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Air filter Automatic transmission

WARNING housing applications 200-3, 240-3
4-cylinder engine 130-11 fluid 020-14, 240-3
Your common sense, good judgement M52, S52 engine 130-26 cooler 170-5
and general alertness are crucial to M52 TU, M54 engine 130-43 gearshift 250-6
safe and successful service work. S54 engine 113-28, 130-63 identification tag 200-3
Before attempting any work on your replacing 020-17 neutral safety switch 240-7, 250-8
BMW, be sure to read 001 General range switch 250-7
Warnings and Cautions and the Airbag system (SRS) removal / installation 240-5
copyright page at the front of the 721-2 shift interlock cable 250-11, 320-7
manual. Review these warnings and contact ring 721-7 shiftlock 250-11
cautions each time you prepare to work control module 721-6 Steptronic gearshift 250-8
on your car. Please also read any crash sensor 721-4, 721-9
warnings and cautions that accompany driver airbag 721-9 Axle joint
the procedures in the manual. passenger airbag 721-12 see Drive axle, CV joint
seat occupancy sensor 721-3, 721-9
side impact (door) airbag 721-4,
721-13 B
3/2-way valve (running losses) warning light 721-3
see Fuel tank Back-up light switch
Air flow sensor
see Mass air flow (MAF) sensor automatic transmission 250-10
manual transmission 230-5
A Alarm
see Anti-theft alarm Battery
Acronyms, commonly used 121-5
600-5 Alignment charging 121-9
see Wheel alignment checking, cleaning 020-27
ABS (antilock brake system) maintenance 020-27
see Brakes Alpine
removing / installing 020-28
safety terminal 121-3, 121-10
Alternator (generator) testing 121-6
400-6, 640-3, 640-15
121-11 troubleshooting 121-3
blower 640-6
switch 640-5 brushes 121-17
Bearing, wheel
capacities 640-16 charging system 121-12
see Front suspension
compressor 640-18 oscilloscope diagnosis 121-13
see also Rear suspension
clutch 640-19 troubleshooting 121-3
condenser 640-20 voltage regulator 121-16 Belt
control panel 640-4 see Maintenance, drive belt
evaporator 640-21 see Sound system Blade, wiper
temperature controller 640-5 see Wipers and Washers
temperature sensor 640-5 Antenna
expansion valve 640-23 650-3 Blower
fresh air / recirculation flap motor see A/C
Anti-theft alarm
515-19 Board Computer (BC)
housing 640-11
see Instruments, clock or Board
pressure switch 640-24 Antifreeze (engine coolant)
receiver / drier 640-25 see Maintenance
refrigerant & refrigerant oil 640-16 see also Cooling system Body
switch 612-9 dimensions 400-3
troubleshooting 640-4 Antilock brake system (ABS)
interior equipment 400-4
see also Heater see Brakes
Accelerator linkage ASC
see Engine hood
020-17 see Brakes, ABS / ASC / DSC
Brake fluid
ADS (auxiliary throttle housing) ATF (automatic transmission fluid)
020-11, 340-8
100-14, 130-13, 130-26 see Automatic transmission, fluid
Brake light switch
Aerodynamics Automatic seat belt tensioner
400-4 see Seat belt

Air-conditioning Automatic shift interlock

see A/C see Automatic transmission, shift
see also Heating interlock cable

Air distribution control servo motor Automatic Stability Control (ASC)

