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Sikh Museum Initiative looks at the relationship between the British

and the Sikhs.

There has been a long history linking the Sikhs to the British since the eighteenth
century. This history is relatively unknown and requires an initiative to bring
closer introspection and investigation. As a result the Sikh Museum Initiative
(SMI) will focus on locating and uncovering relics and artefacts which bind the
two communities together. This national programme will leave a lasting legacy
for future generations so they can understand the close relationship that exists.

The Koh-i-Noor Diamond

The SMI will look at how Sikh relics and artefacts came to the UK
Many Sikh relics and manuscripts have found their way to the UK institutions like
the Victoria & Albert Museum, British Museum and the British Library. However
there are many other locations like Universities where Sikh collections have been
donated by patrons. Many military places of interest like Sandhurst Military
College, many castles and Regimental museums also house numerous artefacts
of interest. The SMI aims to work with various organisations and tap into a
number of unknown objects of interest.
One of the most interesting spheres is the private collectors who have amassed a
wealth of artefacts and appear to be reluctant to share this information with the
wider community. The SMI aims to create a project where public institutions and
private collectors would be willing to share this information so an important
picture can be built up of Sikh artefacts in the UK.
Utilising new technologies the team will be also looking at mapping and
recreating swords and shields and hence providing a virtual way of
understanding objects. This is together with using augmented reality to

showcase exhibits. Historian, Gurinder Singh Mann and head of the project
stated, we need to utilise new technologies to ensure that the younger
generation can understand the Sikh faith in the modern world.'

A 3d model of a Sikh Shield

The projects they will be undertaking include, The Anglo-Sikh Treaties, British
Sikh Army: Recruitment after the Anglo-Sikh Wars, 3d Modelling of Sikh artefacts
and many others.
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