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Teacher Self Checklist

Paula Smith________________

Room: #____96_______________


Classroom wall and ceiling coverage is governed by law

Flammable material/paper covering the width of a bulletin board is allowed.

Material cannot block the flow of the sprinkler system. (Hanging flags, school
projects, etc.)
Material cannot hang from the sprinklers.
Material cannot block the visibility of EXIT signs or Fire Pull Stations.
Material cannot add excessive combustibles to a room.
Material cannot be used if it interferes with an alarm system (motion
Material cannot cover electrical outlets.
Material cannot hang from the ceiling (State Maintenance Regulation)
Plastic curtains cannot be used. Material must be Fire Retardant or sprayed
to become Fire Retardant.
Is the room in compliance? ___Yes_________


Doors must be free of obstruction Width of door must be clear (The clearing
must extend out 10 feet from the door).
Classrooms with exterior doors must maintain a clear pathway to the door.
Exterior doors must be closed and locked during the school day.
Classroom exit doors cannot be covered with paper or decorations.
Door windows can be covered at the discretion of the Principal.
Is the room in compliance? ____Yes________

CARPET/THROW RUGS: Do not use Carpet Squares inside.

If your classroom has an exterior door, is there an approved non slip mat at
the door?
If your room has carpet, does it have non-slip backing?
o Carpet corners and edges must be flat to the ground.
o Edges cannot be frayed.
o Rugs must be in good condition.
o Rugs cannot cover an electrical cord.
o Welcome mats or remnant carpet should not be used inside. (Slip
o Teachers can use remnants outside.
Is the room in compliance? ____N/A________


Inspect your room for trip hazards. A hazard could be unprotected wires
across the walkway.

Portable white boards and dividers can become trip hazards if the support
legs are too close to a walkway.
Is the room in compliance? ____Yes________


Classrooms must have an evacuation map/exit instructions in close proximity

to the EXIT door.
The EXIT Evacuation Plan/Map should indicate two routes of escape.
Make the Directions simple. Substitutes may rely on your directions.
Is the room in compliance? _____Yes_______

FIRE EXTINGUISHER: (All rooms are not required to have fire

If your room has a fire extinguisher, is it easy to find?
Fire extinguishers cannot be blocked or covered.
Is the room in compliance? _____N/A_______

GAS SHUTOFF: (Only applies to science rooms with gas)

If your room has a gas valve, are the emergency shutoffs marked and easy to
The emergency shut off cannot be blocked or covered.
Is the room in compliance? ______N/A______


Extension cords MUST be UL Listed three pronged and rated to handle the
desired load.
Extension cords cannot be daisy chained. They must be plugged directly into
a receptacle.
Power Strips cannot be daisy chained and must have a built in breaker switch.
Extension cords cannot be affixed to structures, extended through walls,
ceiling, or under floor coverings (Do not put a rug over a cord).
Small brown lamp extension cords are not allowed.
Damaged or Repaired cords are not allowed.
Is the room in compliance? ______Yes______


Stored or stacked items cannot be higher than 18 inches from the ceiling.
Stacked items cannot be a hazard? (Too heavy for shelf, unbalanced, etc.)
Tall bookshelves should be secured when possible. If not possible, storage
must be limited.
Do not use classroom bathrooms for storage.
Items cannot be placed on through-the-wall air units. (units are often against
the wall under a window)
Is the room in compliance? ______Yes______


Nothing can be attached or hanging from the window blinds.

Plug-in air fresheners & candle heating/melting appliances are not allowed.

Bean Bag chairs should have a tag indicating the chair and pellets
meet the California safety standards. (California requires material to
be flame retardant with non-toxic pellets.)
Christmas style/string lights cannot be used in the classroom.
Completed forms should be maintained in the classrooms Red/Green
Emergency Plan Book.

Have you discussed the Evacuation Plan and Safety Drills with your class?