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Alpha party

Task #1

1. Payment of Tax :
-Lower class People don't pay tax at all
-Middle class People pay half of the Tax
-High class people pay 100% Tax
2. Types of Taxes to be paid by Middle and High class People :
-Income Tax
-Individual Tax
-Unemployment Tax (Helps those unemployed)
3. Pension plan
-Lower class people receive 100% , middle class people receive 65% and High class People
receive 0%

Health Care
1. Payment of health care fees (including dentistry) :
-Middle and lower class people receive free health care.
-High class people pay for health care.
-Emergent health cases , not cases involving volumetric treatments (like plastic

2. Those who lie about their class ( who work cash ) will be prohibited from receiving
free health care.
3. Help providing those who suffer from sexual diseases to be able to marry and have
-And help single pregnant woman.

Criminal Law
1.After trial if person is guilty , he/she is expected to live at a place specified by
the judge.
-Always monitored by the law force
-Complete specific community service hours ; depending on crime committed
2. Criminal Law for the age of under 18 :
-If person found guilty, He/She will be moved to a residential place and expected to
live with his family specified by judge.
-Depending on crime He/she committed may be prohibited from contacting family at

3. Laws concerning retrial after misdemeanor during completion of community

-If misbehaved , will be placed in prison
-If behaved in prison , will be given half of the punishment identically ruled.

International Relations
1. Importing and Exporting
-Exporting increase and Importing decrease
-Exporting of natural resources (cole,vegitables,etc)
-Depend on countrys own resources rather then importing from another countries
2. Foreign relations between countries
-Make better relations with neighboring countries
-A-line with first world countries to help third world countries
-logistic aids wise : food, clothes, medicine and basic living needs
3.Law concerning country order members
-country order members have advantages of attaining citizenship, Visa, work permits and
medical needs easier
-Countries order members from third world countries receive 50% off when receiving
medical needs

Task #2

The Alpha party

The Alpha party is center
ideas in political

Task #3

Justin Carlo
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Profession: Lawyer
Education: He has got his law degree
John Carlo is a Canadian politician and president of Alpha party. He has highest
masters degree in Law. Everyone liked his work in (N.G.O.) and being a lawyer.
That's when he decided to be a political leader. He was chosen and started a

Justin Carlo


vote for us

Task #5

My fellow citizens,
I appreciate you being here today. Without your support none of this would be
possible. However, without also addressing the important changes I will promise you
to make, malice this speech meaningless.
First I believe that international relations are significant to the further
development and advancement to this country. Implementing importing and
exporting laws thatll depend on our countrys natural recourses and will increase
our profits through the increase of exporting.
Make better relationship with neighboring countries while aligning with first-world
countries. Implementing laws in regards to country order members respectively.

As for criminal laws, I will decrease the need for imprisonment and increase community
service regulations.

Meanwhile for health care, increase or abolish fees depending on family's income status.
Finally, in regards to taxation fees, lower class people will not be required to pay tax fees,
while the middle class people pay 50% of taxes and high class people will pay 100% taxes.
Furthermore lower class people receive 100% of pension, middle class 65% and high class
people none.
As a future president if elected, I promise that I will not fail you.