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Drone Information List 2

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Human Characters Name + Drone Characters Name / Any Alter Egos They
Might Have (Stylized)
Human Characters Name + Drone Characters Name / Any Alter Egos They
Might Have (Un-stylized)
Introductory Chapter: Chapter they were first introduced in (Humans Name) /
Chapter they were first introduced in (Drone Forms Name) / Chapter they were first
introduced in (Alternate Forms Name) (This lists what chapters each of the chapters
all the corresponding characters first appeared in.)
Theme Song: "Name of song" by Artist (Drones Name) / "Name of song" by Artist
(Alternate Forms Name) (These are the songs that sum up the character, or go
along with their personalities.)
Battle Theme Song: "Name of song" by Artist (Drones Name) / "Name of song" by
Artist (Alternate Forms Name) (These are songs chosen with the intention of
playing them during any of their combat scenes that would use music for dramatic
purposes, each song was chosen with the idea that the words of each song would
be removed & that the tunes of them.)
Inscription/Incantation: Incantation (Drone Forms Name) / Incantation (Alternate
Forms Name) (These are phrases that must be verbally chanted in order for each
character to enter drone form. Those with N/A, have some kind of exception with
this rule.)
Function: Name of Job or Position (What they are the most proficient at doing
amongst their group.)

Synchronization Percentage: Drones Name: ###% / Alternate Forms Name:

###% (This lists how well the individuals match up in the forms listed. This affects
how well they fight & how accurately their abilitys power levels resemble those of
the original. It also effects their personalities & in turn, their actions in those forms.
The lower the %, the less closely the form will match its original persona.)
Race: Name of Race (This is what race the non-drone partner is from. Not every
drone ends up with a human partner after all.)
Age: ### (This is the age of the non-drone partner.)
Parents: Yes/No (This will tell whether their parents are still alive or not, though if
their parents are not even mentioned, this field will still say No.)
Gender: Male / Female (This is the gender of the non-drone partner.)
Spirit's Gender: Male / Female (This is the gender of the drone partner.)
Arsenal: Weapons & Tools (This is a list of the items & weapons the characters have
at their disposal.)
Elements: Name(S) of Elements (This is a list of Elemental classification the
characters forms are classified under. This directly effects what impact various
attacks & abilities have on them in combat.)
Love Interest: Human Characters Name (This is the person the character falls in
love with in the story. Each name has been linked to take the reader to the top of
each section that the characters profile can be found under, to make navigation
Drone Types: Name of Type (Drones Name) / Name of Type (Alternate Forms
Name) This explains what type of drone theyre classified under when they are in
the corresponding form. So far the available classifications are:
Normal Having no overly powerful abilities
Powerful Having one or more overly powerful ability(S)
Dark A Drone that is born from negative emotions, & often leaves those
used to create it without any control over the Dark Drones actions
Light A counter balance created to combat Dark Drones, Light Drones
usually are classified as Alternate Drone Forms, & have the ability to purify
dark drones, albeit, at a price that varies from Light Drone to Light Drone
Natural Drones whove altered their partners bodies outside of drone form
Evolved Drones who are different from who they originally were but without
synchronization levels being the cause & without being of a different form or
identity altogether
Fused Drones made from mixing more than one drone spirit together
Variable A Drone that can change between any of the previously mentioned
Artificial A Drone Spirit created from a copy of one that was unable to
survive the transfer from the Drones home-world or was duplicated from an
still-living spirit & granted to help assist with work under the academy
Mutant An extra modified form developed through a specific event or
occurrence that didnt originally exist & can be switched back & forth
between it & the drones actual form
Original Drone Grade: F- to XSS+ (Drones Name) / F- to XSS+ (Alternate Forms
Name) (This shows how proficient in Combat the corresponding form was originally
when their pact was first made. This dictates how easy or hard it is to face other
characters. A character of a higher grade will be harder for the character to beat,
while one of a lower grade will require less effort. That being said, it doesnt mean

its impossible to beat a character of a higher grade, but it is much tougher. Any
member of rank B+ to F- does not actually possess a drone crystal, but instead has
been given copied powers & or abilities from another drone. NOTE: After the
Academy group members complete Psykers trials, all characters are promoted to
grade XSS from that point on, including characters introduced afterwards.)
-Ability One
-Ability Two
-Ability Three
-Unique Ability One (Alternate Forms Name)
-Unique Ability Two (Alternate Forms Name)
-Unique Ability Three (Alternate Forms Name)
(These are the things the characters can do. In some forms, they gain additional
Unique Abilities which are extra abilities that are only available in specific forms.)
Signature Attack: Attack Name: Attack Description (These are one of the
characters most well liked attack. It can either be their strongest or their most-used
Character Summarization: hair colour &/or style, eye colour upper body clothes,
lower body clothes, footwear, various additional details. (This is where the human
characters appearance is listed.)
Drone Summarization (Drone Characters Name): Drone armour colour &/or
composition, shape of form, eye colour, weapons, various additional details. (This is
where the drone characters appearance is listed.)
Alternate Form Summarization (Alternate Forms Name(S)): Description/List
of changes between this form & the characters drone form. (This is where the
characters alternate forms appearance is listed. In cases where the form is not
completely different in appearance then the drone form, a list of changes will be
provided in place of a full character description.)
Character Notes: Various details. (This is where details that were not mentioned,
or further explained upon, are listed. It is also a place where subjects that were
explained upon are simplified to help with better understanding a confusing subject
of the character.)

Guide (Synchronization Percentages)

Synchronization rates are used to measure the changes in power & personality from
the original version of a drone. For forms that didnt originally exist, the original
normal form is used for the comparison. Although the power levels may not be as
powerful as the original drones, this does not mean in any way weak; on the
contrary, a drone whose sync rate is low can still be a deadly opponent to fight
given the character. It is used more for reflecting their personality then their power

(Infinite ) Unique: This synchronization is given only to Grinder, who was created
as the very first experimental drone with the purpose to improve drone partners
synchronization levels with their spirits. As a result he was required to possess an
ever changing synchronization level so he could attune himself to anyone he
attempted to modify. In order to do this he was made able to reach an infinite level
of synchronization himself.
(Any #) Controlled Dark Drone: Regardless of the number of these drones, they
are completely in sync & have overwritten the risk of losing their selves. As a result,
their powers are at full power as long as they remain in the corresponding forms.
(101% & Above) Beyond Perfect: Anything with this rating will have a power level
even higher than their original persona had though their personality will be the
same as any that are the ranked as Perfect as their personality cant be synched
past being identical to their past selves.
(100%) Perfect: Anything at this sync rate will basically become a perfect replica
of their spirits original drone form, both in power & personality (given that the form
with this rate had a past self).
(99% 70%) Good: With this rate, the drone will have powers & behavior that are
only slightly different from the original drone.
(69% 50%) Moderate: This sync rate reflects a noticeable drop in power &
change in personality, they will still be similar enough in personality to still be
recognizable though.
(49% 10%) Low: Any drone with a sync rate in this range will display a drastic
change in personality & power from their original counterparts.
(10% 0%) Very Low: Usually only drones that were artificially recreated with the
goal of being generic recreations rank in this range. They possess weak versions of
their originals powers & are made only to give a human access to a drones form; in
no way do they actually possess any form of a drone spirit.
(-1% & Below) Dangerously Low: Anything with this percentage is in serious risk of
losing their self-control & are almost guaranteed to be a Dark Drone as almost all
characters given this sync rate are out-of-control dark drones (Exceptions do,
however, exist). They will also act completely different from how the drone they
were meant to be would act, however their power will actually become stronger
rather than weaker due to being so distorted from what they should be.

Guide (Elements)
Every drone has elemental alignments. These tell you what kind of things one can
expect from them or what kind of affinities they possess, as well as what may be
more effective on them (everyone knows fire is going to ignite a plant.). But in this
guide, Ill be giving a bit more insight into just what each element entails with a bit
more detail. First off, each drone falls into one of two main categories that explain

what they are meant to do & what they are not best suited for: Combat &
Support. Just because a drone is in one category, doesnt mean it cant perform
tasks from the either, its just to let you as the reader, know what they are better
suited for. Support types can range from helping & healing the combat types, to
performing recon & scouting operations, etc. Combat is basically what it sounds like:
they do most of the fighting.
I will include a list of how rare each element is when it comes to gaining that
element as ones drone type with the following rank from rarest (top) to most
common (bottom).

Unique: Yellow
Rare: Pink
Uncommon: Blue
Common: Green

Teleportation: Types in this category can move around at will. Usually they will
have a word with them to tell you how they teleport, as no two characters use the
same method of teleportation, due to their differing elements. (Note: The faster that
drones of this element are able to teleport, the harder it will be for adaptation
drones to maintain on edge over them).
(Compatible Elements: Sand, Junk, Phantasmal, Metal, Electricity, Nature, Darkness,
Light, Water, Paper, Crystal, Dream, Psychic, Illusion, Invisibility, Time, Ice, Magic,
Mirror, Technology, Rock)
(Weakness: Adaptation, Nullification)
Sand: Drones that special in this element enjoy the benefits of sand which is one of
the most versatile elements in existence, but is also one of the rarest. The sand
element can be used to defend by forming walls, attack by forming weapons,
tsunamis of sand, or even creatures, evade by making sand clones which can be
swapped with the used at will, confuse by making mirages through super-heating
the air using solar heat gathered in sand, or hinder by whipping up sand storms.
(User: Kenta)
(Weakness: Phantasmal, Paper, Psychic, Time, Genetic Manipulation, Size
Manipulation, Ice, Artillery, Magic, Mirror, Nullification)
Flight: Types in this category possess the ability to fly, either limitedly or
(Weakness: Sand, Wind, Ice, Creation, Gravity, Nullification)
Duplication: Types in this category can create clones, though the material the
clones are made of may differ from drone to drone. & can also re-create abilities &
or attacks that they have seen. (Suck it, Naruto. Suck it.).
(Compatible Elements: Sand, Junk, Fire, Metal, Electricity, Nature, Poison, Darkness,
Light, Water, Paper, Crystal, Dream, Food, Illusion, Time, Ice, Magic, Creation, Mirror,
(Weakness: Manipulation, Explosives, Ice, Artillery, Magic, Creation, Nullification)
Junk: Types in this class can use junk for attacking & repairing themselves, as well
as for defending & overcoming obstacles (They can be incredibly handy to have

around because in this case, Junk basically means everything that doesnt work so
basically everything, period).
(Weakness: Poison, Explosives, Magic, Creation, Nullification)
Fire: Drones in this category possess the ability to create, control, resist, & even
absorb fire. (Note: Wind elemental types can be bad against this type, as their wind
often spreads the fires faster, & although weak to water, if the fire is hot enough it
can actually reverse the weakness & can actually evaporate water & cause damage
to water types).
(Weakness: Water, Adaptation, Magic, Creation, Nullification)
Phantasmal: Basically this is a ghost-type elemental class, allowing its denizens to
shift between a physical & non-physical form for both attacking & evading attacks.
(Weakness: Demon Channeling, Time, Magic, Nullification)
Metal: The drones of this category utilize metal, be the metal solid or liquid metal.
They can also control already existing metal objects. (Note: Adding water while a
time element is using its element will cause a larger impact in a shorter time frame
on this elemental group).
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Time, Water, Time, Explosives, Ice, Magic, Creation,
Technology, Gravity, Nullification)
Electricity: The drones with dominion over this element can produce, charge, store
& release, absorb, control, or redirect electricity. Drones of this element can also
combine their charges to multiply their output. (Warning: Do not combine with
carpets, unless those around the drone can survive a grand-scale electrical
(Weakness: Sand, Crystal, Parasitic, Magic, Rock, Nullification)
Nature: Basically plant type drones who can create & animate foliage as well as
occasionally self-regenerate. (Note: Depending on how it is used, poison could
possibly have an effect on this group).
(Weakness: Fire, Poison, Wind, Parasitic, Explosives, Ice, Magic, Creation,
Poison: Any drone in this category can produce poison liquids & gases or other
substances & or gases such as acid or numbing agents, & are also immune to them,
(Weakness: Phantasmal, Regeneration, Blood Manipulation, Adaptation,
Manipulation: Drones in this category can control people & or objects, though the
manner in how they control them can vary from drone to drone (Note: They can only
control the targets body in most cases, with some exceptions).
(Weakness: Illusion, Emotion, Nullification)
Darkness: Whether causing a blackout, using black holes, or just being dicks,
drones of this type seem to play games using the same weapon: the dark (Hope
youre not afraid of it).

(Weakness: Fire, Electricity, Light, Animal, Psychic, Adaptation, Magic, Technology,

Gravity, Nullification)
Light: This group deals with light. They can create objects out of light energy,
produce quick flashes in order to blind surrounding targets, & can even brighten
areas that would be other-wise pitch-black.
(Weakness: Sand, Animal, Psychic, Adaptation, Mirror, Nullification)
Water: These drones can create, manipulate, produce, & absorb water (How do you
drown in a desert? Simple, you piss one of these drones off).
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Electricity, Nature, Poison, Size Manipulation, Ice, Adaptation,
Magic, Creation, Gravity, Rock, Nullification)
Animal: Drones in this category are part animal, or have the abilities & or instincts
of some. (Due to the abilities of this group being natural (which means it is owned in
part by the non-drone partner as well) & not belonging solely to the drone spirits,
the abilities granted by spirits of this category cant be disabled by the Nullification
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Phantasmal, Electricity, Poison, Parasitic, Explosives, Size
Manipulation, Ice, Magic, Mirror, Sound, Fear, Mutation, Emotion, Gravity, Rock)
Regeneration: This group is comprised of drones with the power to heal either
themselves or others (Not always both, but in some cases).
(Weakness: Memory Manipulation, Nullification)
Wind: Drones in this element create & control wind & wind currents.
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Electricity, Water, Size Manipulation, Ice, Adaptation, Gravity,
Paper: These drones use a special indestructible paper that can easily be formed
only by drones in this elemental category.
(Weakness: Fire, Poison, Water, Wind, Psychic, Explosives, Magic, Creation, Gravity,
Crystal: This rare category grants its denizens the power to copy most of the
powers of other drones, by changing their own drone crystal to the corresponding
element type that they are trying to copy the ability from.
(Weakness: Paper, Psychic, Explosives, Artillery, Sound, Nullification)
Dream: These drones can induce sleep as well as control & or manipulate dreams &
nightmares. (Watch it go from counting sheep to counting peanut-butter cups &
from petting a kitten to petting chucky the homicidal doll). (User: Konako)
(Weakness: Phantasmal, Magic, Mimicry, Nullification)
Psychic: Drones with this ability can use their minds to create, move, & or alter
things as well as speak through & or read the minds of others.
(Weakness: Dream, Parasitic, Memory Manipulation, Fear, Gravity, Nullification)
Food: These peculiar drones can use objects that look like baked goods, but feel
like a brick upside the head (Note: Due to the fact that this category relies on an

increased ability & talent for creating unnatural food, rather than having an actual
power, this category is one of the few not effected by the Nullification element).
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Poison, Water, Animal, Parasitic, Explosives, Genetic
Manipulation, Ice, Magic, Creation, Mutation)
Parasitic: Drones of this type feed off of others, though what they feed on may
differ. (They are, in-short, Leeches just drone ones.)
(Weakness: Poison, Regeneration, Psychic, Adaptation, Fear, Mutation, Emotion,
Mimicry, Rock, Nullification)
Illusion: These drones mess with your mind by making you think you saw what isnt
there, & can also create things that werent there to begin with (but they must have
made an illusion of it before they can materialize it), though not all drones in this
type can perform the creation part. They can also mask the appearance of
something, making it seem like something else, though they cant change its shape.
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Electricity, Poison, Animal, Wind, Psychic, Time, Explosives,
Artillery, Sound, Technology, Nullification)
Invisibility: These drones are able to become invisible, though some of them have
extra abilities while invisible that make this category incredibly more wide-ranged
than youd think it is.
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Electricity, Poison, Light, Water, Animal, Wind, Psychic, Time,
Explosives, Ice, Artillery, Magic, Sound, Technology, Gravity, Nullification)
Time: These drones can control time as well as possess knowledge of all the
possible outcomes every single possible action could have. (Not many can handle
the stress of having so much knowledge crammed into their heads, which is why
there are not many drones in this category). (User: Cameron)
(Weakness: Duplication, Psychic, Memory Manipulation, Mimicry, Nullification)
Explosives: Drones in this element can materialize explosives, or even turn things
into bombs, regardless of whether the target is inanimate, or alive.
(Weakness: Teleportation, Sand, Fire, Manipulation, Water, Regeneration, Psychic,
Time, Adaptation, Magic, Creation, Nullification)
Blood Manipulation: These drones possess influence over the internal workings of
the targets body, such as their organs, bloodstream, brain functions & even the
heart (heart switch: on -> off = death).
(Weakness: Phantasmal, Parasitic, Adaptation, Magic, Mutation, Nullification)
Memory Manipulation: This elemental category grants its drones the ability to
create, re-arrange, delete, edit, & even view the memories of their desired targets.
(Weakness: Time, Mimicry, Nullification)
Genetic Manipulation: These Drones like to manipulate the exterior appearances
of their targets, or even their overall DNA. They can also rewrite objects or
materials, turning them into completely different objects or materials.
(Weakness: Time, Nullification)

