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Vocabulary for IELTS (2000 words) advanced level

0601. divorce - They got divorced after only six months of marriage.
0602. scold - His mother scolded him for breaking her favorite vase.
0603. sympathy - I felt sympathy for the poor old woman.
0604. wage - Some countries have a minimum wage set by law.
0605. abuse - Several of the children had been physically abused.
0606. disaster - San Francisco was officially declared
a disaster area yesterday.
0607. rescue - They rescued sailors from the sinking boat.
0608. tragedy - Hitler's invasion of Poland led to the tragedy
of the Second World War.
0609. adjust - If the chair is too high you can adjust it to suit you.
0610. contrast - His extrovert personality contrasts with his sister's quiet,
shy personality.
0611. strain - I was straining my ears to hear what they were saying.
0612. unique - As far as I know it's unique and therefore very valuable.
0613. awful - That food smells awful - is it safe to eat?

0614. enormous - The distances between cities in Russia are enormous.

0615. bitter - John drank bitter black coffee to get rid of his hangover.
0616. eliminate - Under the agreement all trade barriers between the US and Canada will be eliminated.
0617. predict - Experts are predicting that unemployment will fall slowly next year.
0618. shortage - Water shortages are always a problem in big cities.
0619. distribution - The distribution of cancer cases across the country is
not even.
0620. quantity - During the operation she lost
a considerable quantity of blood.
0621. select - The college selects only twelve students
from thousands who apply.
0622. prior - Do you have a prior appointment?
0623. laboratory - This is the European laboratory for Nuclear Physics.
0624. depression - Tiredness, loss of appetite and sleeping problems are
symptoms depression.
0625. tide - The tide comes in.
0626. immune - He seems to be immune to colds.

0627. habit - I always buy the same brand of toothpaste from habit.
0628. alarm - I set my alarm clock for 5.
0629. substance - If this substance is burned, the smoke is poisonous.
0630. wrap - Have you wrapped up all your Christmas presents?
0631. stock - Do you have any sunglasses? I am sorry. They are out of stock.
0632. violate - Dan continually violated the company's safety rules.
0633. abnormal - I think that it is abnormal for a boy to be interested
in ballet.
0634. gap - The gap between rich and poor is become wider in this country.
0635. symptom - Can you describe the symptoms?
0636. plain - The document is written in plain language, not in legal jargon.
0637. corporate - The company is concerned about its corporate image.
0638. release - They agreed to release her
after her company paid the ransom.
0639. tactics - We discussed our tactics for the next game.

0640. accustom - She lives in the country,

so she's accustomed to getting up early.
0641. consist - The human body consists of billions of tiny cells.
0642. raw - My children don't like raw eggs.
0643. moderate - The people want a moderate government
and sensible policy.
0644. transform - A steam engine transforms heat into power.
0645. allot - Our department has already spent all its allotted budget.
0646. thorough - Have you had a thorough medical check-up within last year?
0647. ancestor - Anthony told her tales about his famous ancestors.
0648. global - AIDS is now a global problem.
0649. license,-ce - The police officer asked to see my driver's license.
0650. recruit - The recruits were trained for six months
and then sent to the war front.
0651. surgery - He had surgery on his left knee.
0652. abhor - We abhor all forms of racism.

0653. principal - Iraq's principal export is oil

0654. temporary - We usually take on temporary staff in the summer.
0655. scandal - One of the newspapers exposed the scandal.
0656. gauge - A thermometer gauges the temperature.

0657. anniversary - Tomorrow is the thirtieth anniversary of our wedding.

0658. emotion - Human emotions are things like hatred, anger, sadness
and happiness.
0659. phase - We're entering a new phase in international relations.
0660. entertain - We invited a magician to entertain the children at the party.
0661. engage - Politicians should not be engaged in business affairs.
0662. pension - The government raised the old-age pension by 50%.
0663. strengthen - We strengthened our border defenses
in preparation for war.
0664. proportion -His head is very big in proportion to his body.
0665. historic - There are lots of historic sites in the country.

0666. preserve - The fine old house should be preserved.

0667. imply -His silence implied agreement.
0668. voluntary - Most charities rely on voluntary contributions
from the public.
0669. adopt - They adopted an open policy towards the West.
0670. calm- She keeps calm in difficult situation.
0671. reluctant -(<-> willing ) Many parents are reluctant to talk openly
with their children.
0672. sweep - Government troops swept aside the rebel forces.
0673. warning - There were several warning signs because of the fog.
0674. contribute - He has contributed lots of money to the nursery school.
0675. grade - This rice is grade A.
0676. protein - Protein deficiency causes many diseases.
0677. conscious - We were conscious of the tense atmosphere in the office.
0678. corruption - Political corruption is widespread throughout the country.
0679. pollution - I'm concerned about the continuing pollution

of the environment.
0680. honor - My honor is at stake.
0681. nuisance - Mosquitoes in the summer are nuisances.
0682. prudent - (= sensible) It is prudent to read the contract before signing.
0683. welfare - The organization has fought for the rights
and welfare of immigrant.
0684. tip - We didn't give a tip to the waiter.
0685. propel - A sailing boat is propelled by wind.
0686. soul - Do you believe in the immortality of the soul?
0687. remote - They live in a small, remote mountain village.
0688. appoint - President Mitterand appointed him a new Minister of Culture.
0689. nervous - There's no need to be so nervous. It's only an interview.
0690. false - I wore an eye-patch and a false mustache.
0691. inevitable - The car accidents was the inevitable outcome
of carelessness.
0692. faith - She has no faith in modern medicine.

0693. weaken - Many factors weaken a body's ability to combat infection.

0694. exhibition - These photos will be on exhibition until
the end of the month.
0695. familiar - The voice on the phone sounded familiar.
0696. desperate - The situation was desperate.
the enemy is now a mile away.
0697. fare - How much is the train fare from Toronto to Montreal?
0698. freeze - Freeze this meat in the freezer compartment.
0699. owe - Don't forget that you owe me $ 5.
0700. negative - He has a very negative attitude to his study.
(<---> affirmative // positive)
-tain (=keep)



im- (=not)
-pathty (=feeling)





0701. retire - If you retire at 50, you won't get your full pension.



0702. shift - This piano is too heavy to shift.

0703. manufacture - Goods manufactured in automated factories are,
as a rule, cheaper.
0704. routine - My job is so routine and boring - I hate it.
0705. fix - Will you fix the shelf to the wall?
0706. mood - I am in a good mood today.
0707. brilliant - She has got a brilliant sense of humor.
0708. merciful - The merciful king saved him from death.
(<--> merciless)
0709. affirm - The suspect affirmed that he had been at home all evening.
0710. expand - Water expands as it freezes.
0711. register - You'd better register this parcel.
0712. overwhelming - An overwhelming majority have voted
in favor of the proposal.
(=overpowering // numerous)
0713. evil - Children learn to distinguish between good and evil
from an early age.

0714. surrender - The President surrendered power on February 7th.

(=resign // yield)
0715. wheel - Most cars have four wheels, but this one has only three.
0716. root - Money is the root of all evil.
0717. acknowledge - The people acknowledged Mandela as their leader.
(=admit, recognize, confess)
0718. detective - Several detectives went to the scene of the crime.
0719. psychology - child psychology // criminal psychology
0720. native - Tobacco is native to the American continent.
0721. illustrate - The lecturer illustrated his point with a diagram.
0722. rent - Office rents are extremely high in this part of London.
0723. swing - The sign was swinging in the wind.
(- swung - swung)
0724. pure - Is this sweater made of pure wool?
0725. overcome - Find a way to overcome your difficulties.
0726. specialist - Roy is a specialist in computer-aided design.

0727. aggressive - Some children are much more aggressive than others.
0728. pen - I don't want to stay in my room penned up.
0729. resign - The manager was forced to resign his post
(=quit) because of corruption.
0730. species - Dinosaurs are an extinct species.
0731. afflict - He is afflicted with severe pneumonia.
(=distress, trouble)
0732. clever - Judy isn't clever, but she tries hard.
0733. fortune - He had the fortune to be chosen to play Hamlet.
0734. physical - Your son appears to be in good physical health.
0735. surplus - Germany suffers from a surplus of teachers.
0736. charity - UNICEF is an international charity.
0737. efficient - The city's transport system is the most efficient in Europe.
0738. vocal - The tongue is one of the vocal organs.
0739. content - I think he's fairly content with his salary.

0740. explore - They have spent much money on exploring space.

0741. poet - He was a journalist, poet and writer.
0742. comfortable - This sofa is really comfortable.
0743. broadcast - The game is broadcast live to several countries.
0744. optimistic - The experts are optimistic about our chances of success.
(<--> pessimistic)
0745. arrange - His books are neatly arranged in alphabetical order.
0746. electronic - Most electronic components use silicon chips.
0747. infect - The cholera victims have to be isolated
(=pass on) so that they don't infect other patients.
0748. atmosphere - The atmospheres of Mars and the Earth are very different.
0749. keen - She is keen on tennis these days.
0750. background - Their marriage will never work - their backgrounds are
(<-->foreground) too different.
0751. pole - A flag was fluttering from a thirty-foot pole.
0752. torture - The prisoner died after torture.

0753. permanent - Most religions promise permanent life after death.

0754. consequence- I missed the bus this morning and
(= result)
as a consequence was late for school
0755. leak - He leaked the list to the press.
0756. resume - The speaker took a sip of water and then resumed speaking.
0757. substitute - You can substitute oil for butter.
0758. guilty - The police suspected that the secretary might be guilty.
0759. apparent - It was apparent that she told a lie.
0760. seize - Customs officers have seized 30 kilos of cocaine.
(=grab, control)
0761. dump - Bill dumped his old car at the side of the road.
0762. constitution - Britain has no written constitution.
0763. household - The whole household get up early.
0764. rid - How can we get rid of all these flies in the kitchen?
0765. discomfort - The wound isn't serious, but may cause some discomfort.

0766. fold - Nancy folded her handkerchief and put it in her pocket.
0767. loose - Wear comfortable, loose clothing to exercise class.
0768. radical - The reforms he suggested are rather radical.
(<---> superficial)
0769. hide - My sister used to hide her diary under her pillow.
(-hid - hidden)
0770. implement - Many agricultural implements were on display
(=instrument) at the exhibition.
0771. bargain - This coat was half-price, a real bargain.
0772. lower - They are going to lower the price of the newspapers.
0773. participate - Annie never participated in any of our discussions.
(= take part)
0774. transition - Our country's educational system is in transition
at the moment.
0775. harm - Criticizing people's work often does more harm than good.
(harmful <--> harmless)
0776. enthusiasm - One of his greatest enthusiasm is yoga.

0777. intervention - Most of the people were opposed to military intervention.

0778. passion - The poet expressed his passion for the woman he loved.
0779. grumble - They grumbled about the company's refusal
(=complain) to increase their pay.
0780. cure - The medicine will cure you of a bad cold.
0781. patient - Just be patient, the bus will be soon.
0782. entitle - Being a member entitles you to discount on tickets.
0783. pause - She talked for twenty minutes without a pause.
0784. sigh - The students gave a sigh of relief after the exam.
(=grieve, lament)
0785. flood - The street floods whenever we have rain.
(<---> drought) (= overflow)
0786. sacrifice - Her parents made many sacrifices so that she could finish a
university education.
0787. ultimate - My ultimate goal as an athlete is to represent my country.
0788. access - The only access to the village is by boat.

0789. numerous - Shops of this type, once rare, are now numerous.
0790. rough - The boy is rough and always looks for a fight.
0791. connection - Is there a connection between smoking and lung cancer?
0792. notion - He has no notion that watching TV is harmful.
0793. appreciate - I appreciate your inviting.
0794. jury - The jury wept as they heard how the child was killed.
0795. attach - I attached a photo to my application form.
0796. pale - You are looking pale - do you feel ill?
0797. controversy - There has been a heated controversy
(=dispute, quarrel) over the economic policy.
0798. appropriate - Her remarks were very appropriate to the situation.
(= proper, suitable)
0799. heal - The wounds were gradually healing over.
0800. potential - The region has enormous potential for development.

trans- (=across)



-sign (= mark)



man- (=hand)



0801. stem - A lot of stems of the tree were broken by the gale.
0802. grip - The baby gripped my finger with her tiny hand.
0803. kidnap - Three children have been kidnapped yesterday.
0804. province - Adventure stories were traditionally
the province of male writers.
0805. intense - He suddenly felt an intense pain in his back.
0806. hire - How much would it cost to hire a car for a fortnight?
(=employ, rent)
0807. genuine - If it is a genuine Michelangelo drawing, it will sell for millions.
(<--> false)
0808. outcome - Can you predict the outcome of the election?
(= result)

0809. flexible - The staff preferred flexible working hours to fixed ones.
(= bent easily, changeable)
0810. antique - There are many valuable antiques in the room.
(=ancient, curio )
0811. compete - Two athletes are competing for the gold medal.
(= vie)
0812. modest - She speaks in a very modest way.
0813. complicated - This machine looks too complicated for me.
(= complex, sophisticated)
0814. desert - They wandered the Sahara Desert for ten days.
0815. circumstance - We are opposed to abortion under any circumstances.
0816. jail - He spent ten years in jail for fraud.
(= detain)
0817. combine - The two countries combined against their common enemy.
0818. path - Follow this path until you come to a shop, then turn left.
0819. tight - My shoes were too tight and I was in agony.
0820. cooperate - Leopards cooperate with each other in hunting.

(= collaborate)
0821. lecture - Mathematics lecture is always boring to me.
0822. chat - She spends hours on the phone chattering to her friends.
0823. monitor - We can check your heart rate by looking at the monitor.
0824. impose - The government have imposed high taxes on cigarettes.
0825. enterprise - We need someone with enterprise and imagination.
(= business, plan)
0826. luxury - Champagne is a real luxury.
0827. pursue - The hunters spent hours pursuing the wild boar.
(= chase, trail)
0828. therapy - There are a lot of therapies that help treat stress.
(= cure, healing, remedy)
0829. qualify- This is the first time the Korean team has qualified
for the semi-final.
0830. otherwise - You will pay your taxes on time; otherwise
(= if not) you will be punished.
0831. trap - The farmer sets traps to catch rats in his barns.

0832. outstanding - It is the area of outstanding natural beauty.

(= conspicuous, eminent, predominant)
0833. abandon - We abandoned the project because it was too expensive.
(= desert)
0834. discipline - College students need self-discipline
(= training) to succeed in their studies.
0835. breath - There wasn't a breath of air in the desert.
0836. stroke - The slave cried out at each stroke of the whip
0837. recession - Many businesses are failing
because of the continuing recession.
0838. dig - The dog was digging a hole to hide a bone in.
(- dug - dug )
0839. beat - The news made her heart beat.
0840. assertion - The assertion that AIDS can't be transmitted is false.
0841. suspend - Sales of the drug will be suspended
until more tests are completed.
0842. urban - urban area // urban life
(<--> rural )

0843. adhere - She adhered to her principles throughout her life.

0844. news conference - The President held a news conference to discuss the
(= press conference) present crisis.
0845. planet - Might here be intelligent life on other planets?
0846. mess - My friend's house is always in a mess
(= disorder)
0847. bare - Don't walk around outside in your bare feet.
(= naked, stripped)
0848. plot - The plot was discovered before it was carried out.
(= conspiracy, intrigue)
0849. thin - Thin, hungry dogs roamed the streets.
(<--> thick)
0850. crop - We have got a bumper potato crop this year.
(= harvest, yield)
0851. rear - She saw a light in her rear view mirror.
(= back)
0852. install - The plumber is coming tomorrow to install
(= set up) the new washing machine.
0853. disclose - She refused to disclose her name and address.

