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REBECCA Grandma, when were you .?

GRANDMA Oh, I was .. in 1940.

R And where were you on your thirteenth birthday?
G I was in London. I .. that birthday party very well.
R Why? Was it good?
G Yes, it was.
R Where was the party?
G It was in the ..
R In the street!
G Well, it was June 2nd 1953, the same day as Queen Elizabeth's
coronation. The wasn't very good, but there were parties
in every street in the ...
R Wow! Were they big parties?
G Yes, they were.
R And was there any food?
G Oh yes, there was. There . lots of chicken sandwiches and tea
and beer. My family was very ., but that year my birthday
party was ...
R Were your friends with you?
G No, they weren't. They were at other street parties with their families.
But I was very happy because there were about
at my party.