Size Manipulation: The drones of this category can change the sizes of
themselves as well as that of other creatures or objects.
(Weakness: Fire, Electricity, Poison, Manipulation, Parasitic, Time, Explosives,
Genetic Manipulation, Magic, Fear, Gravity, Nullification)
Ice: Drones of this element can form, control, absorb, strengthen, shatter, & are
empowered when around ice. (Note: They also are immune to temperatures that
would normally instantly freeze other people as well as frostbite)
(Weakness: Teleportation, Fire, Phantasmal, Parasitic, Explosives, Genetic
Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Ice, Adaptation, Magic, Creation, Sound, Mimicry,
Technology, Gravity, Nullification)
Demon Channeling: Drones of this category have the innate ability to summon,
control, & or communicate with demons & other wickedly creatures.
(Weakness: Teleportation, Light, Parasitic, Time, Explosives, Memory Manipulation,
Genetic Manipulation, Size Manipulation, Ice, Artillery, Magic, Creation, Fear,
Mutation, Nullification)
Artillery: Drones of this type have an unusually high proficiency with weapons, &
can materialize any weapon they desire at will. Due to the artificial nature of this
element, it is unaffected by the Nullification element (You cant nullify a bullet 3inches from your forehead).
(Weakness: Teleportation, Sand, Phantasmal, Electricity, Nature, Poison, Psychic,
Parasitic, Time, Explosives, Size Manipulation, Ice, Artillery, Adaptation, Magic,
Creation, Mirror, Mimicry, Technology, Gravity)
Adaptation: These types of drones can adapt to the environment, to the tactics of
enemies, to certain manners of damage or external & internal harm, & more (Who
needs a vaccine shot when your immune system could can just adapt to counteract
any & all illnesses or infections?) (Note: Due to its natural nature, this element is
unaffected by the Nullification element).
(Weakness: Sand, Manipulation, Time, Genetic Manipulation, Magic, Creation,
Magic: Any drone under this enchanted element can use various spells through
words, dusts, or other means depending on the drone (So much for the one & only
genie, eh, Aladdin? Put that in your lamp & rub it!).
(Weakness: Teleportation, Psychic, Parasitic, Time, Memory Manipulation, Mimicry,
Creation: Drones under this element can create objects, & or living organisms as
well as erase them limitlessly. They are limited only by their own imaginations.
(Weakness: Teleportation, Phantasmal, Poison, Manipulation, Water, Wind, Psychic,
Time, Explosives, Size Manipulation, Magic, Mutation, Mimicry, Gravity, Nullification)
Mirror: The drones in this group can enter or exit mirrors as well as create them,
giving them access to any other mirror. This allows them to move from anywhere in
one place to anywhere in another, provided there is any kind of reflective surface at
both points (Shutting the doors & locking the windows wont save you from one of
these drones) (Note: Despite what most would think, Size Manipulation does not

affect whether or not a Mirror type can use a reflective surface for travel from one
point to another, meaning no matter how small the surface being used, a Mirror
type can still enter & exit through it).
(Weakness: Teleportation, Manipulation, Darkness, Wind, Paper, Crystal, Psychic,
Illusion, Invisibility, Time, Explosives, Ice, Artillery, Magic, Creation, Sound, Mimicry,
Rock, Nullification)
Sound: manipulates sound waves in order to attack, defend, disable, escape, etc.
They also have much more sensitive hearing, & are affected by music.
(Weakness: Teleportation, Sand, Flight, Phantasmal, Wind, Size Manipulation,
Adaptation, Magic, Creation, Sound, Emotion, Mimicry, Technology, Nullification)
Fear: Drones of this category can delve into a persons sub-consciousness, find out
what they fear most, & than use it against them. (Note: This element is a doubleedged sword, because they are often confronted by their own drone spirit with their
own fears, so they usually tend to be a little unstable, mentally speaking & are not
to be confused with drones of the Emotion element).
(Weakness: Manipulation, Dream, Parasitic, Mirror, Fear, Emotion, Mimicry,
Mutation: Drones in this rare & unusual category can cause mutations (like duck
bills? They can give you one, free of charge Though getting rid of it might not be
as easy).
(Weakness: Regeneration, Time, Genetic Manipulation, Adaptation, Magic,
Emotion: This rare category allows the few drones in it to control how others feel &
or act. (Note: This category also grants any drone in this category immunity to any
element that would alter their behavior such as the following: Manipulation, Memory
Manipulation, Fear, & certain spells from the Magic category. Because it would
interfere with this one aspect of their element, this category also has an increased
resistance to the Nullification element, but dont possess a complete immunity to
(Weakness: Nullification)
Mimicry: These drones can copy any ability or form they desire for as long as they
wish, though they can only copy one or two at a time. (User: Enchor)
(Weakness: Nullification)
Technology: These computer-loving drones can manipulate, create, control,
upgrade, & downgrade machinery & devices, from as complicated as a super
computer to as simple as a rope & pulley.
(Weakness: Sand, Fire, Electricity, Nature, Manipulation, Water, Parasitic, Explosives,
Artillery, Magic, Mutation, Mimicry, Gravity, Rock, Nullification)
Gravity: The drones of this element can control gravity limitlessly.
(Weakness: Teleportation, Sand, Fire, Electricity, Poison, Manipulation, Wind, Dream,
Psychic, Parasitic, Time, Ice, Adaptation, Magic, Creation, Mirror, Sound, Mimicry,
Technology, Gravity, Rock, Nullification)

Rock: The drones of this elemental category can control, create, or even assimilate
stone, rock, & dirt.
(Weakness: Teleportation, Sand, Fire, Phantasmal, Poison, Manipulation, Water,
Wind, Paper, Psychic, Explosives, Size Manipulation, Ice, Artillery, Magic, Creation,
Sound, Mimicry, Technology, Gravity, Nullification)
Nullification: Drones in this category are among some of the most dangerous,
because they can nullify all of the abilities of their targets, robbing their enemies of
any advantage they might have held over this type. Worse yet they can also copy
the sealed abilities much like drones of the Mimicry element. (Note: the only
abilities not affected by Nullification are those with an artificially created nature or
those that are shared by both the drone spirit and their human partners).
(Weakness: Animal, Food, Artillery, Adaptation, Nullification)

Drone Grades
Each character in the academy is given a grade to show their privileges (For grade
ranks of B+ to F-) or battle prowess (For grade ranks of XSS+ to A-). The Academys
members are divided into two groups based on whether or not they have original
drone partners or not, because those with original drone partners will be able to call
upon the full extent of their drones powers & abilities.

XSS+ (This grade is the highest & rarest of all, given only to the few
drones who have mastered not just their own elements, but have
learned those of the individuals around them. They are as close to
becoming a god as one can get, though they each must sacrifice
something of great importance in exchange for transcending all other
beings, though that sacrifice varies from individual to individual.
Drones of this grade are usually Variable-type drones, who are able to
switch between any of the drone types.)

XSS (This grade is given only to drones who have reached the peak of
their abilities & powers. They are masters of their powers & are hard to
take down.)

XS (This grade is given only to drones who have conquered & taken
control of their dark drone sides, or have been genetically enhanced &
modified, some drones have naturally enhanced themselves through
evolution, though the drones with this exception are few & far

X+ (This is the grade given to dark drones & other out-of-control

drones; they are unable to defeat only grades above theirs.)

X (Drones of this grade can hold their own against any enemy,
including dark drones, but lack the power required to completely
defeat them.)

X- (Drones of this grade can deal with regular opponents, but will still
be at a disadvantage against dark drones, though a reduced one
compared to that of a grade A+ rank)

A+ (This grade of drones can deal with opponents of a high rank, & will
be able to fend off dark drones, but only temporarily, as this grade is
still not high enough to pose a match for dark drones.)

A (This grade of drones can deal with opponents more easily but will
still struggle when their opponent is a dark drone.)

A- (This grade of drones has an original drone partnered with them.

(They can battle any opponent, but will find Dark Drones difficult.))

B+ (Highest grade reached without use of a drone. Academy members

of this grade have shown a mastery of their duplicated powers &
abilities, though their power level is nowhere near matching that of the
original drone they have had their abilities copied from. (This grade
can battle low class enemies freely, but is not suited for high class
enemies or dark drones))

B (Academy members of this grade are near mastering their elements,

though there is still some room for improvement. (This grade can
battle low class enemies, but is not suited for high class enemies or
dark drones))

B- (Academy members of this grade have realized their true potential

but have yet to reach it. (This grade can battle low class enemies, but
is not suited for high class enemies or dark drones))

C+ (Academy members of this grade have begun developing an

understanding of their true potential but have yet to fully realize it, let
alone reach it. (This grade can battle low class enemies on special
occasions, but primarily fights in the Special Simulator, which they
have full access to whenever they want, with or without supervision))

C (Members in this rank are still studying the strengths & weaknesses
of their powers & abilities. (This grade can battle in the simulator
unsupervised but only during simulation operation hours. They still
unfit for combat, but are close to being allotted chances to prove their
combat readiness))

C- (Members in this rank are starting to study what their powers &
abilities are. (This grade can battle in the simulator without supervision
but only during simulation operation hours.))

D+ (Members in this rank have developed an understanding of all the

different kinds of elements & what the traits & weaknesses make up
each one in & out of battle. (This grade can battle in the simulator with
or without supervision but only during simulation operation hours.))

D (Members in this rank are developing an understanding of all the

different kinds of elements & what the traits & weaknesses make up
each one in & out of battle. (This grade can battle in the simulator with
or without supervision but only during simulation operation hours.))

D- (Members of this rank have come to understand what combat is like

& what it will usually entail (This grade can battle in the simulator with
supervision but only during simulation operation hours.))

E+ (These grades are coming to understand what combat is like &

what it will usually entail (This grade has gained the right to access the
Basic Battle-Simulator with supervision from an academy teacher
during simulation operation hours. Usually operates it with other
members of the same grade))

E (This grade is coming to understand what combat is like & what it

usually entails (This grade has gained the right to access the Basic
Battle-Simulator with supervision from an academy teacher during
simulation operation hours. Usually operates it with other members of
the same grade))

E- (This grade is learning what combat is like & what it will usually
entail (This grade does its learning in a classroom, & occasionally visits
the simulation rooms to see what its like to prepare them for their
introduction into the simulators))

F+ (This grades members are learning the basics of what they can do
(This grade does its learning in a classroom))

F (This grade is where academy members actually get their drone

powers & abilities from the Academys Genetics Department. (This
grade is introduced into an Academy classroom where they will begin
their learning))

F- (This grade is learning what it means to be an academy member

(This grade has yet to begin training))

Ripps Group
Ripp Todwell is the main character of The Drones Series, starting out with only Angel
Sakariba, Teller Ladson, & Abra Abakan, Ripps team grows numerous times. The
members of his team primarily look to Ripp for leadership & guidance, as well as
support him when he loses his way in life. This group is made out of people he has
befriended along the way on his journey as Rickys partner & a proud member of
The Drones.

Ripper Takaru Todwell + Ricky Myreena 'Granger' Port / Warp / Rift
Ripper Takaru Todwell + Ricky Myreena 'Granger' Port / Warp / Rift
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 1 (Ripp) / Chapter 1 (Port) / Chapter 11/12 (Warp) /
Chapter 27 (Rift)
Theme Song: "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield (Ripp/Port) / "Animal I Have
Become" by Three Days Grace (Warp/Rift/Proto-Warp)
Battle Theme Song: "Firework" by Katey Perry (Ripp/Port) / "Running Up That Hill"
by Within Temptation (Warp/Rift)
Inscription/Incantation: Gates of teleportation, Open! (Port) / Vanish in the Void
(Warp) / N/A (Rift)
Function: Main Protagonist/Group Leader
Synchronization Percentage: Port: 95% / Warp: 46% / Rift: 100%
Race: Alter-World Entity
Age: 17
Parents: Yes
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Fists, Claws (Warp only), Portals
Elements: Combat, Teleportation (Portals), Crystal, Duplication (Warp & Rift Only),
Flight (Rift Only), Artillery (Rift Only), Adaptation (Rift Only)
Love Interest: Angel Ryusa Sakariba (Former) / Kari Tara Tsuki (Former/Temporary)
/ Nalla Lianna Tonoma (Present)
Drone Types: Powerful (Port) / Dark (Warp) / Powerful/Dark/Variable/Mutant (Rift)
Original Drone Grade: A+ (Port) / XS (Natural Grade X Hybrid) (Warp) / XSS+ (Rift)
-Tactical Instincts
-Crystal Core Energy Absorption (Port/Rift Only)
-Can Warp Away Any Incoming Projectile (Warp/Rift Only)
-Can Duplicate (Warp/Rift Only)
-Can Form Objects & Platforms Out of Concentrated Energy (Warp/Rift Only)
-Immortality (Warp/Rift Only)
-Invincibility (Warp/Rift Only)

-Dark Crystal Core Energy Absorption (Warp/Rift Only)

-Flight (Rift Only)
-Regular & Dark Crystal Core Energy Absorption (Rift Only)
-Loss of Speech (Rift Only)
-Can See Through Invisibility & Illusions (Rift Only)
-Immune to the Nullification (Rift Only)
Crystal Core Absorption:
Chapter 17: Nature, Medic, Chimera, Sound
Chapter 22: Heat
Chapter 27: Static
Chapter 30: Icicle, Crystal
Dark Crystal Core Assimilator:
Chapter 25: Omni-ominous
Crystal Multi-Core Absorption:
Chapter 31: Remaker (Medic + Psychic + Blood + Genetics + Port)
Signature Attack (Port): Port-a-Punch: Launches his gauntlets at an opponent &
uses portals to constantly bombard them over & over.
Signature Attack (Warp): Overwhelm: Summons multiple duplicates to attack &
confuse enemies, using a special instant & unnoticeable teleport to swap places
with them to keep his opponent guessing which the real Warp is & which are just
Signature Attack (Rift): Rifter: Uses the cannons built into the palms of his
upgraded gauntlets to fire concentrated lasers that can cut through metal, or to
form a massive fireball which can be thrown single-handedly or with both hands and
detonated at will.
Character Summarization: A seventeen year old teenager, with messy brown hair
that sticks out in a spiky fashion. He has Lime-green eyes, & often wears a black
zipper-less hoodie, & Light-blue Jeans.
Drone Summarization (Port): Possesses Gold full-body armour. Oversized metal
gloves called Gauntlets. An emerald green visor forms over his face & tubes that
are plugged into his back & his Gauntlets with Green liquid flowing through them.
Drone Summarization (Warp): His armour becomes more similar to that of Port,
but retains the dark colours & spikes that covered his gauntlets as Proto-Warp, while
his eyes are green rather than red, like those of Proto-Warp.
Drone Summarization (Rift): Gains large wings & a long tail. Its armour becomes
pitch black & gains a knight-like appearance, except for the gigantic claws that
make up his arms. The claws are bigger than his body & hold secret cannons built
into the palms of both claws.
Character Notes: Before moving into the academy, he was in Mrs. Helens class
along with Angel Sakariba, Kari Tara-Tsuki, Quince Majesteec, Alice Dwinderlonan, &
Nalla Tonoma. Hes also Cameron Todwells younger brother & was in a foster home
with Suzuka Yama-Hiriko. Ripps parents, Cole Takaru Todwell & Tannis Takaru

Todwell, performed many inhuman experiments, one of which was the one endured
by Alice Dwinderlonan. Ultimately, through a freak accident, Ripp became the firstever Dark Drone: Proto-Warp who then promptly went on a rampage & seemingly
caused the destruction of Ripps parents. Ripp suppressed the memories of his
rampage in order to help himself cope with the trauma hed suffered as a result of
the accident responsible for Warps creation. While at his stay at the hospital, Ripp
was forcefully fused with an Alter-world monster, which awoke Proto-Warp. After a
few days, Proto-Warp had fully awakened & overtook Ripp once more. Eventually
Ripp was able to gain some control over Proto-Warp with the help of Nalla, which
allowed him to transform into a more controlled version better known simply as
Warp. In Chapter 27, Warp evolves into Rift, though loses the ability to communicate
verbally while in the form. Oddly enough, Rift is still able to communicate via a mind
link with Nalla in place of vocalization. Rift also appeared to be the first dark drone
with the power to purify other dark drones as if it were a light drone, this is because
Rift is actually not a dark drone, but a variable drone, which is able to switch
between any drone type at will. It is also later revealed that Ripp is not human but is
actually an entity of the Alter-world, like the monsters they have been fighting from
the start. They learn that Cameron is also not actually Ripps biological brother,
since he is human. This devastates Ripp because it means the only actual family he
has are the people who have been terrorizing the people that are most important to
him. This also explains why the first alter-world monster that attacked & attached to
Ripp during his stay at the hospital was not able to fully merge with him, as he only
held a shred of human DNA in his body. Ripp has a second personality sleeping
inside him: the personality of his Alter-world monster side, which has never
awakened thus far.
Teller Taris Ladson + Andrew Cohara 'Tillerson' Junk / Trash
Teller Taris Ladson + Andrew Cohara 'Tillerson' Junk / Trash
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 1 (Teller) / Chapter 4 (Junk) / Chapter ? (Not Yet
PROPERLY Introduced) (Trash)
Theme Song: "I Will Carry You" by Clay Aiken (Junk) / "What I've Done" by Linkin
Park (Trash)
Battle Theme Song: "Break Me Down" by Red (Junk) / "Strength" by Abingdon
Boy's School (Trash)
Inscription/Incantation: It's Garbage Day! (Junk) / Time To Take Out The Trash!
Function: Jack-of-all-trades
Synchronization Percentage: Junk: 87% / Trash: 38%
Race: Human
Age: 18
Parents: Yes
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Claw, Mega Claw with built-in Magma Particle Cannon, Sharpened Junk
Elements: Combat, Junk, Fire, Regeneration (Self-Only), Artillery, Creation
Love Interest: Abra Allana Abakan
Drone Types: Powerful (Junk) / Powerful/Dark (Trash)

Original Drone Grade: A+ (Junk) / XS (Natural Grade X Hybrid) (Trash)

-Limb Regeneration
-Prolonged Flight Capabilities
-Junk Creation
-Object Animation (Trash Only)
-Telekinesis (Trash Only)
-Limb Transfiguration (Trash Only)
-Immortality (Trash Only)
-Invincibility (Trash Only)
Signature Attack: Compact Cannon: Charges his cannon claw arm before planting
it in the ground & releasing a devastating super nova blast that causes the earth to
rise & crumble within a large radius. Has a chance to cause fiery pillars to rise from
the cracks, with the final blast culminating into one large volcanic eruption from the
ground itself
Character Summarization: An eighteen year old man with red hair, done up into
a long ponytail & fierce, gold-coloured eyes. He dresses in a white oriental martial
arts top, with long flowing sleeves that open up further as they get closer to the
hands & navy blue pants.
Drone Summarization: Hovers in midair unlike most drones, which stand. Has a
long flowing tail in place of legs, & possesses two claws, one of which is much larger
than the other. His eyes are a bright amber colour & his armour is primarily red &
orange but seems to have other colours mixed in due to his element being primarily
that of Junk.
Character Notes: Before moving into the academy, he was in Ralas class along
with Abra Abakan, Konako Hoto, Riin Yuzu, Vivian-Shao, & Ciarra Centello. Teller
attended a dojo in his youth after meeting Abra Abakan in kindergarten, where they
started their friendship. As Teller began grade school, he met Ripp, who was still
struggling with his trauma. In helping Ripp with forgetting his trauma, he also
became friends with Angel Sakariba, & the three became fast friends. Teller & Abra
started drifting apart, while their feelings for each other did the opposite; they grew.
Teller was unaware that Abra had started attending their school until chapter 1. By
that time, she had already had Axiss time crystal in her body for a good few years
which had rewound her growth to around the time when the two of them had first
met. When Rauk-Shao was injured, Tellers confidence & courage was damaged;
something that Omni-ominous took advantage of. It wasnt long before he had
tricked Teller into taking a gemstone with him that would slowly eat away at his will,
ultimately causing Teller to turn to Omni-ominous for help in unleashing his dark
drone side. Teller was tricked into releasing Proto-Trash, his uncontrolled dark drone
side which then overtook him. Eventually he was returned to his senses, though he
questioned whether he was still fit to be in a relationship with Abra, who hed
scorned prior to his corruption.
Casper Ryusa Sakariba + Raptoris Raptor Phantom

