiency. = Optimize uptime / Minimize Downtime. + Fault alarm monitoring - Report printing and filing - Running information, such as Breakdown time for equipment failure, fault description. Breakdown for parts short-supply, Breakdown for quality problem - Improve Operator Teamwork. - Reduce Unscheduled Downtime, ot Water ester Sytem 0500.00 ft? EMBEDDED BOX PC Lanna embeded boxPCs ar designs or wide deployment in spplcatonspectcenvtonents ofleting bay angen, gh ‘alabity and pert bance batween Sam cos. performance Sra power consumption. Lanner versatleange of box PCs consisted of he LEC Series ‘snd the LECT Sees and they features tte elo © @ Fanless Design Mio Expansion Layer MivomtiewienPOepan, — MnoaoNeltenest ene, cacson boomerang serene bleioney Wide Temperature Range Introducing the LEC? & the LEC Sees “ThaLECasees embedded computershaverch expansion capably andaedesignedfor wide deployment applation specie environments such as ndustral automaton, ‘ion contvoand ther reisted applications ‘he LECT Series embedded computes have multiple display output capability and are designed for wide deployment video specie envionment, suchas ital “conten plsybsck phys ecurty video srvellnce and ater led sppitons RIO APPLICATION Intelligent Transportation System Cptiming Tansportaton Eficency and Management mats 0 Pos Fla Design rol torsion Apetons “lecormatrcomhlchine Vso nsecton sien 51d GenFgh pearance ie Cone rer Fares ous! rin Hah Eons "Got arr ule omens Corecon ' GEFs fo Mle Carers Cnmecton ptt Machine Vision Enabling Muli-vison Vetifcation and Testing Physical Security Enhancing Ener Secy and Persona Sty 3 Gen Hgh-peormance Il Core 7/8/3 Processor Peter Stor aon at “nO MOMIVEA spi Otters ptt Ops ‘evap Range Opec €52030 4 OpevG™ 1 ‘eee oaetra Deal Ot Porto Cott ote High-performance CPU rng cpr cangung perme chaos peut tC" Lanner fabi) wwwannercom ® ® © Compact Design Siti poet Wide input Range Easyto-open Chassis topestansndenacrmnts. nin oes © © Various Mounting Options Indu VS wate eg Mutt-csplay Capability Easy Acessto Power teh selec ky ariaus Mounting options Mule ospiay Output VGA/OVIMOM) emote power conto! Expandable Plo Pest Intl rd GenCore 1.36120 CPU with HES esi Opened Chass with No Tol Required FABIATECH FxS312 Fanless and iow power consumption sesin Din Ra Mount AEP eer 6,280 (2 Cache and Stppor Hh Denton Ao 10/100 Base Ethernet Ports (2) Usb v2. Perts (2) ‘One Conpscfash Crd Type It socket ree ee Eo eas re eae Cue cid iia @ CV. LESTARI ELECTRIC Ruko Villa Melati Mas Blok B10 No, 20, Serpong Tangerang Ph: 021-538 9857, 538 9502 -F: 021-5315 6785, E-mal: wuwilestaieletrie.coid