(= reveal)

0854. demonstrate - He demonstrated how to use the equipment.

0855. lean - Wendi leaned her head on his shoulder.
(= thin)
0856. synthesis - His novel is a synthesis of Korean history and mythology.
(= analysis)
0857. zone - San Francisco is in an earthquake zone.
(= area, district)
0858. biography - He wrote a biography of Churchill.
0859. vision - The company needs to employ managers with vision.
(= foresight, sight)
0860. spite - She was, in spite of fame and wealth, an unhappy woman.
0861. instruction - The company provides instruction on
how to operate the computer.
0862. expose - The newspaper exposed the politician as a spy.
0863. burden - Elephants can carry heavy burdens, such as tree logs.
(= a heavy load)

0864. encounter - I first encountered her at summer school.

0865. lease - The lease expires in two year's time.
0866. margin - Sandra had scribbled some notes in the margin.
(= blank, edge)
0867. stir - Use a wooden spoon to stir the sauce.
(= blend, agitate)
0868. pledge - I give you this ring as a pledge of my everlasting love for you.
0869. smooth - The top of his head was completely bald and smooth.
(<--> rough)
0870. fine - I was fined 20,000 won for speeding yesterday.
0871. consult - If the symptoms continue, consult the doctor.
0872. assess - Examinations are not the only means of assessing someone's
(= evaluate) ability.
0873. throat - My colds always start with a sore throat.
0874. output - Output is up by 30% on last year.
0875. renew - She renewed her energy with a long vacation.
0876. ethnic - Ethnic minorities are frequently faced with violence.

0877. bore - I sat there pretending to listen but I was bored to death.
0878. cautious - I am very cautious in giving my address to strangers.
(= careful)
0879. strip - Because of pollution, the trees are almost stripped of bark.
0880. reverse - Sign the check on the reverse side.
0881. ceremony - I handed him my letter of resignation without ceremony.
(= rite)
0882. muscle - The next day the muscle in my arms felt sore.
0883. deadline - The deadline of the manuscript is May 27.
0884. chain - We had to stop and put chains on the tires.
0885. passage - With the passage of time, things began to look more hopeful.
0886. offend - I hope you won't be offended if I leave early.
(= violate)
0887. drain - I watched the bath water drain away.
0888. era - In the Victoria era such behavior was socially unacceptable.
0889. rank - a man of high rank // rank and file

(= row) (<---> file)

0890. pet - Rabbits can be make very good pets.
0891. dismiss - Will the boss dismiss Chris for being idle?
0892. analogy - There are many analogies
(= similarity) between human and animal behavior.
0893. mate - My mate started to snore and I couldn't sleep.
(= spouse)
0894. pour - Please pour some water into a glass.
(= intrigue)
0895. scheme - We have a scheme for finishing the job by Friday.
0896. ruin - After the war the Japanese economy was in ruins.
0897. twin - My brother and I look so alike that people often think
we are twins.
0898. vomit- The baby vomited up all he had.
0899. anecdote - He's always telling us anecdotes about
his childhood in India.
0900. mobile - mobile phone // mobile library.

-mit (=send)




-graph (= write, draw)



co- col- com- , concooperate




(= together)






0901. repay - The loan must be repaid with interest.

0902. tissue - nerve issue // brain tissue
0903. virus - Virus causes such illnesses as the cold and measles.
0904. behalf - On behalf of everyone here, I hope you'll be happy.
0905. slice - Cut the pork into thin slices.
0906. exhaust - What's wrong? You look absolutely exhausted.
(= drain)


0907. sail - They are sailing for Jamaica next week.

0908. rush - There's plenty of time - we don't need to rush.
0909. ragged - A beggar was dozing on a ragged blanket.
0910. angle - We need to look at the issue from a different angle.
(= point of view)
0911. crack - There were several cracks in the glass.
0912. marine - Wales and dolphins are marine mammals.
0913. triumph - 1992 was the year of the Republican Party's third triumph.
0914. universal - Such beliefs are by no means universal.
0915. light - She has lost weight - she is 3 kg lighter than she used to be.
0916. vast Mr.Rockefeller owns a vast piece of land
(= huge, immense) with two lakes and four houses.
0917. stingy - Jim's too stingy to give money to charity.
(= miserly, scarce)
0918. myth - You think that bats are blind but in fact this is a myth.
0919. scream - Shots rang out, and people started screaming.

0920. cite - He cited several factors as the cause of the student unrest.
(= quote)
0921. compromise - We managed to compromise on a price for the car.
0922. neat - She wears her hair short and neat.
(= tidy, pleasant)
0923. conception - He has got a really strange conception of friendship.
0924. masculine - She was wearing a masculine jacket.
(<--> feminine )
0925. concede - "You could be right, I suppose," Julie conceded.
(= admit)
0926. lessen - Garlic is supposed to lessen the risk of heart disease.
0927. ray - Suntan creams protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.
(= emit)
0928. tune - I recognized the tune but I can't remember the name of
the song.
0929. advocate - Extremists are openly advocating violence.
0930. craft - Edward has the craft of furniture making.
0931. frustrate - I was frustrated to find the shop closed.

(= prevent, agony)
0932. premium - You'll be paid a premium if you finish the job early.
0933. forecast - Snow has been forecasted for tomorrow.
0934. holy - As a nun, she led a holy life attending on the sick.
(= sacred)
0935. indicate - The speed meter was indicating 100 mph.
0936. pile - I put the newspapers in piles on the floor.
(= accumulate)
0937. fulfill - Eisenhower finally fulfilled his election pledge.
(= accomplish, perform)
0938. gamble- We are forbidden to drink and gamble.
0939. burst - The audience burst into applause to the speaker.
(- burst - burst)
0940. plunge - Jill plunged her hands into her pockets.
0941. capable - We need to get an assistant who is capable and efficient.
(= competent, proficient)
0942. tap - I went up and tapped on the window.

0943. casualty - the police said the train was derailed

but there were no casualties.
0944. trace - She gave up all hope of tracing her missing daughter.
(= find)
0945. cease - The committee decided to cease financial support.
(= pause, quit)
0946. ingredient - Imagination and diligence are the ingredients of success.
0947. fierce - The armed guards are accompanied by fierce dogs.
0948. legislation - Existing legislation on the minimum wage needs to
be changed.
0949. glance - She glanced nervously at her watch.
0950. breed - How often do lions breed?
(- bred -bred ) (= cause)
0951. grab - The police grabbed the criminal's shoulder.
0952. statistics - Statistics show that women make up 40% of the work force.
0953. penalty - The penalty of murder is death.
(= punishment, fine)
0954. found - Eton College was founded by Henry 4 in 1440.

0955. riot - Ethnic tension led to a massive riot.

(= commotion, revolt, turmoil)
0956. branch - the bank has branches all over the country.
0957. formula - There is no special formula for a happy marriage.
0958. vending machine - the vending machine in our office dispenses
really tasteless coffee.
0959. flee - Everyone fled from the building when the file alarm sounded.
(- fled - fled)
0960. convict - He has been convicted of theft.
0961. resist - I couldn't resist sneaking a look at her diary.
(= endure)
0962. lane - Don't change lanes without indicating.
0963. clinic - Bring your baby to our clinic and we'll take a look at her.
0964. twist - She twisted the wire into the shape of a star.
0965. renowned - The region is renowned for its Persian rugs.
(= famous)
0966. immigration - They passed the new laws on immigration last week.

0967. command - The officer commanded his men to shoot.

0968. bet - I bet that she will pass the driving test.
0969. tidy - Ellen's room always looks tidy.
(= neat)
0970. float - An empty bottle will float on water.
0971. explode - A bomb exploded at London's railway station this morning.
0972. castle - Europe has many old castles.
0973. refined - Many doctors say it is unhealthy to eat refined foods
such as white bread and white sugar.
0974. string - Can you find me some string to tie up this parcel?
0975. celebrate - We have bought champagne to celebrate John's promotion.
0976. absorb - Plants absorb nutrients from the soil.
(= occupy)
0977. primitive - Many primitive tribes live in the Amazon River basin.
0978. side effect - The new drug was found to have harmful side effects.
0979. assembly - She addressed in the assembly of delegates yesterday.

0980. vanish - With a wave of his hand, the magician made the rabbit vanish.
0981. dull - She is a pretty, polite girl, but rather dull.
0982. multiply - Car sales multiplied once the highway was built.
(= increase)
0983. assault - Can you describe the man who assaulted you?
(= attack)
0984. prescribe - Penalties for not paying taxes are prescribed by law.
0985. solar - Saturn is the second biggest planet in the solar system.
0986. confuse - I always confuse you with your sister- you look so alike.
0987. rob - They knocked him down and robbed him his watch.
0988. dip - She dipped her hand into the water.
(= immerse, plunge)
0989. horror - I cried out in horror as I saw him fall in front of the car.
(= terror, antipathy, disgust)
0990. retreat - He saw her and retreated. too shy to speak to her.
0991. venture - Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

0992. alert - Keep alert or you'll miss the plane.

(= attentive, heedful, vigilant)
0993. stream - There is a lovely stream in front of my house.
0994. invasion - Many refugees left the country after the invasion
(= raid)
by hostile force.
0995. rally - The police broke up a rally of 2000 people yesterday.
0996. tube - The lungs are in fact constructed of thousands of tiny tubes.
0997. outbreak - There was outbreak of cholera in the district last week.
(= riot)
0998. context - 'Mad' can mean 'foolish', 'insane', or 'angry',
depending on the context.
0999. wipe - Don't wipe your nose on your sleeve.
1000. ache - The noise of the traffic made my headache.
(= pain)

pri - (= before)


multi- (= many)









at the end of verb '-de ' as a adjective is '-sive', as a noun is '-sion'.










uni- (= one)



1001. hesitate - She hesitated a moment before replying.

(= falter)
1002. resemble - Mike closely resembles his father.
1003. hatred - She is full of hatred for the man who killed her husband.
(= abhorrence, aversion)
1004. blank - Leave the last page blank.
1005. manual - I learned how to repair my computer by reading the manual.

1006. allegation - If the allegation against him proves correct,

he will lose his job.
1007. takeover - The company made a takeover bid for the rival firm.
1008. cave - There were ancient paintings on the wall of the cave.
1009. initial - The initial report says that seven people have gotten injured,
but it has not yet been confirmed.
1010. raid - The drugs were found by the police raid.
1011. pot - Will you help me wash up all these pots?
1012. bury - The climbers were buried under an avalanche of snow.
1013. category - These poems fall into the category of 'romantic verse'
1014. monetary - The monetary unit of the US, Australia and Canada
is the dollar.
1015. crucial - It is crucial that the problem is tackled immediately.
(= major, serious)
1016. plump - The child has plump rosy cheeks.
1017. accomplish - We have accomplished all we set out to do.
(= complete, fulfill, perform)

1018. passive - He took a passive attitude toward other's job.

1019. thoughtful - Her children were thoughtful and
(<--> thoughtless) took care of their old mother.
1020. construction - The house has been under construction for two months.
1021. aid - He managed to walk to the ambulance, aided by a passer-by
1022. virtue - Modesty is a virtue.
(= advantage, merit)
1023. defect - The drug has been shown to cause birth defect.
(= fault, flaw, shortcoming)
1024. neglect - He neglected to remember their wedding ceremony.
(= ignore)
1025. remedy - The best remedy for sorrow is hard work.
(= cure, heal)
1026. amendment - He insisted that the book didn't need amendment.
1027. inmate - The inmates were lived in dirty and unhealthy conditions.
1028. stoop -The doorway was so low that we had to stoop to go through it.
(= bend, crouch)
1029. trigger - Certain foods trigger the headache.

(= cause)
1030. boom - The leisure industry is booming.
1031. drag - Pick the chair up instead of dragging it.
1032. landmark - The invention of the silicon chip is a landmark
in the history of the computer.
1033. subsidy - The government is planning to increase subsidies to farmers.
1034. trail - Katherine, your skirt is trailing in the mud.
1035. whisper - "here is the toilet?" she whispered.
(= murmur)
1036. elegant - She has elegant manners.
(= graceful, attractive)
1037. folk - Cars like that are much too expensive for ordinary folk.
1038. gene - You inherit your genes half from your father
and half from your mother.
1039. amplify - The amplified music was too loud I couldn't hear
(= enlarge, expand) what she said.
1040. fade - that tablecloth will fade if you wash it in hot water.

1041. update - We will give you on the day's update.

1042. witness - He signed the contract in the presence of two witnesses.
1043. carrier - some mosquitoes are carriers of malaria.
1044. gross - Once wrapped, the gross weight of the parcel is 2 kg.
1045. senator - Only two senators voted against the bill.
1046. vessel - A heart attack is caused by the blood vessels getting blocked.
1047. rust - The bolts have rusted up and were impossible to move.
1048. nightmare - The worst nightmare for many people would be trapped
in a car at an accident.
1049. vibrate - Her voice vibrated with excitement.
(= shiver, shudder, tremble)
1050. frame - She put the photo in a plastic frame.
1051. panel - The panel is made up of MPs. and scholars.
1052. vulnerable - It is on economic policy that the government is
(= defenseless, exposed) most vulnerable.
1053. armed - An armed man broke into the bank yesterday.

1054. frown - The teacher frowned at the noisy children.

(<---> smile)
1055. subscription - She cancelled her subscription to the charity.
1056. deaf - He has been totally deaf since birth.
1057. complement - This wine complements the food perfectly.
1058. endure - The country is enduring the worst depression since the 1990s.
(= bear, tolerate)
1059. pardon - Many political prisoners have been pardoned and released
by the new president.
1060. swallow - If you don't chew your food properly, it is difficult
to swallow it.
1061. income - More help is needed for people on low incomes.
1062. flourish - Rock'n'roll flourished in the 1950s.
1063. affect - The divorce affected every aspect of her life.
1064. contaminate - Much of the coast has been contaminated
(<--> purify) by nuclear waste.
1065. reassure - I was reassured to see some familiar faces.
(= comfort)

1066. wreck - The explosion shattered near by windows and wrecked two cars.
1067. stern - His stern mother makes him do all his homework before dinner.
1068. compassion - she felt little compassion for the drunken man.
(= sympathy)
1069. even - The pavement is far from even.
1070. quarrel - We quarreled, and I went out without saying
where I was going.
1071. slot - Put the money in the slot and take your ticket.
1072. desirable - Smoking is one of your less desirable habits.
1073. lesson - The accident taught me a lesson; I won't drive too fast again.
1074. quit - Would you quit your job if you inherited lots of money?
1075. amusing - We found the new movie very amusing.
1076. peak - There is much snow on the mountain peaks.
1077. enhance - She enhanced the value of her house by painting.
(= amplify, augment, heighten)
1078. till - This piece of land has been tilled for hundreds of years.

(= cultivate)
1079. whip - Rider use whips to make their horses run faster.
(<--> lash)
1080. attorney - The attorneys for the company were present in court.
1081. integrate - The idea with children is to integrate learning with play.
1082. broker - She works as a real estate broker.
1083. harbor - Ships sail into the harbor at night.
1084. sustain - He found it difficult to sustain the relationship
with the woman.
(<--> maintain)
1085. undermine - She undermined her health by smoking.
(<--> ruin)
1086. resort - In recent years, this little town has grown into
a fashionable resort.
1087. slight - I have got a slight headache.
(<--> serious)
1088. foam - Many fire extinguishers are filled with chemical foam.
(= bubble )
1089. ballot - Representatives are elected by ballot.

1090. smart - He is very smart enough to understand computers.