see A/C, fresh air / recirculation flap see Brakes, ABS / ASC, DSC

Brakes Cautions Convertible top

300-4, 340-2 001-2 400-7, 541-2
ABS / ASC / DSC 300-5, 340-3, electrohydraulic 541-6
340-20 CD changer
manual 541-3
auxiliary throttle housing (ADS) see Sound system
switch 612-11
130-13, 130-26 Center bearing
control module 300-8 Coolant (antifreeze)
see Driveshaft
precharge pump 300-9 see Cooling system, antifreeze
sensors 300-8, 340-26 Center brake light see also Maintenance, antifreeze
630-10 (engine coolant)
switch 300-9, 612-9
troubleshooting 300-10 Coolant pump
Center console
bleeding 340-6 see Cooling system
booster 340-16
fluid 020-11, 340-8 Central body electronics (ZKE) Cooling system
master cylinder 340-15 400-6, 600-5 100-9, 100-25
pads, calipers, rotors 340-9 antifreeze 020-11
pad / rotor wear 020-28, 340-14 Central locking automatic transmission fluid cooler
parking brake 020-30, 340-17 515-3 170-5
troubleshooting 340-3 bleeding 170-13
coolant pump 170-3
Bulbs see Camshaft timing chain
4-cylinder engine 170-17
see Instruments, bulbs Charging system auxiliary (S54) 640-9
see also Lights see Alternator (generator) M52, S52, M52 TU, M54 engine
Bumper 170-20
Climate control S54 engine 170-26
adjusting 510-5 see A/C cooling fans 170-3, 170-9, 170-14
front 510-2 see also Heater clutch 170-8
rear 510-3
Clock switch 170-17
see Instruments draining and filling 170-11
engine oil cooler (S54) 119-26
C Clutch radiator 170-3, 170-27
fluid 020-30, 210-3 thermostat 170-3, 170-8
Caliper hydraulics 210-2 4-cylinder engine 170-19
see Brakes, pads, calipers, rotors mechanical 210-5 M52, S52 engine 170-21
switches 612-8 M52 TU, M54 engine 170-22
320-17 S54 engine 170-26
Codes, fault
troubleshooting 170-6
Camshaft see also Maintenance
100-22, 116-16 Coding plug
removing / installing 116-7 Crankshaft seal
front 119-9
Camshaft sensor Coil rear 119-15
see DME (digital motor electronics) see Ignition system
Crankshaft sensor
Camshaft timing chain Coil spring see DME (digital motor electronics)
housing cover see Front suspension, struts / springs
4-cylinder 117-17 Crash sensor
see also Rear suspension, shock
removing / installing see Airbag system (SRS)
absorbers / springs
4-cylinder 117-17 Cruise control
M52, S52 engine 117-27 Component locations
100-11, 100-14, 100-15, 130-58,
M52 TU, M54 engine 117-40 610-4
130-59, 130-69
Capacities, fluid Compression test cable 130-19,
020-10 113-5 pedal switches 612-7
A/C system 640-16 switch 612-5
coolant 170-13 see A/C CV joint
manual transmission 230-5 see Drive axle
oil 119-5 Condenser see also Maintenance
see A/C
Carbon canister, activated
see Evaporative control system Constant velocity (CV) joint
see Drive axle
320-17 Control arm
see Front suspension
Catalytic converter
020-21, 100-19, 100-27, 180-3
monitoring OBD-5

DME (digital motor electronics) Driveaway protection

WARNING 100-10, 130-4 see EWS (electronic immobilization)
camshaft sensor 120-16, 120-18
Your common sense, good judgement crankshaft sensor 120-6, 120-16 Driveshaft
and general alertness are crucial to emissions testing 130-7 260-2
safe and successful service work. main relay 610-31 aligning 260-6
Before attempting any work on your 4-cylinder engine 130-13 center bearing 260-10
BMW, be sure to read 001 General M52, S52 engine 130-27 centering guide 260-11
Warnings and Cautions and the M52 TU, M54 engine 130-43 flex-disc 260-9
copyright page at the front of the S54 engine 130-62 service 260-4
manual. Review these warnings and MIL 120-7, 130-5, 160-5, OBD-3 troubleshooting 260-5
cautions each time you prepare to work oxygen sensor 100-19, 100-26 universal joint 260-3
on your car. Please also read any removing / installing 180-22 DSC
warnings and cautions that accompany troubleshooting 130-5 see Brakes, ABS / ASC / DSC
the procedures in the manual. see also Engine control module
(ECM) DTC (diagnostic trouble code)
see also Engine coolant temperature 020-21, 100-19, 130-5, 160-5, OBD-7
(ECT) sensor OBD-2
Cylinder head tables OBD-8
see also Fuel rail and injectors
see also Fuel pressure Dual resonance intake system (DISA)
combustion chamber leak test 170-13
see also Fuel pump 100-16
cover, removing / installing 113-8
see also Ignition system
diagnostic testing 113-5
see also Mass air flow (MAF) sensor DWA
disassembly / assembly 116-6
see also Throttle 515-19
leak test 116-18
reconditioning 116-15 DMTL (detection module tank leak) Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
removing / installing 113-32 see Evaporative control system, fuel see Brakes, ABS / ASC / DSC
see also Valvetrain tank leak detection unit (LDP / DMTL)

