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The Bond

By Robby Ackles &

Erick Medina

Chapter 1: Henry Hydrogen

Im a loner. All my life, I have been an independent. An outcast. Want some
background? Let me explain.
Society is ruled by the Ununoctium family (specifically Mr. Unger
Ununoctium), and every atom lives in a family sized accordingly with its
respective atomic number on the periodic table. The Nitrogen family consists of
seven people, the Zirconium family is made up of forty people, and the
Ununoctium family has, well...
One hundred and eighteen people. How many family members do I have,
you might ask?
Zero. Im the only one. According to laws established a long, long time ago,
I will never ever have any siblings. The size of my family will be forever
dependent on my atomic number; no buts about it. No matter how desperate I
am to have a loving mother or father or a sister I could hang out with or a
brother I could run around with, itll always be just me. Thats why I want to
The term Bond is used in our world to describe the relationship between
two romantically attached atoms. Certain atoms can only Bond with other atoms,
and this connection is reliant upon each members elemental properties. Lucky
for Hal and Henrietta Helium, they have already Bonded and will be together
forever. If only I could find someone that I could call my infinity and beyond.
For all of the families in the Periodic Table, each atom knows where they
came from. Lizzy Lithium was born courtesy of two caring parents, and she is an
only child. India Indium was also born to a mother and father. How about
Osemele Osmium? Check. Scarlett Scandium? Of course.
Notice a trend that doesnt apply to me?
I have no idea where I came from. Rumor has it that I was discovered way
back in 1766 B.P.T. (Before Periodic Time) by Henry Cavendish, some scientist
dude. Hence my name Henry. I cant log onto to find out who my
parents or grandparents were. I live life by my own standards, yet I have no
other choice.
Since I dont have a solid family background, I often consult my neighbor,
Carly Carbon, for Bonding advice. She lives in the Nonmetal Nook, too. Carly is
my best friend, and I can always count on her to keep any secrets I might have.
(Even if I have never had a secret in my life. What is there to hide?) I dont think
of her as being a possible Bonding partner, oh no. I like to keep my friends
separate from prospective lovemates for the future.
It is now 4:31 p.t. (periodic time). I wander around the kitchen in my tiny,
dark apartment. The moss-green paint on the walls is decaying, and the scratched

floorboards creak under me. I am trying to develop a new strategy for cooking
meals for myself, since Periodic Banquets only happen once a month. Every
young atom my age has a mother or father to make them food. But I dont. What
else is new?
I would complain that my life is unfair, but its not. I always think about
the Ununoctium family, and how miserable the kids must be having to live with
one hundred and fifteen other siblings. They are in fact the most wealthy out of
all of the families, but I still dont understand how they can manage to pay their
Periodic bills with all those people in one house.
Oh yeah, their father makes all the laws. I forgot.
I pick up my outdated telephone to call Carly. It is in moments like these
when I feel most lonely. I dial her number: (666) 666-6666. (Its not demonic, trust
me. Nothing scary has happened to me. Yet.)
I hear the phone ring twice.
How do Hydrogen, Oxygen and Lanthanum say hello?
Carly, this isnt one of those puns, is it?
HOLa! she laughs. I cant help but snicker. Carly always knows how to
cheer me up.
Whats up, Henry? Now she enters serious mode.
Nothing? Then I better hang up
Wait! There actually is something I wanted to talk to you about.
Sure. What is it?
Ive been depressed lately.
Why? I can tell Carly is legitimately concerned.
I dont know how Im gonna Bond in the future. No one wants to live with
a loner.
Oh, Henry I totally forgot to tell you! Apparently theyre The
Ununoctiums are having some type of date mixer thing for all of the single
atoms in the next few weeks. Everyones invited!
Even me? I ask. My heart starts to race.
Of course, you silly. Youre an atom, right?
Mmm hmm." I think about this, and a glimmer of hope makes its way into
my mind.
Then youre invited! Oh...hold on
Sorry Henry, Ive gotta go. Talk to you later. Dont want Pops to yell at
Okay. Bye Carly.

Bye Henry.
I smile and set down the phone. If this meetup thing is really happening,
itll be my chance to shine and show the Periodic Table that I am a worthy
Chapter 2: Una Ununoctium
Sometimes I wish that my life was like the pictures in my sketchbook. I
would get to live in a home with another atom, and I could come visit my one
hundred and seventeen family members every once in awhile. Smiles on
everyones faces, and a big room all to myself. Yet when I tell my brother about
my dreams of a life outside of Noble Gas neighborhood, he just tells me that I
must have lost a neutron. My father would disagree to such a life. Mostly because
he is the President of the Periodic Table, so if he ever finds out about my dreams I
am sure that he would dismiss them immediately.
What are you daydreaming about?" my brother asks me as he walks into
my room. I hastily put my sketchbook away.
None of your business Uriah, I tell him, closing the drawer.
Let me guess, you were being sick in the nucleus and dreaming about a
different universe again, weren't you?"
No. I was just drawing what I saw outside my window," I lie, looking out
the four-paned glass. I know I have to change the subject so I quickly ask,What
brings you to my humble room at this time in the morning?
Oh, I was just walking down the hallway when I wondered what my
sister was doing," he tells me with a stupid grin on his face.
Well now you know, I reply to him as I signal for him to kindly exit the
room. He rolls his eyes, and leaves the room. I then open my drawer, and get my
sketchbook out again. I start dreaming of a different life, but my brother storms
back into my room.
Did I forget to mention that Father wants to see you downstairs?" he asks
me with the same dumb smile on his face as I promptly put my sketchbook under
my pillow. I get up, and walk downstairs to see him.
"Good morning, Father," I tell my father warmly as I walk into his office. As
I look around the room I become impressed by all that is hanging on the walls.
There is a list of people that live in the Periodic Table, and there are a bunch of
awards and certificates from random activities my father does around town. The
number of decorations he has on the wall never fails to amaze me.

