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The Portugese Olympic Committee has sent us some

details on the subject of President Avery BRUNDAGE'S
voyage in the Iberian Peninsular (as reported in News-
letter No.8, page 157)

On February 22 the President of the International

Olympic Committee inaugurated the Avenue Pierre de
COUBERTIN which is situated not far from the Lisbon
National Stadium.

In the evening of the same day he presided at a

large dinner-party at which all the Portugese Olympic
family met. A speech was made by General Correa LEAL,
Vice-President of the Portugese Olympic Committee. Next,
Mr. Francisco Nobre GUEDES' eldest son received the
Olympic Diploma of Merit in the name of his father, who
was ill, from the hands of Mr. Avery BRUNDAGE.

* * *