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Stacy Lopez

Personal Philosophy of Nursing

Nursing to me, is the act of using knowledge acquired through scientific research,
experiments and studies, of the human life form, to care for the health of the person and in no
way jeopardizing their integrity. A nurse uses all the knowledge learned in school and read in
books and provides treatment for a patient in a compassionate manner. A nurse is able to make a
person feel better even when they are their most vulnerable. Although a physician may make
the call of medical diagnosis and come up with a treatment plan, without the nurse the plan
would not be executed. A nurse executes the treatment plan that will provide the best care for the
patient, always keeping the patients well being in mind. The nurse will also make sure that the
patients opinion is heard; just because a treatment plan was recommended it doesnt mean that it
is what the patient wants and the nurse will make sure the patients voice does not get lost.
Environment is the setting the nurse creates for the person. A hospital room is just a room
with four walls, but the nurse creates the environment in which the patient receives care. The
nurse makes sure that the patient is comfortable, has everything they need for proper treatment,
and will create the home away from home while the patient is admitted. The environment in
which a patient receives care should be clean, quiet, with up to date facilities, and have the
proper equipment for the patient is be able to communicate with the nursing staff. The patient
and his/her family members should feel cared for when entering the patients room only by the
environment created by the nurse.
Health is a persons state of being. A person is said to have health by merely waking up
and being a live. A person can have good health; following a proper diet, exercising, avoiding an

excess of harmful chemicals: smoking, excessive alcohol, excessive sun exposure, etc. or a
person can have bad health; chronic smokers, alcoholics, drug users, or mere genetic influence. It
is a persons responsibility to take care of their health. Caring for your health means,
consciously making the effort to eat well, to exercise, to sleep well, to have your annual check
ups and when something is feeling wrong with the body or mind then to seek help.
A person is a human being. All humans walking on this earth are persons. A person has
feelings, a person has a body and a person can make decisions. I as a person am making an effort
to better myself by furthering my education and pursuing a career path that allows me to find joy,
I also take care of my body by trying to obtain maximum health and I make decisions keeping in
mind that I do not want to harm another person and I want to choose things that will cause joy to
myself and those around me. When caring for patients it is important for a nurse to keep in mind
that everyone is a person and although their path maybe rough they deserve to be cared for and to
receive joy.
After preparing my philosophy I read the mission, vision and values of Jackson South
Community Hospital and Miami Dade College and I found that they were parallel. JSCH wants
to build a facility that will service the community with a staff that will provide members of the
community with world- class care. While MDC is building strong members of the community
through education in order to produce productive members of society that will later on become
entities that will service in facilities such as JSCH. I believe that the mission of both JSCH and
MDC reflect what my personal nursing philosophy is. I do see myself working in an institution
like that of JSCH where the patients well being is placed first and where I, as a healthcare
provider, can continue to grow.
Jackson South Community Hospital. Their mission is:

To build the health of the community by providing a single, high standard of quality care for the
residents of Miami- Dade County.
Their vision:
Our strategic vision is to be a nationally and internationally recognized, world- class academic
medical system and to be the provider of choice for quality care.
And their values are:
Service Excellence and Quality, Commitment, Compassion, Teamwork and Communication,
Respect, Confidentiality, Integrity and Stewardship, Inclusion
The Miami- Dade College mission is:
As democracys college, Miami Dade College changes lives through accessible, high- quality
teaching and learning experiences. The college embraces its responsibility to serve as an
economic, cultural and civic leader for the advancement of our diverse global community.
Their vision:
To be the recognized leader in student learning, achievement and success while enriching our