"Good morning," he says. I fake a smile because at this time I know that he
doesn't know what my name is.
"How can I help you, Father?"
"Well you see, we are planning on having an event in which atoms can
meet other atoms, and possibly Bond, and I was just wondering if you wanted
to you know if you can if you wanna do Father a favor by planning the event,"
he tells me, pretending to be shy about it. I know better than to neglect any of his
ideas. Father would never talk to me again.
"Of course, Father," I reply, continuing my fake smile.
"Perfect!" he exclaims. "Now start planning, because everything needs to be
ready by tomorrow." I know there is no way I am going to plan this whole event
in a day, but I also will not tell my father that his plans are not logical. That is his
assistant's job, after all. I walk out of the room to find Uriah waiting outside. The
door closes behind me.
"So Father asked you to do a task for him?" he asks me, barely able to
contain his laughter.
"Yes, and you're going to help me," I tell him. I grab him by the shirt, and
bring him to my room.
"We should call it something simple," Uriah says as he continues to write
down our ideas on the piece of paper.
"I don't think 'Find Your Other Atom In Twenty Seconds' is a long name. I
also think that it is very descriptive," I say.
"I know! How about we call it 'Speed Dating Convention'," he suggests. I
think about it for a second, but I notice that he has already written it down on the
piece of paper so I decide to just move on.
"Well it looks like
have everything planned," I say as I snatch the pieces of
paper from his hands. "Imagine it Uriah. All of the atoms walking around the
convention looking for their other atoms. It's gonna be
romantic. Who knows
maybe if I'm lucky, I'll find another half, and then," I was interrupted by my
father walking into the room.
"What are you talking about?!" he yells from the top of his lungs. "You are
NOT to participate in this activity." I stand up in shock.
Chapter 3: Henry Hydrogen
I cant contain my excitement. Today is the day of the 1st Annual Speed
Dating Convention, presented by none other than the Ununoctium Family.

Today is the day that I can Bond.

I hop in my beat-up Hydrocar and race down the highway. The Noble Gas
Neighborhood, where the event is taking place, is on the other side of the Periodic
Table. I dont want to be late.
Once I get off the busy industrial streets, I head east, coasting past
Transition Trail and Post-Transition Park, and soon the fields of Metalloid
Meadows are behind me. I drive a few more miles through the city skyline of
Halogen Heights, and eventually I arrive at the approximate location of the
convention. A large blue structure towers over me, and I immediately recognize
it as the Periodic Table Government Building. There are many other cars parked
in front of the prestigious building, so I take my car and stop it on the side of the
road. I climb out and press the door shut, not wanting to make too much noise. I
think that maybe by acting conservatively, I can fit in. I know there is a chance I
could be singled out for my family status, and I do
want to be embarrassed in
front of the entire community.
Once my car is in a secure place and I am confident to move forward, I
near closer to the front doors of the building. I take a deep breath and ruffle my
hand through my shock of hair. I can sense my electron buzzing, and I am
genuinely excited to find my match.
Then a hint of doubt creeps into my mind.
What if no one likes me? What if I go home without a match?
I quickly brush these thoughts aside and push forward towards the
entryway. Theres no stopping me now. If I want to get rid of the nerves inside, I
need to be bold and confident.
I take a deep breath, peer through the window on the set of double doors,
and then push them open. Its my time.
Chapter 4: Una Ununoctium
My father tells me to go to his office immediately, and I go downstairs
running. I walk into his room, and this time the room looks so different. The
lights are dim, and everything on the wall looks much scarier and darker.
"Did you finish planning the event?" he asks while he hangs another one of
his awards. Everything in the room is dull. I dont know if I am expected to
answer or if he is going to go straight to the yelling.
"Let me repeat myself. DID YOU FINISH PLANNING THE EVENT!?" he yells
loudly. I take a deep breath.
"Yes Father," I say in a very quiet tone.

"Good," he says. "Is there anything else you want to tell me?" I start looking
around the room. I start to hope that something happens so that I don't have to
help him. Luckily, after a couple more seconds of silence, Uriah runs inside.
"Its my fault," he says. "I pressured her into saying that as a bet...she didn't
mean to say any of that. She knows that she can't date anybody because that is
just not right. We already have one hundred and eighteen people in our family.
We can't have more." My heart instantly breaks. It seems like everything that I
have spent my time drawing on paper has burnt down in flames.
"Tell him Uma," Uriah demands as he stares at me intensely. "Tell Father
that you already knew that."
"I" I have an atomic meltdown. I don't want to answer because of the
simple reason that I don't know how to answer. I don't want Uriah to get in
trouble for lying, but I don't want Father to know about my revolutionary
dreams. "Iof course I already knew."
"Good!" he yells as he walks around his desk near where Uriah and I are
standing. "None of you better dream about joining or even leaving this family.
We cannot have one more, and we cannot have one less. Now go get some rest
kids, because tomorrow the event is going to happen, and none of us can snooze
for even a second." He then tells us to leave his office, and once again I hear the
doors close shut behind me.
"Thanks for the help," I tell Uriah. I give him a big hug.
"Youre welcome," he says. "Now let's go to sleep, and don't ever say
anything about love and what not."
The next day all of the atoms are gathered in Noble Gas Neighborhood.
Everywhere around us the atoms are getting ready for the event. Today, one
would meet five different atoms and have twenty to thirty seconds to talk to each
partner. After a few rotations and talking to several atoms, they would go to the
big field, and see if they could find their favorite atoms.
"Everything is set up," Uriah tells me as he walks back from the big field.
All of the food and chairs have been placed, and we have started to pass out the
numbers to make each atom a little more memorable."
"Okay," I say excitedly. "Uriah can I ask you something?"
"What?" he responds.
"Well you know how I find this to be really important and" I tell him
shyly before he interrupts me.
"Yes, you can participate,"

"Really!" I am shocked. I can't believe that he is going to let me do this.

"Yeah, just try not to get caught because then I can't help you," he tells me. I
then run to my room because I know the perfect disguise. For one whole day I am
no longer an Ununoctium.
I put on a ripped up dress I like. Nobody will ever know that I am a Noble
Gas. They will probably think that I am from Nonmetal Nook. I walk up to the
machine that will automatically randomize the atoms that you will meet. That is
when I see
. He must have eleven protons because he is sodium fine. I decide
that I am going to do anything to talk to him when it is time to head towards the
big field. Anything!
Chapter 5: Henry Hydrogen
I am greeted by smiling bright lights hanging down from the ceiling, and an
open airy space welcomes me into the warm environment of the convention. My
eyes focus on the hundreds of atoms milling around the empty warehouse, and I
become overwhelmed.
How am I supposed to choose from this pool of
bachelorettes?My question is answered almost immediately as a young female
atom with a nametag reading Hello, My Name is
Florence Flerovium
walks up to
Hey there! Are you here for the Speed Dating Convention?
What else would I be here for? Heck yeah!
Uh huh. Do you have any directions for me?
Sure! See that big machine in the center of the room?" She points to the
big machine in the center of the room.
Well thats gonna be your key to success here, buddy. Itll spit out an atom
that youll be paired with for twenty to thirty seconds. During the allotted time
with your partner, you can talk, look or be quiet it doesnt matter. But
however you use that time is up to you. After the time is up, youll be matched
with someone else from the machine, and you can spend those twenty to thirty
seconds with them, too. In total, you will see five different atoms. Still not
satisfied with anyone you socialized with? Well release everyone out onto the big
field in the back, and you can talk to anyone you want, with no restrictions. The
warehouse closes at nine p.t., but you can really hang out for as long as you want
to. The machine will only be available until every atom is paired up five times,
but it mostly just serves as a starter for conversation. Any questions?