Dome light
see Lights, interior
Door ECM
Dashboard 411-2 see Engine control module (ECM)
513-7 panel 411-4
trim 513-5 window ECT
see Door window see Engine coolant temperature
Deck lid (ECT) sensor
see Rear hatch Door glass
see Door window EDK (electronic throttle control)
Defogger 100-10, 100-11, 100-13, 100-14,
see Rear window defogger Door lock 100-15, 130-52
Diagnostic monitors EDR (electronic throttle system)
striker 515-6
OBD-4 100-15, 100-26
Door window
Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) Electrical component
see DTC (diagnostic trouble code) designation ELE-4
drop down feature 512-2
fixed door glass 512-3 locations 610-4
331-8 motor / regulator 512-3 Electric cooling fan
oil 020-12, 331-9 adjusting 512-4 see Cooling system, cooling fans
removing / installing 331-9 switch 612-10
seals 331-10 Electrical switches
Drive axle see Switches
DISA (dual resonance intake system) 331-3
100-16 CV joint 331-3 Electrical system
CV joint boot 331-6 600-3
DLC (data link connector) removing / installing 331-4 acronyms 600-5
020-4, 120-7, 130-5, 160-5, OBD-4 component location table 610-4
Drive belt component photos 610-27
see Maintenance engine 121-3
Drive cycle engine management system voltage
see OBD (on-board diagnostics) 130-6
test equipment 600-2
Driveability troubleshooting troubleshooting 600-6
130-5 wire color codes ELE-5
engine management grounds 130-7
system voltage 130-6 Electrical wiring diagrams
600-2, ELE-7

Electronic immobilization Evaporative control system Front suspension

see EWS (electronic immobilization) 160-4 300-2
carbon canister, activated 160-32 ball joint 310-10
fuel tank leak detection unit control arm 300-3, 310-9
(LDP / DMTL) 160-33 ride height 310-8
Emergencies stabilizer bar 310-14
Evaporator struts / springs 310-4
see A/C subframe 310-15
Emergency brake troubleshooting 300-11
EWS (electronic immobilization)
see Brakes, parking brake wheel bearing 310-12
121-18, 515-15
Emergency flasher see also Maintenance
Exhaust manifold
see Switches, hazard warning Fuel changeover valve
see Exhaust system
Engine see Fuel tank, 3/2-way valve
Exhaust system
applications 100-3 Fuel filter
020-30, 100-19, 100-26
compression test 113-5 020-31
catalytic converter 180-3
crankshaft seals 119-9
diagrams 180-5 Fuel injection
cylinder leak-down test 113-7
manifold 100-19, 180-3 see DME (digital motor electronics)
diagnostic testing 113-5
removing & installing 180-14 see also Fuel pressure
driveability troubleshooting 130-6
oxygen sensor 180-3 see also Fuel rail and injector
grounds 130-7, 610-24
see also DME (digital motor
management 100-10
electronics) Fuel injector
mechanical 100-2
replacing 180-11 see fuel rail and injectors
oil cooler (S54) 119-26
on-board diagnostics OBD-2 Expansion valve Fuel level sender
removal / installation see A/C 160-26
4-cylinder 110-4 see also Fuel pump
6-cylinder 110-8 Exterior lights
see also Cooling system see Lights Fuel pressure
see also Crankshaft seal see also Headlight regulator 160-4, 160-22
see also DME (digital motor relieving pressure 130-9
electronics) residual 160-21
see also Engine control module F testing 160-19
(ECM) see also Fuel pump
see also Engine coolant temperature Fan Fuel pump
(ECT) sensor see A/C, blower 160-3
see also Exhaust system see also Cooling system, cooling fans fuse and relay 160-8
see also Ignition system removing / installing 160-26
Fault code
see also Lubrication system troubleshooting 160-14
see DTC (diagnostic trouble code)
Engine control module (ECM) electrical 160-8
100-10, 610-31 Fuel rail and injectors
front 410-2
pin assignments 4-cylinder 130-16
rear 410-3
DME M5.2 130-21 M52, S52 engine 130-29
DME M41.1 130-36 Filters M52 TU, M54 engine 130-46
DME M42.1, MS 43.0 130-55 see Maintenance S54 engine 130-63
DME MS S54 130-65
Firing order Fuel system monitoring
Engine coolant temperature (ECT) see Ignition system OBD-5
170-5 Flex-disc Fuel tank
replacing see Driveshaft 160-28
4-cylinder engine 130-15 3/2-way valve 160-33
Fluids and lubricants
M52, S52 engine 130-28 draining 160-29
see Capacities, fluid
M52 TU, M54 engine 130-45 removing / installing 160-32
see also Maintenance
S54 engine 130-62 see also Evaporative control system
Engine cooling fan Fuel trim
see Cooling system, cooling fans OBD-5
Front centering guide
Engine hood Fuse locations
see Driveshaft, centering guide
410-5 610-15
Front power distribution box
Engine troubleshooting 610-16
Front oil seal
see Crankshaft seal