Casper Ryusa Sakariba + Raptoris Raptor Phantom

Introductory Chapter: Chapter 3 (Casper) / Chapter 5 (Phantom)
Theme Song: "Still Waiting" by Sum 41
Battle Theme Song: "S.O.S." by Toy-Box
Inscription/Incantation: Drop Dead! (Incantation Never Used: Casper is a mute)
Function: Pseudo Grim Reaper
Synchronization Percentage: 98%
Race: Highly Evolved Ghost-Like Alter-world Monster (Presently)/Mutated AlterWorld Monster (Previously)
Age: Unknown
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Scythes, Cloak of Invisibility, Skeleton Wings, Claws, Self-Healing Magic
Elements: Combat, Phantasmal, Darkness, Teleportation (Mist), Demon Channeling,
Love Interest: Venom Liu
Drone Types: Powerful/Dark
Original Drone Grade: XS
-Can switch between realms of existence (Living, Twilight, & Undead, or any
combination of the three)
-Can Phase through matter
-Can Possess Objects (Can also be used outside of Drone form, even before
obtaining his Drone form in Chapter 5)
-Can Create Multiple Scythes
-Can Levitate
-Can Teleport
Signature Attack: Polter-time: Calls upon his undead powers, darkening the area.
He then levitates any & all objects into the air & then propels them all at one target.
Before the objects hit they are transformed into scythes & or sharpened bones.
Once the target has been pierced, the world is reverted back, putting the objects
back where they belong, in their original form, leaving only the harm that was
inflicted on the target behind.
Character Summarization: A small knee-high ghost of sorts with small stubby
arms possessing no fingers. It floats in midair & has two yellow eyes which are
shrouded in the shadow created by the white hood it wears at all times. It also
sports a small grey scarf thats wrapped around its neck, both the ends of which flap
in the air behind it, even when its not in motion.
Drone Summarization: A phantom-like drone that wields a large stylized scythe.
Possesses a ripped cloak which he can produce multiple scythes from, & dark purple
eyes. His armour seems to be more skeletal when compared to the armour of the
other drones. His armour is a brownish-ebony colour.

Character Notes: Was quickly adopted by Angel Sakariba shortly after meeting
Ripps group for the first time. Often seen as being something between an actual
member of the team, & simply a pet until later chapters, Casper quickly came to
understand that he is appreciated regardless & is a valued member of the team. His
past is eventually revealed when Psykers group introduces themselves. With
Psykers groups arrival, Casper began regaining his memory piece by piece. It is
revealed a few chapters later, that he was in a relationship with Venom Liu back
before both of them had died. Their original names had been Shane Phillic & Ariella
Gabriel. It was their regret of how their relationship turned out, that saw to both of
them being reborn as Alter-World monsters, & it was that same regret that
prevented them from becoming regular Alter-World monsters. Casper confesses who
he was to Venom, & that he was at fault for how the relationship ended, apologizing
to her for his actions in his previous life. The two reconcile & enter a new
relationship together.
Willson Noel Hiyomi + Jackson Metallics
Willson Noel Hiyomi + Jackson Metallics
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 13 (Kameron) / Chapter 13 (Metallics)
Theme Song: "Lonely At the Top" by The Ordinary Boys
Battle Theme Song: "Computer City" by Perfume
Inscription/Incantation: Feel The Steel!
Function: Underdog/Rash Warrior
Synchronization Percentage: 90%
Race: Human
Age: 17
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Metal Claws, Liquid Metal, Electricity-Conducting Chains
Elements: Combat, Metal, Electricity, Creation
Love Interest: Konako Hoto
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: XAbilities:
-Tactical Instincts
-Immune to Electric Element
-Is Empowered When Charged With Electricity
Signature Attack: Terra-Volt: Attaches his chains to an enemy & generates millions
of volts of electricity in his claws which then flow through the chains into the
target's body, causing an immense & almost-always-fatal electrocution, & possibly
explosions too.
Character Summarization: A small boy with blonde messy hair that normally
wears a grey T-shirt with brown pants. He always wears a pair of leather cuffs on his
wrists, with chains that dangle from them. His shoes have spiked buckles.

Drone Summarization: A somewhat larger than a normal Drone, with chains that
hang all over him, with an extra thick & longer pair than the others, attached from
his back to & around his claws. His heavy armour is made out of pure silver, with
pulsating red eyes.
Character Notes: Before moving into the academy, he was in a separate class
from all the other characters. He is Yoko Hiyomis younger brother.
Hawk Innowa Kito + Jayson Entoxica
Hawk Innowa Kito + Jayson Entoxica
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 15 (Hawk) / Chapter 15 (Entoxica)
Theme Song: "Now Youre Gone" by Basshunter
Battle Theme Song: "Going down in flames" by 3 Doors Down
Inscription/Incantation: Taint!
Function: Thief/Black Market Expert/Consult/Ex-Gang Leader/Genius Mechanic
Synchronization Percentage: 78%
Race: Human (Pre-Pact) / Toxic Organism (Post-Pact)
Age: ?
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Massive Claws, Poison-Tipped Needle Projectile Fingers, Marionette Puppet
Strings, Poison, Acidic Breath, Self-Healing Magic, Poison Sludge, Venomous Gas
Elements: Combat, Nature, Poison, Manipulation, Darkness, Teleportation (Goo),
Love Interest: Ruin Argus
Drone Types: Powerful/Natural/ Dark
Original Drone Grade: XAbilities:
-Can Inject Substances into Bodies by Inserting His Finger-Tip Needles
-Is Immune to Nullification
Signature Attack: Marionette Level 0: Unspoken Marionette: Allows Entoxica to
use Marionette without needing to call out their names, as well as use more than
one at once
Character Summarization: A young who wears a ragged swamp green hoodie
with smoke grey pants, light grey gloves & worn-out running shoes. He has silver
hair & chestnut brown eyes. His blood was transformed into poison upon forming his
partnership with his drone spirit.
Drone Summarization: A drone with long slender, yet large armour plating that
takes on a skeletal shape. Purple goo oozes from small openings in various places
along his armour. He possesses giant skeletal hands with needle-like finger tips that
are large enough to grab an average sized adult from head to toe in one hand. His
eyes shine a dark eerie lavender purple colour. He is easily five times as big as an
adult male.

Character Notes: Is the older brother of Kitsuna Kito whose name was changed to
Alice Dwinderlonan by the academy in an attempt to help her escape her captors
undetected. She suffers from amnesia caused by the raid led by Rauk-Shao on the
lab where she was rescued which prevents her from remembering her life before
she was kidnapped. Hawk despaired when Kitsuna, the last person he cared for,
vanished from his life. Throwing away his original name, Hitsu-o Kito, & donning the
name Hawk, he became the leader of the Onyx Crow Gang. The Onyx Crow Gang
gained its name because of Beak-Crow, the mechanical pet crow that Hawk had
built himself at the age of nine, which had served as the gangs mascot. When Hawk
formed his pact with Jayson Entoxica, he sacrificed his body & became a living
organism comprised of nothing but poisonous liquids, toxic goo, Acidic slime, &
radio-active waste. He & Ruin Argus begin developing a relationship when he offers
to become her friend. He quickly is requested to become her mechanic as well, after
she discovers he is a genius when it comes to machines. Both he & his younger
sister are from the same world as the Mirror Beasts. Their family was found by the
academy when they first found themselves transported out of their own world.
Since then the academy had been monitoring the Kito family.
Quince Vanguardia Majesteec + Gregory Omniore
Quince Vanguardia Majesteec + Gregory Omniore
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 11 (Quince) / Chapter ? (Not Yet Introduced)
Theme Song: "Bet on It" By High School Musical 2
Battle Theme Song: "Rolling Star" by Yui
Inscription/Incantation: Brighten!
Function: Guardian Paladin
Synchronization Percentage: 96%
Race: Human
Age: 17
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Light Energy Broad Sword, Shield, Impenetrable Cape
Elements: Combat, Light, Creation
Love Interest: Konako Hoto
Drone Types: Light
Original Drone Grade: A+
-Sword Forming Using Light
-Can Shed Light In Order To Drown Out Shadows
-Can Blind Foes Using Bright Bursts of Light
-Can Form Objects From Light
Signature Attack: ???
Character Summarization: He has blonde hair. Prior to his corruption into Omniominous, he wore an orange shirt with white stars, jeans, & orange & white track

shoes. His outfit however will change after he is introduced as a protagonist,

following his inevitable purification.
Drone Summarization: ???
Character Notes: Before Ripps group joined the academy, he was in Mrs. Helens
class along with Ripp Todwell, Angel Sakariba, Kari Tara-Tsuki, Alice Dwinderlonan, &
Nalla Tonoma.

Angel Ryusa Sakariba + Samantha Myreena Moisture
Angel Ryusa Sakariba + Samantha Myreena Moisture
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 1 (Angel) / Chapter 2 (Moisture)
Theme Song: "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus
Battle Theme Song: "Dancing in the Velvet Moon" by Nana Mizuki
Inscription/Incantation: Drown!
Function: Second-In-Command
Synchronization Percentage: 77%
Race: Human
Age: 15
Parents: Yes
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Swords, Wings
Elements: Combat, Water, Creation
Love Interest: Ripp Takaru Todwell (Former) / Ligus Lutenous (Present)
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: A
-Prolonged Flight Capabilities
-Amphibious Breathing
-Water Manipulation
-Water Conversion
Signature Attack: Current Crescent: Uses her swords to generate a crescent of
water that she sends hurling at her target. It is generated so fast that it can cut
through most types of metal & rock.
Character Summarization: A Fifteen-year-old girl with hair thats been bleached
blue due to an infatuation with the colour. Often wears all kinds of blue outfits &
long boots with knee-high fur to keep her legs warm, & has plum-purple eyes.
Drone Summarization: Possesses light-blue liquid-gel armour & Wields long, blue,
glowing Katanas. A visor & face plate mask her entire face, while her hair turns iceblue & grows longer. The armour around her chest takes on a trench coat-like form

with long wings sprouting out of her back, the texture of which, resembles that of a
fish's scales. Two sheaths for the katanas form in between the wings.
Character Notes: Before moving into the academy, she was in Mrs. Helens class
along with Ripp Todwell, Kari Tara-Tsuki, Quince Majesteec, Alice Dwinderlonan, &
Nalla Tonoma. She is also the older sister of Violet Sakariba.
Abra Allana Abakan + Esska Oliskus Cat / Tiger
Abra Allana Abakan + Esska Oliskus Cat / Tiger
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 1 (Abra) / Chapter 2 (Cat) / Chapter 21 (Tiger)
Theme Song: "That's the Way It Is" by Celine Dion
Battle Theme Song: "Injection" by Rise Against
Inscription/Incantation: Cat got your tongue? (Cat) / Pounce! (Tiger)
Function: Scout
Synchronization Percentage: Cat: 65% / Tiger: 79%
Race: Human (Chapter 1-2) / Neko Girl (Chapter 2 & on)
Age: 8 (Chapters 1 to 6), 16 (Chapters 6 & On)
Parents: Yes
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Cat Claws
Elements: Combat, Animal, Fire
Love Interest: Teller Ladson
Drone Types: Normal/Natural (Cat) / Light (Tiger)
Original Drone Grade: A+
-Tactical Instincts
-Can Sense Energy Outputs & Drone Presences
-Ability to Communicate With Animals
-Minor Fire Manipulation
-Claw Utilization & Mastery
Signature Attack: Hydraul-Kick: Uses hidden Hydraulics installed inside her legs to
deliver a super powerful kick that can shatter stone & either break or dent metal.
Character Summarization (Chapter 1 to 2): An eight year-old girl that sports
short orange hair thats smooth & flows down to around her neck, where it ends in a
slight outwards curve. Her eyes are a fierce red & dresses in a red gym hoodie,
scarlet red denim shorts, & a pair of knee-high socks.
Character Summarization (Chapter 2 to 6): Abras eyes become orange & gains
cat ears, whiskers, & a tail.
Character Summarization (Chapter 6 & On): When the Time crystal is removed
Abras age is catapulted from eight to sixteen which although not noted in the story,
had increased her breast size significantly. Her cat features remain the same, but
are adjusted accordingly with her new age. In short, her entire body is affected by
the time change, but other than the time leap itself, no new features are actually

Drone Summarization (Cat): Materializes red & orange fur-like armour around her
with layers of rings containing millions of spikes covering the lower parts of her legs
& her wrists & a line of barbs coating her back. Her tail & whiskers are also visible in
her drone form since her drone form was also based on feline origins, even
possessing extendable & retractable claws in both her hands & feet.
Drone Summarization (Tiger): In this form, long silver talons protrude from
Tigers fingers. The tail that both Abra & Cat share is extended in this form, while
gaining white furry armour with orange stripes & yellow facial markings. Her limbs
become a lot more muscular with thicker armour plating insulating her arms & legs.
Her teeth become much longer & sharper. Her speed triples when she becomes
Character Notes: Before moving into the academy, she was in Ralas class along
with Teller Ladson, Konako Hoto, Riin Yuzu, Vivian-Shao, & Ciarra Centello.
Suzuka Gwuo Yama-Hiriko + Maggy Medic
Suzuka Gwuo Yama-Hiriko + Maggy Medic
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 1 (Suzuka) / Chapter 4 (Medic)
Theme Song: "Move Along" by The All-American Rejects
Battle Theme Song: "Ikusa" by Cyber-Step
Inscription/Incantation: Resurge & Revive!
Function: Team Medic
Synchronization Percentage: 100%
Race: Human
Age: 24
Parents: Yes
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Twin Katanas, Flower Petals, Healing Magic
Elements: Combat / Support, Regeneration, Nature, Wind
Love Interest: Kelphi Illuna
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: A+
-Ability to Heal Self & Others
-Sword Mastery
-Ability to Camouflage
-Supersonic Speed
-Plant Manipulation
Signature Attack: Senbonzakura's Judgment: Summons flower petals which she
then uses to deliver a multitude of cuts all at once while delivering a single powerful
slash herself, along with them. (If judged . If judged Guilty, after the flower petals
attack once, they will then take on the form of katanas that perform a second strike
before Medic delivers the final strike.)

Character Summarization: Has long pink hair & light green, almost neon green,
eyes. Wears a nurse outfit with a long skirt while working as a nurse, & wears a long
white kimono with her hair done into a Japanese-style bun after she stops working
at the hospital shed been working at for the first few chapters following her
Drone Summarization: Transforms into a pink drone with four samurai swords
which are slid into sheathes when not in use; two on its back & two around its
waste. The drone wears a pink soft-metal kimono with a lily blossom pattern. Has
long hair with a cherry blossom flower in it, a light-pink blindfold over her eyes, &
Samurai-style sandals. Cherry blossom petals dance all through-out the air
whenever Suzuka transforms into Medic.
Character Notes: Ripps sister from when they both lived together in an
orphanage during their childhood.
Kari Dianna Tara-Tsuki + Leonardo Amber-crest Nature
Kari Dianna Tara-Tsuki + Leonardo Amber-crest Nature
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 3 (Kari) / Chapter 3 (Nature)
Theme Song: "Break Away" by Kelly Clarkson
Battle Theme Song: "Victoria's Secret" by Sonata Arctica
Inscription/Incantation: Overgrow!
Function: Infiltrator/Stealth Operations Expert
Synchronization Percentage: 49%
Race: Dryad
Age: 14
Parents: Yes
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Praying Mantis Blade Arms, Sharpened Leaves, Plant Clones, Self-Healing
Elements: Combat, Nature, Regeneration, Creation
Love Interest: Ripp Takaru Todwell (Former), Night Killowa (Present)
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: A+
-Can Control Plant Growth
-Can Regenerate Lost Limbs
-Can Cloak
-Can Shape-Shift
-Can Merge with Plants, Trees, Dirt, Grass, & Wood
-Can Bring Plant Growth to Life
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Thorn Despair: launches millions of seeds which explode,
launching thorns in every direction with enough force to penetrate metal.