I think you gave me a pretty thorough orientation. Thank you so much.

Always! Now why dont you head over to the matching machine to get
I will. Thanks again." I wave at Florence Flerovium and walk over to the
middle of the room. My electron buzzes inside of me, and I am full of its energy. I
try to block out my neutrons so that I can keep a positive attitude.
I take position behind the match generator, and place a small ticket that an
event organizer gave me as I entered the area into the slot in the center of the
metal face. The machine accepts the ticket, and the screen lets me know that my
first match is being generated. I scratch my head nervously. Then the ticket is spit
out with the result.
Rhonda Rhodium.
I try to search for my partner, but then I realize how hard it will be to
locate her in the midst of this crowd. I brush past flirtatious couples, lonely
singles and rowdy groups until I feel someone tap me on the electron. I turn
Youre Henry Hydrogen, correct?" A mousy looking atom with glasses
pushes them up on her nose and snorts.
No judgement. We dont want to make any stereotypes or misconceptions,
right Henry?
Yes I am, in fact. Nice to meet ya! I stick out my proton hand and she
shakes it.
So, tell me about yourself, she says.
Okay, well I am a Hydrogen atom, which means that I have no relatives or
ancestors. I dont know where I came from, and
Rhondas eyes trail off in another direction.
Um, are you listening?
Yeah, kind of.
What do you mean?" I am mad. She clearly does not care about what I
have to say.
I have other priorities, Rhonda snaps.
Thats it. Nuclear explosion time.
You know what? Youre not worth my time!
Youre not worth mine." She turns on her neutron heel and storms off.
She obviously has too much negative energy.
I am furious with her, but then I turn my game face on and smile. I am
hopeful because I have four more pairings left until the free time period. Things
will certainly turn around.
I head back to the choosing machine, and hope for the best.

Selena Selenium.
Her name sounds nice, and all that I want is for her to be attractive or
intelligent or funny or somewhat engaging. I just need something to hold on to. I
cant strike out two times in a row, right?
I push my way through the crowd towards the back of the warehouse. The
Selenium family is known for being a little more quiet and reserved. Atoms buzz
around me with energy, yet as I dive further and further into the crowd of
people, the aura in the room becomes more gentle and soft. Finally, I make my
way to the back wall, and see the Selenium family crouching in the corner.
Theyre so lonely.
I keep this comment to myself, but my eyes are definitely not deceiving me.
Thats when I see her.
My electron circulates like it never has before.
I can feel the attraction forming, and I cant control it.
She is what I have been missing all of my life.
Um, hi?
I dont realize that I am literally three inches in front of her. She is
laughing. My face flushes red with extreme embarrassment.
Im so, so sorry, miss. I couldnt help but be blinded by your beauty. And
Im not trying to be cheesy, ya know? Youre just that amazing and we havent
formally met." She giggles in an adorable way. I cant stand how CuTe she is.
Well, now we have! Hi, Im Selena. And you are?"
Henry. Ok, so now weve got some time on our hands, or should I say,
electrons. Wanna move over in that direction?" I nod towards the empty space
against the wall.
Totally! We can have a little one-on-one chat there, huh?
My heart wont stop beating. I have completely fallen in love. She is
Chapter 6: Uma Ununoctium
The event begins with a very monumental amount of atoms getting ready
for the event. I see the master plan of where everybody is going to be, and I make
the calculations so that Mister Sodium and I will eventually get thirty seconds to
speed date.
"So start off by going three times to the left Uriah," I instruct him.
"Okay. You better go get inside one of the contraptions in order to be part
of the activity," he says. I run to where I am supposed to be standing. Then the
machine starts moving. After five seconds of who knows what is happening I see

the first person. It is Ivan Iodine. I already know his name because he is such a
player. I dont care enough about what he has to say so I just fake a smile, and
pretend I am listening. The thirty seconds are over, and then it is off to the next
atom. I cross my fingers that it will be Mr. Sodium.
Then the second person appears.
Hello. I'm Nick Nickel," he says.
Hey I'm um Sophie Sulfur," I lie.
Well that's cool, he says awkwardly. Silence then fills the room.
Well this awkward," he says, trying to break the silence. I then open my
mouth to say something, but it changes to the next person. No way am I gonna
look for that atom later. The next atom appears. He is tall, and perfect from
electron to the nucleus. There is only one flaw. He isn't Mr. Sodium.
Hey, he says with perfectly white teeth. I then close my eyes, and
breathe. There is no way that I am going to send this atom the wrong message. I
am still waiting for Mr. Sodium though.
Hey, I say trying to play it off cool.
Aren't you a perfect arrangement of atoms?" he says flirtatiously. I giggle,
trying to keep my cool. The change then starts happening, and I blow him a kiss. I
decide that this is plan two in case it doesn't work out with Mr. Sodium.
The next atom appears.
The fourth one is another one of those girl-crazy atoms.
Hey! My name is Isaac Iodine, he says. I stare into his beautiful blue
eyes, and pretend like I'm not interested. Obviously this doesnt work.
Fine, there are better girls earlier anyways, he says. Anger immediately
rushes through my veins, and I slap Issac across his face. Just as he is about to say
something the change starts happening, and I become upset. I guess that I must
have under calculated the changes because so far, there is no sign of Mr. Sodium.
The change stops. Mr. Sodium stands right in front me. My electrons start moving
Chapter 7: Henry Hydrogen
As the other rounds go by, I cant get my mind off of Selena. She is my
soulmate, and I know it with my heart and mind. Nothing else matters to me. All
that I want is her commitment, and that she isnt playing me like the four other
atoms she has or will meet up with.
But knowing her, she wont do that.
At least, I think.
After Selena, I talk to Maggie Manganese, Nabia Niobium, and Uma

