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suowoe ‘Android Security Lectures ty Prabhaker Mate CEG 4900/6900: Android Internals and Security oe 1 WRIGHT STATE . . UNIVERSITY Reading List Android Application Development android hardware ADB android Jocation RemoteControl Security and Permissions ‘Compatibility android.os Code Style android.view Articles Incomplete List, for now. (Several slides were based on the following articles Google for links to pdf's of these ...) 1. Constandache, Choudhury, Rhee, "CompAce: Using Mobile Phone Compasses and Accelerometers for Localization", IEEE Infocom, March 2010. 2. Felt, A. P.; Chin, E.; Hanna, S.; Song, D.; and Wagner, D. 201 1a. Android permissions demystified. In 18th ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, CCS 2011, 627-638. New York, NY, USA: ACM. . Felt, A. P.; Egelman, S.; Finifter, M.; Akhawe, D.; and Wagner, D. 2012a. How to ask for permission. USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Security (Hot Sec) 2012. 4, Jin Nakazawa, et al., A Description Language for Universal Understandings of Heterogeneous Services in Pervasive Computing, 2010 IEEE International Conference on Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous, and Trustworthy Computing. 5. Raza, S. 2013. Lightweight Security Solutions for the Internet of Things Ph.D. Dissertation, Swedish In- stitute of Computer Science, M I’alardalen University, Kista Stockholm, Sweden. 6. M Satyanarayanan, Pervasive computing: Vision and challenges, IEEE Personal Communications, IEEE, 2001, 7. Frank Stajano, Security Issues in Ubiquitous Computing, Handbook of hpsloncs wright edu~pmateiCoursesi4900/Top!¢800-ReadingList hl 12 suowoe ‘Android Security Lectures ty Prabhaker Mate Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments, 2010, Part III, 281-314 Copyright © 2011 + pmateti@wrightedu » bepoecs wright edupmatesiCourses!4900"Top!¢900-ReadingList Hl 22