1091. chaos - After the earthquake, the area was in chaos.
1092. halt - The car halted at the traffic light.
1093. retain - The sea retains the sun's heat longer than the land.
(<--> surrender)
1094. satellite - The moon we see at night is Earth's only satellite.
1095. tackle - What is the best way to tackle this problem?
(= deal with)
1096. anatomy - We are going to do anatomy of frogs next class.
1097. circuit - The judge is on circuit for most of year.
1098. portrait - a famous artist pointed the king's portrait.
1099. weld - They welded a steel plate onto the plane's damaged wing.
(= joint metal)
1100. contempt - He was charged with contempt of court.
(<--> admiration)
circu- (=around)




1101. embarrassed - He seemed to be embarrassed when we asked where

(= confused, upset) the money was.
1102. rubbish - I put the rubbish in a paper bag and threw it away.
1103. ambiguous - His reply to my question was somewhat ambiguous.
(= ambivalent, vague)
1104. noble - He has noble ambitions to help the poor.
1105. interrupt - She is studying for an exam tomorrow, so you'd better not
(= intervene) interrupt her.
1106. secret - Don't tell anyone about this - it's a secret.
1107. visa - European citizens don't need to have a visa for Britain.
1108. civilization - Ancient Greek civilization had important effects
on Roman culture.
1109. geography - I have bought a new atlas for my geography class.
1110. diminish - His influence of the church has been diminishing.
(= decrease, lessen)
1111. humble - The composer's parents were humble peasants.
(= modest)

1112. secondary - Her health is what matters - the cost of treatment

is secondary.
1113. rational - She was too upset to be rational.
(= reasonable // <--> irrational)
1114. destination - The destination of our trip is San Francisco.
1115. gossip - I love reading the gossip column.
1116. notorious - This prison hold some of Britain's most notorious criminals.
(= infamous, outrageous)
1117. backing - She started her own business and hot backing from a bank.
1118. spare - What do you do in your spare time?
(= reserved)
1119. shed - she shed a few tears at her daughter's wedding.
(-shed - shed)
1120. fantasy - He has a fantasy about dating a beautiful movie star.
1121. whirl - My head is in a whirl; I must sit down.
1122. altitude - Our plane is flying at an altitude of 35,000 feet.
1123. counterpart - The Minister of Defense is meeting

his American counterpart in Washington today.

1124. rage - I was frightened because I had never seen him
(= fury) in such a rage before.
1125. sob - She sobbed herself to sleep the night you left.
1126. mine - My grandfather used to work in the mine.
1127. spur - Her magnificent goal spurred the team to victory.
(= encourage)
1128. clash There were violent clash between the police and
(= disagreement) demonstrator yesterday.
1129. merge - They decided to merge the two companies into one.
1130. flock - Flocks of wild ducks often fly in a V-shaped formation.
(= crowd)
1131. pepper - Would you pass me the salt and pepper?
1132. referendum - Let's hold a referendum to settle
the important national issue.
1133. grave - The teacher was standing with a grave face.
(= serious)
1134. sanction - He tried to get official sanction for his scheme.

(= permission)
1135. abortion - Abortion is restricted in some American states.
1136. grain - Grain prices have fallen again.
1137. panic - There is no panic; we have got plenty of time.
1138. adventure - He enjoys adventure.
1139. sweat - Don't put the cheese in a plastic bag - it will sweat.
1140. frighten - Be quiet or you will frighten the deer away.
(= appall, menace, terrify)
1141. punish - Those who are responsible for this crime
(= penalize) will be severely punished.
1142. consent My parents would never consent to such
(= approve, grant, permit) an unsuitable marriage.
1143. recycle - This newspaper is made of recycled paper.
1144. miserable - She seemed to look miserable after her dog had died.
(= pathetic, pitiable )
1145. sensation - The sporting goods created a great sensation.
1146. companion - As a travelling companion, he was terrible -

(= assistant, associate, colleague ) always complaining.

1147. gaze - Every day for a week Laura would stand gazing at the painting.
1148. modify - The present law needs to be modified.
(= alter, convert)
1149. shy - He was too shy to ask her to dance.
(= timid)
1150. insular - Hawaii is an insular state.
1151. hazard - Fog can be a hazard on the motorway.
(= danger, risk)
1152. conceal - A little make-up will easily conceal the scar
1153. wisdom - The young man has wisdom and patience.
1154. prolong - The doctor prolonged his patient's life
(= lengthen) by curing her cancer easily.
1155. handicap - A lack of computer skills is certainly a handicap these days.
1156. absurd - He looks absurd in old-fashioned trousers.
(= illogical // funny, ridiculous)
1157. dreadful - That is a truly dreadful film.
(= appalling, awful)

1158. obstacle - They overcame all the obstacles and

(= bar, block, hindrance) their company was very successful
1159. treasure - Stories about pirates often include
a search for buried treasure.
1160. perceive - Bill perceived a tiny figure in the distance.
1161. cheerful - Turn that sorrowful music off and turn on something cheerful.
(= buoyant, elated, gay)
1162. booking -Julian was so ill that she had to cancel the booking.
(= reservation)
1163. envy - I envy her positive attitude.
1164. devote - She has devoted all her life to the care of the homeless.
1165. postpone - We decided to postpone our holiday until the autumn.
1166. innovation - Too many rules tend to stifle innovation.
1167. Phenomenon - Gravity is a natural phenomenon.
1168. swift - Thank you for your swift reply.
(= agile, prompt)
1169. anguish - In her anguish she forgot to call me up. (= agony, distress, pain)

1170. sentiment - Public sentiment rapidly turned anti-America.

1171. exceed - Sales of the new product exceeded our estimates.
1172. mode - You will have to change your mode of life.
1173. prohibit - Parking is strictly prohibited between these gates.
1174. temptation - I finally gave in to the temptation and had a cigarette.
(= allurement, enticement, lure)
1175. accompany - The Prime Minister was accompanied by his wife.
1176. subsequent - In the first letter Nancy said she loved me, but in subsequent letter she changed her mind.
1177. personnel - The company had to fire half of its personnel to have money
1178. lurk - The robbers lurked in the woods near the remote house.
1179. equivalent - The two computers are equivalent in speed.
1180. adjourn - The meeting was adjourned until next Tuesday.
(= recess // postpone)
1181. fleet - A fleet of ambulances took the injured to hospital.
1182. peer - My son peered over my shoulder at the computer screen.

1183. spin - Our washing machine spins the clothes very fast.
(- spun - spun )
1184. bear - The chair, too fragile to bear her weight, collapsed.
(-bore -born)
1185. pit - They dug a deep pit for the foundation of the new building.
1186. hardship - Marilyn Monroe suffered financial hardship after losing her job
1187. slim - Rebecca is slim because she eats no meat and runs 5 km a day.
(= scanty)
1188. reel - I put a new reel of film in my camera.
1189. fraud - People who claim to cure baldness are just frauds.
1190. almighty - I swear by Almighty God that the evidence is true.
1191. component - Fresh fruit and vegetables are an essential component
of healthy diet.
1192. pill - My boss takes a pill to reduce his high blood pressure.
1193. chase - The police chased the thief and caught him
1194. streak - I have been dyeing my hair to hide my grey streaks.
1195. apologize - Susan apologized publicly to me for her mistake.

1196. sincere - Her love for you is sincere.

1197. greeting - The usual British greeting among friends is 'Hello.'
1198. tolerate - How can you tolerate such a noise?
(= forgive // endure)
1199. prestige - The universities like Oxford and Cambridge
(= esteem, honor, reputation) have immense prestige.
1200. case - Bring a map in case you get lost.

-ceive, -cept (= take)





alt- (= high)


1201. submarine - submarine telephone cable

1202. adapt - She adapted herself quickly to her new job.

1203. compliment - People paid her compliment on her pretty dress.

(= praise // flatter)
1204. freight - A truck brought a load of freight to the warehouse.
1205. shave - My brother's chin is smooth after shaving.
1206. evolution - Do you know about Darwin's theory of evolution?
1207. worship - Many people worship God.
1208. abolish - The government abolished the tax on toll.
(= eliminate, do away with)
1209. compose - Air is composed mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.
1210. marvelous - They have found the marvelous thing with the herb.
(= amazing, excellent)
1211. disturb - Bad dreams disturbed her sleep.
(= interrupt)
1212. omit - I omitted milk from my shopping list by mistake.
(= miss out)
1213. radioactive - Uranium is a radioactive element.
1214. bleed - She cut her finger and it is bleeding.

(-bled -bled )
1215. masterpiece - The painting Mona Lisa
by Leonardo da Vinci is a masterpiece.
1216. utility - We need to assess the utility of the equipment.
1217. skeptical - I'm skeptical about his chances of winning.
1218. intimate - She is on intimate terms with important people
(= profound) in government
1219. artificial - These flowers are artificial.
1220. console - We tried to console her when her dog died.
(= soothe)
1221. primary - My primary concern is about my wife's health.
1222. donation - We are collecting donations for the relief fund.
1223. nominate - Jane was nominated as president of our class.
1224. collide - Two cars collided on the street last night.
1225. refund - I took the faulty radio back to the shop and demanded a refund
1226. utter - The new play is an utter success.
(= complete)

1227. bless - Bless you in the name of the Load!

1228. pop - The popcorn pops as it cooked.
1229. exile - She fled her country and became an exile in Canada.
1230. rustle - Her long silk skirt rustled as she walked.
1231. fragile - The dish is fragile , so be careful.
1232. sour - Lemons always taste sour.
(= unpleasant)
1233. bay - We sailed into a secluded bay.
(= gulf)
1234. suppress - They suppressed the student protest in Tiananmen Square.
1235. naught - All his plans have come to naught.
(= nothing)
1236. mineral - Many people have started drinking mineral water.
1237. fabric - These are high quality fabrics.
1238. verdict - The jury hasn't reached its verdict of the case yet.
1239. spectacular - The scenery in the Alps is spectacular.

1240. deliberate - I have been deliberating all morning, but I haven't

decided what to do.
1241. provoke - If you provoke the dog it will bite you.
1242. sponsor - The team is sponsored by JVC, so the players wear
the letters JVC on their shirts.
1243. straighten - He looked in the mirror and straightened his tie.
1244. equator - Singapore is on the equator.
1245. perspective - He writes from a Marxist perspective.
1246. superb - This chocolate is superb.
1247. auction - This painting will be sold by auction next week.
1248. drift - Snow had drifted against the door.
1249. platform - The train for London will depart platform 9.
1250. retain - The sea retains the sun's warmth longer than the earth.
1251. spark - Sparks were flying out of the bonfire.
1252. bound - She longed to be free of the bounds of parental control.
1253. probe - As a result of police probe two men have been arrested.

1254. confess - She confessed to her husband that she had sold
her wedding ring.
1255. transmit - Cholera is transmitted through contaminated water.
1256. cheat - Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified from the exam.
1257. jealous - Anna feels jealous every time another woman
looks at her boyfriend.
1258. superficial - The documentary of the issue was very superficial.
1259. pat - I bent down to pat the little puppy.
1260. obey - You should always obey the traffic regulations.
(= observe)
1261. conscience - My conscience never allowed me to wear a fur coat.
1262. blast - The house was torn to pieces by blast of gas.
(= gale // explosion )
1263. prime - Getting on the Olympic team is her prime objective.
1264. excerpt - The excerpts contained the essential points of the news.
1265. bunch - I bought a bunch of flowers for my wife.

1266. fiscal - Our country has faced with fiscal crisis.

1267. loyal - Jack has been a loyal worker in this company for almost 50 years
1268. simultaneous - There was a simultaneous broadcast
of the trial on the radio and the TV.
1269. famine - Thousands of people died during the African famine.
1270. revenue - Taxes comprise most of the government's revenue.
1271. boost - I tried to boost her confidence by praising her cooking.
1272. premier - The talk was attended by the premiers of two countries.
1273. consensus - There is no consensus among the experts on the drug.
1274. fuss - Don't make so much fuss over losing a pen.
1275. chop - Most of the diseased trees were chopped down.
1276. decisive - The injure to their key player was a decisive factor
in this game.
1277. refresh - I looked the word up in the dictionary to refresh my memory.
1278. tidy - Jenny always keeps her room very tidy.
(= neat, trim)
1279. chamber - The debate finished and the delegates left

the chamber quickly.

1280. prey - A hawk hovered in the air before swooping on its prey.
(= sacrifice)
1281. instinct - Birds have a pecking instinct.
(= natural impulse)
1282. diverse - New York is a culturally diverse city.
1283. magnificent - They live in a magnificent house in the country.
(= excellent)
1284. emit - The chimneys emitted poisonous gas.
1285. alcoholic - The alcoholics should be treated incessantly.
1286. pity - Can't you go to the party? That's a pity.
1287. suburb - He moved to the suburbs, so he needs to buy a car.
1288. dilemma - The President is in a dilemma over how to tackled the crisis.
(= mess, plight, predicament)
1289. comprehensive - There was a comprehensive inspection of the company.
1290. merit - One of her merits as a teacher is her ability to listen.
1291. commodity - She has bought lots of household commodities

in the market.
1292. wicked - She has a wicked step-mother.
1293. moisture - Plants use their roots to absorb moisture from the soil.
1294. sore - I have got a sore throat.
(= painful, sorrowful)
1295. code - The message was written in code.
1296. embrace - She embraced her son before leaving.
(= hug)
1297. tribe - Many ancient tribes have lived in the Amazonian jungle.
1298. exclude - Lunch costs $ 10 per person, excluding tax.
1299. privilege - Education is a privilege, not a right, in many countries.
1300. grief - Her brother's sudden death caused her grief.

-sim (= alike)


-dict (= speak)





sub- (= under, below)







1301. coalition - Three political parties formed a coalition against high taxes.
(= combination)
1302. prosecution - She has to travel a great deal
in the prosecution of her duties.
1303. device - They used a special device for finding people
trapped in collapsed buildings.
1304. enforce - The regulations should be strictly enforced.
(= execute)
1305. infant - In the first few weeks after birth, the infant is not able
to see objects properly.
1306. retail - That store retails computers and office supplies.
1307. drown - The excellent swimmer drowned in the lake yesterday.
1308. stroll -After dinner, we went for a stroll on the beach.
1309. draft - Eva is busy drafting her speech.

1310. empire - The British Empire once covered large parts of the world.
1311. port - Boots head for ports when a storm arises.
1312. seal - Please seal the envelope and mail it.
1313. deter - Stiffer penalties are needed to deter crime.
1314. devaluation - There has been a devaluation of the dollar.
1315. endeavor - Despite his endeavors, the company failed.
1316. nasty - The weather is too nasty for sailing.
1317. frank - The singer was frank about his drug problem.
1318. vogue - Long skirts are in vogue these days.
1319. client - She is one of my most valued clients.
1320. deteriorate - The old man's health has deteriorated day by day.
(= decline, depreciate, worsen)
1321. thrill - The film was thrilling audience all over the world.
1322. persist - If you persist, You will annoy them even more.
1323. adolescent - The trouble with adolescents is that
they are too shy to discuss their problems.

1324. gloomy - The cemetery is a gloomy place to go.

1325. chest - There's some aspirin in the medicine chest.
1326. exploit - Our company is going to exploit the mineral resources
in the area.
1327. scorch - The iron was too hot and she scorched her shirt.
1328. shelter - When it started to rain, we found shelter under a rock.
1329. dizzy - She was rather dizzy from drinking too much.
1330. hasty - Now let's not come to a hasty conclusion.
1331. confront - The company is confronted with severe financial problems.
1332. plank - The entrance was planked up.
1333. concrete - The police have concrete evidence about
who committed the crime.
1334. malice - She bore malice to her boss after she was fired.
(= hatred, hostility)
1335. slender - Mandy is a slender woman with long golden hair.
(= slim)
1336. flavor - That steak has an excellent flavor.
1337. contemporary - Beethoven was contemporary with Napoleon.