Maggie is definitely not my type, and I do not dig her over enthusiastic
energy. I swear she was born with more electrons than she was supposed to
Nabia is a complete introvert, and I try so hard to initiate conversation
with her, but she is not respondent. I could not take living the rest of my life and
trying to manage her needs and wants. She is a locked cage, and I will never find
out what is inside.
Then, I meet with Uma Ununoctium.
Im pretty sure I can count as many negative phrases and words to describe
Uma as she has electrons in her body. I am freaked out by how she approaches
me, and she acts really flirtatious.
I mean, its okay to be flirtatious, but I wont be surprised if Uma looks me
up on AtomGoogle or something when she gets home.
Nevertheless, I try to play it cool when I converse with her. If I want any
chance at maintaining a good reputation, I cannot afford to blow up around
anyone else besides Rhonda Rhodium.
Hi, I say.
Hey there, baby. Now arent you sodium fine? Uma says, brushing her
neutron cheek against mine. I quickly back away. I dont want Selena to think I
have other plans if she sees me.
Um, hows it going?
Enough with the small talk HONeY. Lets get to the real action." She pulls
me close to her, but I push back. I sense that she has a neutral charge, which does
not work
at all
with my positive charge.
Im done, okay? Nice talking to you." She screams something as I run
away, but there is no turning back. I need to find Selena. It is now free time, and I
can pair up with whoever I want to. No more forced relationships. No more
creeps trying to stalk me.
Im chasing down love.
I make my way through small cliques and couples and groups and gangs
and squads and
families. With a sigh of relief, I see Selena Selenium again, and she runs towards
me with a proton smile on her face.
Hey Selena, I just wanna say real quick that can we go off-site for the chat?
I have a

A look of concern crosses Selenas face.

Is everything alright?
Yeah, yeah. Everythings fine, but... I trail off when I see Uma running
behind me. Weve really got to go.
Okay. Selena looks towards who I assume is her dad, and he gives her a
nod. Then, she
and I pace down the hill leading down to the streets, and duck behind a corner. I
hear Uma scream again, but Selena and I are too far gone. When we both catch
our breath, she brushes back her luscious hair.
What was that about? she asks. I can sense some tension in the air, and I
want to dispel it as soon as possible.
Oh, well one of the girls I talked to was really creepy, and I needed to get
Who was she? Selena is pretty worried; I can tell.
Uma Ununoctium.
I am met by silence.
Absolute silence.
Oh, Uma.
What? Do you guys have a history or something? I stumble over my
words. I mean, if you used to friends thats cool, but I just Selena interrupts me
with a proton finger to the lips.
Dont worry about it. It doesnt matter any more.
Really? Are you sure
Selena suddenly pulls me closer and kisses me. My heart flutters, and my
electron is spinning like never before. I did not expect her to take a short
relationship this seriously, but I have no problem with her decision.
I love her with all of my atomic mass.
Chapter 8: Uma Ununoctium
After an eventful conversation with Mr. Sodium whose name is actually
Henry Hydrogen, I head to the large field. Let me tell you that I swear he belongs
to the Copper or Tellurium family because he is CuTe.
I have one mission, and ONE mission ONLY, which is to find MY Hen Hen.
I start to push around the big crowd of people, trying to look for Hen Hen. I
cant see him anywhere. I scream his name, but he can't possibly hear me in this
huge mob of people. I then see him. Hen Hen. Standing across the field, and I
start walking towards him. Just as I am a couple of feet away from Hen Hen,
Uriah stands right in front of me.

"How did it go?" he asks. I start to look behind him in order to see if Hen
Hen is still there.
He's gone.
"It went fine," I tell him with a little bit of disappointment.
"Did you meet any possible friends?" he asks.
"No. But I did meet In Round Five I think that I met a" I stutter, not
knowing where to start. "Promise you won't tell anyone."
"Whatever. Just tell me already," he says impatiently.
"Okay. I think that in Round Five I met the love of my life," I say.
Uriah breaks into laughter.
"Little sister, please. What do
know about love?" he replies, still
I storm away from him. I feel some tears rolling down my cheek, but then I
see HIM. My Hen Hen talking to some other atom. I stand there, immobilized. I
guess I was wrong in thinking that we had a thing going on.
"Ugh, how could you choose that loser over me?" I yell. No one is listening,
like always. I stand there in the middle of the crowded room, standing by myself.
Like always. I let the tears that I am holding in my eyes run down my cheeks.
Like always.
But this time, I am not going to let people run my life. It is not going to be
like always.
The great event ends, and I am now staring outside the window of my
bedroom again. Everything looks darker, and gloomier. And it isn't just because
it's night. That is when my father enters the room.
"The event was a success," my father says with a grin on his face. I turn
around to face him with a fake smile.
"I'm happy that they all had a good time," I lie.
"That's good. Can I tell you a secret?" he asks. I am not in the mood for
anything he has to say so I just sit down.
"Sure," I say.
"Well this was all a distraction from something new that is gonna be built
in Actinoid Avenue," he confesses.
"Really?" I say. Still pretending to care.
"Yeah. Our workers right now are only people of the Uranium family," he
says. "But shortly, we'll open up jobs for other people."

"Father, what's the point of the nuclear power plant?" I ask, starting to gain
an interest in what he is saying.
"It's to make energy for our beloved Period Table, of course," he says
"How are we making the energy?" I ask.
"That is something that I can't tell you, Ursula," he says. I roll my eyes, and
pretend not to care that he doesnt know my name. "If you keep on working hard
like you did for that event you planned, I might just let you have a job in the
company, he says.
"I hope," I lie.
"Well, get a nice rest daughter," he says as he exits the room.
"Goodnight, Father," I say. The door closes, filling the room with darkness.
Never have I felt so alone.
The next morning, I decide to take a walk with one of my best friends,
Ursula Uranium. I then tell her everything from Hen Hen to the conversation
with my father.
"Wow. Do you think you'll get the job though?" she asks.
"I just told you about a really handsome guy, and what you care about is
the job," I say.
"You're right. How is he? What does he do for a living? Does he have a nice
house? Where is your wedding gonna be? Does he want to have three children
like you? Tell me all," she says.
"Well, it wasn't exactly a pleasant conversation," I confess.
"Let me guess, you came off as a stalker," she offers.
"Like a total creep. Then there was this other girl that he was talking to."
"Really? Who?"
"Lame Lanthanum, I guess."
"I have a plan that is destined to work," she says. We then walk up to the
room to start our master plan that is destined to work.
Chapter 9: Henry Hydrogen
Oh my gosh, you wont believe it!
What is it, Henry? Just tell me already, Im too anxious! Its Carly, and Im
trying to
contain my excitement about the days events. Well, some of it was kind of
unfortunate (that part about Uma), but for the most part it had been a good day.