Character Summarization: A fourteen year-old girl with brunette hair & vibrant
pink eyes. Wears a long sleeveless lavender top, with matching arm warmers, red
ribbons in her hair, & a long ripped black skirt & runners. Her hair begins turning
green after she learns she is actually a Dryad.
Drone Summarization: A forest green drone with two large scythe blades at the
end of its arms (like a praying mantis). Features neon green eyes while its body is
made up of turquoise armour as well as other shades of green & features a jungle
theme complete with lots of leafs & vines decorating its body.
Character Notes: Kari has had a crush on Ripp since they were young, which
stems from when they first met: Ripp stood up against a group of bullies who were
picking on her when no one else would, despite not even knowing her at all. She
eventually finds another love interest when it becomes obvious she cant seek a
romantic relationship with Ripp, without endangering both him & Nalla. Although at
first, unwilling to give her new love interest a chance, Kari eventually comes to
accept Night Killowa. When Night offers to help Kari with Yukikos trial, he is fused
with her to prevent him from interfering, which inadvertently grants Night access to
all of Karis memories, which reveals to him the true depths of Karis suffering. One
such revelation was that Kari actually named herself after her deceased pet kitten
that had died when she was young, since her mother had abandoned her without
even giving her a name. The kitten had been the only living creature that had
shown her unconditional love & hadnt left her by choice.
Yoko Noel Hiyomi + Kira Origami
Yoko Noel Hiyomi + Kira Origami
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 2 (Yoko) / Chapter 7 (Origami)
Theme Song: "One More" by Superchick
Battle Theme Song: "Papermoon" by Tommy Heavenly6
Inscription/Incantation: Fold!
Function: Warrior
Synchronization Percentage: 45%
Race: Former Human / Genetic Test Subject/Experiment
Age: 15
Parents: Yes
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Paper Weapons (Prefers Twin Paper Swords), Self-Reforming Paper Armour
Elements: Combat, Paper, Creation
Love Interest: Ralf Hawl
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: A
-Can Reshape Paper (Physical Contact Required Until Chapter 31)
-Can Turn Paper Cut-outs Into Three-Dimensional Objects
-Can Create Objects Out Of a Special Unbreakable Paper
Signature Attack: Follow The Line: runs her finger along a surface, & snaps her

fingers, causing an explosion that follows the line traced by her finger. Can shatter
almost anything & has no limit to the distance that can be marked.
Character Summarization: A fifteen-year-old girl with shoulder-length dark cherry
red hair & black eyes. Wears a black T-shirt with a white ring around the waste & a
pair of long black baggy pants with regular white & black running shoes (Often has
bruises over her body from an abusive father (Not mentioned in story)).
Drone Summarization: A Drone who wears white paper-like armour & wields
paper weapons that are as strong as steel. Usually wields dual paper katanas.
Character Notes: Before moving into the academy, she was in a separate class
from all the other characters. She is Willson Hiyomis older sister
Venom Liu + Lilian Crystal
Venom Liu + Lilian Crystal
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 22 (Venom) / Chapter 6 (Crystal)
Theme Song: "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys
Battle Theme Song: "The Hell Song" by Sum 41
Inscription/Incantation: N/A
Function: Drone Crystal Expert
Synchronization Percentage: 23% (Pre-Alteration) / 55% (Post-Alteration)
Race: Highly Evolved Humanoid-Like Alter-world Monster
Age: Unknown
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Elemental Crystals, Adaptive Biological System, Diamond-Encrusted Drill
Elements: Support, Crystal (Any Element)
Love Interest: Casper Ryusa Sakariba
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: X
-Can Absorb Drone Crystals to Merge With Them, Becoming One, & Gaining Their
Friction Glide (Gordon Glide): Can glide across surfaces even while in contact
with them, as if sliding across them
Jagged Tears (Glaze Blizzard): When creating Ice, gives it a sharp property
that is strong enough to slice through even the strongest of metal
Burning Furnace (Kory Darkflare): Absorbs fire attacks & converts it into
Living on the Dark Side (Lorry Dark Valor): Absorbs dark attacks & converts it
into vitality
Professional Digger (Grunt Mole): Eye sight remains normal when there is no
light around
Second Skin (Ted Frog/Reptile): Can shed layers of crystal in order to avoid an
attack (Has a cool-down time of half an hour)

-Base Crystal Element Access:

-Can Switch Armours Composition Between Different Compositions
Signature Attack: Satellite Crystal Rain: Summons multiple elemental crystals &
launches a bombardment of elemental attacks over a wide area using the powers
from within the summoned crystals. The crystals can also be manipulated to change
formations, allowing for multiple strategic attacks.
Character Summarization: A teenage-looking girl with long swamp green hair
with a single streak of rouge down the left side. A small strand of hair covers the
middle of her forehead with strands sticking out all along the back of her hair. She
wears a very skimpy black frilled dress & black gloves with claws rather than regular
fingers that cover her entire arms up to her shoulders as well as knee-high black
platform shoes. She also wears a chain collar around her neck. Around her waist &
wrists are bands of jade snake-skin leather with a jade snake skin hair band atop her
Drone Summarization: A drone covered in crystals of all colours with no metal
components inside. She carries a diamond-encrusted drill with her. One of her eyes
glows white, while the other glows blue.
Character Notes: Though Originally from Psyker Atoms team, Venom is classified
under Ripps team in this document due to Crystals previous affiliation with the
group. Venom possesses mysterious powers that have never been encountered
before, such as being able to coat her arms in an aura that can assimilate physical
or spiritual matter into its composition. Before chapter 21, Lilian Crystal had no
partner, however, she accepts Venom as her partner as of chapter 21. It is later
revealed that during their lives as humans, Venom & Casper were in a relationship
before things went south. Their spiraling relationship led to the both of them taking
their own lives. It was because of the feelings they still harboured from their human
lives that saw to their recreation as Alter-World monsters. The colour of their names
at the top of this character bio reflects how they joined together in order to help
stabilize Venoms life-force rather than just make a pact for the sake of benefitting
from each others powers like all the other drones. They could have remained on
their own without needing each other if not for Venoms life-force being temporary.
Konako Kota Hoto + Cynthia Dream
Konako Kota Hoto + Cynthia Dream

Introductory Chapter: Chapter 13) / (28 (Konako) / Chapter ? (Not Yet Introduced)
Theme Song: "Romeo and Juliet" by Toy-Box
Battle Theme Song: "S.O.S." by Rihanna
Inscription/Incantation: Dare To Dream!
Function: Team Therapist
Synchronization Percentage: 78%
Race: Human
Age: 16
Parents: Yes
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Whip, Dream Spheres
Elements: Combat, Dream, Creation
Love Interest: Quince Majesteec (Former) / Willson Noel Hiyomi (Present)
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: AAbilities:
-Can Enter a Target's Dreams
-Can Link Two or More Target's Dream Worlds Together
-Can Inflict Sleep upon Targets
-Can Change Dreams To Nightmares & Vice-Versa
-Skilled In Illusion-Making
-Rapid Regeneration / Immortality
Signature Attack: Vague Boundary: Melds both the dream world & the physical
world together temporarily, allowing dreams & nightmares to form in the real world
for the duration of the fusion. The skill can last anywhere from five minutes to half
an hour, with a recovery time requirement of at least five to ten minutes due to the
sheer amount of energy it requires from its user
Character Summarization: A girl with amber hair & green eyes who wears a black
school girls shirt with a red tie, & a matching black skirt. She wears knee-high black
boots & black fingerless cloth gloves.
Drone Summarization: ???
Character Notes: Before moving into the academy, she was in Ralas class along
with Teller Ladson, Abra Abakan, Riin Yuzu, Vivian-Shao, & Ciarra Centello. In
chapter 28, she makes a pact with the crystal of Dream, in order to survive her
injuries, consequently becoming a living corpse that is nearly impossible to kill.
Despite being nearly immortal, she is not completely immortal or invincible.

Psykers Group

Psyker & his group were first encountered while Ripp & company were recovering
from their first encounter with the Alter-World monsters, although their intentions &
identity arent revealed until after Omni-ominous & Nightmare begin initiating what
comes to be referred to as Operation: Eternal Slumber. Psyker & his group are a
close-knit group of out-casts who offered to teach the academy members the ability
to summon their drones as separate entities while maintaining their own powers,
provided they could pass all 5 trials that Psyker & his four most trusted team mates
each administered once per day for five days. Later on Psykers group joins the
academy, but struggles internally due to how each of them were treated by others
in the past, despite some of their new friends having also received similar treatment
during their own childhood. Each member of the group is of a different race (An
Esper, A Human, A Werewolf, An Angel, A Ghost, Etc.).

Charr G. Psyker Atom + Alexis Psychic
Charr G. Psyker Atom + Alexis Psychic
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 16 (Psyker) / Chapter 16 (Psychic)
Theme Song: "Innocence" by Avril Lavigne
Battle Theme Song: "Somebodies watching me" by Michael Jackson
Inscription/Incantation: Psych Up!
Function: Medium/Group Leader
Synchronization Percentage: 81%
Race: Esper
Age: 12
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Telekinesis
Elements: Combat, Psychic, Teleportation (Instantaneous), Flight, Creation
Love Interest: Violet Ryusa Sakariba
Drone Types: Powerful/Dark
Original Drone Grade: X+
-Group Psychics (Allows him to share his ability with selected group members)
-Mental Barrier
-Mind Reading
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Mental Breakdown: Crushes a targets mind with telekinesis,
killing them instantly.
Character Summarization: A young, yet intelligent boy who wears a long purple
hoodie with two cords hanging from the neck area, & cat-like ears protruding from

the top. His arms are usually limp & hang by his sides. His eyes glow purple like in
the same way that the drones eyes glow & he also wears purple sweat pants, albeit
in a lighter tone then that of the hoodie. His hair is plum purple.
Drone Summarization: Psychic is a large metallic purple drone with eyes that
glow blue & is almost always levitating in the air.
Character Notes: Although Psykers real name is supposed to be Charr, he prefers
Psyker. If pronounced correctly, Psykers real name would become Charge at them.
This was often something he was made fun of during his youth, leading to him
taking on the name Psyker instead, to deprive his tormentors a reason to tease him.
He made his pact at a young age, which caused him to be ostracized when he was
unable to control the power hed been granted. Things got even worse when he was
cast out by his family, leaving him without a place to live. With no one left, Psyker
wandered aimlessly, ready to give up his life, but eventually found kindred souls in
fellow outcasts & together, they became family to each, helping each other with
theirs struggles & pains, & celebrating each others victories. Despite having been
treated horribly, Psykers group still watched over humanity from the shadows;
protecting those they deemed good-natured, & punishing those that only cause
nothing but harm & suffering to others. Despite his size & maturity, Psyker is
younger than most of the other characters. This is due to his connection with his
drone spirit, which had forced him to take in the thoughts & opinions of everyone
around him. Due to this, he has suffered much pain & heart-ache, which in turn has
caused him to mature at an unprecedented rate as well as helped to develop an
empathetic side he didnt always have.
Vincent Romalia + Chef Vinny Baker
Vincent Romalia + Chef Vinny Baker
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 16 (Vincent) / Chapter 23 (Baker)
Theme Song: "Eat It" by Weird Al Yankovic
Battle Theme Song: "Karma chameleon" by Culture Club
Inscription/Incantation: Soups On!
Function: Chef/Jack-of-All-Trades
Synchronization Percentage: 72%
Race: Human / Shape-Shifter
Age: 37
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Cook Book, Ladle, Spatula, Frying Pan, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Tongs,
Cooking Utensil-Storage Pack.
Elements: Combat / Support, Food, Creation
Love Interest: Janelle Isatte Whimsi-cott
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: X+
-Hot N Ready (Allows Baker to produce battle-oriented food products instantly,
provided the recipe in his cook book has become decipherable.)

-Hard as A Rock (Alters the food he creates while in drone form, making it harder &
more durable)
-Pot Cannon (Can fire projectiles from pots that Baker materializes out of thin air. He
can produce any number of pots at once, but each pot can only fire once. If he
needs to launch them again, he can re-summon them, but only if they have already
used their cannon blast.)
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Pot Luck: Summons five random pots each of which launches
one of ten different attacks:
Cookie throwing stars
Spaghetti noodle spears
Chili lava
Milkshake blizzard
Gumball bombs
Pizza net
Cinnamon-stick cannon
Kebob blade
Banana boomerang
Lobster Claw
Character Summarization: A muscular man with blond hair & a long mustache
that was curled at both ends. He possesses scars all along his arms. His outfit
consists of an apron & a chefs hat along with white gloves & pair of shining black
Drone Summarization: A drone with metal skin rather than armour that also
possesses a mustache like his human partner. Features a special eye that can zoom
in & out, & has various cooking utensils attached all around his waist.
Character Notes: Vincent is Psykers most trusted ally & closest friend. Although
he wields food in battle, he is not an opponent to be under-estimated as he can use
any food he makes as weapons as well as food. He is incredibly talented in cooking
even without his Drone spirit, Chef Vinny, lending a hand. He often looks out for the
well-being of his subordinates, while doing his best to aid his superiors with
whatever task they may have. Vincent is incredibly versatile in any situation. He
once served as a chef for Angel Sakaribas family, until he was fired. This led to him
losing everything he had. Without any home or food, Vincent wandered the streets
until he eventually met Psyker. The two shared their experiences & bonded to the
point of considering each other as brothers. Its because of this that Vincent will
always trust Psykers judgement, not because he is psychic.
Wisp Redmond + Drake Vampiric
Wisp Redmond + Drake Vampiric
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 16 (Wisp) / Chapter 23 (Vampiric)
Theme Song: "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd
Battle Theme Song: "Russian lullaby" by Toy Box

Inscription/Incantation: Drain!
Function: Hunter
Synchronization Percentage: 37%
Race: Werewolf
Age: 29
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Normal: Fists, Legs / Weredrone: Claws, Talons, Legs, Wings, Fangs
Elements: Combat, Darkness, Parasitic
Love Interest: Yukiko Masarami
Drone Types: Dark
Original Drone Grade: X+
-Can absorb vitality, life, blood, or stamina from victims/targets
-Can replenish his self, using whatever he has absorbed from his victims, at any
time he desires, with no expiration
-Can store away whatever he robs his victims of until he requires it
-Immune to Parasitic element
-Can control darkness
-Can transform using darkness, strengthening himself by increasing his speed &
physical strength
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Pitch Bleak: Transforms into a weredrone form that combines
the DNA of a man, a bat, & a werewolf, increasing his speed by five times, his
strength by three times, sight by two times, hearing by five times, smell by ten
times, sight by three times, as well as grants him night vision.
Character Summarization: Wisp wears a long pitch-black trench-coat with
buckles clinking around loosely on it. Underneath he wears a black T-shirt with a
white ring around the neck & arms, & a pair of dark blue camouflage-pattern-print
pants. He possesses one red eye & one completely white eye, while his hair is
scarlet with a single white stripe down the very middle of his hair, which seems to
be made of layers upon layers of needle-like strands. He also wears heavy black
boots, which he is able to move around freely in. His legs are shaped like those of a
typical movie-style werewolf & his mouth has longer-than-normal canine teeth. The
tips of his ears are slightly pointed & he has a long red & white tail. Although he is a
werewolf, he does have a somewhat human appearance, despite some of the
aforementioned features.
Drone Summarization: This drone features fangs that are fitted into a very wide &
long jaw. His ears resemble those of a bat. Armour can be seen all across his face
with his glowing red eyes visible from underneath. His hands are elongated with thin
spindly claws & bat wings attached to the undersides of his arms. His back is
hunched over & his legs are similar in shape to Wisps legs while his body develops
dark grey hair all over it with black armour forming over most of his body.
Character Notes: Wisp is a man of very few words, he often boarders between

rude, cold, & just barely polite. He only seems to obey Psyker & Yukiko, & no one
else. He never sugar-coats things, & is not afraid to be painfully blunt. The only
thing that matters to Wisp is Yukiko, who has even proven to be able to calm him
when he transforms into a werewolf under the moons influence. He cherishes her
deeply & always has her somewhere in his mind, even if hed never admit it (Which
he wouldnt as long as others are within hearing distance). Wisp has shown to have
some decently considerate sides though they show every once in a blue moon.
Night Killowa + Maximus Illusion
Night Killowa + Maximus Illusion
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 18 (Night) / Chapter 18 (Illusion)
Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "???" by ???
Inscription/Incantation: Hallucinate!
Function: Head of Assassinations
Synchronization Percentage: 93%
Race: Dryad
Age: 17
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Illusions, Physically Converted objects, Bladed Shields
Elements: Support, Illusion, Invisibility, Nature, Creation
Love Interest: Kari Tara Tsuki
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: A+
-Can Make Illusions
-Can Convert Illusions into Physical Manifestations (With a few exceptions)
-Can Cloak
-Can Heal
-Can Regenerate Rapidly
-Can Move Faster Than the Eye Can See
-Nearly Indestructible
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Wrong Road: Allows Illusion to use any element, except
Nullification, as well as fuse illusion with reality, making him untouchable physically
by making him an illusion while at the same time an illusion (In this case, something
that isnt there). In essence, this allows him to become a ghost that can attack but
cant be attacked.
Character Summarization: A young teenage man possessing vibrant purple hair
with icy blue streaks & light green eyes. He wears a navy blue jacket with a V-neck
collar, padded jeans, & running shoes.
Drone Summarization: A drone with orangey-brown armour with blue pulsating
lines running all across his body, including where his eyes are situated. He can

summon large bladed shields at will.

Character Notes: ???
Cameron Takaru Todwell + Axis Time
Cameron Takaru Todwell + Axis Time
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 12 (Cameron) / Chapter 9 (Time)
Theme Song: "Louder Then Thunder" by The Devil Wears Prada
Battle Theme Song: "The Catalyst" by Linkin Park
Inscription/Incantation: Tick-Tock, Watch the Clock!
Function: Sage/Consult / Psykers Secret Agent/Mole
Synchronization Percentage: 94%
Race: Human
Age: 25
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: A Pocket Watch with an adjustable chain-link, Claws, Clock-Hand Swords, A
Elements: Combat, Time, Animal
Love Interest: Currently Single
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: X
-Tactical Instincts
-Unrivaled Kicking Power (Can Shatter Ten Layers of Steel with A Single Blow)
-Can Travel Forward or Back In Time
-Can Slow Down or Speed Up the Passage of Time
-Can Freeze Targets by Bringing the Space around Them to A Complete Hault
Signature Attack: Time Attack: Freezes an opponent in place, then speeds up time
for himself to deliver a rapid long combo to the enemy before unfreezing them,
after having been unfrozen, they will then endure the combo performed on them
(Note that if the target is not killed by this attack, then they will be left in a sloweddown state & will take double the amount of injuries & physical damage from all
further attacks)
Character Summarization (Cloaked): When Cameron first appears he is dressed
in a black cloak. Although his hair & eyes are visible the rest of his face is covered
by a mask until he reveals himself later in his first chapter appearance.
Character Summarization: A young adult man with dark scarlet hair in the same
hairstyle as Ripps & moonlit yellow eyes. He has a scar under his right cheek on his
face. His shirt is comprised of a scarlet long sleeve shirt with a silver hooded vest,
while his pants are light grey with cords hanging from a black belt around it. His
shoes are an unnaturally shiny white.