1338. fatigue - He was pale with fatigue after heavy labor.

1339. shallow - The pond is shallow ; the water goes only up to my knees.
1340. condemn - The wife condemned her husband for drinking too much.
1341. charm - Do you know the charms of rural life?
1342. invent - Alexander Bell invented the telephone in 1876.
1343. counsel - She has been undergoing counseling for depression.
1344. forbid - The law strictly forbids racial and sexual discrimination.
1345. ridiculous - He often has ridiculous ideas.
1346. warmth - The warmth of the blanket helped her relax.
1347. insight - He is a man of considerable insight and diplomatic skills.
1348. shade - The sun is so hot, Let's move into the shade under the tree.
1349. congressional - The President published the congressional report
on September 5th.
1350. drought - There were frequent droughts during the early' 80s.
1351. indulge - He indulged himself in gambling.

1352. repression - The political repression led to rebellion.

1353. squeeze - Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl.
1354. cope - The factory coped very well with the sudden increase in demand.
(= overcome)
1355. ghost - Do you believe in ghosts?
1356. trim - My hair needs trimming.
1357. snap - The dog snapped at his heels.
1358. debris - After the bombing there were a lot of debris everywhere.
(= fragment)
1359. convention - They are using the hall to hold their political convention.
1360. silly - I made a silly mistake in this exam.
1361. leaflet - They were handing out advertising leaflets
outside the supermarket.
1362. clerk - Take your purchases to the clerk and he will wrap them.

1363. fascination - He met a fascinating woman at the party.

1364. toll - The government charges a toll to use certain bridge and roads.
1365. convert - He converted the hotel into an apartment building.
1366. fluid - Energy is needed to melt solids and to boil fluids.
(= liquid)
1367. relevant - These issues are directly relevant to the politician.
(<--> irrelevant)
1368. continent - Asia and Antarctica are the two biggest continents.
(= insular)
1369. stare - Don't stare at people like that, you might upset them.
1370. mature - He is very mature for his age.
1371. toxic - The factory has been sending out toxic wastes.
1372. core - The core of the problem is that the company needs a bank loan.
1373. spell - The witch's spell turned a frog into a prince.
1374. harvest - We picked hundreds of oranges in this year's harvest.
1375. undertake - You should think very carefully before
you undertake the mission.
1376. poison - These mushrooms contain a deadly poison.

1377. smash - The electric bulb fell to the floor and smashed.
1378. drastic - Drastic measures are needed to improve traffic situation.
1379. yell - We yelled whenever our team scored a goal.
1380. disgust - Garbage on the street disgusts passerby.
1381. regain - The team regained the trophy that
it had lost the previous year.
1382. dissent - Only one member of the committee dissented from the plan.
1383. shrewd - He is a shrewd businessman who always studies
(= astute, clever, smart) other companies.
1384. elite - Teachers are no longer regarded as the intellectual elite.
1385. taboo - Drinking alcohol is taboo in some cultures.
1386. overlook - I overlooked several important points in my report.
1387. slate - Our house has a slate roof.
(= choose)
1388. gravity - Objects fall to earth because of the force of gravity.

1389. wholesale - Our company buy its office supplies at wholesale.

(<--> retail)
1390. precious - Gold and silver are precious metals.
(= extremely valuable)
1391. saint - Saint Peter was one of the Christ's disciples.
1392. addict - drug addiction // gambling addiction
1393. narrative - Sam began his narrative with the day of tornado.
1394. reign - Louis 14 reigned in France for over 70 years.
1395. crave - I crave that she should stay with us.
1396. hostile - a hostile attitude // a hostile mood
1397. pavement - Don't ride your bicycle on the pavement.
1398. inherit - Who will inherit the house when he dies.
1399. sophisticated - Diana has become a glamorous, sophisticated woman.

1400. accelerate - Some drivers accelerate deliberately when you are

trying to overtake them.

1401. juvenile - There has been a big increase in juvenile crimes

in the last few years.
1402. legend - She is writing a thesis on Korean legend and mythology.
1403. speculate - The police speculated that the two events might be linked.
(= guess)
1404. campaign - The government has just launched their campaign
to stop drunken driving.
1405. profound - A philosopher's profound insights inspire his readers.
(<--> superficial)
1406. enlarge - The company is looking for new ways of enlarging its market.
1407. stark - The ruined village by bombing looked very stark.
(= bleak, desolate)
1408. mar - The factory mars the beauty of the countryside.
(= spoil)
1409. temper - She is so patient that she never loses her temper.
(= mood)
1410. hail - Hail ruined the farmer's crop.
1411. starve - Thousands of people will either die from the cold
or starve to death.

1412. expenditure - Repairing my car was an expenditure that

I had not expected this month.
1413. random - She started reading a magazine here and there at random.
1414. transplant - Doctors transplanted a monkey's heart
into a two-year old child.
1415. squad - The building was evacuated and the bomb squad arrived.
1416. acute - The problem of poverty is particularly acute in rural area.
(= chronic)
1417. furious - Gorden was furious because you borrowed his car
(= very angry) without asking him.
1418. irony - There is irony in the fact that the USA is a rich country
with so many poor people.
1419. polite - She was too polite to point out my mistake.
1420. spray - She sprayed herself with perfume.
1421. heart - He has a weak heart and must not exercise too much.
1422. boast -She boasted that she could speak six languages fluently.
1423. emigrate - How long have you emigrated to America?
(<--> immigrate)

1424. strife - Twenty years of political strife have left

(= conflict ) the country's economy in ruins.
1425. alien - The refugees will have difficulty in adapting to alien culture.
1426. eternal - Most religions promise eternal life after death.
(= everlasting, infinity)
1427. setting - The setting for the movie is a small town in Ohio.
1428. worm - The apples are full of worms.
1429. compensate - She was compensated by the insurance company
for her injury.
1430. foresee - The car accidents can't be foreseen.
(= anticipate, forecast, predict)

1431. testify - Two witnesses testified against her.

1432. ripe - Are the persimmons ripe enough to eat?
(= mature)
1433. insult - I felt deeply insulted by her arrogant attitude.
(<--> compliment)
1434. acquaintance - Nobody of my acquaintance was in the party.

1435. doctrine - They denounced the impractical doctrines.

1436. propagate - Plants won't propagate in these conditions.
1437. garment - He was wearing a strange garment that reached down
to his knees.
1438. retort - She retorted that it wasn't her fault.
1439. irritate - In summer mosquitoes irritate people.
(= annoy)
1440. desolate - The little mining town was desolate and ugly.
1441. abstract - Truth and beauty are abstract concepts.
1442. conform - Our company conforms to government regulations
(= obey) on worker safety.
1443. feast - Every Thanksgiving,
my whole family gets together and has a feast.
1444. ugly - His face was burned in a fire, and the scars are ugly.
1445. logical - The detective has to discover the murderer
(<-->illogical) by logical deduction.
1446. inhabit - People inhabit even the most difficult climates,

such as Siberia.
1447. administer - How are the universities administered in this country?
1448. endanger - You will endanger your health
you work so much.
1449. intrigue - She got to the high position by intrigue.
1450. textile - Their main exports are textiles, especially silk and cotton.
1451. syndrome - Acquired immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
1452. beard - My father has worn a beard and mustache.
1453. basin - Many fishermen crowd on the basin
of the Han Tan River in spring.
1454 judicious - We must make judicious use of our expenditure.
(= discreet, prudent, shrewd)
1455. arid - The Sahara Desert is arid.
(<-> moist // fertile)
1456. mop - She mopped up the spilt coffee on the floor.
1457. anticipate - Experts anticipate that the economy will improve next year.

(= expect, predict)
1458. isolation - Retirement can often cause feelings of isolation.
1459. reconcile - He was finally reconciled with his wife.
(= placate)
1460. legitimate - The marriage was legitimate under Swiss law.
(<--> illegitimate)
1461. jolly - We spent a jolly evening together,
(= cheerful, pleasant) chatting and listening to music
1462. accumulate - By investing wisely she accumulated a fortune.
(<--> disperse)
1463. clue - The police are still looking for clues to the missing girl.
1464. sheer - What you said to me was a sheer lie.
1465. tender - Boil the beans until they are tender.
1466. discard - The grass was littered with discarded cans and bottles
(= dispose of / get rid of )
1467. distress - Food and clothing are needed to relieve
the distress of the flood victims.
1468. interpret - I interpreted her silence as refusal.

(= translate)
1469. adversary - Spain was once England's greatest adversary.
1470. murmur - They were murmuring about the boss's nephew.
(= complain)
1471. shrug - Don't just shrug your shoulders. Say something!
(= ignore)
1472. carrot - I think we should offer him some kind of carrot.
1473. bald - At twenty he was already going bald.
1474. exempt - My friend was exempted from military service
because of ill health.
1475. norm - I wasn't familiar with their social norm.
1476. shiver -Sarah was shivering with cold in her thin shirt.
1477. mediate - They successfully mediated in the territorial dispute.
(= negotiate)
1478. portion - I put a portion of my salary aside each month.
1479. grim - A grim-faced diplomat read out the declaration of war.

1480. circulation - Garlic is supposed to improve circulation of blood.

1481. aggregate - The money collected aggregated 1,000.
1482. preside - Who will preside over the meeting?
1483. sequence - You will follow a sequence of commands to use a computer.
1484. doom - Marx taught that capitalistic economies are
eventually doomed to collapse.
1485. inherent - You must not forget the duties inherent in a public official.
1486. expire - The contract will expire at the end of this month.
1487. vague - She made a vague answer.
(<--> distinct)
1488. fragrant - The sauce was fragrant and slightly sweet.
1489. agony - The injured woman lay screaming in agony.
1490. fertile -The farmland in Iowa is very fertile.
1491. meditation - Many executives have begun to learn yoga and meditation.
1492. sin - I think it is a sin to waste food.

1493. bankrupt - The recession has led to

many small businesses going bankrupt.
1494. grace - She dances with grace.
(= mercy)
1495. startle - I was very startled to see Amanda there.
(= astound)
1496. weed - My garden has more weeds than flowers.
1497. rash - That was a rash decision.
(= reckless, imprudent)
1498. arrogant - He is very arrogant and opinionated.
(= haughty, overbearing)

1499. collaboration - The two companies are working in collaboration.

1500. groan - When she tried to stand up, she groaned in pain.
-rupt (=break)



sol- (=one)



1501. medieval - a medieval building

1502. sneer - You may sneer, but a lot of people like this music.
(=jeer, scoff // = contempt)
1503. enroll - I want to enroll my son in Oxford University.
1504. meddle - Don't meddle in my affairs.
1505. pedestrian - His car skidded on the icy road and hit a pedestrian.
1506. ascend - The monkey ascended the ladder.
(<----> descend)
1507. bias - He has a bias against people who wear glasses.
1508. fur - The cat's fur is soft and shiny.
1509. monopoly - The postal service is governmental monopoly.
1510. custom - You have to pay customs duty on imported cars.
1511. portable - a portable radio.
1512. flour - We use wheat flour to make bread.
1513. intact - The fragile parcel arrived intact.

1514. melt - The ice on the lake melted away overnight.

1515. rein - Don't let go of the reins!
(= harness, control)
1516. blunt - This knife is too blunt to sharpen pencils.
1517. applaud - She was applauded for five minutes after her speech.
1518. compulsory - Is military service compulsory in your country?
(<--> voluntary)
1519. outlaw -Many states have outlawed the use of marijuana.
1520. scarce - Water is scarce in the desert.
(=<---> plentiful)
1521. grasp - I grasped the door handle with both hands and pulled hard.
1522. monument - In Washington, D.C, there is a great monument.
1523. subtle - the picture are similar, but there are
subtle difference between them.
1524. despair - They despaired of finding the children alive.
1525. partial - The president's proposal was partial to Israel.
(=unfair // <--> total)

1526. adversity - The widow has suffered much adversity in her life.
1527. diagnose - The doctor diagnosed the illness as lung cancer.
1528. pray - Nancy prays every night for the safety of her family.
1529. weary - He was a little weary after his long journey.
1530. horizon - We could see another ship coming over the horizon.
(= vertical)
1531. bind - They bound an umbrella to a pole to get some shade.
(-bound - bound)
1532. ashamed - Owing an old car is nothing to be ashamed of.
1533. sow - The farmer sowed his corn in the spring.
1534. illusion - He has the illusion of himself as a great actor.
1535. bend - I bent down and picked up the gold necklace.
(-bent - bent)

1536. awaken - I was awakened by the sound of church bells.

1537. knit - She knitted socks for her grandson.

1538. prevail - A belief in magic still prevails among some tribes.

1539. vigorous - My grandfather is seventy years old and he is very vigorous.
1540. delicate - Repairing damaged nerves is a very delicate operation.
1541. tariff - Import tariff on electrical goods are to be increased.
1542. swear - She swore to having returned the bank.
(- swore - sworn)
1543. heritage - Wealth and power were his heritage.
(= inheritance)
1544. confine - The police confined the criminal to a jail cell.
(= restrict)
1545. appetite - Our son is a football player and has a big appetite.
(= desire)
1546. dismay - We were dismayed at the cost of the repairs.
(= shock, disappoint)
1547. glimpse - I only got a glimpse of the thief before he ran away.
1548. warrant - You have no warrant for doing such a thing.
1549. hatch - Our hen hatched three eggs this week.

1550. discriminate - Some whites discriminate against blacks.

1551. courtesy - The telephone operator treats all callers with courtesy.
1552. massacre - The massacre of the American buffalo almost made
them extinct.
1553. wander - The travelers wandered from country to country.
(= roam)
1554. anonymous - An anonymous person called the police and
identified the thief.
1555. exotic - The exotic plants from the tropics are especially beautiful.
1556. obligation - I helped you because I wanted to,
not out of any sense of obligation.
1557. skip - I read Chapters 2 and 4, but skipped chapter 3.
1558. brand-new - This is a brand-new TV, not secondhand.
1559. evaluate - He evaluated my property and offered $ 200,000 for it.
(= estimate)
1560. carbon dioxide - About 1 % of the air is made up of carbon dioxide.
1561. fracture - She fractured her leg while skiing.
(= break, crack // rack, gap, rent)

1562. soak - Soak the beans overnight.

1563. artistic - She has an artistic sense of colors.
1564. foul - His muddy clothes smelled foul.
1565. outskirts - They live on the outskirts of Paris.
1566. volcano - Pompeii was destroyed when the volcano erupted in 79.
1567. aftermath - In the aftermath of the hurricane,
(= consequence) many houses were destroyed.
1568. compound - Water is a compound made from hydrogen and oxygen.
1569. metropolitan - Aged 25, he left his home town, drawn to
the metropolitan glamorous.
1570. default - They defaulted on our contract.
1571. heap - The party guests heaped gifts on the table.
(= accumulate)
1572. obscure - The origins of the disease are still rather obscure.
(= vague)
1573. sinister - The ruined house had a sinister appearance.
(= ominous, wicked)

1574. precise - Satellite pictures have given us the precise locations of secret
(= exact) stores of weapons.
1575. reinforce - Newspapers like this tend to reinforce people's prejudices.
(= bolster, fortify)
1576. upright - The ceiling was too low for us to stand upright.
(= perpendicular, vertical)
1577. allure -He was allured by the hope of making a lot of money easily.
1578. dictate - He dictated a letter to his secretary.
1579. casual - In the summer, people dress in casual clothes like T-shirts.
(= accidental)
1580. epidemic - They are predicting an AIDS epidemic in the next ten years.
1581. roar - We heard lion's roar in the distance.
1582. unanimous - The jury was unanimous that the defendant was guilty.
1583. poll - They conducted a poll on the popularity of the candidates.
1584. halve - He halved the apple with a knife.
1585. bland - Nancy has a bland manner.
(= mild, gentle, little taste)

1586. enclose - The monkeys were enclosed by a fence.