I found a match.
No. Way. Youre kidding.
Who? Who? Tell me who it is. I need to alert the media! Henry Hydrogen,
mostly a loner all of his life (no offense), has the potential to Bond in his future!
Yep. Its Selena Selenium.
Ooooh, shes so pretty. Are you sure you guys can Bond? Does your
relationship follow van der Waals rules?
Im sure we do. Her family and I have attractive forces, she has many of
the same chemical properties as I do, and she lives in our neighborhood! Can you
believe that?!
We have to go and visit her. Lets go pick out some roses or something.
Girls always like roses.
As much as Id love to express the utmost affection I have for that fine
young woman, I think I need to take it slow at first. You know, get to know her
more. Its not like the worlds gonna explode if I dont take her immediately.
But a girl likes solidarity in a relationship. She might feel unstable if
presented with the idea of your abandonment. She likes to keep her
Okay, well maybe I will consider that. Although Im pretty sure Selena
likes me, too.
Carly sighs.
Um, Henry? She
does. Im just saying that you need to make sure
she knows
that you like her back. Roses?
How about at 1 that good?
Yeah. Can you pick me up? My Hydrocar needs a refill on fuel.
Carly laughs.
Totally Henry. See you then!
She hangs up.
I am nothing short of ecstatic. I have the opportunity to officially call
Selena mine, and
no one can tell me not to. The one advantage of not having a family is that I will
never have to worry about seeking parental approval for a relationship. I can just
go out and make my own decisions. Thats why Carly is my best friend; she helps
to guide me through every difficult stage in my life, and I appreciate her for that.
Without Carly, I would not be who I am today.
As I become lost in my own thoughts, there is a knock at the door.
It must be Selena
Does she have something to tell me?

I rush to the front of the house, and peek out of the small glass window. I
dont see anything, but I open the door just in case.
I am met by darkness and a sharp pain on my face.
Chapter 10: Uma Ununoctium
"We'll need this rope, and maybe these handcuffs," Ursula says.
"Gosh, do we need all of that just to execute our plan?" I ask.
"Well some of the objects aren't quite needed to execute the plan," she
"Okay, we'll also need this punching glove, and did you call that place?
"Yeah. They said that we could rent the area as long as we pay them $200.
Which I agreed to," she replies. We then grab everything we need for our plan,
and then start heading towards the rented building. From there, we will be
travelling to Nonmetal Nook. We start to walk outside when I hear some loud
voices coming from my father's office.
"You go on I head," I tell Ursula. I then head in front of my father's office to
eavesdrop on the conversation.
"... know about your disappearing people Mr. Uranium," he says, obviously
"I'm just saying that people have started to disappear from Actinoid
Avenue, and it's become a problem," Mr. Uranium tells my father.
"Well it's obviously not that big of an issue because your leader, Mr.
Lawrencium, didn't bother coming to say anything about it himself," my father
I start feeling something weird inside my stomach.
"Well, we think we know what is causing it," Mr. Uranium says.
"What is causing it, according to you?" my father asks with a careless tone
of voice.
"It all started when that building of your was built. We believe that it might
have something to do with it. I mean, you know that the air pollution coming out
of your reactors isnt particularly good," he states, trying to sound convincing.
"I don't know what you're talking about," my father says.
"I think that it could be Gamma radiation because it's penetrating into the
air. If it is entering the atom's body to the point where it's killing them, the
radiation must be deep inside their skin," he states. "Or it could be Beta radiation
because it is also causing skin problems, and if they are left to live long enough in
the skin it can cause skin problems that could lead to death."


"Are you finished with your lesson you chemistry nerd? I have places to be,
people to talk to, and so better things to do than be talking to you," my father says
"That's all I wanted to tell you," he says.
"Thank you! I promise that I'll try to do something so people stop
disappearing," my father says. I immediately fall to the floor. I know what is
happening to those people. That nuclear power plant has everything to do with it.
"I hope there are no more problems, Mr. Uranium.
"I'm sure you'll fix them," he says.
"Look at the bright side. Even after all of this conflict, there is more energy
for all of us," he says. This is so bad, and I feel like just walking inside and telling
him the truth. Yet at this time I have bigger problems to worry about.
Namely Henry Hydrogen.
We make it to Nonmetal Nook, and at this time I come across our first
challenge: I don't know where Henry Hydrogen lives (yet). In addition to that, I
dont have a disguise, so everybody knows that I am a girl from Noble Gas
Thats wont stop me.
"You stay here, Ursula, and I'll go find Henry. Just guard the car," I instruct.
I quickly start to look around the Nook for anybody that can help me to find Mr.
Henry Hydrogen. I see an atom walking my way. I then interrupt her little walk,
and ask her for directions.
"Excuse me, maam," I say kindly.
"Hello! You're not from around here are you?" she asks. I step back, a little
bit scared of what she could do if she for some reason knows that I am from
Noble Gas Neighborhood.
"No, I'm not," I kindly reply, trying to keep my distance from this atom. "I
just want to know where one of my friends lives."
"Who are you looking for?" she asks.
"I'm looking for Henry Hydrogen," I answer.
"I know where he lives," she says excitedly. "He's actually one of my closest
friends ever."
"Where does he live?" I ask happily, because never have I been so close to
finding him.
"Here, follow me," she says. I give her a worried expression. I am not going
to follow some stranger in the Nonmetal Nook.