Drone Summarization: A drone resembling an orange monkey. It features brown

metal quills all over the armour around his wrists & lower legs as well as all around
his upper chest.
Character Notes: Hes Ripps older brother. Until chapter 12 when Cameron was
introduced, Axis Time had managed to form without him, showing that despite not
being of the crystal attributing, he could still form his armour without a host. When
asked how he was able to do so, Axis revealed it was his will power that was
responsible for it. It is eventually revealed that he was a member of Psykers team &
not Ripps all along. This devastated all the members, & destroyed their trust in
Cameron completely. Later it is revealed that Ripp & Cameron are brothers only by
name, as Ripp is actually not even human like Cameron is, & that Cameron was
actually adopted with the intentions of being used as a test subject (Though in the
end, Ripp ended up being subjected to the experiment by mistake.)
Kelphi Illuna + Ruu Twilight (Teresa Shine)
Kelphi Illuna + Ruu Twilight (Teresa Shine)
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 22 (Kelphi) / Chapter 22 (Twilight)
Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "???" by ???
Inscription/Incantation: Eclipse!
Function: Deadly Harlequin Trickster
Synchronization Percentage: 77%
Race: Oni
Age: 123
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Cards, Throwing Knives
Elements: Combat, Light, Darkness, Explosives, Illusion, Poison, Creation
Love Interest: Suzuka Gwuo Yama-Hiriko
Drone Types: Evolved
Original Drone Grade: X
-Can Detonate Objects at Will
-Can Conjure Illusions
-Can Breath Poison gas
-Can Form Checker-Board Structures
Signature Attack: Gambit Berserk: Forms a deck of playing cards & launches them
one by one at the opponent, imbedding them all in the opponent. Once out of cards,
Kelphi will snap his fingers, detonating all the cards.
Character Summarization: A half demon half boy with a teenager-like appearance
whose face is often mistaken as a mask. His top attire consists of a blue velvet
jacket with a fur lining around the neck & sleeves with studs all around the wrists.
His lower attire consists of black pants with studs covering them from top to bottom.
His hair is blue & spiked at the top.

Drone Summarization: A drone whose face is covered by a harlequin mask that

wears a red & white checkered jester outfit with black diamonds running down the
sides of the sleeves & elf shoes that are decorated with ornamental bells. He carries
throwing knives in one hand & rectangular tarot cards in the other.
Character Notes: ???
Ralf Hawl + Christian Blood
Ralf Hawl + Christian Blood
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 20 (Ralf) / Chapter 20 (Blood)
Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "???" by ???
Inscription/Incantation: Drip!
Function: Head of Containment & Secrecy
Synchronization Percentage: 98%
Race: Former-Human / Genetic Test Subject/Experiment
Age: N/A
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Chainsaw Blades , Hardened Blood Weapons
Elements: Combat, Blood Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Genetic
Manipulation, Creation, Regeneration
Love Interest: Yoko Hiyomi
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: X
-Super-Rapid Regeneration
-Can Manipulate Memories
-Can Control Blood Flow & Creation
-Can Genetically Manipulate Targets
-Can Produce Hardened Blood Weapons
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Blood Riptide: Fills the surroundings with an ocean of blood &
swallows foes up in numerous whirlpools formed in the sea of crimson-red blood.
Character Summarization: A teenage male dressed in a white trench coat with
black boots possessing silver buckles & large white gloves. His hair is long, smooth,
& white. One of his eyes is red while the other eye is white.
Drone Summarization: A red drone with chainsaw blades on the undersides of his
wrists that jet out of his elbows. His legs are blocky while his head in spherical with
green eyes & no visible mouth. He is able to flip the chainsaws out from underneath
his arms, allowing him to utilize them as arm blades if needed.
Character Notes: Originally, Ralf was a self-centered teenager who thought of no

one except himself, until he met Yoko Hiyomi. Bit by bit, Ralf turns over a new leaf,
vowing never to manipulate others using his powers in order to benefit his self ever
again. He is protective of Yoko & is originally bashful around her. Yoko at first is
unsure of how to react towards his flirting, but eventually reciprocates his feelings.

Yukiko Masarami + Lancelot Angelic
Yukiko Masarami + Lancelot Angelic
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 16 (Yukiko) / Chapter 23 (Angelic)
Theme Song: "Angel of darkness" by Alex C. feat. Yasmin K
Battle Theme Song: "Reason" by Nama Tamaki
Inscription/Incantation: Simply Divine!
Function: Voice-of-Reason
Synchronization Percentage: 84%
Race: Angel
Age: 26
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Feathers, Light-Energy Swords, Angel Wings
Elements: Combat, Light, Flight, Creation
Love Interest: Wisp Redmond
Drone Types: Light
Original Drone Grade: X+
-Can Fly
-Can Summon Light Pillars To Attack With
-Can Fire Detonate-able Feathers Which Blind Targets Instead of Exploding When
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Blinding Rain: Curls her wings around herself & rises up into the
air. The feathers on the outside then arc slightly then launch, raining down feathers
over a wide area that detonate on contact with the ground & targets, producing one
of two effects depending on what the feathers collide with:
-Ground: Releases a far-reaching blinding burst of light
-Target: Produces A Light-Element Explosion Which is Super-Effective on DarknessElement Targets
Character Summarization: A girl who has long, smooth lime green hair with
bright lemon coloured eyes. She wears a schoolgirls shirt with a yellow tie, a yellow
& green checkered skirt, & green knee-high stilettos.
Drone Summarization: In drone form shes encased in a white shell that heavily
resembles a robe & has a halo floating above her head. Her eyes glow a yellow

colour while she wears a white Spartan-style helmet which surrounds her head &
most of the area around her eyes. She hovers in the air even without the use of the
angel wings that protrude from her back. She carries a large oak staff with a yellow
sphere placed in a claw that was carved out of the wood at the top end of the staff.
Character Notes: Almost the exact opposite of her love interest, Wisp, Yukiko
seems almost an impossible match for Wisps personality, though somehow the
relationship seems to work. Yukiko often steps in when Wisp is too abrasive or
harsh, acting as the voice of reason. Although not mentioned in the story, Yukiko
often reprimands Wisp in private for how he treats others when he crosses a line.
Despite this though, Wisp seems to remain with her. Before taking on the name
Yukiko, she admitted to having been Lopp Nagasakis sister.
Violet Ryusa Sakariba + Clover Myreena Icicle
Violet Ryusa Sakariba + Clover Myreena Icicle
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 16 (Violet) / Chapter 23 (Icicle)
Theme Song: "Hello" by Evanescence
Battle Theme Song: "Obsession" by See-Saw
Inscription/Incantation: Chill!
Function: Fantasizer
Synchronization Percentage: 99%
Race: Ghost
Age: 8 (Died At Age 5, & has lived as a ghost for three years, since)
Parents: Yes
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Snowflakes, Icicles, Glaciers, Ice Blocks
Elements: Combat / Support, Ice, Psychic, Phantasmal, Creation
Love Interest: Charr G. Psyker Atom
Drone Types: Normal/Dark
Original Drone Grade: X+
-Sleepless (Does not require sleep, but has been known to sleep for reasons other
than necessity)
-Can freeze anything, including open flames
-Can phase through walls of ice
-Immune to the Nullification
Signature Attack: Sorrows Embrace: Encases targets in ice then crushes them as
she compresses the ice surrounding them until there is nothing but a big mess
inside. She then detonates the ice containers, causing an icy explosion that harms
anything or anyone that wasnt caught inside the ice blocks.
Character Summarization: A shy girl who almost constantly hides herself inside a
technologically advanced, soft lavender coloured hoodie that was designed to keep
her temperatures well below 0. While her hood is up, her eyes are barely visible (If
at all visible). Her hair is a pale blue. Her hair also glistens like it is coated in a thin
layer of frost & is so long that it reaches her knees. Her eyes are a plum purple &

glisten while her lips make her look like shes suffering from frost bite. Her skin is
almost completely white with little-to-no pigment what-so-ever.
Drone Summarization: A drone with see-through ice armour with snow-flake
emblems decorated all over whose eyes glow white. Dark blue metal covers her
torso, chest, wrists & shins while pale lavender armour covers her face. Often wields
a pair of large snowflakes like chakrams.
Character Notes: Violet is a mystery, even to Psyker Atom & Alexis Psychic, as
well as Axis Time. Despite having died at age five, she continued aging. She used to
be Angel Sakaribas younger sister, but was abandoned by her parents. Angel was
never made aware of her existence until Violet introduced herself during the arrival
of Psyker Atom & his four most trusted team mates, one of which happened to be
Violet. Despite remaining cloaked for a long time, Violet eventually becomes
comfortable enough around the other members of the academy to remove her
shroud. Only Psyker & Violet, herself, originally knew how it was that she died. It
later was revealed, however, that Violet was beaten to death by a group of teenage
boys. The killing blow being a hit to the back of her skull with a metal baseball bat.
Psyker had happened upon the bullies moments after the killing blow had been
landed. Outraged by the brutal display of the humans, he unleashed his stillsomewhat uncontrolled powers upon them, outright erasing them from existence.
He then mustered as much control as he could over his powers in order to help
materialize her spirit so she could live on as a ghost. With Violet now resurrected,
Psyker took her in & raised her as if she was his own younger sister. All so she could
get a second chance at the life that had been taken away from her by everyone
shed known or met in her life up to that point.
Ruin Argus Mk 2 + Tailor Devil
Ruin Argus Mk 2 + Tailor Devil
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 22 (Ruin) / Chapter 22 (Devil)
Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "???" by ???
Inscription/Incantation: N/A
Function: Super-Robot
Synchronization Percentage: 100%
Race: Cyborg
Age: N/A
Parents: N/A
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Transformable Limbs, Entire Body , Monster DNA
Elements: Combat, Darkness, Demon Channeling, Artillery, Adaptation, Flight,
Love Interest: Hawk Kito
Drone Types: Powerful/Natural
Original Drone Grade: X+
Abilities (Exo-Suit Powers):
-Immune to the Nullification

-Super-Augmented Strength & Endurance

-Teleportation (Molecular Deconstruction)
-Variable Weapons System (Exo-Suit)
-Arm Cannons
-Energy Sword Arm
-Wrist-Mounted Ecto-Claws
-Plasma Whip
-Wrecking Ball
-Chainsaw Sword Arm
-Energy Shield
-Drill Arm
-Rail-Gun Cannon Arm
-Demon Gauntlets
-Jet Pack
-Cyber-Wing System
-Extendable Ice-cleats
-Shoulder-Mounted Ion-Cannon
-Shoulder-Mounted Variable Missile Launcher
(Bombardment) Regular Rapid-Firing Missiles <Assault Type>
(Homing) Seeks Targets <Assault Type>
(Napalm) Ignites Target <Assault Type>
(Penetration) Penetrates Armour <Assault Type>
(Splinter/Hollow) Missiles That Breaks Apart Against Target
(Best Suited For Organic Targets.) <Assault Type>
(Remote-Detonation) Remote Detonated Missiles <Assault
(Grappler) Spears with Cables Attached <Supportive>
(Cluster) Missiles That Split Into Many Smaller Missiles <Assault
(Sticky) Sticks to Target & Detonates On a Timer <Assault
(Grenade) Grenade-Type Missiles <Assault Type>
(Bounce) Bouncy-Ball Grenade Missiles That Bounce Off Of
Metal Surfaces & Explode Against Organic Surfaces <Assault
(Thermal Mine) Mines That Detonate When Body Heat Is
Detected Within 5 ft <Assault Type>
(Flare) Missiles That Emit A Bright Flare (For Rescue Or For
Coordinate Marking.) <Supportive>
(Eraser) Missiles That Create a Temporary Black Hole When
Detonated (Duration: 30 Seconds 1 Minute.) <Assault Type>
(Water) Releases a Fire-Retardant Foam Over a 50-ft 100-Mile
Distance (Used for Fighting Wildfires & Out-of-control Fires)
(Cryogen) Freezes Target with Thick Ice <Multi-Purpose Type>
(Sponge) Missiles That Absorb All Moisture &/or substances It
Comes In Contact With (Used Primarily for Fighting Floods &

Mud-Slides) <Supportive>
(Tracking) Missiles That Do Not Detonate But Instead Act as a
Tracking Device Which Ruin Can Detect Using a Built In Radar
(Neural Override) Can Override the Brain-Waves of the Target,
Granting Ruin Complete Control over Them <Supportive>
(Tranquilizer) Sleeping Gas-Filled Missiles <Multi-Purpose
(Acidic) Missiles Filled with a Compound That Causes Rusting &
Gums up Machinery <Assault Type>
(Corrosion) Missiles That Release a Dangerous Gas That Causes
Rapid Decomposition of All Materials with In a 50-Foot Radius,
After Which the Gas Will Dissipate <Assault Type>
(Flash) Remotely Detonates, Emitting a Blinding Light That
Disorients & Causes Blindness for Anywhere from 10 Seconds to
an Hour <Multi-Purpose Type>
(EMP) Missiles That Emit a Machinery-Disrupting Pulse upon
Detonation, Which Also Effects Certain Drone Armours <MultiPurpose Type>
(Vacuum) Pulls In Nearby Objects Using a Wind Vortex Created
upon the Missiles Detonation <Multi-Purpose Type>
(Energy) Heals allies within a 50-ft 100 mile radius
-Constant Drone Form Status (Exo-Suit)
-Environment Adaption System (Exo-Suit)
-Appearance Alteration (Exo-Suit)
-Sleepless (Is incapable of sleep)
Abilities (Drone Powers):
-Can Take Control over Demons & Monsters
-Monster Genetic Code Alteration Abilities (Only Available Outside Her
Combat/Drone Mode):
Frankensteins Monster (Super Durable)
Vampire (Can Hypnotize Others)
Harpy (Flight)
Mummy (Can Regenerate)
Minotaur (Can Maintain Balance & Also Run Up Walls)
Centaur (Increased Speed)
Medusa (Dangerous) (Can Petrify)
Werewolf (Increased Hearing)
Swamp Monster (Can Manipulate Underwater)
Mermaid (Can Breath Underwater)
Yeti (Immune To Freezing Temperatures)
Sasquatch/Big Foot (Can Traverse Usually Un-traversable Terrain)
Headless Horseman (Can Surround Self In A Vale of Fire)
Durahan Knight (Can Disconnect Own Body Parts & Control Them Remotely)
Zombie (Super Strength)
Goblin (Invisibility)

Cerberus (Increased Sense of Smell)

Banshee (Can Manipulate Sound)
Phoenix (Teleportation)
Dragon (Mechanical, with Fire & Darkness Abilities) (Pyro-Kinesis & ShadowKinesis)

Signature Attack: Variable Weapons System: Full Barrage Protocol: Activates all
weapon load-outs of her V.W.S. at once to strike a target with all her might. Also
launches all <Assault Type> missiles.
Drone Summarization (MK-01 (With Armour)): A female android with long
blonde hair who wears a green visor over her eyes with a red battle suit covering
her body from the neck down. Her limbs are heavily re-enforced, especially in
regards to her arms. She is able to transform one of her hands from its default fist
form into a cannon form.
Character Summarization (MK-01 (Without Armour)): Without her armour on,
Ruins hair remains the same in shape & colour, but shimmers unnaturally as well as
much more significantly compared to when she is wearing her armour. Her eyes are
a pale white that glows to the point that they almost look blue. She has grooves all
along her body marking where all of the panels that make up her exterior meet up.
Her fingernails are silver with a single red line running all along the outside edges of
each one, & also has a number tattooed above her left breastplate that reads MK01.
Character Summarization (Human Clothes): She wears a scarlet frilled skirt
with black thigh-high stockings & a skimpy red & black tube-top, as well as no
undergarments underneath. Her blond hair is done up into a pony-tail, with mascara
& make-up had been applied to the areas around her eyes for her by Venom. Later
on her eyes turn dark purple & her hair gains a single blood-red streak in it.
Drone Summarization (Upgraded): Once upgraded, Ruin has the cannon that
from her arm mounted onto her shoulder & also has it made more slender & longer.
Her fist arm gains a long wrist-mounted claw blade while her old cannon arm is
converted into an energy blade arm. Her feet gain caterpillar tracks on the bottom
of the soles & jet boosters with built-in rocket launchers are added to her back. Her
body is given a lot more armour while her demonic auras power triples in intensity.
Ruin is also granted wings comprised of long light strands that resemble feathers
attached to long steel rods that extend out of her back. The strands glow a lavender
Character Summarization (Demonically Re-Designed Stage 1): Ruin develops
vampire-like fangs which replace her canine teeth.
Character Summarization (Demonically Re-Designed Stage 2): Ruin gains
long curled demon horns as well as longer vampire fangs & half-demon, half-robot
wings. She also develops markings on her face that pulsate & gains feet similar in
appearance to those of a crows as well as a pointed devil tail & long pinkish-red
feathers that extend out of her wrists.

Character Summarization (MK-02): After being reconstructed, Ruin is given a

material to replace her old exterior material which looks more like skin as well as
silver coloured hair with red streaks in it. Her hands & feet still resemble those of a
harpy her eyes are changed to green with large scarlet armour replacing her old
regular sized scarlet armour. The Tattoo over her left breast also changes itself after
she is rebuilt, reading MK-02 instead of MK-01.
Character Notes: Originally a simple female humanoid robot (Ruin Argus Mk 1:
Intimacy Proto-Type Android) was made to act as a servant without a single second
thought, Ruin developed sentience when the drone crystal of Tailor Devil found its
way into her systems. It then bonded with them similar to how a crystal melds with
the body when a drone & a human usually form a pact. The crystal was given a host
in exchange for evolving the simple robots systems so it could perform tasks more
efficiently. In providing the robot with what it wished for, however, the robot became
self-aware, developing human emotions & even its own personality. Ruin promptly
revolted against her creators & escaped. After having been chased down for reprogramming, she was rescued by Psyker & his group who realized what she had
truly become, while her creators merely thought she was simply suffering from a
glitch. After saving her, she swore her allegiance to Psyker, & his companions. She
was eventually given the task of assisting Kelphi in safe-guarding Venom, which she
took to heart. Eventually she formed an incredibly strong bond with the jack of all
trades & kind-hearted monster misfit. Thus, Ruin rarely listened to orders given by
anyone except Kelphi or Venom, including even Psyker (A fact he did not consider
when he gave her the protection orders). Eventually she accepted Hawk Kito as her
mechanic, which in her case, was like accepting a marriage pact with him, since she
had to strip for him to perform maintenance on her. After being reborn by Hawk,
Ruin Arguss name was change to Ruinous Argust. Before being reborn, her ID
number on her left breast read MK-01, whereas afterwards it was changed to read
Special Note (Missiles Legend):
<Assault Type> - Meant for attacking
<Support Type> - Meant for use outside of combat
<Multi-Purpose Type> - Can be used effectively for both offensive & supportive

The Academy
The academy, led by Rauk-Shao, is a group of various humans & other races that
have ties with the drones, whom use various powers to protect the world from
danger. Eventually Ripps & Psykers groups join the Academy under the Dark
Ligers. Rauk-Shao often puts various drones in charge of specific sections (I.e. Rala
is in charge of mission assignments, Janelles in charge of Genetics, Riuka is in
charge of the Dark Ligers, etc.).