Headlight Intake air temperature (IAT) sensor

WARNING 630-4 replacing
see also Switches 4-cylinder engine 130-18
Your common sense, good judgement M52, S52 engine 130-33
and general alertness are crucial to Heater
M52 TU, M54 engine 130-50
safe and successful service work. 400-6, 640-3
S54 engine 130-64
Before attempting any work on your core 640-10
BMW, be sure to read 001 General valve 640-8 Intake manifold
Warnings and Cautions and the housing 640-11 DISA 100-16
copyright page at the front of the see also A/C removing / installing 113-15
manual. Review these warnings and see also Cooling system resonance / turbulence 100-18
cautions each time you prepare to work
Hood Interior lights
on your car. Please also read any
see Engine hood see Lights
warnings and cautions that accompany
the procedures in the manual. Hydraulic cam follower
see Valvetrain

G I Jack stands
Gaskets Idle speed Jump starting
and seals 010-7 020-21 see 010-18
Gauges, dashboard control valve
620-13 4-cylinder engine 130-17
M52, S52 engine 130-32 K
Gearshift M52 TU, M54 engine 130-49
knob S54 engine 130-64 Keyless entry
manual transmission 250-2 515-4
automatic transmission 250-7 Ignition switch interlock
automatic transmission 250-6 250-11, 320-7 Knock sensor
manual transmission 250-2 Ignition lock cylinder see Ignition system

General Module 320-5, 612-4

door lock control 515-3 Ignition electrical switch
location 630-36
Generator Ignition system Leak detection, fuel tank
see Alternator (generator) 100-15, 100-27, 120-4 see Evaporative control system, fuel
coil 120-4, 120-13 tank leak detection unit (LDP / DMTL)
Glove compartment
513-6 disabling 120-12 Leather upholstery
firing order 120-11
Grille inserts knock sensor 100-16, 120-7
510-8 replacing 120-22 LDP (leak detection pump)
oscilloscope diagnosis 120-9 see Evaporative control system, fuel
spark plugs 020-22 tank leak detection unit (LDP / DMTL)
engine management 130-7
timing 120-7
locations 610-24 Level sender
troubleshooting 120-7
see Fuel level sender
License plate light
H see A/C
Hand brake Lifting the car
see Fuel rail and injectors
see Brakes, parking brake 010-4
Input shaft seal
Handle, door Lights
see Manual transmission, seals
515-6 630-2
Inspection bulb applications 630-3, 630-12
Hardtop exterior 630-6
see Maintenance
400-7, 541-8 interior 630-12
Hatch see also Headlight
620-2, 620-9
see Rear hatch see also Switches
bulbs 620-11
Hazard warning switch clock or Board Computer 620-3, Locks
612-10 620-12 see Central locking
coding plug 620-10 see also Door locks
lower dashboard gauges 620-13 see also Rear hatch
self-test 620-4 see also Trunk lid

