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To see thy power and thy glory, so as I have seen thee

in the sanctuary.
Psalm 63: 2 (King James Version)

e are in the last days and in

these days there is:

The outpouring of the Spirit
of God (Acts 2:16-17; Joel 2:28).

When Gods Spirit comes, shame ends

and there is beauty instead (Isaiah
60:1). When Gods Spirit comes, your
life becomes an attraction. The last
days are the worst for the world in
terms of atrocities, calamities and
oppressions; but they are to be the
best for the church. When the Spirit of
God comes, there are no slow motions,
delays and distractions; our lives
become open testimonies. When Gods
Spirit came upon the life of a little
shepherd boy called David; forgotten
even by his family, he became the most
celebrated king of Israel. There were
one hundred and twenty people in the
upper room who had been isolated
and forgotten; from nonentities, they
became generational celebrities. Their
lives were dramatically changed. For
these things to happen, it does not
take time, but an encounter with God.

The revealing of the Glory
of God (Habakkuk 2:14).

The earth shall be filled with the

knowledge of the glory of God as the
waters cover the sea. The suffering of
the present time is not worthy to be
compared with the glory of God that
shall be revealed to us and through
us (2 Corinthians 3:18). We are to be
the epitome of Gods glory. Our light
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affliction of this present time is

working for us a far more exceeding
and eternal weight of glory. The
shame around you is ending today
and the glory they shall see, shall
last forever (2 Corinthians 4:17).
The glory of God shall arise upon
you and distinguish you (Isaiah
60:1-3). Where you had been
forsaken and hated, He will make
you a joy of many generations.
When the glory comes, speed
and change comes and shame
goes (Isaiah 60:15, 22). By reason
of what God is doing in your life,
evangelism will be in the reverse.
Rather than you chasing men to
know God; by reason of the glory
of God in you, men will gather to
know your God. What they said
cannot happen for you, will come
to pass speedily. Your story will
change dramatically.

3. The manifestation of His

power (Psalm 110:1-3; Acts 1:8).

You shall receive power after the

Spirit of God comes upon you. The
power of God is the ability of God
(Ephesians 3:20). Everywhere you
go, people will see through you
the things that God can do. One of
my old classmates is still shocked
that I am a pastor knowing who
I was and my personality. Every
ability that is at work in me now,
is contrary to my natural capacity.

4. The kingdom of the world shall

become the kingdom of our God.

It is the day when the church will

dominate the world (Isaiah 2:1-3).
Authority will be domiciled in Zion
and will attract people to it. It does
not matter what you look like now,
you are destined to live a life of
dominion. You did not come to be a
nonentity; God brought you here to
matter to your generation. This is the
best time to be alive. In this church
age, those of us in Christ cannot be
understood by the world. In every
area of life, we are ruling. Christianity
is a relationship with Christ that
emphasizes God on the earth. There
is no day under heaven where the
cross of Christ and the dominion of
His Spirit will ever be subdued by any
other force. We are kings and priests,
with the responsibility to exercise the
dominion of Jesus. Whether the devil
likes it or not, we are going to reign
on the earth and humiliate him. These
last days are to be power filled days for
Christians; days of the demonstration
of the power of God.
The arrival of the Holy Spirit began
our encounter with power. This power
is also the power of resurrection.
The power of God will always be
more sufficient than the power of
man. Every time the grace of God is
introduced, sufficiency is introduced.
When your power is deficient, the
power of God kicks in. However we
understand that all of these become
our personal experience by the power
of resurrection.

What is the pathway to

resurrection power?
1. Revelation

The revelation you have of God

is what gives you access to power
(Ephesians 1:17-20).
What you
know of God and how much you
know of God is what determines
your advancement. You cannot
walk closely with God or in power
without encountering a revelation
of Him. Ezekiel was one of the
captives, but he was able to see the
visions of God and from that point
his life changed (Ezekiel 1:1). He
was then able to command the dry
bones in the valley. His relevance
started at his revelation. The
revelation of God that you have
is what determines the realm of
power you access and the promises

We are
kings and
with the
to exercise the
dominion of
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you can possess.

