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Patrice Stubblefield

1st Period

Birthright Citizenship in Brazil

In the United Nations a relatively new question has come to fruition which is:
Should all countries have birthright citizenship? Birthright citizenship is automatic
citizenship for all children born in a country's territory. So far the only developed
countries that grant automatic citizenship are Canada and the U.S. Although the U.S. is
still having problems with this concept because citizenship is granted according to the
federal statute, not the 14th amendment and the supreme court has to interpret how
birthright citizenship applies to illegal immigrants.
Brazil, a founding member of the United Nations, has historically held the
importance of multilateralism at the center of its foreign policy. Brazil has a similar take
on birthright citizenship that the U.S. does and has a similar language. In Brazilian law it
states, Brazilians are by birth those in the Federative Republic of Brazil, even though of
foreign parents, provided they are not in the service of their country. With a topic like
this there is bound to be some problems and one of the problems Brazil faced is that some
of Brazils residents lost their citizenship in June of 1994. Brazil addressed this problem
by allowing the people to apply for reinstatement. Also in Brazils perspective there was a
major problem in the Dominican Republic has a major problem. In 2013, the Dominican
Republic stripped 250,000 former citizens of their citizenship, because their parents
werent citizens at the time of their birth.
Brazil will be working with other nations to try and get them to agree to some
policies regarding birthright citizenship through their connection with the UN. Brazil
recommends that we meet with all of the countries and try to find out their issue
regarding this topic and try to find a solution that everyone agrees upon because we
believe that everyone who is born in their country should be considered a citizen
regardless if their parents are citizens or not.

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Patrice Stubblefield
1st Period