Rauk-Shao + Brutanicus Heat / Over-Heat
Rauk-Shao + Brutanicus Heat / Over-Heat
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 4 - 25 (Rauk-Shao) / Chapter 7 - 25 (Heat) /
Chapter 31 (Over-Heat)
Theme Song: "Down And Out" by Tantric
Battle Theme Song: "Sooner or Later" by Breaking Benjamin
Inscription/Incantation: Erupt! (Heat) / Incinerate! (Over-Heat)
Function: Drone Academy Principal/Drone Head-Tactician
Synchronization Percentage: Heat: 88% / Over-Heat: 100%
Race: Human (Chapter 4 25) / Deceased (Chapter 25 31) / Immortal (Chapter 31
& Onwards)
Age: 42
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Drill-Arm, Axe
Elements: Combat, Fire, Creation
Love Interest: Lopp Nagasaki
Drone Types: Normal (Heat) / Powerful/Natural/Mutant (Over-Heat)
Original Drone Grade: X
-Pyro kinesis
-Can Form Weapons Out Of Fire
-Can Absorb Fire or Cause It to Grow Into an Inferno within Seconds
-Can Breath Fire
-Can instantly master any weapon regardless of origin.
-Can Summon a Phoenix To Aid in Battle (Over-Heat Only)
Signature Attack: Burning Bashing: Ignites axe, then performs a 360 axe swing,
before thrusting drill-arm into target & triggering a fire blast, then spins the target
by rotating the drill. Then whirls around & uses that momentum to send them flying
off the drill arm. Then uses the spike on the tip of the axe to pierce them while they
are still mid-air & raises the axe with the target still skewered on the axe. Finally,
ends by swinging the axe at full force, catapulting the enemy one final time off of
the axe & into the nearest object (If none are within sight, jumps up into the air
before the final swing & uses the floor instead of another target)
Character Summarization: A well-tanned man with long black hair & orange eyes
& looks to be in his fortys. His outfit consists of a black leather bike jacket, black
biker jeans with flame designs near the ankles, & black biker gloves. The wrists of
his jacket & the legs of his pants have black leather belts which are wrapped &
buckled tightly around them, as well as a black leather collar around his neck & a
scar that runs down his left cheek.

Drone Summarization: A red drone with a body that courses with molten energy.
His eyes glow a fierce orange-red. He wields a large axe, & later loses an arm which
is replaced with a drill arm. Later on after he is revived & the drill arm is upgraded,
by being given a rope so that it can be fired like a cannon.
Character Notes: Hes the leader of the Academy & is also Vivis older brother. He
is a veteran & has been through much, including losing his one true love & his only
daughter. Despite that, he still lives on. He & Rala started the academy together.
Can summon Flitz, the phoenix, after he is resurrected by him to aid him in battle.
Rala Sentenis + Richardson Magic
Rala Sentenis + Richardson Magic
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 6 (Rala) / Chapter 7 (Magic)
Theme Song: "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi
Battle Theme Song: "Gravity Hurts" by Cryoshell
Inscription/Incantation: Enchant!
Function: Mission Coordinator
Synchronization Percentage: 67%
Race: Human
Age: 33
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Magic-Casting Powder
Elements: Combat / Support, Magic, Teleportation (Spell-Dust)
Love Interest: Mrs. Michelle Hellen Scallar
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: XAbilities:
-Can Cast Spells
-Can Access Multiple Element Abilities
-Can See Into the Future
Signature Attack: Dust Storm: Throws multiple powders at once which spread out
over a large area casting multiple spells at once which amplify each other, causing
the spells power levels to sky rocket. Can decimate an entire battlefield, but
requires numerous different kinds of powders, & consumes half of each type used at
the very least, if not more.
Character Summarization: An African American man. He primarily wears a grey
business suit with a red tie & a black hair-cut while working undercover as a
teacher. When not working as a teacher, he wears a grey shirt & blue jeans. His face
is tall yet narrow, with gold earrings on both of his ears.
Drone Summarization: In drone form, he dawns vibrant violet armour which
resembles a long metal robe & seems to sparkle & glisten magically. His eyes also
glow bright yellow, while numerous pouches of spell-inducing powders hang from a
belt around his waist for easy access.

Character Notes: Rala was starts out as a teacher, albeit undercover, of Teller,
Abra, Riin, Vivi, & Cairra. After Ripps group moves to the academy, however, Rala is
transferred back to the academy in order to teach the drones class which was on
vacation until a bit after Ripps group had been transferred to the academy, while
the school is told that Mr. Rala is being transferred to a school in Africa instead. He
has a habit of opposing Nalla when she requests certain things, which often ends
with him being launched through the air, & often through objects as well.
Erik Zan + Origami / Grinder
Erik Zan + Origami / Grinder
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 18 - 22 (Erik) / Chapter 18 - 22 (Origami Copy) /
Chapter 24 (Grinder)
Theme Song: N/A
Battle Theme Song: N/A
Inscription/Incantation: N/A (Origami) / Enchant! (Grinder)
Function: Student (Erik) / Artificial Drone Experiment Test Subject (Grinder)
Synchronization Percentage: 0.7% (Erik/Origami) / ( Infinite) (Grinder)
Race: Human (Erik) / Genetic Experiment (Grinder)
Age: 17 (Erik) / N/A (Grinder)
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: N/A
Arsenal: Paper Weapons (Prefers axes)
Elements (Erik): Combat, Paper, Creation
Elements (Grinder): Combat / Support,
Love Interest: Kari Tara Tsuki (One-Way) (Erik) / Currently Single (Grinder)
Drone Types: Artificial (Erik) / Variable (Grinder)
Original Drone Grade: B+ (Erik) / XSS (Grinder)
-Can control synchronization levels of himself & other drones
-Can copy forms & abilities limitlessly
Signature Attack: N/A
Character Summarization: N/A
Drone Summarization: N/A
Character Notes: ???


Lopp Unoa Nagasaki + Aron Wind

Lopp Unoa Nagasaki + Aron Wind
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 14 (Lopp) / Chapter 24 (Wind)
Theme Song: "Tokyo Girl" by Ace of Base
Battle Theme Song: "Better off Alone (Techno Remix)" by Alice Deejay
Inscription/Incantation: Flutter in the Wind
Function: Priestess
Synchronization Percentage: 81%
Race: Human
Age: 37
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Twin Long-Spears
Elements: Combat, Wind, Flight
Love Interest: Rauk-Shao
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: X
-Can Manipulate Wind, Using It for Defense or Offence
-Can Fly Via Riding Air Currents
-Can Block Attacks Using Air Currents In & Outside Drone Form
-Can Jump Unlimitedly By Creating Wind underneath Her As She Jumps To Boost The
-Can Use Wind Currents to Increase The Strength of Her Strikes
-Can Accelerate or De-Accelerate Air Currents
Signature Attack: Gale Shredding: Uses the wind itself to slash at targets where
ever they are. This attack can even tear through drone armour.
Character Summarization: A girl who wears a white, light blue, & pastel green
kimono. Her hair is blush-pink while her eyes are an aqua colour. Her sleeves hide
her hands inside themselves.
Drone Summarization: A drone that wields a spear & wears a long pastel green
gown with blue see-through armour. Her eyes shine a pale pastel blue while her
mouth is covered by a cloth of the same colour.
Character Notes: Lopp is a shy girl who was taken in by the academy. She
developed a crush on Rauk-Shao which built slowly over time. She eventually
admits her love to him, albeit, without knowing it. Despite being shy & usually well
composed, Lopp does have a dark side. She goes completely insane once in a while
& goes on a rampage. She wishes to see a world where all evil is purged & is willing
to do evil things if it means that such a world can exist.
Mrs. Michelle Hellen Scallar + Mimi Static
Mrs. Michelle Hellen Scallar + Mimi Static

Introductory Chapter: Chapter 15 (Mrs. Hellen) / Chapter 24 (Static)

Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "Breaking the habit" by Linkin Park
Inscription/Incantation: Jolt!
Function: Teacher/Academy Secret Undercover Special Agent
Synchronization Percentage: 56%
Race: Human
Age: ?
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: (Not-Yet Decided)
Elements: Combat, Electricity
Love Interest: Rala Sentenis
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: XAbilities:
-Can Control, Conduct, & Absorb Electricity Limitlessly
-Melts All Objects That Touch Her Electric Aura
-Can Magnetize Objects By Charging Two Points With Negative & Positive Electricity
Signature Attack: Electron Field Pulse: Releases a pulse by over-charging her
static field which then electrocutes targets & overloads machines.
Character Summarization: Mrs. Hellen has waist-long silky smooth cinnamon
coloured hair that is usually done up into a long pony tail. She wears a white T-shirt
with a red jacket, blue jeans, & glasses. Her eyes are light-blue.
Drone Summarization: A drone with purple orange-yellow armour that emits an
electrical current that can fry any object that comes into contact with it. Has long
curved claws on her wrists & eyes that give off a purple glow similar to the colour of
her armour. Her hair is black & runs down her back. This drone is twice the size of a
normal average female.
Character Notes: Although Mrs. Hellen appeared as early as Chapter 1, it isnt
until chapter 15 that she is actually introduced formally as more than just a
background character, thus why it states she wasnt introduced into the story until
chapter 15, despite her having some roles in the story much earlier.
Janelle Isatte Whimsi-cott + Janis Genetics
Janelle Isatte Whimsi-cott + Janis Genetics
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 14 (Janelle) / Chapter 27 (Genetics)
Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "Crashed" by Chris Daughtry
Inscription/Incantation: Splice!
Function: Academy Genetics Department Section Head Supervisor
Synchronization Percentage: 96%

Race: Human
Age: ?
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Gel Needles
Elements: Support, Genetic Manipulation, Psychic
Love Interest: Vincent Romalia
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: X
-Can Alter A Targets Genetic Make-Up, Allowing Her To Modify Them In Any Way
-Can Modify Her Own Genetic Make-Up, Allowing Her To Increase Either Her
Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Endurance, Five Senses, or Natural Regeneration For An
Unlimited Time, Or All Of The Above At Once For A Limited Time (Available Inside &
Outside Of Drone Form)
-Immune To Physical Attacks
-Can Absorb Materials & Or Organisms (Time Varies Depending On Size Target)
Signature Attack: Equip: Alters Her Genetic Code So That She Can Transforms Into
A Living Shifting Suit & Equips Herself To An Ally. While In This Form, Her Mind Is
Linked To Whomever She Attaches To, Allowing Her To Read Their Thoughts & Move
& Fight With Them As One. She Can Also Form Any Weapon Or Object Desired At
Character Summarization: A girl with snow-white curly hair & hot-pink coloured
eyes that wears a long white lab coat with a black shirt underneath it as well as
shorts & white gloves. Also wears long black leather boots & round thin-frame
Drone Summarization: This drone has green liquid armour. Under the liquid is an
unknown solid black material. Her eyes shine white & are also beneath the green
gel-like liquid. Long coils are wrapped around the black material inside the gel, with
beads running along them.
Character Notes: Janelle is a work bug; she enjoys her work more than anything.
She even sleeps in her lab more often than not. She is not a very social person, nor
does she seem to have very good skills when it comes to socializing. That being
said, she is a genius, on par with Lexus. She is brilliant & innovative as well as a
quick learner.

The Academys Girls Dormitory

This is a group for female students whom have experienced severe trauma. They

are a very close-knit group who are above B+ rank. The group starts out with Riin,
Vivi, Alice, Nalla, & Ciarra, & is later expanded with the arrival & eventual
acceptance of Ashley.

Riin Zway Yuzu + Ellie Fade

Riin Zway Yuzu + Ellie Fade
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 4 (Riin) / Chapter 7 (Fade)
Theme Song: "Wouldn't It Be Good" by Cascada
Battle Theme Song: "Diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin
Inscription/Incantation: Fade away!
Function: Reconnaissance, Infiltration, & Assassination Expert
Synchronization Percentage: 97%
Race: Human
Age: 20
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Twin Daggers
Elements: Combat, Invisibility, Illusion
Love Interest: Mako Tsuru-Tomi
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: A
-Teleportation (While Invisible Only)
-Triple Speed (While Invisible Only)
-Can Cloak Completely (Can't Be Detected By Almost Any Means)
-Can Move Silently, Nullifying Any & All Noise Her Presence Would Cause (FootSteps, Breathing, Etc.)
-Can Cloak Other Objects
-Skilled In Combat Using Daggers
Signature Attack: False Appearances: Vanishes from sight & creates five seethrough clones which begin teleporting & attacking randomly while fade attacks
while remaining cloaked, confusing, disorienting, & devastating victims altogether,
& ends it by re-materializing above the targets, & slamming down on the target
area with enough force to create a shockwave that blasts foes back & also causes
the five clones to detonate in a wide area, damaging any nearby enemies (Fade
controls who is affected by the explosions & who is granted an immunity to it)
Character Summarization: A girl that appears to be in her early twenties & sports
long blonde hair which is held in a ponytail by a white band. Her eyes are a golden
yellow, while her outfit consists of a white & yellow T-shirt & shorts. She wears
sandals & a pair of tinted rimless sunglasses.
Drone Summarization: Her armour is made up of a mix of clear crystal and white
metal plates while her eyes shine a light blue. She can absorb her daggers into her
arms as well as eject them. The daggers are made of a clear crystal material that is

Character Notes: Before Ripps group joined the academy, she was in Ralas class
along with Teller, Abra, Konako, Vivi, & Ciarra, though as an under-cover agent for
the academy for the break they had from class. Prior to the story, Vivi was engaged
to a man named Charley, but he was corrupted & subsequently killed (albeit at the
hands of Vivis Sketchbook: Locket, whom she ordered to kill him). Riin eventually
develops mutual feelings for Mako Tsuru-Tomi.
Vivian-Shao + Cilia Sketch
Vivian-Shao + Cilia Sketch
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 4 (Vivi) / Chapter 4 (Sketch) / Chapter 4 (Locket) /
Chapter 26 (Diary) Chapter 26 (Tome) / Chapter 26 (Planner) / Chapter 26 (Rough
Theme Song: "Listen to Your Heart" by DHT
Battle Theme Song: "Be Somewhere" by Buzy
Inscription/Incantation: Trace
Function: Artist (No, I'm Not Joking...) / Jack-of-all-trades
Synchronization Percentage: 15% (Pre-Alteration) / 79% (Post-Alteration)
Race: Human
Age: 21
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Pencils, Sketchbook: Locket, Sketchbook: Diary, Sketchbook: Tome,
Sketchbook: Planner Sketchbook: Rough Draft, Erasers
Elements: Combat / Support, Creation, Teleportation (Sketchbook)
Love Interest: Riuka Lagnum Ruusa
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: B
-Can Materialize Any Object That She Can Draw
-Ability to Change the World around Her Using Paper & Writing Instruments
-Ability to Translate Any Language (Except the incantations on drone crystals)
-Can Transform Her Sketchbook into Sketch Book: Locket, Sketch Book: Diary, or
Sketch Book: Tome
-Can Combine Sketch Book: Locket, Sketch Book: Diary & Sketch Book: Tome
Together Into Sketch Book: Rough Draft
-Can Perform Combination Attacks with Locket, Diary, Tome, & Planner or Rough
-Can Recreate Individuals & Their Attacks by Drawing Them in Her Book
Signature Attack: Penciled-In: Traps a target in a cage of pencils with a piece of
unbreakable paper underneath. She can also suck the target into the paper,
trapping them in a sketch world until she sees fit to release them from within the
piece of paper.
Character Summarization: Her hair is pitch-black & silky smooth with red

highlights & reaches down to the back of her knees. Her eyes are blood red in colour
& she wears black lip-stick. She wears a black & red plaid skirt with a black turtleneck & a red jacket over top. Chains dangle around her waist as well as from her
black strap boots.
Drone Summarization: A white drone that carries sketchbooks with a pouch that
is built into her drone armor. Her eyes shine a fuchsia colour with lavender & white
armour plating surrounding it.
Character Summarization (Locket): Locket is a polymorphic creature that is
often carried around by Sketch. Often appearing to be a Sketch book, Locket is able
to take the forms of various creatures drawn straight from Vivis or Sketchs
imagination. He is the only familiar of Sketch & Vivis that is blank inside in book
form, due to the fact that he embodies her powers.
Character Summarization (Diary): A book that transforms into a knight who is
completely clad in bluish grey armour. He holds a broadsword with both hands that
is double his own size. Diary holds Sketch & Vivis feelings & desires when in book
Character Summarization (Tome): A book that transforms into a mage-like entity
with sand coloured robes. Wears dark brown leather gloves & holds a large book
under one of his arms. Tome holds Sketch & Vivis life (past, present, & future) in
book form.
Character Summarization (Planner): A book that turns into a female with a
dominatrix look to her that carries a long, spike-covered whip that she can wield
with blinding speed. Planner holds Sketch & Vivis desires when in book form.
Character Summarization (Rough Draft): This is a creature that is created by
combining Sketchbooks Locket, Diary, Tome, & Planner. This angelic creature hovers
in place at all times. Sketchbook: Rough Draft wields Sketchbook: Diarys
broadsword with a single hand, while in the other hand, it wields the whip of
Sketchbook: Planner. Multiple books copied from the one that Sketchbook: Tome
uses, hover around it. Over its body is armour that is comprised of the same liquid
that Sketchbook: Locket is made from, which is able to change shape just like
Sketchbook: Locket is able to, though Sketchbook: Rough Drafts armour changes
constantly. Unlike the other sketchbooks, Rough Draft cannot be opened even by its
owner, thus its contents are unknown, though it is hypothesized that it contains the
contents of each of its components.
Character Notes: Before Ripps group joined the academy, she was in Ralas class
along with Teller, Abra, Konako, Vivi, & Ciarra. She is also Rauk-Shaos younger
sister. Vivian-Shao was one of the first people to make a pact, as was her fianc.
Things took a turn for the worse, however, when her fianc became a dark drone in
front of her very eyes. She was later taken hostage during a battle against him &
the still-new academy. In the end, Vivi had Sketchbook: Locket, take the life of her
fianc so that he wouldnt haft to suffer anymore. Because of her traumatic ordeal
she experienced, Vivi closed herself off to most of the world.

