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MCQ (1*15=15)
Time :45 M
1. Which of the following quantities have same units?
(a) Power and energy (b) Power and work
(c) work and energy (d) None of the above
2. A push or a pull applied on an object is defined as :a. force
b. area
c. pressure
d. speed
3. Pressure has another unit named :a. Pascal
b. Tesla
c. Ohm
d. Joule
4.The correct relation between force, pressure and area is :a. pressure= area/force
b. area= pressure/force
c. force= pressure/area
d. pressure= force/area
5.How do we calculate pressure?
a. Pressure = weight x area
b. pressure = mass area
c. pressure = force area
6.What is one pascal equivalent to?
a. 10 N/m
b. 1 N/m
c. 1 N/m
7. How can we increase pressure?
a. Reducing surface area
b. Increasing surface area
c. Reducing force
8.How can we decrease pressure.
a. Reducing surface area
b. Increasing force
c. Reducing force

9.Which instrument uses pressure to predict weather?

a. Anemometer
b. Barometer
c. Thermometer
10. work done?
a. Work done = force x distance
b. Work done = force/distance
c. Work done = distance/force
11.What do manometers measure?
a. Force
b. Pressure difference
c. The weather
12.What exerts a greater pressure?
a. More of a more dense liquid
b. More of a less dense liquid
c .Less of a less dense liquid
13.What are the units for pressure?
a.Newtons per square centimetre
b. Pascals
c. Newton metres
14. What is the work done when a 500N object is lifted 2m?
a. 10J
b. 100J
c. 1000J
15. What two measurements are needed when calculating kinetic energy?
a. Speed and energy
b. Speed and mass
c. Mass and energy

Short question :
1. Definition of work in reference of science (physics)

2. Define energy and also mention the different forms of energy. Give unit of energy & work. 5
3. State the difference between Power and energy?

Mathematical problem :
1. A force of 5 N is acting on an object. The object is displaced through 2 m in the
direction of the force. Find work done in this case?


2. If a 100J of work was done, when a force of 12.5N acts, what was the distance
moved by the force?