1587. insert - She inserted the letter into an envelope.
1588. shrink - My wool sweater shrank when I washed it.
1589.consecutive -She has had a pain in her stomach
(= consistent) for three consecutive days.
1590. hollow - The pillars look solid, but in fact they are hollow.
1591. momentum - The hill got steeper and the sled gained momentum.
(= impetus)
1592. tease - She kept teasing him to buy a new coat.
1593. litter - Empty bottles, newspapers, and other litter lay on the sidewalks.
(= mess)
1594. pending - The lawsuit is still pending.
1595. devil - The young child was possessed by the devil.
1596. peculiar - This type of building is peculiar to our country.
1597. rot - Dead plants rot and become part of the soil again.
(= decay)

1598. assure - The mechanic assured that the car would be repaired tomorrow.
1599. distort - My statement has been completely distorted by the newspaper.
1600. possess - The politician possesses wealth and power.

- tack, -tech (=touch by hand)




1601. undergo - He will undergo an operation to remove his appendix.

(= experience, endure)
1602. dispose - After your picnic, please dispose of the trash.
(= incline)
1603. grind - I ground the coffee beans to drink a cup of coffee.
(- ground - ground)
1604. polish - My son always polishes my shoes.
1605. brisk - If we walk at a brisk pace we should get there on time.
(= rapid and energetic)
1606. convenient - Is it convenient that I meet you at noon?
1607. estate - He owns a 3000 acre estate in Massachusetts.

1608. slope - The roof is at a slope of 30 degree.

1609. aspiration -She has aspiration to be company president some day.
(=strong desire, ambition)
1610.forthcoming - We have just received the information about
(= arriving in the future) the forthcoming conference.
1611. disadvantage - The high cost of living is a disadvantage to live in
a big city.
1612. contrary - Contrary to popular belief the desert can be a beautiful place.
1613. legacy - His father left him a generous legacy.
1614. propaganda - The play is sheer political propaganda.
1615. specimen - They displayed dinosaur fossil specimens.
(= example)
1616. revenge - He swore to take the revenge on his families.
1617. allocate - You need to decide how much time to allocate to
(= allot, assign) each exam question.
1618. chilly - We have chilly weather in the early winter.
(= a little cold, unfriendly)
1619. gust - A sudden gust of wind blew his umbrella inside out.

1620. dental - His wife runs a dental office.

1621. bold - She was a bold and fearless mountain climber.
(= courageous)

1622. funeral - Many people attended his funeral.

1623. lame - He is lame in the left leg.
(= crippled)
1624. uphold - It is up to the government to uphold the rights
(= support, sustain) of individual citizens.
1625. social security - He is on the social security.
1626. haunt - He haunted the art galleries.
1627. relay - Bribes were relayed to officials via secret bank accounts
1628. itch - Her head itched from the new shampoo.
1629. glow - The cigarette glowed in the dark.
1630. census - The census is taken in the USA every ten years.
1631. amiable - The owner of the store is always amiable to her customers.

1632. extract - You will have to have the wisdom tooth extracted.
1633. contemplate - You should contemplate your marriage.
(= deliberate)
1634. manifest - I showed it to him, but he manifested no interest in it.
1635. dignity - Some husbands think it beneath their dignity
to do the shopping.
1636. plea - The beggar made a plea for help.
(= appeal, excuse)
1637. withhold - I withheld payment until they had completed the work.
(= retain, oppress)
1638. external - The external walls are in need of repair.
(<--> internal)
1639. assign - I was assigned the task of checking all the equipment.
1640. compel - She was compelled to accept his invitation
(= force)
1641. mighty - We could hear the mighty missiles falling on our city.
(= very strong and powerful)
1642. humiliation - Being forced to resign was a great humiliation

(=disgrace, shame) for the minister.

1643. preoccupied - Rad is completely preoccupied with
(= absorbed, engrossed) the wedding preparations.
1644. sphere - The Earth is not a perfect sphere.
1645. devastate - The bomb devastated the city center.
1646. discharge - The factory discharges large amounts of
(= unload, emit,dismiss) poisonous wastes daily.
1647. immense - An immense amount of money and time has been
put into the bridge.
1648. tangle - Her hair was in a tangle.
(= entrap)
1649. acclaim - His play was acclaimed by the critics a masterpiece.
(= applaud, praise)
1650. does - She dosed herself with aspirin and went to bed.
1651. defensive - The rockets are a purely defensive measure
(<--> offensive) against nuclear attack.
1652. heir - john was the sole heir to the vast estate.
1653. thrift - New Englanders are noted for their thrift.
(= frugality, economy)

1654. capital - Washington, D.C. is the capital of the USA.

1655. induce - The sales man induced her to buy the vacuum cleaner.
1656. vain - All our efforts were in vain.
(= useless, conceited)
1657. blend - I blended milk and butter into the flour.
1658. detain - The police detained him for questioning.
(<--> release)
1659. expel - After the outbreak of fighting, all foreign journalists
(= emit,dismiss) were expelled.
1660. moan - The puppy moaned and then fell asleep.
1661. sway - His resolution swayed after the failure.
1662. migrant - Migrant workers move from country to country
in search of work.
1663. disperse - The crowd dispersed after the demonstration.
1664. aisle - We walked down the aisle to our seats in the theater.
1665. formidable - The task was more formidable than we had expected.

1666. sue - She sued the company because it was unfair to women.
1667. potent - The senator is a potent force in his political party.
1668. handy - The supermarket might be cheap but the corner shop is handier.
1669. boundary - Some things are beyond
(= limit)
the boundary of human understanding.
1670. impulse - She felt an impulse to punch him in the face.
(= a sudden desire)
1671. pierce - Alice had her ears pierced for earrings.
1672. convey - Your luggage will be conveyed by helicopter to your hotel.
1673. precaution - Equipment must be always carefully sterilized
as a precaution against infection.
1674. vivid - One of my most vivid memories is of my first day at school.
1675. spoil - She had spoilt the soup by putting too much salt in it.
1676. elaborate - She made elaborate preparations for the party.
1677. astonishing - There were an astonishing number of applicants
(= surprising )
for the job
1678. cruel - I think it is cruel to kill animals for sport.

(= vicious)
1679. municipal - Not far from the town center is the municipal library.
1680. ratio - The ratio of men to women in our class is 3 to 1.
1681. bumper - The car bumper hit the wall.
1682. miniature - She collects miniatures of cars.
1683. approximately - The job will take approximately three weeks and
cost approximately $ 1,000.

1684. fatal - Without immediate treatment, the illness will be fatal.

1685. curse - She cursed him for ruining her life.
1686. harsh - The punishment was too harsh to such a young child.
1687. queue - There is a queue of people entering the theater.
1688. stubborn - She was too stubborn to accept my advice.
1689. awkward - Tom is still awkward with a knife and fork.
(= clumsy)
1690. erupt - Violence erupted in the city after the football match.

1691. creep - The cat crept silently towards the birds.

1692. premature - I think your criticism of the new law is a bit premature.
1693. allude - She was too polite to allude to the stain on his jacket.
1694. exquisite - Your singing of the opera was exquisite
(= refined, superb)
1695. naive - Nancy was so naive that she believed his lies.
(= unsophisticated)
1696. slave - His parents slaved for years to buy a house.
1697. imminent - The wedding date is imminent, so we must send invitations.
1698. spill - I spilled my coffee as I carried it to the table.
1699. delicious - This wine tastes delicious.
(= tasty)
1700 faint - My memories of my grandfather are very faint.
pre- (= before)


-duce (= draw)





produce reduce
-tract (= draw)


dis- (= opposite)







1701 crude - 1000 barrels of crude oil has poured out of the wrecked tanker.
1702. mold - Workers poured hot plastic into molds to make toys.
1703. swell - I twisted my ankle and it swelled up.
(= expand)
1704. lump - Use a shovel to break down the lump of soil.
1705. aptitude - The student has an aptitude for geometry.
1706. graze - The child fell and grazed his face.
1707. dilute - My coffee is strong, so I diluted it with more water.
(<--> condense)

1708. bleak - On a cold, rainy day the beach looked bleak.

1709. enact - The congress enacted the new traffic regulations.

(= legislate)
1710. patron - Patrons of the store come from all over the town.
1711. avenue - My friend lives in Madison Avenue.
1712. exclaim - She exclaimed in delight when she saw the present.
1713. dubious - I'm still dubious about the project.
(= doubtful, suspicious)
1714. preview - Movie critics watched a preview of the new film.
1715. inflict - He inflicted a great deal of suffering on his wife.
1716. proclaim - A national holiday was proclaimed yesterday.
(= announce, declare)
1717. truce - The two countries in the war agreed to a truce.
1718. dispatch - We dispatched a reporter to New York to cover the riot.
1719. breakdown - Our truck had a breakdown on the highway.
1720. dim - Don't study in dim light.
(<-->bright )

1721. sole - I don't have enough money, that is the sole reason that
(= unique) I don't have a car.
1722. ponder - She has pondered his marriage proposal for weeks.
(= deliberate, meditate)
1723. authentic - The dealer sells authentic stamps, not fakes.
(<--> fake)
1724. gleam - We saw the gleam of a fire through curtains.
1725. tablet - I took two aspirin tablets to stop a headache.
1726. integrity - No one doubts that the President is a man of the integrity.
(<-> dishonesty)
1727. providence - As a monk I trust to providence.
1728. thrust - She thrust the knife into the watermelon.
1729. build-up - The build up of troops in the region was reported yesterday.
1730. glue - I used glue to stick a stamp on the envelope.
1731. soar - The spaceship soared up into the air.
1732. disguise - The detective disguised himself to look like a mechanic.
(= camouflage)

1733. intermediate - She took swimming lessons last year and

is now in an intermediate class.
1734. realm - In the realm of physics, Albert Einstein was a genius.
(= field, scope,// kingdom)
1735. soothe - She soothed the barking dog with a low, soft voice.
1736. brutal - He had been a brutal dictator and had many enemies.(= barbarous)
1737. calculate - Oil prices are calculated in dollars.
1738. hardy - You have to be hardy to live in such a harsh climate.
(= robust)
1739. sermon - He preached a sermon on evangelism.
1740. adverse - We had to abandon the climb because of adverse weather.
(= hostile,// contrary)
1741. digest - Meat digests slowly.
(= dissolve)
1742. mortal - All of us are mortal and will die some day.
1743. tenant - Do you own your house or are you a tenant?
(<--> landlord)
1744. neutral - The politician is neutral neither for nor against a tax increase.

(= impartial, ambiguous)
1745. dissident - The proposal was approved without any dissident.
1746. antecedent - The event was antecedent to World War 2.
(= preceding)
1747. conspiracy - They joined in a conspiracy to overthrow
(= intrigue)
the country's dictator.
1748. inject - He injected the rat with the new drug.
1749. prototype - The car manufacturer built a prototype of an electric car.
1750. disable - He was disabled in the car accident.
1751. versus - Who are we playing today? It is us versus Germany.
1752. architect - Who was the architect of this Cathedral?
1753. underestimate - Don't underestimate him.
(<--> overestimate)
1754. scent - The scent of flowers relaxes me.
1755. supplement - Perhaps you should take a vitamin supplement.
1756. sacred - The wedding ceremony is sacred.

1757. satisfy - She was satisfied with the new apartment.

1758. peel - The paint of our house is peeling
(= skin, strip)
1759. autonomy - They demanded the autonomy for their region.
1760. eccentric - The students were amused
(= abnormal, grotesque, peculiar) by the professor's eccentric behavior.
1761. rotate - Planets rotate around the sun.
1762. valid - He has a valid reason for being late.
1763. restrain - Price rises restrain consumer spending.
(= limit)
1764. rigid - He is very rigid and old-fashioned.
1765. incline - I incline to disagree with you on that point.
1766. rude - Don't be so rude to your father!
1767. endow - Her parents endowed her with high intelligence.
1768. dye - She dyed her hair red.
1769. majesty - This music has majesty and power.
(= magnificence, splendor)

1770. lick - The puppy licked up the spilt milk.

1771. roast - We roasted two wild boars in our garden.
1772. terminal - He has terminal cancer, he is going to die soon.
1773. resent - I resented her being arrogant.
1774. petition - They petitioned the government to pass laws protecting
the environment.
1775. ecology - An understanding of ecology is central to keeping our
planet safe from destruction.
1776. liable - Manufacturers are liable for any defects in the equipment.
(= responsible)
1777. dissolve - Sugar dissolves in water.
1778. aggravate - Their debt problem was aggravated
(= worsen// annoy, irritate) by a rise in interest rates.
1779. snatch - The boy snatched the candy and ate it immediately.
1780. pregnant - She is six months pregnant.
1781. inspiration - She got the inspiration from the novels of Hemingway.
1782. animate - He is so lively that he animated the party last evening.

1783. coincide - My trip to New York coincided with Thanksgiving.

1784. frontier - There were reports of fighting on the frontier.
1785. sip - She sipped her coffee and went out.
1786. colony - Australia and New Zealand were former British colonies.
1787. pulse - The doctor put his fingers on my wrist to feel my pulse.
1788. weave - My grandmother was weaving my sweater.
1789. slump - There has been a slump in demand for park.
1790. eligible - She is eligible to enroll in the state college.
(= competent, qualified)
1791. spouse - My spouse and I have been married for five years.
1792. criterion - What criteria do you use to judge a good perfume?
1793. preliminary - In preliminary conference,
American officials rejected the requests.
1794. stereotype - It is a stereotype that all women cry easily.
1795. ash - He dropped his cigarette ash in the astray.

1796. decent - It is not decent to speak ill of others behind their back.
1797. linger - Some guests lingered after the others had left.
(= dawdle, delay, log, loiter)
1798. submit - You must submit your applications before January 1st.
1799. plead - The beggar pleaded for money.
(= entreat)
1800. nutrition - The body requires proper nutrition in order to maintain it.
(= nutriment)

-spir (= breathe)



-tude (= state)




1801. cozy - We had dinner at a cozy restaurant with a fireplace.

1802. deprive - The new law will deprive us of our most basic rights.
1803. mute - She was mute when the teacher asked her a question.
(= silent // dumb)

1804. vow - When I married her, I vowed to love her forever.

1805. precede - The flash of lightning preceded the sound of thunder
by two seconds.
1806. descend - A plane descended in preparation for landing.
(<--> ascend )
1807. statesman - Winston Churchill was a great statesman
during World War 2.
1808. render - The store renders good service to its customers.
(= give // make)
1809. vital - Regular exercise is vital for your health.
(= energetic)
1810. priest - They are still opposed to women priests.
1811. betray - The spy betrayed his country.
1812. exaggerate - The seriousness of the situation has been
much exaggerated by the press.
1813. spontaneous - Crying is a natural emotion and spontaneous reaction.
1814. bribe - The politician was accused of accepting bribes
from the company.

1815. attendant - The singer was followed by five attendants.

1816. blur - Everything is a blur without my glasses.
(= spot, strain)
1817. comprise - The house comprises 2 bedrooms,
a kitchen and a living room.
1818. splendid - Milan contains many splendid churches.
(= magnificent)
1819. flame - The flames from the fireplace gave off a worm glow.
1820. contradict - Why do you always contradict everything I say?
(= dispute)
1821. revive - The doctor revived the man who had lost consciousness.
1822. stiff - I woke up with a stiff neck.
1823. crawl - Ants and spiders crawl along the ground.
1824. bundle - I put a bundle of clothes in the washing machine.
1825. revolt - They revolted against the military dictatorship.
1826. cripple - The taxi driver had a car accident and now he is a cripple.
(= disable)

1827. upgrade - Her job has been upgraded

from assistant manager to manager.
1828. lodge - The traveler lodged in an inn for the night.
1829. costume - The child was wearing a clown costume.
1830. sneak - The boy sneaked into the movie without paying.
1831. beam - Beams of light came from the car's headlights.
1832. divine - It was a divine help.
(= holy)
1833. reproduce - Mice reproduce very quickly.
1834. revise - She revised her book several times before publishing it.
1835. curb - We must put a curb on our spending.
(= restraint, restriction // rein)

1836. fossil - We know about dinosaurs from the fossils that they left behind.
1837. prejudice - Such a prejudice is one of social problems.
1838. bud - Buds appear on the trees in spring.
1839. erect - The dog's ears were erect and alert.

