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Spiritual or ritual bathing is a good way to cleanse not only your physical body, but your spiritual
body as well. Ritual bathing is recommended whenever you expect to encounter negativity,
fatigue, depression, anxiety, or fear of any kind. It can also be performed to fortify the spirit following a negative experience. Often, spiritual baths take place before other works, and they can
be taken every season to refortify and rebalance your spirit. You need only 1 -2 tablespoons of
bath salts per bath.
Basic Guidelines for Taking a Spiritual Bath
1. Wake up before dawn and draw your water. Fill the tub with warm water, not hot.
2. Always bless the water before getting into the tub. You can do this through prayer or
invocation of the loas, saints, and orishas of the healing waters in a manner that is
meaningful to you.
3. As you get into the tub, soak yourself from head to toe while naming your problems. To
remove negativity or crossed conditions, pour the water over your head so that the water
runs down your body while you are standing. If drawing something to you, such as love,
success, or luck, rub your body in an upward direction only.
4. Spend at least fifteen minutes soaking in the healing water for a ritual bath. You may
meditate, visualize a resolution of your problem, sing, or sit in silence. Do whatever feels
comforting to you.
5. Save all or a portion of the water for proper disposal.
6. As you let the water go down the drain, visualize your problems washing away. With the
last drop of water, say, So be it.
7. Always clean your tub with saltwater afterwards. Sea salt is best, though regular salt will
also do, so long as you have prayed over it. Also, be sure to clean any objects used in the
tub with saltwater.
8. Take the leftover water and dispose of it in the direction of the east at or before sunrise.
9. As part of preparing your ritual bath, you may light your favorite incense and light a
candle in a color appropriate for the purpose to make the experience especially
comforting, effective, and enjoyable.
10. Always take a soap bath prior to a ritual bath. Never use soap, oils, or anything else.
Never stay in a ritual bath longer than thirty minutes. Allow your body to air dry to
achieve the full effect. Always dress in fresh, clean clothes and sleep on clean, preferably
white sheets.