"Don't worry, I am a reliable atom," she says proudly. She guides me

through the Nonmetal Nook, and we pass by poorly made houses. Very few atoms
are walking on the streets. She then points at a house with moss-green walls, and
with cardboard on the floors. I add that to my list of things that are going bye-bye
when Henry and I get married.
Are you all good? Carly asks.
Yep, Im fine. Thanks so much!
Glad I could help. Toodles! Carly skips away, and I breathe a sigh of
I then grab the punching glove, and knock on Henrys door. The second he
opens it I punch him in the face, knocking him out in one second. One point Uma,
zero points Selena.
Chapter 11: Henry Hydrogen
I awake to a blinding light in my eyes. I close them again and try to fall
back asleep.
Suddenly, I am drenched with icy cold water and I hear someone shrieking
in the background.
Its an alarm, and its extremely annoying. Thank goodness it gets shut off.
Rise and shine, Hen Hen, a seductive voice calls from the distance. I open
my eyes, and the blinding light isnt there anymore.
Instead, I am met by a familiar sight.
Uma Ununoctium. I immediately start to thrash and punch and kick, but I
realize that I am chained to a wall. Pain shoots through my electron, and I grit my
teeth, trying to push down the gurgling acid in my throat.
Behind Uma there is another girl that I recognize. Its Ursula Uranium, and
she scowls at me with a slight smirk.
I yell out, but all I a met by is the sound of my own helplessness bouncing
off the walls of the cave. Uma chuckles in an evil manner, and I am fed up with
WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! I holler. I dont have a family. I dont
have a stable living situation. Im a loner. What could possibly be so enticing
about my life that would make you want to KIDNAP me and ABUSE me like you
are now?!
Uma starts to giggle, which turns into a really devilish snicker, and she
doubles over in laughter.
Oh, youve got it all wrong, dont you?

What do I not understand then? I know that youre a stalker, and a creep,
and a
Shhh, honey, its alright. Calm down. Just listen to me.

Shut up, Henry

. Uma strolls over kneels down right next to me. She grazes
her finger on my proton cheek, and I slap her hand away with the rope I am tied
Ooh, feisty little one, arent ya? Just then, she leans over and puckers her
I know you wanted to have your first kiss with Selena, but it looks like
things are about change, huh?
I am fuming. She
will not
kiss me before Selena.
Uma comes closer. And closer.
And closer.
Right when her lips are about an electron's length away from touching
mine, I slam my head against hers. I hear an awful crunching noise, and Uma
falls back on the ground.
I smile to myself.
Then, she starts to laugh.
You just dont get it, do you? she says, rubbing her head in disgust.
What dont I understand?
My life.
Why do I need to understand your dirty, twisted morals when I have
enough to take care of myself? Why should I care about someone who kidnapped
me from my own home? Why should I pay attention to someone who has done
nothing but stalk me ever since we met? Why?
Uma takes a shaky breath.
Oh, Hen Hen. If only you knew.
Knew what?
There is a brief moment of silence.
If only you knew that I loved you.
Chapter 12: Uma Ununoctium
If you love me, then you have some funny way of showing it, he answers.
Wrong answer, Hen Hen, I reply. If you think that your life is hard then
you should try living in my shoes. My father doesn't know my name, and he
doesn't care about me whatsoever. I dream everyday about a love that will make
me smile. Someone who will make me happy. Complete me Henry. You don't get
it do you?

Not really. Can you please let me go?

I walk towards the back of the room to speak with Ursula.
I think it's time to let him go, Uma, Ursula tells me.
No, I don't think so. He's gonna stay here until he tells me he loves me, I
We're gonna be here awhile, she mumbles to herself.
What was that? I ask.
Nothing! I was just reminding you that I didn't sign up for a week long
kidnapping excursion. I just thought we were going to give him a scare.
NO! He's staying here until he says he loves me. Then I'll call an officiant,
and we'll get married right HERE and NOW.
You know that I'm really close to you girls listening to your plan, Henry
says from across the room.
Who invited you into our conversation? I ask him. There is no answer so
then I go back to talking to Urula.
Well you know what, I'm not going to be part of this anymore, Ursula
tells me. She runs out of the room.
I don't even need you anyways! I yell from the entrance. I close the door
Good job losing your friend. Henry mocks me.
Did I ask you for you opinion? I retort. Now go to sleep because
tomorrow is going to be a long day. Trust me, we're getting married.
Yay, he replies unenthusiastically.
When I awake from my nap I notice that Henry is gone. I don't need to be a
genius to know who in this atomic world did this. But that atom is not going to get
away. They are not going to have their "happily ever after". For as long as I live, I
am going to make sure that they NEVER end up together. Sure, it was one point
Uma; one point Selena. But Ill make sure that the score isnt even under my
Chapter 13: Henry Hydrogen
I cant believe you just did that! I snicker, and Selena smiles.
I knew what to do, and I couldnt just let that crazy Uma chick run away
with you! She could be charged with multiple criminal offenses. I think Im going
to report her to the police.

Remember, Selena, that the police is employed by the Ununoctium family.

If you were to try and arrest Uma, she would get away without a scratch.
I get what youre telling me, but isnt there a way to get her in trouble?
I doubt that.
Selena gives me a hug as we head into my humble house. She is coming
over to watch a movie and have dinner, but I have another surprise.
I know that it has been quick, but Selena is the love of my life, and I need to
make a move. Thats what Carly wants me to do, and I totally agree.
Tonight, I am proposing.
What movie do you want to watch? I ask her.
I honestly dont care, but I love rom-coms, she says.
I like romantic comedies, too! How about we watch
Atomic Heart
? I heard
it got pretty good reviews, and it just came out on Atomflix last night.
That sounds great.
Selena and I snuggle on a couch, and she pulls out a small bag from her
I brought popcorn.
You know just how to make the perfect date, dont you?
I dont have much experience with guys, but I know everyone likes to eat.
She turns away from the screen.
Yes, Henry?
I brought something, too. I pull a small black case out of my pocket, and
stand up from the couch. I get down on one knee, and she covers her mouth with
her hands, shocked.
Selena, I know we just met...
Yes? She wipes tears from her eyes.
But I cant think to spend my life with anyone else. From the moment we
met, I have felt that we had a connection stronger than any Bond in existence,
and you are the nucleus of my world. Will you marry me?
She starts to cry, and I wrap her in my arms.
Yes, Henry. I say yes.
Chapter 14: Uma Ununoctium
I indignantly run back to my house, feeling hurt after all that Selena has
made me go through. I am not going to let her win. She is NOT going to win this
fight. After running for a couple of minutes I finally make it back home, and
when I enter I see my father waiting for me.
What is happening, I ask him.