(= construct)
1840. farewell - We had a farewell party for her.
1841. rub - If you keep rubbing the point will come off.

1842. overtake - One runner overtook another runner and passed him.
(= catch up with)
1843. explicit - She gave explicit reasons for leaving.
(= implicit)
1844. parallel - The police found out a parallel between the two murder cases.
1845. scrutinize - We scrutinized the china to see if there were cracks.
1846. appall - The murder of the child appalled everyone in the city.
(= thrill)
1847. petty - Don't waste your time on petty problems.
(= trivial // narrow-minded)
1848. rite - They perform a traditional rite at harvest time.
1849. exert - The student exerted himself to get good grades.
1850. abrupt - The bus came to an abrupt halt.
(= sudden // rude)

1851. chronic - There is a chronic shortage of water in the district.

1852. harass - She harassed me for days about my mistake.
(= annoy // mistreat)
1853. perfume - I have bought a bottle of perfume for my wife.
1854. virgin - There is a lot of virgin land in Alaska.
1855. bruise - He fell on the sidewalk and got a bruise on his arm.
1856. garage - Our garage is very spacious.
1857. catastrophe - Strong earthquakes are catastrophes that
kill thousands of people.
1858. mock - His class mates mocked his stutter.
(= ridicule, fake)
1859. fidelity - His fidelity to his wife is very strong.
(= loyalty, devotion)
1860. scratch - The cat scratched the baby's cheek.
1861. chew - This meat is so tough that I can hardly chew it.
1862. bolster - I did my best to bolster his confidence.
(= reinforce, support)

1863. intimidate - They intimidated him into doing what they wanted.
(= threaten)
1864. rigorous - The planes have to undergo rigorous safety checks. (= rigid)
1865. spit - Mon, Judy spit at me?
1866. accommodate - The bank appears to be accommodating its customers.
1867. decay - They claimed that the plastics would not decay.
1868. oral - He passed the French oral examination.
1869. presume- From the way they talked I presumed them to be married.
1870. coarse - The sweater is very coarse.
(<--> fine)
1871. staple - Oil is Nigeria's staple export.
1872. damp - I can't wear these socks; they're damp.
1873. outrage - The mayor's decision to close the hospital clinic is an outrage.
(= fury)
1874. spinster - The term "spinster" is an insulting word meaning
(= old maid //<--> bachelor.) an unmarried women.
1875. limp - He limped after skiing accident.

1876. offset - We offset the better roads against the greater distance.
(= balance)
1877. comply - He complied with our request.
(<--> refuse)
1878. retard - Lack of good food retarded the boy's growth.
(= delay)
1879. patch - She sewed a patch onto the knees of her trousers.
1880. sniff - She sniffed the perfume, and then bought it.
1881. depict - In his book he depicted his father as a tyrant.
1882. staggering - The cost was a staggering $10 million.
(= stunning)
1883. vouch - I vouched for his innocence.
(= guarantee)
1884. array - A lot of magazines were arrayed on the shelf.
(= arrange)
1885. constrain - Our research has been constrained by lack of cash.
(= limit, restrict)
1886. designate - Tom has been designated as captain of the team.
(= appoint, mark)

1887. premise - I'm working on the premise that we shall have

(= assume) very little support.
1888. steep - The road is too steep to ride up on a bike.
1889. blink - The computer control started blinking.
1890. ethics - Whether a country should have nuclear weapons or not should be a question of ethics, not of politics.
1891. howl - The dogs howled all night.
(= wail)
1892. solemn - She had a solemn expression on her face.
1893. righteous - She lives a righteous life and spends a lot of time
(= virtuous)
helping others.
1894. shatter - A stone shattered the window.
1895. thesis - I'm writing my thesis on Shakespeare.
1896. foster - I'm trying to foster on interest in classical music in my children.
1897. endorse - The committee has endorsed our proposals.
1898. stain - There is a big stain on your tie.
(= spot, blot)

1899. ample - You have ample opportunities to ask questions.

(= abundant, adequate)
1900. lavish - The teacher is lavish in praise.
(= generous, extravagant)



-sume (= take)


up- (= over)




- cede (= walk)


1901. redundant - In the sentence "she lives alone by herself," the word (=unnecessary)
alone by herself"

1902. subside - The strong wind has subsided.

'alone' is redundant. "she lives

1903. crew - This airplane has a crew of seven.
1904. epic - "The Odyssey" is an epic of ancient Greece.
1905. stun - They stunned the guard.
(= daze, surprise)
1906. penetrate - An x-ray beam penetrates the body.
1907. orthodox - She follows orthodox Muslim teaching in her daily life.
(= conventional)

1908. boycott - The union called on its members to boycott the meeting.
1909. net - net price // net profit // net weight
(= basic, gross)
1910. erode - Metals are eroded by acids.
1911. bush - The hill was covered with bushes.
1912. ratify - The committee ratified the decision.
(= approve)
1913. renaissance - Recently here has been a renaissance of the 1950s music.

(= revival)
1914. patriotic - The crowd sang patriotic song.
1915. laundry - She put the laundry into the washing machine.
1916. solitary - The spinster likes her solitary life.
(= isolated, secluded)
1917. trait - Her sense of humor is one of her traits.
1918. pathetic - The puppy sitting in the rain looked pathetic.
1919. dormant - Frogs and snakes lie dormant throughout the winter.
1920. reckless - It was reckless of him to leave his job
(= careless, rash) before he had another one.
1921. attain - The salesman attained his sales goal.
1922. timid - He is too timid to talk to her.
(= shy, frightened)
1923. pioneer - He is a pioneer in computer science.
(= explorer)
1924. tailor - My father used to be a tailor.
1925. void - A contract made by a person under legal age is void.
(<--> valid // = vacant )

1926. dot - The full stop at the end of the sentence is a dot.
1927. obsess - He is obsessed by a fixed idea.
(= haunt)
1928. theology - This book on theology might interest you.
1929. chip - A computer chip allows the computer to store
and process information.
1930. strive - He strove for recognition as a singer.
(= struggle) (-strove - striven)
1931. asylum - He became insane and was sent to an asylum.
1932. astronomer - Many astronomers work at night, looking at the stars.
1933. giggle - Stop giggling, children - this is a serious matter !
(= chuckle)
1934. marble - The floors of the building are made of marble.
1935. ward - There are three candidates running for election in this ward.
1936. pomp - The coronation of a British king or queen is
(= splendor) a ceremony of great pomp.
1937. sober- I have never seen him sober.

(<--> drunken)
1938. spice - Cinnamon and ginger are all spices.
1939. compile - it takes years of work to compile a dictionary.
1940. despise - I despise that kind of cruel behavior.
(= detest)
1941. naughty - It is naughty of you to pull your sister's hair.
(= mischievous)
1942. overhear - I overheard him talking with his secretary.
1943. punctual - Our teacher is punctual to the minute.
1944. abduct - A stranger abducted the child outside a store.
1945. commend - She recommended the hotel to me.
(= recommend)
1946. gratitude - He showed his gratitude by saying, "Thank you ! "
(<--> ingratitude)
1947. ingenious - She is an ingenious designer.
1948. oppress - Cares oppressed his spirits.
(= persecute)

1949. transparent - The window glass is transparent.

1950. yardstick - We need a yardstick to measure our performance.
1951. assent - I can never assent such a request.
(<--> dissent)
1952. devote - She had devoted her life to helping blind people.
1953. liquor - Liquor includes drinks like whiskey and gin.
1954. nourish - This cream is supposed to help nourish your skin.
1955. disgrace - There is no disgrace in being poor.
(= humiliation, shame, stain)
1956. luggage - All luggage must be checked in at least one hour
(= baggage)
before departure.
1957. infamous - The murderer is infamous for his cruelty.
1958. second-hand - We bought a second-hand car that had 25,000 miles
(= used, indirect)
on it.
1959. prosperous - His business has grown prosperous day by day.
(= favorable)
1960. barren - Some deserts are barren with no life.

1961. consolidate - The two companies consolidated for greater efficiency.

(= join)
1962. lucrative - Selling luxury goods is a lucrative business.
(= profitable)
1963. toss - Toss the book over here, will you?
(= pitch, throw)
1964. sterilize - Sterilize the needle with boiling water.
1965. feat - How did you accomplish such an extraordinary feat?
(= exploit)
1966. prop - The boy propped his bike against the wall.
1967. whim - I don't know why I bought it, I suppose it was just a whim.
1968. artery - One of the patient's heart artery is blocked.
(<--> vein)
1969. hard line - They took a hard line in the pay negotiation.
1970. lag - Sales are lagging at the moment.
(= dawdle, linger)
1971. pesticide - Airplanes are spreading pesticides on crops.

1972. thread - Have you got a needle and thread?

1973. crooked - a crooked nose
(= bent, twisted // dishonest)
1974. ordeal - Her treatment for cancer was a long ordeal.
(= hardship)
1975. tread - I kept treading on his foot in dancing
1976. flesh - The thorn went deep into the flesh of my hand.
1977. breakthrough - We finally had a breakthrough in negotiation
with management.
1978. simmer - The cook let the meat simmer for an hour.
1979. cluster - There was a cluster of fans around the singer.
1980. lengthen - In summer, the number of daylight hours lengthens.
1981. breeze - A gentle breeze was blowing.
1982. fortnight - We go to church every fortnight.
1983. splash - The taxi splashed me with mud.
1984. monotonous - monotonous music.
(= dull, tedious)

1985. falter - Never falter in doing good.

1986. hinder - The snow hindered traffic.
(= curb, impede, retard)
1987. annoy - In summer, mosquitoes annoy people.
(= bother)
1988. dispense - The Red Cross dispensed medical supplies to the refugees.
(= distribute)
1989. sanitary - Conditions in the refuge camps were for from sanitary.
(= insanitary)
1990. bloom - The roses are in full bloom.
1991. sly - The sly fox tried to steal the meat from the dog.
(= cunning)
1992. ailment - Common winter ailments include colds and coughs
1993. resolute - She was resolute in carrying out her plan.
(= determined)
1994. chore - As a child one of my chores was to feed the animals.
1995. trifle - Don't waste your time on trifles.
(= petty)

1996. candid - To be candid, I don't like your hairstyle.

1997. sew - Would you sew up this hole in my trousers?
1998. dimension - What are the dimensions of this room?
(= aspect)
1999. irrigate - They have built canals to irrigate the field.
2000. smother - Her bedroom wall is smothered with photos of him.
mono- (= one)






2001. hop - Rabbits hop very quickly.

2002. ditch - The drunken man fell into the ditch.
2003. junk - The place is full of junk,
such as old refrigerators and broken lamps.
2004. recipe - She didn't follow the recipe and the cake came out all wrong.

2005. superfluous - He worked so well that my help was superfluous.

(= excessive, redundant, surplus)
2006. rhetoric - His speech was full of rhetoric.
2007. rebuke - He received a rebuke of his mistake.
(= criticize, reproach)
2008. scramble - The children scrambled up the obstacle.
(= climb)
2009. abstain - Athletes usually abstain from smoking.
2010. clumsy - He is too clumsy to be a good dancer.
2011. greedy - He overcharges customers because he is greedy.
2012. outgoing - Linda is on outgoing and lively person.
(= extroverted)
2013. scope - The police are broadening the scope of their investigation.
2014. mischief - The heavy rain did much mischief to the wheat crop.
2015. orbit - They put the satellite into orbit.
2016. lament - The nation lamented the death of its president.

(= lamentation // deplore, wail)

2017. abbreviate - The abbreviated form of 'Doctor' is 'Dr.
(= shorten)
2018. faculty - She seems to have a faculty to making friends.
2019. insane - You must be insane to go out in this weather.
2020. diploma - She has a diploma in education.
2021. bewildered - Benny looked around with a bewildered expression
(= confused, perplexed) on his face.
2022. evacuate - The building has been evacuated.
2023. suck - Don't suck your finger.
2024. plague - Europe suffered many plagues in the Middle Ages.
(= epidemic)
2025. antarctic - The protection of the Antarctic is an important goal of
(<--> arctic) environmentalists.
2026. durable - The parts of the machine are very durable.
2027. gland - The glands in my neck are swollen.
2028. rehearsal - He is a producer with the play in rehearsal now.

2029. hardware - She works for a firm that makes computer hardware.
2030. manipulate - The doctor manipulated my spine and
the pain disappeared completely.
2031. scrape - Scrape these potatoes rather than peel them.
2032. conceit - Mary is full of conceit.
2033. incessant - I am tired of your incessant complains.
(= ceaseless, permanent)
2034. sculpture - There are many interesting sculptures in the gallery.
(= carve, engrave)
2035. tropical - There is the world's largest tropical rain-forest
in the Amazon river basin
2036. heed - He paid no heed to my advice.
(= attention, notice)
2037. coward - They called me coward because of I would not fight.
2038. seduce - She seduced me from my studies.
2039. confound - Don't confound liberty with license.
2040. illuminate - The display was illuminated on all sides.

2041. ominous - High unemployment is ominous

for the country's economic future.
2042. scare - She is very brave - she doesn't scare easily.
2043. renovate - He renovated his old house and sold it at a profit.
2044. satire - George Orwell's Animal farm' is a work of political satire.
2045. prophet = Daniel was one of the great prophets in the Bible.
2046. adorn - She adorned the table with flowers.
(= decorate)
2047. deceive - They deceived the old man into signing the contract.
(= betray)
2048. fasten - Fasten your safety belt in driving.
2049. superstition - The fact that four-leaf clovers are lucky is
just a superstition.
2050. antipathy - The antipathy that exists between the two families
(= sympathy)
has lasted for years.
2051. extravagant - The housewife is very extravagant.
2052. tactful - Mentioning his baldness wasn't tactful.

2053. confederation - A confederation of workers formed the labor union.

2054. detest - Children usually detest taking a bath.
2055. gasp - The patient gasped for breath.
(= pant)
2056. prone - I am prone to losing my car key. .
2057. fraction - She doesn't have a fraction of conscience
2058. slaughter - In the past, farmers used to slaughter their pigs
(= massacre)
in the autumn.
2059. tan - The sun tanned her skin dark brown.
2060. aesthetic - The new building has little aesthetic value.
2061. ceiling - A light was hanging from the middle of the ceiling.
(<--> floor)
2062. esteem - We hold our English professor in high esteem.
2063. lure - Fishermen use lures to attract and hook fish.
(= tempt)
2064. quota - A salesman must meet his monthly sales quota.
2065. rip - I ripped up a piece of manuscript and threw it into the wastebasket

2066. slap - She slapped him on the cheek.

2067. affiliate - Our club is affiliated with the national organization.
2068. cereal - Oats and barley are cereals.
2069. morale - Laughter restores a falling morale.
2070. relish - Hunger is the best relish for food.
(= taste, favor)
2071. spike - She injured her leg on a rusty spike.
2072. wig - He wore a black wig to look younger.
2073. maneuver - We saw the soldiers on maneuver in the mountains.
2074. crumble - Billy crumbled the biscuit in his fingers.
2075. junction - The train stopped at the junction.
2076. wildlife - Let's protect endangered wildlife in this planet.
2077. cue - The actor always comes out on cue.
2078. lethal - Nuclear weapons are lethal to the world.
2079. rattle - Someone was rattling at the door.