2. Prayer and fasting

The revelation of God is secured

on the altar of prayer (Exodus
33:18). Paul prayed for revelation
(Ephesians 1:16-19). Job, on the
prayer altar had a revelation of
what he had been hearing (Job 42:5;
Jeremiah 33:3). What is dominating
you requires extra light for you to
dominate it. When your light breaks
forth, your mountain breaks down.
You can grow but your mountain
cannot grow (Isaiah 64:1; 58:6-8).

3. The blood

The blood of Jesus is a powerful

weapon. Inside the blood is
resurrection power (Hebrews 13:20).
The blood is our escape from the
grave (Zechariah 9:11-12). It is the
last card of God (Revelation 12:11).
When the blood is invoked, the
devil must let go. When the blood
was invoked in Egypt, the end of
Pharaohs reign came. In that same
area of your life where the devil may
have been taking you by storm, you
shall have the victory. The power
of resurrection in the blood is what
transforms us from where we are, to
where we ought to be.

What is in the power of

1. It turns captivity to liberty

Every sleeping destiny is awakened

(Matthew 27:50-53). Every dead area
of life is resurrected (Ezekiel 37:1-14).
Where Gods Spirit is, there is liberty
(2 Corinthians 3:16-17).
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2. It turns defeat to triumph

(Colossians 2:14- 15)
There is a lifting up for you from the
edge of defeat (1 Corinthians 2:6-8).

3. It converts shame to glory (1

Corinthians 15:43)
Every dishonour will be turned to

4. It converts



By an encounter, a group of one

hundred and twenty people became
over three thousand (Acts 2). What
should take you ten years to achieve,
would be done in three months, by
your hands. God will open your eyes
to hidden treasures (Isaiah 45:1-3).

5. It converts filthiness to holiness

Sin is the cheapest way to close a

persons destiny (Romans 1:4; 7:18).
What is sweet to the devil is poison
to you. Every sin, whether small or
big leads to hell (Hebrews 12:14).

6. It converts sickness to health

The power of resurrection will

transform you from weakness into
strength and from sickness into
health (Romans 8:11). The Spirit that
raised Jesus from the grave is the
power of resurrection. It is the same
power of God that is in us (Ephesians
1:19-20). When God spoke to Adam,
the breadth of life entered him and
turned clay into flesh. That same
breath in you will heal your mortal
body. This hour HIV must die,
hepatitis and cancer must bow;
whatever was planning to kill you,
the Spirit of God will kill it now.
Jesus went everywhere doing good

and healing everyone oppressed by

the devil because God was with Him
(Acts 10:38). You are not a candidate
for sickness. The Spirit that raised
Jesus that is inside you cannot permit
sickness. We are the temple of the
Holy Spirit and whatever defiles the
temple, God shall destroy. Whatever
sickness or disease is defiling your
body is destroyed.

rapture (1 Corinthians 15:51-52). In

a moment we shall all be changed.
That affliction does not need to last
more than a moment. No matter
how long it has lasted, it cannot
outlast this moment.

7. It converts death to life

You access it by salvation, you

increase in it by baptism in the
Holy Spirit but you activate it by
faith. When you are baptized, the
power becomes usable; it becomes a
river in you but you have to put it
to work by faith. We walk by faith
and not by sight (2 Corinthians
5:7). Our part is to believe that the
power of God is in us and that it is
at work in us converting sickness to
health and death to life. Faith is not
just a confession but a conviction.
When faith is activated, the power
is activated; when the power is
activated we see the power of God

Jesus has the keys to life and death

(John 14:19; Hebrews 2:14-15;
Revelation 1:18). No devil can kill
you. Jesus laid down His life. A
Christian does not die; when hes
ready to go to heaven, he just puts
down his body (John 10:17-18). Tell
every enchanter and diviner they
are wasting their time because they
do not have power over death.
The doctor does not have power
to determine the end of your life
because he is not the giver of life.