Lubrication system Manifold, intake Oil cooler

100-9, 100-25, 119-4 see Intake manifold see Lubrication system
oil cooler (S54 engine) 119-26
Manual transmission Oil level warning switch
oil level warning switch 119-29
oil pan 119-17 applications 200-2, 230-4 119-29
oil pressure warning switch fluid 020-13, 230-4
Oil pan
4-cylinder 119-25 identification label 200-2
see Lubrication system
6-cylinder 119-28 pilot bearing 210-8
oil pressure relief valve removal / installation 230-10 Oil pressure
4 cylinder 119-28 seals 230-5 see Lubrication system
6-cylinder 119-34 see also Back-up light switch
see also Gearshift Oil pump
oil pump
see Lubrication system
4-cylinder 119-26 Mass air flow (MAF) sensor
6-cylinder 119-30 replacing Oil service
troubleshooting 119-6 4-cylinder engine 130-18 020-14
warning system 119-5, 119-8 M52, S52 engine 130-34 On-board computer
Luggage compartment lid M52 TU, M54 engine 130-51 see Instruments, clock or Board
see Rear hatch S54 engine 130-64 Computer
see also Trunk lid Master cylinder On-board diagnostics
see Brakes OBD-2
see also Clutch, hydraulics
M Oscilloscope diagnosis
MDK (motor-driven throttle) see Alternator (generator)
100-10, 100-11, 100-14, 100-15, see also Ignition system
130-52, 130-57
alignment 020-33, 320-17
cable 130-53, 130-54 Outside door handle
antifreeze (engine coolant) 020-10
see Door lock
automatic transmission 020-14, 240-3 MIL (malfunction indication light)
battery 020-27 see DME (digital motor electronics) Outside mirror switch
body and interior 020-34 see also OBD (on-board diagnostics) see Switches
brake fluid 020-11, 340-8
brake pad / rotor wear 020-28 Mirror Oxygen sensor
brake system 020-28 510-6 020-21, 100-27, 180-22
clutch fluid, checking 020-30 switch 612-11 monitoring OBD-5
cooling system, checking 020-11 see also DME (digital motor
Misfire electronics)
CV joint boot, inspecting 020-30 120-8, OBD-5
differential gear oil 020-12
drive belt 020-17 MRS (multiple restraint system)
engine oil 020-14 see Airbag system (SRS) P
exhaust system, inspecting 020-30
filters P-codes
see Exhaust system
air 020-17 OBD-8
fuel 020-31
oil 020-15
fluids and lubricants 020-8 N see Brakes, pads, calipers, rotors
fuel tank and fuel lines 20-31 Parking brake
front suspension 020-33 Neutral safety switch see Brakes
idle speed 020-21 250-7, 250-8
see also Maintenance
inspection 020-5
maintenance tables 020-6 Parts
manual transmission fluid 020-13, O 010-9
Pedal cluster switches
oxygen sensors 020-21, 180-22 OBD (on-board diagnostics) see Switches
parking brake 020-30, 340-17 100-10, 130-5, OBD-2
power steering fluid 020-13 drive cycle OBD-6 Pilot bearing
rear suspension 020-33 DTC OBD-7 see Manual transmission
service indicator 020-3 tables OBD-8
spark plugs 020-22 Power mirror
MIL 120-7, 130-5, 160-5, OBD-3
see Mirror
tires 020-33 P-codes OBD-8
windshield wiper blade 020-36, 611-5 plug 120-8, 130-5, 160-5, OBD-4 Power steering
readiness OBD-7 see Steering
Malfunction indicator light (MIL)
scan tool OBD-4
see DME (digital motor electronics) Power steering fluid
see also OBD (on-board diagnostics) Oil change equipment see Maintenance
010-14 see also Steering
Manifold, exhaust
see Exhaust system

