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Reod ond



write Right, Wrong or Doesn't say.

When I wos Littte, we Lived n o smoll wooden house in the middle of o forest. Mg sister ond I
used to go out everg morning to gother wood for the fire. We didn't mnd becouse it kept the
house verg hot. in the house we live in now, our bedrooms ore upstoirs, but the house in the

forest wos different. AIL the rooms were on one floor. Mg porents ond mg sister ond I slept in
two rooms next to the kitchen. I olso remember thot there weren't ong corpets on the tiLe floor,

to keep our feet worm. I toved coming home from the

villoge schoot, becouse our dog, Mox, used to sit waiting for me bg the front door. One dog, o
tile feLL off the roof ond neorlg hit him. After thot, he used to meet me in the forest.
so we oLwogs wore socks ond stippers


The house we used


Live in wos mode of wood.

We used to hove o fire for heoting.

The building wosn't verg toLL ond there were tiles on the roof.

We used to hove our bedrooms on the first floor.

Becouse the floors were oLl mode of stone, we oLwogs hod cold feet.

The dog used to sleep on o mottress bg the door.

Reod, choose ond write the words.


didn,tuseto|didn'ttouse)hovemuchfun,butthotisn,ttrue.Theg(2)(used to / didn't used to / used) plog o gome which wos Lke the modern gomes of morbles.
Theg threw smoLL boLLs


(mode of


Theg oLso ploged o tgpe of footboLL. But the boLL (a)

mode to

/ wosn't mode of) plostic or other

(ore mode of

moke of

/ were mode of / mode) clog.

(isn't mode of / wosn't

moterioLs thot footboLLs (5)

f were mode of) todog.

Perhops theg (6)

(used to

used) o poir of piLLors for gooLposts!

Write sentences using used to and didn't use to.

I Trojons / not have computers

2 Romons / pLog o gome with ctog boLLs
3 we / not Like kogokng
4 lenng /visit Both everg summer
5 Ben / throw the discus
6 Romon girls / not go to school

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