8. It will lift us into rapture

The power of resurrection is the

same power that will lift us into the

How to activate the power of


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6 | Chronicles of Miracles April Edition 2015

Divine favours - Kingsley O

of April, I received by papers. To God

In Shiloh 2013 (annual gathering of be the glory.
Winners Chapel members worldwide),
I heard a pastor say that you do not Divine Healing - Linda O
need to make noise to make news; I came to the Word Of Faith Bible
you make moves to make news. I Institute (WOFBI) and we were told
started making moves by getting to expect a minimum of twelve
involved with soul winning and testimonies. I had met with Mrs
reaching out to the lost. Last year, I Oyedepo, which led me to come for
had to apply for my United Kingdom WOFBI. As I took a cup of tea at work,
visa. My zonal pastor prayed with I could tell something was wrong
me and out of the three of us that with the sugar. I was then distracted
applied; I was the only one that was and five minutes later, I lost part of
accepted. I asked God to give me my vision and had to leave work. I
dominion in every area that the sole came to WOFBI for an encounter with
of my foot shall step upon in the power. I woke up at 4am each day
United Kingdom and beyond. It has and come early for class and also
been from one level of favour to the to tidy up the classroom. When I
other. In my current job, working for went back home, I meditated on the
an agency, the manager has left me creative force of faith that had been
in charge of vetting candidates for the focus for March. I went back
interviews. Last week, he sent me to work and poured a whole bottle
on a course and said I will soon be of anointing oil around the place. I
a supervisor and that he likes me. I got home from work one day and
thank God for favour. Secondly, my went straight to bed at about 5pm.
friend had issues with the Home At 5am my husband woke me up to
Office and was detained for two pray, and when I opened my eyes, I
weeks. He was set free while other could see clearly. I thank God for the
people were deported. I thank God. restoration of my sight.

Immigration breakthrough Victoria

On sending my papers to the Home

Office, I prayed for its return within
four weeks. I knew God is too faithful
to fail. I sent my papers on a Saturday,
and by the following Monday I
received an acknowledgement and
was called for biometrics. By the 1st

Miracle job and healing Seun A

My job contract was meant to end this

month but when Pastor David made a
declaration at the prayer rally service
that God will answer us within seven
days, I raised up my contract paper,
as they had been saying there was
no budget for a contract extension.
Chronicles of Miracles April Edition 2015 | 7

The next day, I anointed the office

declaring that I will leave when I
am ready. I got a call the following
day, that even though there was no
budget allocation, my contract had
been extended. Secondly, I had a
swelling on my leg for a long time.
After the recent mantle (anointed
cloth) service, as I was about to go
to bed, I tied the mantle around
the leg with faith and declared that
by the morning, the swelling must
disappear. When I woke up, the
swelling had disappeared. I thank
God for His mercies.

Generational curse broken Bukola A

There are several people in my

family who are barren of children.
I promised God that I would get
married as a virgin and no devil
would shut my womb. I joined the
commission in 2003 and completed
the first two levels of the Word Of
Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI). I got
married in 2007 and a year later, I
became pregnant. Today, I have
three wonderful boys to the glory of
God. The pregnancies were hitch free
and the deliveries were marvellous.

and I agreed not to collect the

money, as our son is not disabled.
We continued to give our son the
best with our available resources.
As I chatted with my colleagues at
work and heard their stories, I began
to realise that I had been ungrateful
to God, as I did not have as many
problems as they did. I used the
anointing oil and reminded God that
He was the one who gave us the
child. Last month, another report
came in and everything they said
he could or might not be able to do,
my son is doing them with ease. The
lady in charge said she had never
seen so much progress like this in all
her years and quoted the progress as
ninety percent. She also told me to
keep using whatever I was using. My
son has received honours at school
for being the best behaved student,
and being the best in computing and
maths. I have also been asked to act
as a mentor to other parents. I thank

