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Seige of Carthage

Day 0
Ork fleets arrive and crash onto the
planet. Untold thousands of
greenskin are killed. Less than 24%
of ork landing vessels make
planetfall in 4 different landing
zones. Despite this, the Greenskins
land in enough bulk to overwhelm
and gain a foothold in 2 of the
landing zones.

The Ultramarines spearhead an

assault against the orks aiming to
take some key ork positions. They
succeed, but gains are offset by
losses in territory from a massive Ork
Waaagh!!! attack.

Steiner has managed to mobilise

95% of the militia to bolster the
impressive number of Cadian forces
already on the planet.

Day 3
For 3 days straight the ork have
focused their efforts in the two
landing zones they secured. They
slowly are able to force their way to
join the landing zones together.
Recon has reported construction of
scrapyards and mek workshops. This
can only mean the Greenskins will
shortly be able to support their kin
with mechanised support.

Day 7
The Imperial Guard pay in blood, but
slowly retake land lost in the
previous days fighting.

Day 4
The sons of Macragge have landed.
They permit Steiner to maintain
control of his Imperial Forces after
assessing his battle plans which they
cannot fault. They bring bad news
that the orks are merely a first wave,
preparing the planet for an attack
from the agents of Chaos.
Day 5

Day 9
An unsteady calm has taken over the
battle lines.

Day 10
A previously believed KIA Imperial
cruiser is found. When
communication is remade with the
vessel, all security protocols are met.
The Imperial Cruiser verves off
course and crash lands into a
complex of Manufactoriums. The last
words from the Cruisers black box is
a sound recording saying:

Day 13
A veteran unit of Sentials is sent to
Hive City Fermanous, and destroy the
Gork and Morkanauts.

Aim fer dat big buildin over der. No

da uvver wun! NO DAT WUN! Zoggit,
just crash ere
Day 14
The forces of Chaos forces make
landfall. They are immediately
engaged by the Ultramarines.

Day 12
Spearheaded by a trio of Gork and
Morkanauts, Hive City Fermanous
falls to the greenskins.

Day 17
The Orks have focused their efforts on Carthage Prime The Capital Hive City of
the planet. The Orks attack from the north side of the city. Stiener commands
and holds the line personally. After 2 days of stalemate, Doktor Ferotous
Bluddietoof prepares to lead an attack.
To the north of the Orks lies the planetfall position of the Samcro Black Legion.
They are engaged in a bitter conflict with the Sons of Macragge.
If the Orks can break Steiners resolute defences of Carthage Prime, and the
Samcro Black Legion can best the Ultramarines, the World will be nigh on
impossible to recapture.
Likewise, if the Ultramarines can break through the Samcro lines, the
Ultramarines will be able to reinforce the Imperial Guard in Carthage and turn the
tide against the greenskins.