We need to talk about your eavesdropping in my private conversations,

he says with a loud angry voice.
It's all a big fat lie that you're telling all of those poor people.
They don't need anything, Ulla.
I am so done with all of the crap that you keep telling these people. I don't
care about your decision-making, and I don't care about your governmental
ways. What I care about is the fact that you don't even know my name.
I just do what is best for all of us. It is not my intention to hurt anyone.
Well, you hurt me. You're hurting all of those Uranium people. You don't
really care about anyone but yourself.
My happiness should be your happiness, you ungrateful brat. At least I
don't lie to
, and kidnap people.
I freeze up, unable to answer this one. He knows about the Henry sabotage,
and the fact that I have dreamed about love. Even after he strictly told me never
to think about it again. He then gets out my sketchbook out of his pocket. My
heart drops to my stomach, unable to continue breathing.
Your chemistry with this boy is going to end now. You're going to forget
him, and then you are grounded in your room for the rest of your life, he states.
He hands me my sketchbook. I look through the pictures filled with my memories
of dreaming about love. Dreaming about Henry after I met him. Thinking of
something that I now know is impossible.
I look up, and he hands me a match. It is lit, and he signals to the
If you know what's good for you, then you're going to burn this
sketchbook right now, and you're not going to tell anyone about the nuclear
power plant.
I look around, trying to find a distraction, but there is nothing that I can do
to stop him. I am hoping that he is going to say more, but he just stands there
silently. I look at the burning match, and my sketchbook filled with my sweetest
memories. I glare at him.
No! I scream to him. Then, without thinking, I throw the match directly at
I see him burning, and everything in the room starts to become hotter and
hotter. I run outside quickly with tears all over my face, but before that I grab the
match box because I might use it later. After safely making it outside the house I
hear an explosion behind me. I don't look back. I dont want to see my house
filled with the sweetest of memories to turn to dust. I then create a plan in my
head which is destined to work. Selena is not going to get away with what she
did. Not this time.

Chapter 15: Henry Hydrogen

Today is the day.
Today is the day that everything in my life comes together.
Today is the day that I Bond with the beautiful Selena Selenium.
After everything that we have been through, it has all come down to this
wonderful moment, and I cannot believe that it is actually happening. Ive been
trying to push Uma Ununoctium out of my head, not wanting her to get in the
way of my happy thoughts.
Selena and I have decided to hold our Bonding Ceremony at the Alkali
Earth Estates Country Club, with its sprawling lawn and majestic white mansion.
Carly Carbon actually made the suggestion after she went there for a womens
group meeting, and I took her up on it. What would I do without Carly?
I make sure that my bowtie is extra tight over my black suit, and I peer out
the window of the dressing room to the outdoor setup. Magnificent purple
flowers are strewn across the gazebo, and neat rows of white chairs are lined up
behind the platform. In just a few moments, I will be led out onto the lawn to the
front of the ceremonial area, and guests will be taking their seats shortly. In fact,
I see a few friends and Selenas family members filing into the back rows right
now. I run one hand over my head and inhale.
And exhale.
Just then, I hear a knock on the door.
Come in! I holler from the corner of the room. Someone opens the door.
Its Silas Selenium, Selenas closest brother. He is my best man and one of my
groomsmen, along with Shane Sulfur, Oscar Oxygen, and Philip Phosphorus, who
are all neighbors of mine.
Are you ready, man? He pats me on the back, and I shake his hand
I couldnt be more excited.
Youre a lucky dude, to be Bonding with Selena. Ive looked out for her
since the day she was born, and Im completely confident that you will do the
Of course, Silas. That means a lot to me. We pull in for a quick hug.
Are you ready to go out there? Silas asks, motioning to the window.
I look out of the four-paned glass, seeing that almost all the guests are in
their seats.
Yes, I am. Silas nods, and guides me out the door to the hallway. We
make a few turns to the right, and then were out in the yard. As soon as I am
visible, I hear applause, and everyone turns around to look at me. I smile and

wave, and make my way up the aisle to see the officiant of the wedding, Calvin
Calcium in the center of the gazebo. He will be the one helping Selena and I to
exchange our vows in accordance with Bonding laws. He shakes my hand, and I
stand to his left, facing the audience. I sopt Carly Carbon in the second row, and
she gives me a big thumbs up. I return the gesture, and pat down my suit jacket
one last time.
Then, soft ballroom music arises from the speakers, and everyone stands,
looking behind them.
Thats when I see her.
Selena Selenium.
She looks fantastic.
Her long white dress flows behind her like an angels gown, and her
dreamy brown eyes catch my glance. She blushes, and I feel my cheeks become
red. My electron is moving faster than it ever has before in my entire life. Selena
joins me up on stage, and I take her proton hands in mine. The crowd swoons.
Calvin Calcium clears his throat, and begins to speak.
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of family and
friends to celebrate the joining of these two in the unity of a Bond.
There are no obligations in the Periodic Table that are sweeter or more
tender than those you are about to assume. There are no vows more solemn than
those you are about to make. There is no atomic institution more sacred than that
of the home you are about to form. A true Bond is the most complete state of
unity in our world, whether that be an Ionic, Covalent, or Metallic Bond. The state
of matrimony is based on this deep union of two atoms seeking to find
completion in one another, through sharing or giving and taking electrons. This
love can be proved through molecular stability, and the creation of unique
compounds. These lattices might look different in appearance, and may take
different forms, but the attraction is always the same.
I try to sneak a peek at Selena, but she sees me and grins. I know she is
ready for this moment, too.
Calvin Calcium turns to face me.
Henry Hertz Hydrogen, will you take Selena Stahl Selenium, whose hands
you hold, choosing her alone to be your Bonded wife? Will you live with her in
the state of true matrimony, meaning that you will love and comfort her, through
good times and bad, in sickness and health, honor her at all times, and be faithful
to her?
I will.
Selena Stahl Selenium, will you take Henry Hertz Hydrogen, whose hands
you hold, choosing him alone to be your Bonded husband? Will you live with him