2080. hug - She hugged the child to her cheek.

2081. bashful - He was too bashful to ask her for a date.
(= shy, timid)
2082. acoustic - acoustic effects.
2083. embargo - The USA placed on embargo to the country.
2084. rod - Spare the rod, spoil the child.
2085. wardrobe - Princess Diana required a loose wardrobe.
2086. sanctuary - The refugee asked our foreign embassy for a sanctuary.
2087. patrol - The police patrolled the park to prevent robberies.
2088. evoke - This poem evokes a feeling of love in the reader.
2089. antibody - A mother's milk passes antibodies on to her baby.
2090. dub - The voices in that American film were dubbed into Korean.
2091. rave - The man is mentally ill and raves for hours.
2092. lime - Lime is white substance that is used for cement.

2093. magnet - Magnet attracts iron.

2094. wake - The fields woke after the rains.
2095. widow - The widow leads a very frugal life.
(= widower)
2096. scoff - They scoffed my plan as Utopian.
(= mock)
2097. rug - It takes much time to weave a rug.
2098. indict - He was indicted for treason.
2099. crush - This machine crushes wheat grain to make flour.
2100. slam - She slammed the door shut.
anti- , contra-,






vac- (= empty)


(= opposite )

2101. ferry - The lifeboat ferried the crew and passengers to safety.

2102. ruthless - He is a ruthless businessman who thinks money is

(= merciless, cruel) the most important.
2103. shuffle - The old man shuffled sadly along.
(= drag, mix)
2104. anthropology - In the anthropology course, we learned about
the Mayan civilization.
2105. fabulous - The unicorn is a fabulous creature.
2106. rifle - Rifles are designed to be accurate at long distances.
2107. scarce - Oil will become scarce soon.
2108. hover - The bird hovered over its nest.
2109. crisp - A crisp cracker // crisp note
2110. scatter - The farmer scattered seeds over the field.
(= disperse, spread, sprinkle)
2111. friction - There was friction between the two countries over the border.
(= conflict, rubbing)

2112. subordinate - He treats his subordinates badly.

(<--> superior)
2113. banish - The king banished the rebel form the country.
(= exile, dispel)
2114. dreary - The remote house looked dreary.
(= desolate, solitary)
2115. hypocrisy - The government's claim to be concerned
about unemployment is sheer hypocrisy.
2116. mourn - She still mourns her mother's death.
(= deplore)
2117. compatible - His action is compatible with his character.
(= consistent)
2118. catalyst - The world War 1 served as a catalyst for
major social changes in Europe.
2119. robust - At age 60, he is robust and plays golf every day.
(= vigorous, tough)
2120. martial - martial law // martial music.
(= military)
2121. stray - The ship capsized after straying off course in the heavy rain.
(= deviate, digress)

2122. cherish - She cherishes her children.

2123. plow - The plow goes before the oxen.
(=(v) till)
2124. amnesty - The government granted amnesty to all protesters.
(= (v) pardon)
2125. sting - I was stung by a bee yesterday.
(- stung -stung)
2126. forge - They were accused of forging checks.
2127. cart - Put the cart before the horse.
2128. dual - dual personality.
(= coupled, twin)
2129. plight - His plight is that he has no money.
(= hardship, adversity)
2130. fin - One of the fish's fins got caught in a nest
2131. smuggle - Dealers in cocaine smuggled the drug into the USA.
2132. assort - This doesn't assort with your earlier statement.
(= classify)
2133. hereditary - Some disorders, such as hemophilia, are hereditary.

2134. overestimate - She overestimates her importance in the study.

(<--> underestimate)
2135. trivial - Don't waste your precious time on trivial matters.
(= petty, negligible, trifling)
2136. consortium - A consortium of oil companies agreed to cooperate
in finding oil in Siberia.
2137. fragment - The road was covered with fragments of glass.
2138. alloy - Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.
2139. preach - He preached a sermon on the need for forgiveness.
2140. imperial - imperial family // imperial crown // imperial decree
2141. hurl - Protesters hurled stones at the police.
2142. shield - The electric saw has a shield over the blade.
2143. skeleton - We studied the skeleton in biology class.
2144. dash - The car dashed into a pole.
2145. galaxy - A galaxy is a very large group of stars and planets,
bigger than a solar system.
2146. contingent - The success of our plan is contingent on everyone's
(= dependent)

2147. rib - He poked me in the ribs.

2148. serial - 'Dragon's Tears' is my favorite serial.
2149. fringe - His jacket had fringes on the arms.
2150. decree - We were shocked by the governmental decree
banning the meeting.
2151. syndicate - The comic strip is syndicated in over 30 papers.
2152. topple - The stack of dishes toppled over.
2153. incur - Earthquakes cause us to incur a great loss of life and property. (= receive, cause)
2154. cemetery - His parents are buried in a cemetery.
2155. brood - He brooded over whether or not to quit his job.
2156. deplete - The country has depleted its natural resources completely.
2157. militia - In colonial times, the city's militia gathered to fight invaders.
2158. salute - We saluted the national flag of Korea.
(= greet)
2159. witch - Few people believe in witches and their magical powers.
2160. peninsular - Florida is a peninsular.

2161. covet - All covet, all lose.

(= desire)
2162. school - Her work has been greatly influenced
by the impressionist school of painting.
2163. paradox - "More haste, less speed" is a paradox.
2164. RSVP - In the letter asking me to come to a party, she wrote,
'RSVP' by Monday.
2165. compact - The equipment in that case are pocked in a compact way.
2166. homely - Mary thought she was too homely to have a date.
2167. haul - The fishermen were hauling in their nets.
2168. shuttle - The shuttle buses leave the hotel for the airport every hour.
2169. warrior - The chief sent his best warriors to fight against the enemy.
2170. commute - Mr. Smith commutes from New York to Philadelphia.
2171. scoop - What is today's scoop?
2172. compulsive - Her compulsive purchasing is a serious problem.
2173. dwell - The hermit dwells in the forest.

(= reside)
2174. clarify - Could you clarify your point please ?
(= purify)
2175. peril - Our country faces the peril of war.
(= danger)
2176. intersection - Traffic lights control the movement of cars at intersection.
2177. requisite - He has got requisite qualifications for the job.
(= necessary)
2178. congestion - Traffic congestion caused us to be late.
(= overcrowding)
2179. degrade - The captain was degraded for disobeying orders.
2180. obstinate - Harry was obstinate and wouldn't admit he was wrong.
(= stubborn)
2181. feeble - He is feeble in body.
2182. cliff - She stood on the cliff and looked down at the sea.
2183. grocery - The grocery is open at 5 a.m
2184. recollect - As far as I recollect her name is Juliet.
(= recall)

2185. enlist - I enlisted in the army when I was 20.

2186. conspicuous - If you stroll at night, you should wear conspicuous cloths.
(= noticeable)
2187. spacious - Her living room was very spacious.
2188. distract - The TV. distracts me from my study.
2189. ambush - The armed police lay in ambush behind the hedge.
2190. eloquent - Eyes are more eloquent than lips.
2191. savage - The savages threw spears and killed the deer.
2192. respiration - He have the injured man artificial respiration.
2193. amuse - Toddlers don't need expensive toys to amuse them.
(= delight)
2194. melancholy - Listening to the sad music an a rainy day makes me
(= depression)
feel melancholy.
2195. scrap - Write your phone number on this scrap of paper.
2196. dwindle - The boat gradually dwindled to a speak.
2197. miscellaneous - She keeps miscellaneous items in her garage.

(= diverse, various)
2198. tow - The car was towed away by the police.
2199. extinct - Dinosaurs have been extinct for million years.
2200. nausea - She had a feeling of nausea from eating too much.
cur - (= run)



2201. turnover - The turnover at the business is high.

2202. persecute - They were persecuted by the government
because of their religion.
2203. stalk - She trimmed the stalks of the tulips.
2204. bachelor - He was a bachelor for years, and then finally married.
2205. mono-log - During his mono-log the actor made the bed.
(= monologue)
2206. plantation - There are many plantations in the southern USA.
2207. hybrid - Those hybrid tomatoes are bred for big size and good favor.

2208. nomad - Nomads travel the arid regions with their camels herds.
2209. ammunition - They were short of ammunition.
2210. glare - The sun glared off her necklace.
2211. obsolete - The records will be soon obsolete, now that CDs are popular.
2212. strenuous - Don't take any strenuous exercise.
(= laborious)
2213. frantic - The mother was frantic after she lost her child.
(= furious, wild)
2214. anchor - Sailors put the ship's anchor into the water.
2215. martyr - Who was the first Christian martyr?
2216. zoom - A plane zoomed into the air on take off.
2217. sprinkle - They are sprinkling pesticide
(= scatter)
2218. loop - The cowboy threw a loop over the horse's head.
2219. attribute - She attributed her success to her mother.
2220. jingle - The keys jingled together in his hand.

2221. embark - We embarked on the cruise ship.

2222. gorgeous - She is a fashion model and a gorgeous women.
2223. allergy - She has an allergy to acts that makes her sneeze.
2224. mandate - The voters mandated change in the last election.
2225. steer - We turned about and steered for Port of Spain.
(= guide, control)
2226. corps - The Marine corps is trained to fight.
2227. aquatic - Aquatic sports include swimming , diving, and boating.
2228. herb - People use herbs to season food and to heal.
2229. arena -The bull was led into the arena.
2230. gender - Most companies don't discriminate based on
race, age and gender.
2231. loom - The coast loomed on the horizon.
2232. copyright - Who owns the copyright of this book?
2233. stumble - He is stumbling because he drank too much.
2234. atom - Atoms form into molecules that make up matter.

2235. franchise - I bought a McDonald's franchise.

2236. mob - A mob gathered in the square to protest tax increase.
2237. hum - He hums as he works.
2238. obituary - The obituary of the the famous writer is in
today's newspaper.
2239. novice - I am a novice at skiing.
2240. atrocious - I think that is an atrocious film.
(= cruel)
2241. groove - This door fits in this metal groove and slides shut.
2242. muse - She mused on her future.
2243. lash - He lashed the horse to make it run faster.
2244. siege - During the siege, they stopped all trains carrying food.
2245. molecule - The structure of molecules can be seen under
on electron microscope.
2246. patent - He wanted a patent for his invention.
2247. austere - The Buddhist monks led an austere life in the mountains.

2248. glitter - All is not gold that glitters.

2249. pilgrimage - We are planning to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca.
2250. bustle - At mealtime, the restaurant bustles with activity.
2251. deplore - The UN deplored the invasion as a violation
of international law.
2252. parson - We listen to the parson's sermon on Sundays.
2253. eminent - She is eminent in the field of physics.
(= distinguished)
2254. skull - They used the dead animal's skull to estimate its age.
2255. particle - There is not one particle of evidence.
2256. merchandise - They complained about poor quality merchandise
(= item)
and high prices.
2257. recite - The child recited his prayers before going to bed.
2258. dismal - Dismal weather brought people's spirits down.
(= gloomy, dreary)
2259. petroleum - Gasoline is made from petroleum.

2260. mushroom - New apartment houses are mushrooming in this area.

2261. guild - The guilds controlled business in Northern Europe
in the Middle Ages.
2262. stance - The baseball player took his stance and waited for the pitch.
(= poise)
2263. peasant - The peasant worked from sunrise to sunset.
2264. easygoing - Nothing annoys him; he is easygoing.
2265. flaw - She noticed that here was a flaw in her diamond.
2266. detergent - Use a little detergent in washing clothes .
2267. static - Business was static in the summer but improved in the fall.
2268. illiterate - He once was illiterate, but later he learned to read.
2269. corpse - The murdered victim's corpse lay in the street.
2270. exalt - The President exalted him to the rank of general.
2271. dialect - A language splits up into dialects.
2272. perish - Hundreds of people perished in the air-crash disaster.
(= expire, die)
2273. metaphor - "My mind is an ocean." is a metaphor.
2274. perennial - Poverty is a perennial social problem.

2275. corridor - That corridor leads to the classroom.

2276. pinch - The new shoes pinch my feet.
2277. ankle - He fell over and sprained his ankle.
2278. fake - The painting is a fake.
2279. shelf - My bookcase has six shelves.
(= reef)
2280. flare - The fire flared when gasoline was poured on it.
2281. disrupt - The storm disrupted our telephone service.
2282. volatile - Gasoline is a volatile chemical and can catch fire easily.
2283. slick - The dancers gave a very slick performance.
2284. perch - Pigeons use the roof as a perch.
2285. microwave - I bought a new microwave oven yesterday.
2286. articulate - Please articulate your words.
2287. blaze - A fire was blazing in the fireplace.
2288. plod - He plodded along the road with great fatigue.

2289. canal - The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
2290. warehouse - Our warehouse has many auto parts.
2291. bulletin - The college bulletin lists the classes offered this semester.
2292. dole - He is on the dole.
2293. moor - I scanned the moor for sheep grazing.
(= wilderness, swamp)
2294. patrol - A security guards patrol the building site at night.
2295. cargo - Cargo is carried on ships, airplanes, trucks.
(= freight)
2296. lining - Every cloud has a silver lining.
2297. seminar - I attended a two-day seminar at the University of Arizona.
2298. blade - This knife blade is very blunt.
2299. tray - Waiters bring food on trays.
2300. woo - He wooed the girl by calling her every day.

2301. versatile - She is a versatile musician who can play many instruments.
2302. pint - I bought a pint of beer.
2303. sovereign - The sovereign of England during World War 2
was King George 6.
2304. fist - He hit the table with his fist.
2305. dodge - The boxer dodged his opponent's punch.
2306. choir - Our family sing in the church choir.
2307. dairy - We buy our milk from a nearby dairy.
2308. suite - She always uses a suite.
2309. warfare - He wrote of the horrors of modern warfare.
2310. booth - She is standing by the telephone booth.
2311. safari - They are on safari in Kenya.
2312. fort - Enemy soldiers attacked our fort at night
2313. cynical - The manager has a cynical attitude toward everyone.
(= skeptical, sneering)

2314. torch - They shone their torches to go into the dark cave.
(= flashlight)
2315. emancipate - The Civil War emancipated the slaves in the USA
2316. poise - Acrobats must maintain their poise at all times.
(= balance)
2317. cane - The old man walks with the aid of cane
2318. ridge - I saw a deer standing on a ridge.
2319. veto - The President vetoed the budget bill.
2320. reap - As a man sows, so he shall reap.
2321. tug - The farmer tugged on the horse's bridle.
(= haul)
2322. bog - The car got bogged in the mud.
(= swamp)
2323. sane - No sane person would support the candidate.
(<--> insane)

2324. briefcase - She put papers and her laptop computer in her briefcase.

2325. frugal - Although he has become rich, he is still very frugal.

(= thrifty // <--> extravagant)
2326. superintendent - I lost my key, so the superintendent opened the door.

2327. damn - Christians believe the Lord damns sinners.

2328. wedge - Wedge the door open.
2329. cannon - A ship fired its cannons against the enemy on land.
2330. forum - The radio talk show is a forum for political discussions.
2331. deduct - He deducted 20% from the retail price.
2332. certificate - I showed my birth certificate to him.
2333. tack - We tacked the carpet to the floor.
2334. impending - We must deal with the impending problems.
2335. custody - The criminal is in custody in jail now.
2336. odor - The odor of cigarette smoke disgusts me.
2337. plausible - His story sounded plausible.
2338. skim - I skim through newspapers every day.