Recirculation motor Secondary air injection

WARNING see A/C, fresh air / recirculation flap 100-20, 130-10
Your common sense, good judgement Service indicator
and general alertness are crucial to Recirculation switch see Maintenance
safe and successful service work. 612-9
Shift interlock
Before attempting any work on your
Refrigerant 250-11, 320-7
BMW, be sure to read 001 General
see A/C
Warnings and Cautions and the Shift linkage
copyright page at the front of the Relays see Gearshift
manual. Review these warnings and 610-4 see also Automatic transmission
cautions each time you prepare to work see also Manual transmission
on your car. Please also read any Reversing light switch
warnings and cautions that accompany see Back-up light switch Shiftlock
the procedures in the manual. see Automatic transmission
Ride height
310-8, 330-7 Shock absorber
see Rear suspension
Ring antenna (EWS)
Power window 515-17 Side impact airbag
see Door window see Airbag system (SRS)
see also Switches, window Rocker arm
116-2, 116-7, 116-13 Side marker light
Rollover protection
R 400-7 Siren
Radiator Rotor
see Brakes, pads, calipers, rotors Slave cylinder
see Cooling system
see Clutch, hydraulic
Radiator cooling fan Running losses valve
see Cooling system, cooling fan see Fuel tank, 3/2-way valve Solenoid
Radiator grille
Sound system
510-8 S 650-4
Radio amplifier 650-2, 650-6
anti-theft 650-2 S54 engine CD changer 650-3
removing / installing 650-5 100-20 speakers 650-3, 650-5
see also Sound system Safety Spare parts kit
see also Antenna 010-3 010-21
Raising car Scan tool
010-4 Spark plugs
OBD-4 020-22
Readiness Seals
see OBD (on-board diagnostics) Speakers
010-7 see Sound system
Rear hatch see also Crankshaft seal
see also Differential, seals Specifications, fluid
lock 515-11, 515-13 see also Manual transmission, seals 020-10
striker 515-12 Seat Speed sensor
520-2 620-12
Rear main seal
see Crankshaft seal heating 400-5
switch 612-9
Rear suspension see Front suspension, struts / springs
removing / installing 520-4
see also Rear suspension, shock
300-3 troubleshooting 520-2
ride height 300-7 absorbers / springs
shock absorbers / springs 330-3 Seat belt
SRS (supplemental restraint system)
stabilizer bar 330-16 720-2
see Airbag system (SRS)
subframe 330-8 automatic tensioner 400-5, 720-6
trailing arm 330-11 components Stabilizer bar
troubleshooting 300-11 Coupe 720-5 see Front suspension
wheel bearing 330-14 Roadster 720-4 see also Rear suspension
see also Maintenance troubleshooting 720-2
see also Maintenance Starter
Rear window defogger 121-18
switch 612-9 Seat occupancy sensor immobilization switch 612-8
see Airbag system (SRS) removing / installing 121-19
Receiver / drier solenoid 121-23
see A/C troubleshooting 121-3, 121-18

Steering T Transmission
300-3 see Automatic transmission
column 320-9 Tailgate see also Manual transmission
covers-5 see Rear hatch
fluid 020-13, 320-13 Transmission fluid cooler
lock 320-5 Taillights see Cooling system, automatic
pump 320-12 see Lights transmission fluid cooler
rack 320-13 Transmitter-receiver module (EWS)
wheel 320-3 515-18
see Cooling system
tie rod 320-15
troubleshooting 300-11 Throttle Trim, interior
100-14 see Center console
Steering column switches see also Dashboard
auxiliary (ADS)
see Switches see also Doors, panel
4-cylinder engine 130-13
Steering column M52, S52 engine 130-26 see also Glove compartment
see Steering cable, adjusting (M52 TU engine) see also Steering, column, covers
130-54 Trunk lid
Steptronic transmission housing
see Automatic transmission 412-2
4-cylinder engine 130-19 lock 515-13
see also Gearshift M52, S52 engine 130-35 striker 515-12
Stop light switch M52 TU, M54 engine 130-52
612-7 S54 engine 113-28 Turn signal
position sensor see Switches
Strut 4-cylinder engine 130-20 see also Lights
see Front suspension M52, S52 engine 130-35
see also EDK
see Front suspension
see also EDR V
see also MDK
see also Rear suspension
Vacuum booster
Throw-out bearing
Sunroof see Brakes, booster
see Clutch, mechanical
400-7, 540-2
adjusting 540-3 Valves (engine)
Tie rod
components 540-2 clearance, adjusting
see Steering
glass panel 540-4 (S54 engine) 116-12
switch 612-11 Tightening fasteners see also Valvetrain
Suspension Valvetrain
see Front suspension Tilt sensor camshaft 116-6
see also Rear suspension 515-19 hydraulic cam follower 116-6, 116-12
hydraulic valve adjuster 116-5,
Switches Timing chain 116-11
ASC / DSC 612-9 see Camshaft timing chain valve service 116-15
blower 640-5 Tire, changing
climate control 612-9 VANOS
010-15 100-6, 100-23
convertible top 612-11
cruise control 612-5 Tires double VANOS 117-15, 117-41
hazard warning 612-10 300-5 single VANOS 117-11, 117-27
headlight 612-9 see also Maintenance Vehicle identification number (VIN)
headlight dimmer 612-5 010-10
320-18 Vehicle speed sensor
cylinder 320-5, 612-4
electrical switch 612-3 Tools 620-12
outside mirror 612-11 010-10 Vibration damper, crankshaft
pedal cluster 612-7 special tools 010-15 117-5
rear window defogger 612-9 see also Special tools section at
seat heater 612-9 beginning of each repair group Voltage regulator
steering column stalk 612-5 see Alternator
sunroof 612-12 Toroidal coil (EWS)
turn signal 612-5 see ring antenna Voltage tests
window 612-10 see Electrical system, troubleshooting
wiper / washer 611-3, 612-5 010-20
see also Back-up light switch
Traction control W
see Brakes, ABS / ASC / DSC