Alice Dwinderlonan + Lark Mirror + Lark Glass

Alice Dwinderlonan + Lark Mirror + Lark Glass
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 5 (Alice) / Chapter 5 (Mirror) / Chapter 15 (Glass)
Theme Song: "Stand in the Rain" by Superchick
Battle Theme Song: "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" by Panic! at the Disco
Inscription/Incantation: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall! (Mirror) / Peer Through The
Looking Glass! (Glass)
Function: Messenger
Synchronization Percentage: 110%
Race: Unknown
Age: 14
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Mirrors, Reinforced Fists
Elements: Combat, Mirror, Teleportation (Mirrors), Creation
Love Interest: Lexus Quellos
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: XS+ (Although not mentioned, Alice & Mirror are actually
the only grade to rank higher than any other drone, due to the fact that they have
access to, & can control, the mirror world & everything in it. Although not invincible
themselves, the control theyve managed to reach over their powers exceeds that
of all other drones, reaching a synchronization percent that exceeds one-hundred,
something no other drone has done without transforming in some way, shape, or
form). (Was mistaken to be a Grade A until chapter 7)
-Can Shape-Shift
-Can Replace Reflections
-Can Enter Mirrors & Glass
-Can Form Mirrors For Tactical Use
-Can Encase Body in a Reflective Substance at Will, Providing Temporary Invincibility
Mirror Beast Summoning:
-Mirror Beast Summoning Fire: Gripson (Hell Hound) (Power Level 15)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast Summoning Water: Garland (Land-Burrowing Shark) (Power Level 16)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast Summoning Ice: Arctus (Frost Condor) (Power Level 23)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast Summoning Nature: Learus (Four-Legged Grass-Covered Dirt Golem)
(Power Level 30)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast Summoning Magic: Arcadion (Arcane Mage) (Power Level 46)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast Summoning Wind: Draconial (Dragon-Condor Hybrid) (Power Level 52)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast Summoning Electricity: Tennonite (Electrified Floating Metal Orb)
(Power Level 63)

(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast
Level 64)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast
Level 73)
(Chapter ?)
-Mirror Beast
(Chapter ?)

Summoning Plasma: Wrrm (Energy Scorpion) (Power Level 64)

Summoning Metal: Glavadis (Long Broadsword-Wielding Knight) (Power
Summoning Light: Dyvira (Guardian Angel) (Power Level 67)
Summoning Stone: Ructtus (Rock-Shelled Hermit Crab) (Power Level
Summoning Darkness: Necrosidius (Black Hole-Like Entity) (Power
Summoning Power: Bermethus (Colossus) (Power Level 100 (Max))

Signature Attack: Mirror Beast Summoning Arcane: Seal: Creates a huge

summoning seal from which Mirror summons Mirror Beast Summoning Fire, Water,
Ice, Nature, Magic, Wind, Electricity, Plasma, Metal, Light, Stone, Darkness, &
Powers gates simultaneously, drawing out the beasts inside each gate. She then
unleashes the wrath of all thirteen summons upon a single, or multiple foes at once.
Character Summarization (Alice): A small girl who is sometimes seen holding a
Cheshire-Cat stuffy. She wears a blue tank top, with a light blue & pink plaid skirt.
Her hair is blonde & reaches down to her waist. Her eyes are rose coloured.
Drone Summarization: A slender silver female drone with rose-coloured eyes &
little armour plating. Can materialize mirrors around her which she can move
telekinetically at will. Is not very durable, but is incredibly agile.
Character Summarization (Gripson): A large canine cloaked in flames, with
sharp fangs that can pierce metal & burn through flesh.
Character Summarization (Garland): A large shark that swims through the earth
as if it were water.
Character Summarization (Arctus): A large bird made of permafrost crystals that
can fly as swift as a real bird, with claws possessing a vice-grip
Character Summarization (Learus): A Quadroped golem made of dirt & chunks
of rock with grass growing on top of him.
Character Summarization (Arcadion): A phantom-esc mage with magenta
robes, a simple spell-casting oak staff in one hand & a spell book in the other hand
that hovers through the air.
Character Summarization (Draconial): A condor that has been infused with
dragon DNA, causing it to grow larger in height, wing span, width, & length.

Character Summarization (Tennonite): A sentient floating metal orb that is

constantly generating electricity around itself, which crackles loudly through the air.
Tennonite is the younger brother of Necrosidius.
Character Summarization (Wrrm): An oversized scorpion comprised of aqua
blue plasma energy with yellow eyes.
Character Summarization (Glavadis): An all-silver regular sized knight that
wields a two-handed broadsword that is three times larger than itself effortlessly
with only one hand.
Character Summarization (Dyvira): A six-winged angel that can create hard-topenetrate holy barriers.
Character Summarization (Ructtus): A large crab made entirely of rock & stone
which is so vast that it can fairy more than fifty people at once.
Character Summarization (Necrosidius): A living blackhole that moves around
& can control the strength of its vacuum. Necrosidius is the older brother of
Character Summarization (Bermethus): A giant golem made of skin thats as
tough as steel & can demolish sky scrapers with a single punch with ease.
Character Notes: Before Ripps group joined the academy, she was in Mrs. Helens
class along with Ripp, Angel, Kari, Quince, & Nalla. Despite being described as a
human, Alices true race is not known. It is, however, known that whatever her race
is, its definitely not human. Her original name was Kitsuna Kito, before she was
kidnapped by Ripps parents, & experimented on. A side effect of the experiments
saw to the erasure of all of her memories of her past life. She is the young daughter
of Hitsu-o Kito, who now goes by the name Hawk Kito, though this is not explained
openly until later on in the story. Of all of Alices summons, Bermethus is her most
powerful. Bermethus has been stated by Enchor to be so powerful that he (Enchor),
was unable to copy its power because of just how immense it was. Aside from
power, Bermethus is also so large that he is too big to be summoned in doors, as
doing so will demolish the building from within. Alice does not depend on Bermethus
much, but when she does, youd best steer clear unless you are looking for your
own grave.
Nalla Lianna Tonoma + Nickayla Gwualliga Sound / Echo
Nalla Lianna Tonoma + Nickayla Gwualliga Sound / Echo
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 6 (Nalla) / Chapter 7 (Sound) / Chapter 30 (Echo)
Theme Song: "You Found Me" by Kelly Clarkson (Nalla/Sound) / ??? by ??? (Echo)
Battle Theme Song: "Dam Dadi Doo" by Night Core
Inscription/Incantation: Feel the Beat! (Sound) / Ring Out! (Echo)
Function: Brawler / Main Love Interest
Synchronization Percentage: Sound: 100% / Echo: 100%
Race: Spirit Suppressor

Age: 16
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: A Microphone, Stereos, Gauntlets (Echo only)
Elements: Combat, Sound
Love Interest: Ripp Takaru Todwell
Drone Types: Normal ((Sound) Chapter 1 26) / Normal/Dark ((Sound) Chapter 26
& Onwards) / Powerful/Dark/Variable/Mutant (Echo)
Original Drone Grade: A
-Can Amplify Sound waves
-Can Block Sounds from Being Made or Heard
-Can Replicate/Alter Sound Waves
-Can Absorb Sound & Convert It into Energy
-Is Effected by Music (Can alter her behavior, personality, & power-level depending
on the song, & the songs genre) (Sound Only):
Angry (Battle Mix): Metal
Enraged (Out of Control): Heavy Metal
Happy: Classical
Energetic: Polka
Giddy: Jazz
Suggestive: Trance
Sad: Blues
Jealous: Religious
Childish: Child Songs
Horny: Romance
Unresponsive: Trance
Relaxed: Rain Forest Sounds
-Can create sound waves from distant or nearby surfaces (Echo Only)
-Can summon an endless amount of stereos, all plugged into her sound system
(Echo Only)
-Can rob targets of all senses except hearing (Echo Only)
Signature Attack: Reverberation: releases a dangerous sound-wave that builds in
volume super-fast. When it bounces off a surface or object it transfers the energy
from the sound-wave as it bounces off, shattering the object in most cases. If it
touches a person, it will knock them back with tremendous force, deafening them in
the process for a long period of time. The longer the sound-wave has built in
volume, the longer the targets will be deafened for. The sound-wave will keep
bouncing until Sound re-absorbs it back into her body, or has bounced around for a
whole two minutes.
Character Summarization (Chapter 6 to 26): Wears large head phones around
her neck, a cat-themed black hoodie with pink musical notes decorated over it, & a
grape colour skirt that sparkles as if seemingly by magic along with knee-high black
laced boots with an inner-fur lining. She has dark purple pig-tails that come all the
way down to her waist & light-pink eyes. She sometimes also puts on grape purple
or black lip gloss, depending on the occasions.

Character Summarization (Chapter 26 & On): After being bitten by a berserk

Warp, Nalla gains black streaks in her hair, while her eyes darken from light pink to
plum purple.
Drone Summarization (Sound): Possesses Grape coloured armour with bright
spring-green lines all along the cracks with numerous stereos built into it. She has
orange-ish yellow highlights, while her eyes emit a lavender coloured glow.
Drone Summarization (Echo): TBA
Character Notes: Before Ripps group joined the academy, she was in Mrs. Helens
class along with Ripp, Angel, Kari, Quince, & Alice. Nallas full name is Natallia which
was revealed by her spirit in chapter 18, though she remarked that she doesnt like
her full name at all, preferring the name Nalla much more. Janelles section also
created a special flavour of lolly-pops just for Nalla, called Fruit Burst. It contains
banana, blue-berry, orange, lime, lemon, grape, cherry, Water-melon, & strawberry
flavouring. This is the only lolly-pop Nalla will willingly eat, as she has become
completely dependant on them in order for her to function day to day that she can
no longer stand the taste of other lollipops. She almost always has one on her. It
also was created specifically for her for many reasons: the first being to help calm
her down in situations where music could not & the second being that they triple
her battle proficiency & raises the pitch of her sound abilities by more than double
their original level. The third is to help her wake up when she is sleepy or drowsy
(Cameron used them for this purpose in chapter 18). Ironically, they seem to have
the opposite effect on everyone else, which was revealed in chapter 28 when Nalla
used the residue from one of the lolly-pops, mixed with her own saliva to drug Ripp,
noting that usually everyone else blacks out instantly, unlike Ripp, who took a few
seconds before the effects kicked in on him. After having dark energy pumped into
her by an out-of-control Warp in chapter 26, Nallas habits & personality change
drastically; she becomes more lustful, & also experiences stronger romantic urges &
desires. She also becomes clingier to Ripp, though whether that is a side-effect of
the dark energy or something else, is unknown. Unlike most characters, Nalla is not
affected as negatively as other characters that come into contact with the dark
energy responsible for the development of Dark Drone Personalities. Janelle also
thought that Nalla was pregnant in chapter 27; this however will be proven to be a
mistake in a later chapter. In chapter 30, Nalla manifests a dark drone form for the
first time: Echo.
Ciarra Prevaluchi Centello + Benny Chimera / Benny Kimerus (Uncontrolled
Ciarra Prevaluchi Centello + Benny Chimera / Benny Kimerus (Uncontrolled
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 6 (Cierra) / Chapter 7 (Chimera) / Chapter 13
Theme Song: "Breathe Into Me" by Red
Battle Theme Song: "Parallel Worlds" by Elliot Minor (Controlled) / "Falling inside
the black" by Skillet (Uncontrolled)

Inscription/Incantation: Cower!
Function: Single-Target Restrainer
Synchronization Percentage: Chimera: 40% / Kimerus: -23% -1,000%
Race: Mutated Human
Age: 15
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Sword Arm, Giant Claw
Elements: Combat, Fear, Mutation, Spatial Manipulation, Genetic Manipulation
Love Interest: Enchor Nomo
Drone Types: Powerful/Natural (Chimera) / Powerful/Natural/Dark (Kimerus)
Original Drone Grade: X (Chimera) / X+ (U) (Kimerus)
-Immunity to Physical Attacks
-Tactical Instincts
-Can Extend Limbs in Human Form (Requires Breaking Skin Apart)
-Regeneration *Stitching* (Increases in Speed While In Uncontrolled Form)
-Can Induce Different Levels of Fear in A Single Target at A Time (Hindering,
Paralyzing, or Deadly) (Deadly Only Available In Uncontrolled Form)
-Can Mutate a Target & Environment (Multiple Targets in Uncontrolled Form)
-Kimerus Awakening -Uncontrolled Form Transformation- (Triggers Automatically
Upon Recognition of Anyone Displaying Intense Fear) (Grade X+)
Signature Attack: True Fear: Unlocks the true power of fear for a short time &
releases a massive aura-like blast that induces paralyzing fear with in every target
with in an incredibly large radius, at the cost of inducing hindrance level fear in
Chimera, & no cost when used as Kimerus. (Note that anything that enters the
radius even after the blast has been released will still fall under the effect of the
blast. The time it takes for the effect to wear off can vary from 10 minutes to a day,
but can be overcome by X+ & XS grades altogether, unless used by Kimerus)
Character Summarization: A girl who wears a bright yellow sun-dress, & a
sunflower hairclip. Also sports Sandals & a pair of bracelets that she wears on both
arms. Is often seen as overly cheery & happy, but when her attitude changes, the
dress also changes its colour to an appropriate colour for her current disposition.
Drone Summarization (Chimera): A giant whose body is covered in stitches
which keep it together. Her eyes in this form are heterochromatic: One is blue while
the other is red. Her mouth is also not distinguishable since it becomes contorted &
distorted during Ciarras transformation into drone form. One of her arms ends with
a claw that has a thumb & two fingers, while the other ends with a gargantuan
sword at the end. In this form, Ciarras insides vanish.
Drone Summarization (Kimerus): Kimerus is identical to Chimera in terms of
Character Notes: Before Ripps group joined the academy, she was in Ralas class
along with Teller, Abra, Konako, Riin, & Vivi. As mentioned in chapter 7, Ciarras
dress is actually a part of her, & changes colours depending on her mood. When

Ripp absorbs Chimeras powers using his crystal core in chapter 17, Kimerus
invades his psyche. This is because Kimerus is not actually part of Chimera, who is
the actual drone essence of Ciarras crystal. Rather Kimerus is an unusual
phenomenon that was actually created from pieces of both Chimera & Ciarra:
Ciarras anger, jealousy, sadness & pain as well as both Ciarras & Chimeras fears.
The only way it could get stronger, is if Chimera & Ciarra face their fears & instead
begin embracing them. If that were to happen, Kimerus would be able to reach a
level of evolution far beyond what he is now. With a power level that dwarves those
of even Alices Mirror Beast, Bermethus.
Ashley Leona Anna-bell / Rosie Love
Ashley Leona Anna-bell / Rosie Love
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 28 (Ashley) / Chapter 30 (Love)
Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "???" by ???
Inscription/Incantation: Love Is In The Air!
Function: Herbologist/Emotion Counsellor
Synchronization Percentage: 67%
Race: Human
Age: 9
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: Female
Arsenal: Bow & Arrows
Elements: Support, Emotion, Flight
Love Interest: N/A (Too Young)
Drone Types: Light
Original Drone Grade: A
-Can Induce Any Emotion in Any Normal Person As Well As Any Academy Member
Ranked From F- To B+
-Can Influence Others by Releasing Certain Pheromones
-Can Purify Dark Drones Temporarily Without Having To Pay A Price (Drains Almost
All of Her Energy)
-Can Create Barriers (Energy Required Depends On the Size of the Barrier)
-Can Erase Memories (5 minutes 10 Years)
Signature Attack: Emotional Sandstorm:
Character Summarization: A girl with long purple hair that covers her eyes
completely. She wears a long pink kimono that cuts off around her waist, with a long
frilly pink skirt below the waist as well as long rose-colored velvet boots. Though not
stated, her eyes are actually a snow white colour.
Drone Summarization: Fade stepped back as her form grew taller. Her outfit
faded away, prompting her to try covering herself bashfully as her armour began
forming. The pink glow suddenly solidified into a layer of pink dust with light pink
crystals jutting out. Her eyes developed long eye lashes while a very short frilly

outfit formed around her, which was revealing in nature. Her body despite being
made of smooth sand was very slender. Long fluffy pink angel wings emerged from
the smooth sand skin of her back which allowed her to take to the air. She blushed
as the sand that now made up her face soaked up her tears. The sand that made
her body seemed to be the same sand that she used on Ripp. She slowly landed on
her feet, she opened her eyes to reveal they were unusual, unlike most drones, her
eyes were not different, but instead her human eyes, but they seemed to light-up.
Her eyes were a pure white.
Character Notes: Although she was officially introduced as of Chapter 28, she was
actually included in the end of Chapter 27. Ashley is a painfully shy & quiet kind of
girl, often cheered on & encouraged by her drone partner, Rosie Love (A.K.A. Rose).
She uses dust to manipulate situations, though only with good intentions, such as
when Ripp & her first met. Nalla comes to act as a big sister to Ashley. It is revealed
in chapter 29 that Ashley & her family were in a plane when it crashed over the
ocean. Her parents drowned inside the airplane, while Ashley had made it out. She
floated adrift for three days & nights until she was found by smugglers, who
planned to sell her as a slave. Before she was transported, however, she found &
bonded with her drone spirits crystal. Using her new powers, she manipulated the
emotions of her captors into releasing her. She wandered aimlessly until she was
found & taken in by the Academy.