2339. dawn - I work from dawn till dusk

2340. gale - It is blowing a gale outside.
2341. bilateral - They had a bilateral agreement to prevent drug smuggling.
2342. chant - The crowd chanted the name of their team.
2343. archaeology - I took a course in archaeology before I traveled to Egypt.
2344. choke - She was choked by smoke.
(= smother)
2345. pertain - Your remark hardly pertains to the matter in hand.
(= relate)
2346. subconscious - Nail biting is often a subconscious reaction to tension.
2347. deem - I'll deem it a favor if you accept my invitation.
(= consider)
2348. carve - He carved a wooden doll for me.
(= inscribe)
2349. spine - The story sent a chill up my spine.
2350. remit - Please remit me the money immediately.
(= send)

2351. flap - Many birds flapped over the field.

2352. bait - The fisherman baited his fishhook.
2353. livestock - In winter, the farmer keeps his livestock in the barn.
2354. chord - Her voice on the telephone struck a chord with him
2355. tumble - He tumbled down the stairs.
2356. squash - He squashed the empty can flat.
(= crush)
2357. vinegar - She poured vinegar and oil into the food.
2358. defy - The union defied management and went on strike.
(= oppose openly, challenge)
2359. inscribe - I inscribed my name in the guest book.
(= write or carve)
2360. delegate - We delegated two members to the convention.
2361. pious - She is a very pious churchgoer.
2362. din - I am tired of the din of the traffic.

2363. intrude - I'm sorry to intrude, but could I talk to you for a moment?
(= interrupt, trespass)
2364. cape - The sea around the Cape of Good Hope was very beautiful.
(= cloak)
2365. splint - The doctor put a splint on the boy's broken arm.
2366. estrange - His rude behavior estranged his friends.
(= alienate)
2367. denounce - He denounced the politician as morally corrupt.
(= accuse, censure)
2368. filth - The city streets were filled with filth.
2369. bark - The dog barked at the stranger.
2370. offspring - Their offsprings li
in different cities.
2371. stab - The hunter stabbed the bear in the heart with
a knife.

2375. fuse - The air conditioner's fuse is blown.

2372. tame - Tame rabbits are good as children's pets.

2377. autobiography - The famous film star wrote her


2373. china - The china has lots of cracks.

2374. bureau -She keeps her towels and sheets in a

2376. orphan - She has dedicated herself to orphans.

2378. detach - The carpenter detached the bookshelf from

the wall.
(= remove, separate)

2379. crouch - The old man crouched down to talk to his

small grandson.
(= bend)
2380. rubbish - She put the rubbish in a plastic bag.
2381. booklet - The company's booklet describes its
2382. stall - Her car was stalled in the snow.
(= delay)
2383. deploy - He deployed his forces along the battlefield.
2384. overflow - After the heavy rain, the river overflowed
its bank.
2385. avert - I averted my eyes from the sight.
(= dodge)
2386. curfew - Some cities enforce a 10 p.m. curfew for

2392. beast - The lion is sometimes called the king of the

2393. aviation - He works for the British Civil Aviation
2394. concord - Your remark isn't in concord with your
(= <-> discord)
2395. clearing - There is a cabin in a clearing in the
2396. repent - He repented his harsh words to his wife.
(= regret)
2397. transact - I met with the banker and transacted a
mortgage contract. (= negotiate)
2398. brace - She wears a brace on her teeth.
2399. perspire - She perspired much after a long running.

2387. bacteria - Many bacteria cause diseases.

2400. scanty - There is scanty evidence to support their

(= scarce)

2388. wharf - Boats sailed up the wharf, and the

passengers got off.
2389. trophy - The winner held the trophy up high.

2401. erudite - The professor is very erudite on Korean

history.(= learned, scholarly)

2390. flounder - The rabbit floundered in the deep snow.

(= stagger, stumble)

2402. proficient - She is proficient at speaking French.

2403. cling - He clings to boyish prejudices.

2391. stitch - A stitch in time saves nine.

2404. surge - There has been a surge in house prices

2405. breach - She breached her loan contract.
(= break)
2406. precarious - He earns a precarious livelihood.
(= unstable)
2407. asthma - My friend suffered from asthma in
2408. counterfeit - Counterfeit money in $ 20 bills was
found in the store.

(= separate)

in the hospital.

2417. deform - The baby was born deformed because of

genetic problem.
2418. bastard - He was never concerned about being born
a bastard.
2419. fling - He was angry and flung his jacket off.
(-flung - flung )
2420. weird - Sometimes we hear weird noises that sound
like crying
(= thrilling, odd) in the night.
2421. spiral - The staircase spirals to the second floor.

2409. snore - He snores loudly, so his wife can't sleep.

2410. tranquil - The lake was tranquil in the morning.
2411. enzyme - Enzyme in the mouth help digest food.
2412. hook - We caught fish with hook and earthworms.
2413. agenda - The meeting of the scientists covered
various agenda.

2422. chunk - He cut off a chunk of meat from the roast

2423. altruistic - She is altruistic: she pays expenses for
poor students.
(<--> egoistic // = charitable )
2424. hibernate - Bears hibernate during the winter.
2425. bullet - A bullet hit the man in the leg.

2414. regime - They replaced the old regime of kings and


2426. perpetual - She became annoyed with his perpetual


2415. engross - She is engrossed in love.

2416. segregate - Cholera patients were segregated from
the other

2427. cartoon - I like to look at the cartoon in the morning


2428. drench - The heavy rain drenched by clothes.

(= soak)
2429. trunk - He has an abnormally long trunk.

2441. clutch - The drowning boy clutched the rope.

2442. antagonist - Your antagonist is your enemy or
(= competitor, opponent)

2430. brass - He polished the brass in the restaurant.

2431. enlighten - Peter thought that the earth was flat
until I enlightened him.
2432. paste - They pasted posters on the wall.
2433. forsake - He forsook his wife and his children.
2434. torment - The children suffered the torments of
(= torture)
2435. supervise - We should supervise trainees all the
(= superintend)

2443. innate - His most impressive quality was his innate

(= inborn)
2444. magnify - This microscope magnifies object 500
2445. bride - The bride is very frugal.
(<--> bridegroom )
2446. congregate - Jazz musicians congregate in the park
and give
(= assemble, swarm, throng) free concerts.
2447. devour - The lions devoured a zebra in a short time.

2436. flank - We attacked the enemy on the right flank.

2448. meadow - Cows are eating grass in the meadow.
2437. tentative - We reached a tentative agreement.
(= preliminary, indecisive)
2438. clan - The Highlanders of Scotland have many

2449. shudder - She shuddered with dread.

(= shiver, tremble)
2450. tedious - The speech was very tedious.
(= boring, monotonous)

2439. flop - She was so tired that she flopped on the sofa.
2440. stride - The President strode to the helicopter. (strode - stridden)

2451. lockout - The management retaliated against striking

with a lockout.

2465. stack - There was a stack of chairs in the room.

2452. coordinate - He is always wearing clothes that don't

2466. brink - They are on the brink of a new discovery.

2453. lofty - a lofty mountain // lofty sentiment // a lofty


2467. tumor - The doctor removed a tumor from the

patient's stomach.

2454. dogma - Church dogma has remained unchanged for

a long time.

2468. alias - He lives under an alias John Smith.

2469. deflate - The recession has deflated prices.

2455. adjoin - Canada adjoins the United States.

2456. cunning - The manager is cunning as a fox.

2470. ornament - We ornamented the Christmas tree with

(=adorn, decorate)

2457. numb - My hands were numb from the cold.

2458. peep - She peeped into the bedroom to see if her
child was asleep.
2459. batter - Heavy waves battered the ship.
2460. slang - He has studied the slang of the local
2461. clinch - Two boxers punched, then clinched.
2462. toil - The toil in farming is unending.
(= drudgery)

2471. commemorate - In the USA, they commemorate

Independence Day on
(= celebrate)
July 4th.
2472. plaster - The plaster on the old wall was yellow and
2473. throng - A throng of people gathered to hear the
political candidate.
2474. wretched - Life in that old building must be
(= miserable)

2463. adore - My son adores chocolates.

2464. outfit - A fire fighter's outfit includes a helmet, a rain
coat and boots.

2475. adjacent - We live in the house adjacent to the

(= adjoining)

2476. remorse - He felt remorse after he stole the watch.

(= repentance)

both ships and airplanes.

2477. click - She clicked the light switch on.

2488. misinterpret - My speech has been misinterpreted by

the press.

2478. vein - You can see the blue veins on the back of her

2489. contagious - The common cold is contagious


2479. magnitude - The magnitude of the earthquake was

(= size)

2490. apparatus - The astronauts use special breathing

2491. curtail - We must try to curtail our spending.
(= diminish, reduce, shorten)

2480. throne - Elizabeth 3 ascended to the throne when

her father died.
2481. brochure - The travel agency sent me a brochure on
2482. preface - The preface of the book was short and

2492. pleat - She wears a pleated skirt.

2493. tribute - The boss paid tribute to the office staff.
2494. abate - The pain in my shoulders abated after a
(= lower)

2483. annihilate - By annihilating the smallpox virus,

have saved many lives.
2484. doze - He dozed off during a TV program.

2495. intuition - I knew the meaning by intuition.

2485. clip - The hairdresser clipped her hair with scissors.

2497. traverse - The explorer traversed the desert with

(= cross, oppose)

2486. paramount - Clothing, food and shelter is paramount

to everyone.
(= essential)
2487. navigate - Radio signals are used for navigating

2496. stronghold - The USA South is a stronghold for the

Baptist religion.

2498. bulb - Tulips, onions and lilies all grow from bulbs.
2499. vacant - The hotel had no vacant rooms.

2500. cogent - He produced cogent reasons for the change

of policy.
(= convincing)

2508. zeal - Her zeal to help the poor is admirable.

mis- (=bad)

2510. dusk - The street lights go on at dusk.

(= twilight)



2511. handout - Please read the handout carefully.

mag- (= big)

2509. bypass - Take the bypass to avoid traffic jam.

2512. steadfast - He was steadfast in his love to her.

(= steady)

2513. ardent - The singer has many ardent fans.

-form (= shape)
2514. duplicate - I duplicated the contract for him.



2515. barn - We keep horses and sheep in the barn.

2501. coffin - They put the coffin into a grove.

2516. pant - The dog panted his tongue hanging out.

(= gasp)

2502. withstand - She is strong and can withstand pain.

2517. tuck - He had his trousers tucked into his boots.

2503. despot - She rules her family like a real despot.

2518. countenance - Her countenance brightened into a


2504. sprain - I have sprained my ankle.

2519. subtract - Subtracting 3 from 10 gives 7.
2505. yearn - He yearned for her to return.
2506. thigh - He biked all day and had sore thighs.
2507. comet - The most well-known comet is Halley's

2520. engrave - Her features are engraved on my mind (=

2521. misgiving - Many students feel a sense of misgiving

(= anxiety)

the result of the exam.

advanced course is
a proficiency in English.

2522. lunar - lunar calendar // lunar eclipse // lunar

2523. commonwealth - Virginia and Massachusetts are
2524. sullen - When they voted against her plan, she
become sullen.
(= gloomy)
2525. belly - I went on my belly.
(= abdomen, stomach)
2526. prairie - Prairies stretch as far as the eye can see.
2527. discern - It is difficult to discern right and wrong.
(= differentiate, spot)

2534. quiver - The dog was quivering in the cold.

(= shiver, vibrate)
2535. puncture - Howls of a wolf punctuated the silence of
the night.
2536. dazzle - The lights of the car dazzled me.
2537. permeate - Water permeated through the cracks in
the wall.
2538. slack - Winter is the slack season at most hotels.
(<- tight>)
2539. format - This diskette is not formatted.
2540. wither - Plants wither from lack of water.

2528. congenial - She is very congenial always smiling.

2529. prick - I pricked my finger on the needle.

2541. queer - The meat had queer smell.

(= eccentric, odd, strange)

2530. auxiliary - The car has an auxiliary petrol tank.

2542. astound - I was astounded at the repair bill.

2531. ferocious- The ferocious attack of the hungry lions

left three
(= cruel)
zebras dead.

2543. fluctuate - The price of vegetables fluctuates

according to the weather.
2544. relic - He collects relics of Native Americans.

2532. elude - The criminal eluded the police.

2545. blot - His homework was covered in ink blots.
2533. prerequisite - The prerequisite for joining the

2546. provoke - He provoked her by telling her too fat.

2557. cockpit - The pilot climbed into the cockpit.

2547. appease - He appeased her anger by taking her out

to dinner.

2558. mow - Farmers mowed hay to feed cattle.

(= reap)

2548. shriek - The teenage girls shrieked when the singer


2559. rim - The rim of the china was chipped.

2560. slant - The flagpole is slanting ; soon it will fall.

2549. barbarous - How can you forgive such barbarous

2550. assimilate - The children of the immigrants easily
assimilated into
American culture.

2561. dynasty - The Kennedys have a dynasty in American

2562. arbitrary - He made an arbitrary decision to sell the
(= random)
without asking her wife.

2551. pneumonia - The old man suffers from pneumonia.

2552. dormitory - We planned a party in the dormitory.

2563. epoch - The end of the nuclear arms race began a

new epoch of peace
and cooperation.

2553. insulate - Many houses could be warmer if they were

against heat loss.

2564. mingle - He mingled beer and whiskey.

2554. pasture - We keep our cows in the pasture behind

the barn.
2555. apprehend - The police apprehended the criminal.
(= arrest, seize)
2556. elastic - This swimming costume is made of elastic
(= flexible)

2565. abide - The players must abide by the umpire's

2566. contrive - He contrived a plan to cheat people out of
their money.
2567. evade - He evaded a definite answer.
(= elude)
2568. grotesque - The fat woman looked grotesque in her
tight trousers.

(= absurd, unnatural)
2569. recline - He reclined against the wall and closed his
(= lean)
2570. agitate - She was agitated because her train was on
hour late.

2579. confound - Don't confound public affairs with private

(= confuse, perplex)
2580. slander - It is slander that I don't pay my taxes.
2581. gulp - The bird swallowed on insect in a gulp

2571. creed -"Honesty is the best policy." was his creed

in all his business dealings.

2582. indignant - She became indignant when a clerk said

she stole a ring.
(= offended )

2572. posterity - This wonderful pointing should be

preserved for posterity.
(= descendant)

2583. calamity - An earthquake that kills people is a


2573. assail - The two politicians assailed each other with

(= criticize, attack)

2584. roam - Sheep were roaming in search of water.

(= wander)
2585. broil - She broiled a steak over a charcoal fire.

2574. exterminate - He exterminated garden insects by

spraying insecticide.
2575. sect - There are many sects of Christianity.

2586. tryout - Cheerleader tryout will be held on Friday.

2587. anthem - The national anthem was sung before the
baseball game.

2576. banquet - The wedding banquet seated 200 people.

2577. prelude - The orchestra played a short prelude
before the ballet began.

2588. pigment - I added a yellow pigment to the blue to

make it green.
2589. shrine - I lit a candle at the shrine.

2578. anarchy - The nation experienced anarchy after the


2590. whiz - An arrow whizzed by my ear.

2591. centenary - The company celebrated the centenary

of its founding.
2592. barometer - The by-election will be a barometer of
the mood
in the whole country.
2593. tyranny - tyranny ended with the assassination of
the tyrant.
2594. reckon - He reckoned the bill and handed it to me.
(= count)
2595. commence - Shall we let the conference
(= begin formally)

2596. infer - I inferred from her remark that she hadn't

enjoyed her holiday.
(= deduce, surmise)
2597. recur - If the pain recurred take this pill.
2598. bestow - The president bestowed a medal on the
2599. innumerable - I looked at innumerable stars by
2600. mishap - The haps and mishaps of life are next-door
(= accident, disaster)

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