Contoh text hortatory exposition : Dear sir, We have writing this letter to you because we are concerned about

education quality of this high school. To improve the students’ quality in language learning, we need language laboratory. As we know, two of the subjects given on the national final examination are Bahasa Indonesia and English. Especially on English, there is listening comprehension section on the test. Students should be prepared to do listening test and one of the instruments needed is language laboratory. Actually we have tape recorder to teach listening, but it is a matter of problem since the teacher must bring tape recorder, wire, cassette and other material from class to class. It wastes of energy and time. Teachers are busy on preparing instruments. If we have language laboratory, teacher can prepare the material of lesson without disturbing preparing the instruments. Furthermore, language laboratory is not only used by English lesson, but also can be used by any language lessons. There are four language lessons, they are Bahasa Indonesia, English, Arabic and Bahasa Jawa. Those teachers can use language laboratory when teaching and it is very useful for students.