in the state of true matrimony, meaning that you will love and comfort him,
through good times and bad, in sickness and health, honor him at all times, and
be faithful to him?
I will.
To love is to come together from the pathways of our past and then move
forward... hand in hand... along the uncharted roads of our future, ready to risk,
to dream, to dare... And always believe that all things are possible with faith and
You shall now pronounce your vows to one another.
When I first met Henry Hydrogen, Carly says, he was a loner. A
complete loner.
The audience laughs awkwardly and I chuckle. But later on, I discovered
that he was more than just a single man venturing through the journey of life. He
was funny. He was smart. He was charismatic. And not to mention, he was a
ladies man.
Selena giggles and I smile at her.
Ever since that day I ran into him, Henry has been my best friend. Weve
been together through thick and thin, hes helped me through lifes most
prominent complications, and I couldnt have asked for a better comrade all these
Now, to see him with Selena, its really touching. Sure, Hydrogen and
Carbon make the perfect organic Bond, and that compound is basically the
building block to all natural structure... Selenas face turns red. ...but I dont
think a more perfect Bond could have been formed than that of Selena and
Henry. I call for a toast to their newfound Bond, and hope that they can find joy
and light in everything that they do going forward.
The guests clap and cheer.
Also, I heard that Hydrogen and Selenium make a pretty gnarly combo.
Care to show us?
I know exactly what she wants us to do. Selena holds up her proton hand
and I hold up mine. A small spark is emitted from the contact we have made with
each other, and I know instantly that we have made Hydrogen Selenide. The
perfect Bond.

Chapter 16: Uma Ununoctium


I hear sirens surrounding the city. They are looking for me because for
some reason everybody knows that I killed my father. I have little time left before
they find me so I decide to go towards the last place they would find me.
The Actinoid Avenue nuclear reactor.
It is abandoned today because most people are either looking for me, or
mourning the loss of the worst father
President ever.
I sit in front of one of the iron poles, and look at my sketchbook. Looking at
all of my memories of past loves, crushes, and stupid dreams that I lived. What I
did for love. How I lost it all. My sanity. My family. My friends. There is nobody
that I can trust anymore. That is when I start to hear footsteps coming from the
entrance of the facility.
I grab another match from the match box, and prepare myself to attack.
After a couple of seconds of tension, the footsteps turn out to be from Uriah.
Why did I know I would find you here? he asks with a smile on his face.
Uriah, I can't hide forever. I can't live like this. He chose Selena. I can't
love like this. I killed our father I vent.
Woah! Calm down...what you're saying isn't even making any sense.
I killed our father Uriah. Henry left me for Selena. Ursula and I got into a
big fight, and I bet she was the one that betrayed me. I lost it all, and it's all
Henry's fault.
So this is your answer? A nuclear meltdown that could possibly destroy
Well the idea sounded easier in my head, but yes, this is what I have
You don't have to do this, you know.
Yes I do. I have nothing left to lose.
How are you planning on destroying the city if the energy is made from
stable nuclei? It's not radioactive!
That is where youre wrong, Uriah. These nuclei are hungry for isotopes
which causes them to become them very radioactive. They can also emit one of
the strongest types of radioactivity called Gamma rays.
Uma you don't have to do this. Let's just
Gunshots are heard from the distance behind us, and I know that it is time
to commence my plan of complete destruction.
Drop your weapons, and come with us, Ms. Ununoctium, a guard says.
You're under arrest for the murder of your father also know as the President.
I get the matches out of my back pocket, ready to throw them at any
minute. They get their weapons out of their pockets, and then start aiming at
Uriah and I.

Miss, please don't complicate matters anymore, the guard says.

Don't worry, were just about to go back to the city, and she was going to
hand herself in, Uriah lies. I then start walking backwards little by little.
No more movement or we'll shoot both of you, the guard commands.
Uma, let's go down, Uriah instructs as he starts kneeling down. I then
mouth the word
to him. He tries to chase after me, but it's too late. In a
nanosecond, I start running up to the top of the building, and hear gunshots
behind me. My heart fills with rage, and I get a match out of the box, and then
light it.
Tears start to fall from my cheek, and I yell at myself internally.
Why must I
be so weak? Why do I have to be so dumb? Why does this have to be my only way
Just then, I hear footsteps coming from upstairs. I drop the match on the
floor, and without thinking I get my sketchbook out of my bag. I open it to the
first page, and drop it into the fire. Flames immediately engulf all of my dreamy
drawings, and I turn away.
Sometimes I wish that my life was like the pictures in my sketchbook. I
would get to live in a home with another atom, and I could come visit my one
hundred and seventeen family members every once in awhile...
They finally make it upstairs, and point their guns at me, but they are too
late to do anything. The second that they shoot their guns at me, the chemical
reactor explodes.
That is the beginning of the end.
Chapter 17: Henry Hydrogen
Drifting away.
In a world unlike our own, Selena and I have survived.
A nuclear explosion caused the entire Periodic Table to wipe out society as
we know it. An explosion that caused 7,019 atoms to die. Everyone except for
Selena and me.
I dont know how we got here, but its a miracle were still alive.
Selena cries on my shoulder as we float across the blank space under the
platform we rest on. The future is unclear, and we are lost in a sea of emotions.
What does one think about after the world ends?
My mind keeps circling back to thoughts of loved ones and close friends
that have gone.
The Selenium family. My groomsmen from our wedding. The atoms I was
paired up with at the Speed Dating Convention.
And most of all, my best friend, Carly Carbon.

I dont know who in the world would have such a twisted mind to take
away the people who have meant so much in my life.
Then it hits me like an atomic bomb.
I am furious.
I am filled with rage.
I clench my fists and grit my teeth as tears fall from my eyes.
I know exactly who did this.
IT WAS UMA! I shout, collapsing on to the platform in misery. Selena
starts, clearly frazzled, and rests her head on my shoulder. Her sobbing
did this have to happen to me? In the midst of the agony I
cant swallow, the truth suddenly hits me.
I have Selena, and I havent lost her. As we travel through this seemingly
empty void of matter, I realize how lucky I am to still have someone in my life.
Sure, tragedy struck, and I dont think Ill ever be the same.
But maybe, just maybe, Selena and I can find a parallel universe where
atoms like us exist. We dont know where that will be, or what that might look
like, but there is certainly hope for the future. Despite all of the evil that existed
in the world previous to this one, positivity made its light shine upon us in this
very moment.
I am interrupted by Selenas quiet sniffling, and I brush tears away from
her cheek.
Selena, itll be okay. She looks up at me with a worried expression, but it
seems to be alleviated by my abrupt confidence. She nods.
I know. I just cant...I cant believe that... She trails off.
Me too...I cant believe it either.
We sit in a moment of silence.
Selena pulls out a bag of popcorn from her purse.
As we gaze off into uncharted territory, I cant help but smile.
Nothing will get in the way of Hydrogen Selenide.
Nothing will get in the way of our Bond.