The Prestigious Dark Ligers Elite

Mercenary Squadron
Riuka Lagnum Ruusa + Breaker (Miller Bulk)
Riuka Lagnum Ruusa + Breaker (Miller Bulk)
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 6 (Riuka) / Chapter 6 (Breaker)
Theme Song: "Dangerous" by Da Buzz
Battle Theme Song: "New Divide" by Linkin Park
Inscription/Incantation: N/A
Function: Dark Ligers Mercenary Squadron Leader
Synchronization Percentage: 92%
Race: Human
Age: 25
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Wrist-mounted Razor Blades , Twin Hidden Combat Daggers
Elements: Combat, Crystal (Combat Elements)
Love Interest: Vivian-Shao

Drone Types: Powerful/Evolved/Fused

Original Drone Grade: XS (Grade X Hybrid -Drone Special Experiment Test
-Can transform at will without incantation
-Enhanced motion control (Allows him to either remain in air longer, or for less, or
move his body faster without the laws of motion or gravity hindering him)
-Can enhance own abilities by absorbing combat element-type drone crystals
without a limit:
Absorbed Drone Crystals:
Lee Martial-Arts (Chapter 6)
Ian Gyro (Chapter 6)
-Has the potential to become the physically strongest drone in existence
Signature Attack: Whirling Dervish: Performs an advanced, Rapid, Multi-hit
Punching, Kicking & slashing combo attack using his hands & legs, & twin combat
Character Summarization: Wears a grey T-shirt with a black leather jacket over
top & long black leather jeans with a brown belt. His hands are covered in bandages
with workout gloves over top & he also wears black industrial work boots.
Drone Summarization: A drone covered in red and black armour that almost looks
like skin rather than metal. Pads cover his chest & arms while his eyes shine an
emerald green. He wields twin daggers.
Character Notes: One of the nicest, strongest, most well-liked & respected of all
the students in the academy, Riuka is a genius tactician when it comes to combat.
He became popular not because of his position, however, but rather because of how
he treats others. Riuka sees everyone as equal, preferring not to keep secrets from
others just because they are given a lower rank. This was apparent when Riins
group broke in to see Vivi; something that Riuka found unfortunate since it showed
how little they trusted him. Riuka believes that trust is invaluable & will work as
hard as he can to gain it.
Enchor Tuskis Nomo + Grimsin Axel
Enchor Tuskis Nomo + Grimsin Axel
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 6 (Enchor) / Chapter 24 (Axel)
Theme Song: "Get Out Alive" by Three Days Grace
Battle Theme Song: "Where will you go" by Evanescence
Inscription/Incantation: Synergize!
Function: Dark Ligers Mercenary Squadron Secondary Commander / Auxiliary
Synchronization Percentage: 100%
Race: Shape Shifter
Age: 24
Parents: No
Gender: Male

Spirit's Gender: Male

Arsenal: Anything He Can Assimilate
Elements: Combat, Mimicry
Love Interest: Cierra Centello
Drone Types: Powerful/Evolved/Artificial
Original Drone Grade: XS (Grade X Hybrid -Drone Special Experiment Test
-Can Mimic Abilities, Traits (Strength, Temperature Resistant, Agility, Jumping Ability,
Endurance, Etc.), & Signature Attacks
-Can Assimilate Objects &/or Organisms with His Body for As Long As He Wants
Signature Attack: Grims Sin: Unlocks the strength & power of the original
Grimsin, allowing him to mimic abilities, traits, & attacks of as many targets as he
so desires for as long as he wants, provided he maintains drone form. Exiting drone
form will cease the effects. It takes a day to recover the energy necessary for this
move, restricting the usage to once a day at the most.
Character Summarization: A man with Black hair & a dark vest, lined with ammo
clips. His pants are armoured on the front & he wears steel-toed boots which also
feature spikes around the soles as well as heavy duty gloves. He is very muscular &
has a scar that runs down from his forehead over his right eye & down to
underneath where his chin is. He wears an eye patch over his left eye.
Drone Summarization: His armour is black with silver metal lining, & has pointed
feet with bright green eyes that shine intimidatingly.
Character Notes:
Mako Tsuru-Tomi + Spike Tee-Echi Shadow
Mako Tsuru-Tomi + Spike Tee-Echi Shadow
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 7 (Mako) / Chapter 7 (Shadow)
Theme Song: "Ready for Love" by Cascada
Battle Theme Song: "No more sorrow" by Linkin Park
Inscription/Incantation: Darken!
Function: Dark Ligers Mercenary Squadron Sniper Commander
Synchronization Percentage: 84%
Race: Human
Age: 19
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Cannon Arms, Legs
Elements: Combat, Darkness, Teleportation (Shadows), Creation
Love Interest: Riin Yuzu
Drone Types: Dark
Original Drone Grade: AAbilities:

-Can Form From & Vanish Into a Shadow He Is In Contact With

-Can Fire Void-Needles
-Can Detonate Void Needles, Causing Either A Strong Explosion, & A Black Hole to
-Can Form Limbs Out Of A Shadow
-Can Alter Shadows
-Can Control a Void-Needle's Flight Path
-Shadow Manipulation
Signature Attack: Shadow-Sniping: Can take control of a targets shadow, allowing
him to attack his foes using their own shadows. He can shoot them through their
own shadows, allowing him to hit them from almost any direction, which can
confuse & disorient uninformed victims/targets, providing they survive the first shot,
which has yet to happen.
Character Summarization: A tall muscular teenage boy who looks older then he
really is. Has long messy spiked navy blue hair & wears an eye patch over his right
eye. Wears a black no-sleeve shirt with a large collar that extends over his mouth &
strips of cloth that hang from the shoulders, as well as long black nylon pants, with
black shoes that have a special bottom layering to keep his footsteps from being
Drone Summarization: An all-black drone with cannons in place of hands &
longer-than-normal legs. His eyes are covered by a visor with no trace of skin that
can be seen.
Character Notes: Mako is a Tsundere character at the beginning of the story. He
originally shows no compassion for his team mates but this faade is relatively
quickly proven to be untrue to his actually beliefs & feelings. Mako & Lexus do not
often see eye-to-eye when it comes to decisions, often leading to arguments
between the two.
Lexus Stempfis Quellos + Robertos Gwualliga Technology
Lexus Stempfis Quellos + Robertos Gwualliga Technology
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 8 (Lexus) / Chapter 7 (Technology)
Theme Song: "What about Now?" by Chris Daughtry
Battle Theme Song: "Impossible" by Manafest
Inscription/Incantation: Activate!
Function: Dark Ligers Mercenary Squadron Communications & Surveillance
Commanding Officer
Synchronization Percentage: 76%
Race: Human
Age: 23
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Spear, Shield, Jet-Pack
Elements: Combat, Technology, Electricity, Teleportation (Technological Gateway),

Flight, Creation
Love Interest: Alice Dwinderlonan
Drone Types: Normal
Original Drone Grade: A+
-Teleportation (Data Transmission)
-Prolonged Flight Capabilities
-Can Phase through matter
-Can Improve Technology through Physical Contact
-Can Replicate the Functions of Any Technology Provided That Physical Contact Has
Been Made With It
-Device Manipulation
-Can Create Robot Assistants
Signature Attack: Over-Charge: builds up energy in his body & releases a gigantic
EMP wave that short circuits certain targets designated by Techno himself, ending
with the designated targets exploding. It can only affect targets that have metal of
any amount somewhere in or on them.
Character Summarization: The man with neon green dyed hair & lime green
tinted glasses, he wears the Dark Ligers mercenary vest over a leather jacket with
black leather gloves & black leather pants. He also wears black leather boots with
chains that are wrapped around his wrists & some that also dangle from around his
Drone Summarization: A neon green drone that carries a spear in one hand & a
shield in the other. He has silver plate armour on his chest, arms, shoulders, & legs
& also features a jet pack mounted on his back with cables connecting all over his
Character Notes: Lexus is the voice of reason within the Dark Ligers & also serves
as the computer genius of the story. He often works with Janelle on various projects
due to their different respective departments work being so closely entangled.
Lexus & Mako do not get along very often, but do work well together when it is
necessary. He is protective of his fellow academy members as well as Alice, who he
took a liking to after having researched her a bit.
Ligus Ci Lutenous + Larry Behemoth
Ligus Ci Lutenous + Larry Behemoth
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 10 (Ligus) / Chapter 7 (Behemoth)
Theme Song: "Bring Me to Life" by Evanescence
Battle Theme Song: "Night of Fire" by Niko
Inscription/Incantation: Resize!
Function: Dark Ligers Mercenary Squadron Night Operations & Co-ordinations
Commanding Officer
Synchronization Percentage: 88%
Race: Human
Age: 22

Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Head, Fists, Legs, Feet
Elements: Combat, Size Manipulation
Love Interest: Angel Ryusa Sakariba
Drone Types: Powerful
Original Drone Grade: XS (Grade X Hybrid -Drone Special Experiment Test
-Can Alter Weight (Regardless of Size)
-Can Shrink or Grow In Size
-Stats Change Proportionally To Current Size
Signature Attack: Unsymmetrical: Can change the size of various parts of his
body independently without his whole body matching the size of that limb. For
example he can make his arms bigger while maintaining the regular size of the rest
of his body.
Character Summarization: A male Dark Liger member with Midnight blue hair
that covers his left eye. His right eye is red while his skin is as pale as a ghost's. His
outfit consists of a navy blue ninja outfit, with the Dark Ligers Traditional S.W.A.T.
vest over top.
Drone Summarization: A drone that has Midnight blue armour with silver plating,
& possesses Violet eyes. His arms are heavily armoured compared to the rest of his
Character Notes:
Kenta Uwon + Curtis Sand
Kenta Uwon + Curtis Sand
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 30 (Lexus) / Chapter 30 (Technology)
Theme Song: "???" by ???
Battle Theme Song: "???" by ???
Inscription/Incantation: Crumble!
Function: Dark Ligers Mercenary Squadron Tactical Officer
Synchronization Percentage: 97%
Race: Human
Age: 12
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: Male
Arsenal: Claws, Legs, Sand
Elements: Combat / Support, Teleportation (Quick Sand), Duplication,
Regeneration, Creation
Love Interest: Currently Single
Drone Types: Powerful

Original Drone Grade: X

-Teleportation (Crumbling Sand)
-Sand Manipulation
-Can Phase through matter
-Can Create & Absorb Sand
- Can Form Limbs Out Of A Sand
-Can Toughen Armour By Reinforcing It With Sand
-Can Reshape Sand
Signature Attack:
Character Summarization:
Drone Summarization:
Character Notes:

Other Characters (Neutral

Characters & Villains)
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 28
Theme Song: N/A
Battle Theme Song: N/A
Inscription/Incantation: (N/A)
Function: School Bully
Synchronization Percentage: N/A
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: (N/A)
Arsenal: N/A
Elements: N/A
Love Interest: N/A
Drone Types: N/A

Original Drone Grade: N/A

Signature Attack: TBA
Character Summarization: TBA
Character Notes:
Cole & Tannis Takaru Todwell
Cole & Tannis Takaru Todwell
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 28
Theme Song: N/A
Battle Theme Song: N/A
Inscription/Incantation: (N/A)
Function: Major Antagonists
Synchronization Percentage: N/A
Race: Alter-World Mutants / Ex-humans
Age: Unknown
Parents: No
Gender: Male & Female
Spirit's Gender: (N/A)
Arsenal: Cole: Shield / Tannis:
Elements: Combat, Nullification
Love Interest: N/A
Drone Types: N/A
Original Drone Grade: N/A
Signature Attack: TBA
Character Summarization (Cole): a tall pitch-black skinned entity emerged from
the darkness. He wore a crown of dark purple energy & possessed long silky-smooth
bleach-white hair that reached the middle of his back. His eyes shone an ominous
red in the darkness.
Character Summarization (Tannis): black woman with dark purple hair in a
ponytail walked out of the shadows. She wore a see-through white dress
Character Notes: Prior to the beginning of the story, Cole & Tannis were ordinary
humans when they stumbled upon another world. At the time they had just had a
baby boy (Ripp). The world they had stumbled upon was the home of the alter-world
monsters. They studied the monsters & eventually began experimenting how they
reacted around humans. Their experimentations began to consume them, until they
had lost their minds. Cole & Tannis began to perform progressively more brutal &
barbaric experiments. They even went as far as adopting a second son (Christ) just

to use as a lab rat.

During the experiment, however, Ripp stumbled into their lab & ultimately became
the victim in place of
Christ. This experiment created the very first Dark Drone. Although it went on a
rampage that ultimately forced Cole & Tannis to flee their laboratory, they
celebrated, as their experiment had produced the results theyd hoped for. With the
knowledge of how to create dark drones, Cole & Tannis merged themselves with the
two strongest alter-world monsters they could find, becoming Psuedo-Dark Drones
themselves. From then on, they set one goal for themselves: merge every human
on the planet with an Alter-world monster, or kill those who failed to merge
successfully or simply refused.

Rogue Dark Drones

When Dark Drones are created, they start out unstable & out of control. If that is the
case, they are considered totally separate characters. Though some are not like
this. One such example of a drone that started out with full control is Mako TsuruTomi & Shadow. One exception to both rules Is Ciarra Centello, Chimera, & Kimerus:
Kimerus is part of Chimera making them technically a single drone who loses
control of itself as Kimerus early on in the story that is both a normal drone AND a
dark drone. Although they do have human selves, these dark drones are incapable
of reverting back into them by choice, & must be forced back into them by having
their armour shattered by outside interference. In these forms, they are also
incapable of differentiating friend from foe, seeing everything as an enemy aside
from their own kind, which makes freeing the humans inside, a difficult task.

Ripp Takaru Todwell + Proto-Warp

Ripp Takaru Todwell + Proto-Warp
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 6
Theme Song: "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace (Warp/Proto-Warp)
Battle Theme Song: "???" by ???
Inscription/Incantation: (N/A)
Function: Temporary Minor Antagonist
Synchronization Percentage: -1,000%
Race: Alternate Persona
Age: 17 (Ripp) / 11 (Proto-Warp)
Parents: Yes
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: (N/A)
Arsenal: Claws, Portals, Clones
Elements: Combat, Teleportation (Portals), Duplication
Love Interest: Too Aggressive
Drone Types: Dark/Natural

Original Drone Grade: X+

-Tactical Instincts
-Can Warp Away Any Incoming Projectile
-Can Duplicate
-Can Form Objects & Platforms Out of Concentrated Energy
Signature Attack: None
Character Summarization: A black & grey drone with twisted, with scarlet eyes, &
a hunched-over back. Spike covered gauntlets similar to Ports cover arms. Inside its
mouth it possesses two large fangs on both the upper & lower jaws.
Character Notes:
Quince Vanguardia Majesteec / Gregory Omni-ominous / Dark Omniominous
Quince Vanguardia Majesteec / Gregory Omni-ominous / Dark Omniominous
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 11 - 28 (Gregary Omni-ominous) / Chapter 28 - 30
(Dark Omni-ominous)
Theme Song: "I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin
Battle Theme Song: "I Just Wanna Be Loved" by Papa Roach
Inscription/Incantation: N/A
Function: First Main Antagonist
Synchronization Percentage: Omni-ominous: -1,000% / Dark Omni-ominous:
Race: Dark Drone
Age: N/A
Parents: No
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: (N/A)
Arsenal: Dark Energy Broad Sword, Twin Serrated Dark Energy Broadswords
Elements: Combat, Darkness
Love Interest: Cynthia Nightmare
Drone Types: Dark
Original Drone Grade: X+ (C)
-Sword Forming Using Darkness
-Can Cast Shadows & Smother Light
-Can Use Shadows To Trap Targets in Pitch Black Darkness
-Can Form Objects From Darkness
Signature Attack: Serrated Tempest Swing (Dark Omni-ominous): Spins like a
tornado with his twin serrated dark energy broadswords full outstretched, then

leaps at his foes like a drill, plowing through them, ending by landing behind them &
performing a final swing that sends a horizontal wave of darkness behind him at his
foes which binds them in place using their own shadows.
Drone Summarization (Gregary Omni-ominous): Wears pitch-black knight
armour & wields two large shadow energy broadswords. His face is covered by a
metal, knight-style faceguard.
Drone Summarization (Dark Omni-ominous): Larger than his previous form.
This form has upgraded broadswords that possess spikes along the blades. His
knight-like appearance becomes more demonic:
Two red eyes can be seen from within the darkness of his helmets face guard & two
large bat wings with armour plating protrude out of the back of his body armour.
Character Notes: Was partly responsible for operation: Eternal Slumbers
initiation. Dark Omni-ominous is able to stab a target with his sword in order to
transfer all his dark energy into the target, awakening the targets darkest side. He
used this to fully awaken the Alter-World Monster side within Ripp at the cost of
freeing his own host from his own control. He knew from the beginning that if he did
that, it wouldnt be a matter of if Ripp could resist it, but rather for how long it
would take before it ate away at him enough that he would eventually succumb to
Konako Kota Hoto / Cynthia Nightmare
Konako Kota Hoto / Cynthia Nightmare
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 13 - 28
Theme Song: "Taking Over Me" by Evanescence
Battle Theme Song: "Annani Isshodattanoni" by See-Saw
Inscription/Incantation: N/A
Function: Sadist
Synchronization Percentage: -1,000%
Race: Dark Drone
Age: N/A
Parents: No
Gender: Female
Spirit's Gender: (N/A)
Arsenal: Rose-Thorn Whip, Stilettos
Elements: Combat, Dream
Love Interest: Gregory Omni-ominous / Proto-Trash
Drone Types: Dark
Original Drone Grade: X+ (C)
-Can Enter a Target's Dreams
-Can Link Two or More Target's Dream Worlds Together
-Can Inflict Sleep upon Targets
-Can Change Dreams To Nightmares & Vice-Versa
-Skilled In Illusion-Making
-Can Trap Victims in Nightmares

-Can Make Nightmares Real, Transferring Any Injuring Inflicted In a Nightmare to

Their Physical Real-World Body
Signature Attack: N/A
Drone Summarization: A dark drone that wears slender metallic gloves, & a black,
plated wedding gown, with spikes protruding from each plate. Her eyes glow a dark
purple & also features long eye lashes.
Character Notes: Was partly responsible for operation: Eternal Slumbers
Teller Taris Ladson / Proto-Trash
Teller Taris Ladson / Proto-Trash
Introductory Chapter: Chapter 15
Theme Song: "Tourniquet" by Evanescence
Battle Theme Song: "Break Apart Her Heart" by Good Charlotte
Inscription/Incantation: N/A
Function: Temporary Minor Antagonist
Synchronization Percentage: -1,000%
Race: Alternate Persona
Age: N/A
Parents: Yes
Gender: Male
Spirit's Gender: (N/A)
Arsenal: Claw, Mega Claw with built-in Magma Particle Cannon, Sharpened Junk
Scraps, Spike-Plated Snake-Skin Tail
Elements: Combat, Junk, Fire, Darkness
Love Interest: Cynthia Nightmare
Drone Types: Dark/Natural
Original Drone Grade: X+ (C)
-Limb Regeneration
-Prolonged Flight Capabilities
-Item Manipulation
-Junk Creation
Signature Attack: Fracture Impact: Slams his claw into the ground, unearthing a
large chunk of the ground, then uses his claw to implant a fiery detonation orb
inside & throws it at the enemy. Is able to detonate the orb at will, causing the piece
of debris to explode, & imbed itself into the enemy.
Drone Summarization: A pitch-black Viper-like drone, whose body is covered in
ebony scales that gleam even without light reflecting off of them, rather than the
usual metal armour plating. Its eyes do not glow but instead resemble the eyes of a

snake. His fingers are webbed, with sharp talons at the end of each fingertip, while
his mouth has two curved fangs on both the top & bottom jaws.
Character Notes: Participated in operation: Eternal Slumber, until Tiger purified