Divine success - Michelle

Recently, I was selected amongst

29 others to take part in a speaking
competition. By Gods grace, I was
one of the three students chosen
At the age of three, my first born to represent my school. Two weeks
was only saying words and phrases. ago at the competition against other
When he started school, concerns Greenwich schools, my teachers were
were raised. We thought he was just not comfortable with the content
quiet but he was later diagnosed of my speech and encouraged me
with auto spectrum disorder. I to remove certain ideas or drop
was furious in my spirit with the out. To God be the glory, I won the
report and refused to accept it. We competition.
were asked to apply for disability
allowance however; my husband
8 | Chronicles of Miracles April Edition 2015

Open doors Muyiwa O

I am giving this testimony on behalf

of one of the students I mentor.
Though brilliant, she had challenges
gaining admission to study medicine
for about five years. She eventually
studied Biochemistry and graduated
with first class honours. She tried
applying again to study medicine
and was not even considered in
the university where she read

Biochemistry. She later called me

and stated that she had interviews
with two top universities on the
same day, and at the same time. We
prayed and by faith accepted one
interview and declined the other. I
give God the glory for granting her
admission into the school she was
interviewed at.

Instant Testimonies
Victoria Healed of waist pain
Precious Healed of fibroid pain
Ronke Healed of hormonal imbalance
Gloria Healed of six month arm sprain
Ms O Healed of five year hormonal imbalance


Rather than you chasing men to know God;

by reason of the glory of God in you,
men will gather to know your God.
- Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
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Miracles in the Midweek

Divine healing and protection Helen O

I came for the prayer hour and felt led
to ask Pastor David to pray for me. Later
on in the night, I started praising God
and felt a counter reaction from the
pit of hell. My chest started to tighten
up and I told myself not to be afraid. I
remembered that Bishop Oyedepo has
never been sick and I stood on my faith
and kept on quoting the word. I took
the communion and today I am healed.
My sister in Nigeria was going to church
with her son on a motor bike when
some motor park thugs surrounded
them. They noticed that some people
had been butchered at that spot. She
started pleading the blood of Jesus and
before the men could reach them, they
disappeared back into the bush. I give
God thanks for His preservation.
Multiple blessings - Roy O
It was my birthday on Monday and
God has added another year to my
life. God has helped me establish lost
souls in the kingdom with no pressure.
Some of the people I invited to church,
including my sister are becoming more
established in the church. My prayer
points at Shiloh 2014 (annual gathering
of Winners Chapel members) and the 21
days of prayer and fasting in January,
have been answered at various levels.
I praise God.
Divine breakthroughs - Bukola
One evening, I felt dizzy and unsteady;
and this continued for some days. I
began to think that this would be the
way I would always feel however, I
came for an all night service and was
set free. One of my friends was about
to be deported and I came to church
for the prayer rally service on the 16th
10 | Chronicles of Miracles April Edition 2015

of March. While here, I reminded God

of the good works my friend had been
doing for the poor. The next day, she
called and told me that the deportation
ticket had been cancelled. The ticket
was cancelled at the same hour that
we were praying in church.
After studying in 2012, the school kept
sending me letters that I owed them
money. In 2015, they asked for 800
and I wanted to pay them the money
even though I did not owe them. I
listened to a testimony of a sister
which encouraged me and I cast my
cares unto God. They later contacted
me that they were the ones who owed
me money, and were refunding 250 to
Divine Promotion via prayer
rally service - Agnes A
At the beginning of the year, I decided
that I would progress in my career and
start collating my portfolio. In January,
Pastor David preached on a force called
favour, which carries power and I knew
that was my word. February and March
passed and I still had not started the
portfolio. At the last prayer rally service,
I anointed my prayer card for favour
and prayed in the Spirit then thanked
God. By the following Tuesday, we were
called into a meeting at work. There
was a restructuring and some people
were made redundant. My managers
boss wanted me to be moved to a
specialized team which was a level
higher than where I was. My manager
gave her reasons as to why she wanted
to retain me and her boss said those
were the same reasons why I should
move to the new team. I started the
new role on the 1st of April. Praise God.

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