Your common sense, good judgement ZAE
and general alertness are crucial to airbags 721-2
safe and successful service work. ZKE (central body electronics)
Before attempting any work on your 400-6, 600-5
BMW, be sure to read 001 General central locking 515-3
Warnings and Cautions and the
copyright page at the front of the ZVM
manual. Review these warnings and central locking 515-3
cautions each time you prepare to work
on your car. Please also read any
warnings and cautions that accompany
the procedures in the manual.

Warnings, cautions and notes


see Wipers and washers

see Maintenance
Water pump
see Cooling system, coolant pump

see Maintenance

Wheel, steering
see Steering
Wheel alignment
ride height 310-8, 330-7
Wheel bearing
see Front suspension
see also Rear suspension
Wheel speed sensor
300-8, 340-21


see Door window
Wipers and washers
arm 611-7
blade 020-36, 611-5
front 611-8
rear 611-4, 611-10
switch 611-3, 612-5
troubleshooting 611-5
washer system 611-11

color and size ELE-5
diagrams ELE-7
sample ELE-5

Working under car safely

established 1950
Automotive Reference™


Service Manual: 1996-2002
1.9, 2.3, 2.5i, 2.8, 3.0i, 3.2
including Z3 Roadster, Z3 Coupe,
M Roadster, M Coupe
Price: $119.95
Bentley Stock Number: BZ02
Publication Date: 2005.apr.1
ISBN: 978-0-8376-1617-9
Hardcover, 8 3/8 in. x 11 in.
1152 pages, 862 b/w photos, 715 illustrations and diagrams

The BMW Z3 Service Manual: 1996-2002 is a comprehensive

source of service information and technical specifications available
for the BMW Z3 Roadster, Z3 Coupe, M Roadster, and M Coupe.

New durable hardcover format - This BMW manual is now being

published as a durable, long-lasting hardcover book designed
to withstand many years of use in a professional shop or home Fuel injection service and repair,
including explanation of Siemens
garage. engine management systems.
130 Fuel Injection

• Maintenance procedures for everything from brake fluid

changes to interpreting the malfunction indicator light (MIL).
This manual tells you what to do, how and when to do it, and
why it is important.
• Engine and cylinder head service, including valve clearance
Detailed electrical component
adjustment on the S54 engine. location information in text
• Information for specific BMW Z3 driveability problems, and photos.
including explanation of engine management systems and OBD 610 Electrical Component
II (On-board Diagnostics II).
• Theory of operation and repair information for Bosch DME
M5.2, Siemens DME MS 41.1, MS 42.1, MS 43.0, and MS S54 Models, engines, and engine management systems covered
engine management, DISA (dual resonance intake system), Z3 Roadster, Z3 Coupe:
• M44 engine with Bosch DME M5.2 (4-cyl.)
resonance/turbulence intake manifold and single and double • M52 engine with Siemens DME MS 41.1 (6-cyl.)
VANOS (Variable Camshaft Timing). • M52 TU engine with Siemens DME MS 42.1 (6-cyl.)
• Drivetrain maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair, • M54 engine with Siemens DME MS 43.0 (6-cyl.)
M Roadster, M Coupe:
including hydraulic clutch, gearshift linkage, and • S52 engine with Siemens DME MS 41.1 (6-cyl.)
driveshaft • S54 engine with Siemens DME MS S54 (6-cyl.)
• Heating and air-conditioning repair, including A/C component
replacement. Transmissions covered (remove, install, external service)
Manual Transmission
• Body adjustments and repairs, including convertible top • Getrag S5D 250 G
replacement and adjustment. • ZF S5D 310 Z
• Wiring schematics and extensive electrical component section Automatic Transmission
• A4S 270 R
specifying power distribution, grounds, and component • A5S 360 R
locations with detailed illustrations and photos. • A5S 390 R

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