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Huakailan! School for Girls Musical Theatre Camp Plumeria 204 Tuition Rates = super early bird specil rates UNL. March 4, 20% MORNING CLASS 8:30am -I:30am ech momingleare W hele ot 720 om lat co adder con) sess ae y yt hly p38 we PantoCrime: June IS-July | (3 weeks) share = hy 22 This story starts wh the ening of four oc oleae sae | ppantomimes: Snow White, Cinderela, ts feat | cltaats ‘Aladdin, and Red Riding Hood, but none ae of ther ore working out ute es they woos. | inka | Maia | shoul Well tnd out wis boon " ~ ‘2100 messing around with the endings in this om pantomime to end i pantomimes! 300-590 | ierbycam | Batty cm tor tor co toe ---. [EE [tes [tas ‘uakailanl School For Girl's Summer Performing Arts program will " engage your daughter with singing, dancing, and acting. Each student Yates AFTER March 4, 20% arly morning care Is avobite ot 730 am (at no addiera cost) 1 1 | wtneveavoeinthenmsicl teste show. Students wilworkhard | sessons Ney sly Saiyan NEw { through rehearsals whilehaving fun every stepof the way!The girls. awed + vill rehearse at school everyday, Theirexcitementandenthusiasmwill | | ©0430 | fuera | Vehsieon | caiminate in final publicstage performance forfernly and fiends. 0 tel nie chests 5 - Ro 1200300 | |, Heinen | Peterd ters | ALL ‘Adapted from tho classic story by Margery eel eee ae Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit tells the = enone story of the unconditional love between a 300-5190 | Butertycue | Buterfyere | 47.250 child and her toy bunny and how that 0 ‘bso 1 Jove makes the rabbit real. TFuLL ony #50 %4000 Handson History in Hawaii! Session 1 Offerings: daie'9 - Jy? 12:00pm - 3:00pm This summer the girls will take.a step back through history to‘explore: the past of the Island of Oahu and other Hawaiian Islands. This class will consist of indoor and outdoor interactive activities. If your daughter is an explorer she will love this class. This is an exciting opportunity for the girls to learn more about where they live and about the great history of Hawai'i. ANIMAL + PLANT EXPEDITION Session 2 Offerings: July 6 - July 22 2.00pm - 3:00pm Calling all plant and animal lovers, this summer the girls will learn about endangered species that could be living in their backyard! Students will be doing hands-on activities as well as learn why these species are endangered and the steps we can take to help prevent extinction. If your daughter loves the outdoors, and animals then this class is perfect for her! Butterfly Club (Offered in both session | and 2) 8:00pm-5:30pm Butterfly Club is Huakailani School's extended day program that provides a balance of organized and self-selected activities, all in a positive, supportive atmosphere. Whether relaxing, reading, utilizing our creative play centers, or having fun with friends, your daughters will thrive as a member of Butterfly Club. And you'll have a peace of mind knowing your child is safe and having fun. ® or LOPES RR ‘ition to participating in performing arts ! activities, your daughter will beat the summer | + heat through activities that integrate variety of academics. Following Huakailani’s hallmark - ' methods of individualized instruction, 1 activities will be differentiated and tailored to 1 | meet your daughter's learning needs. This will | give your daughter ahead start for thenext | F academic school year! a 1 1 2016 Summer Class Options Session 1: June 13-July 1 8:30- 11:30 Musical Theatre: Panto Crime 12:00-3:00 Hands on History in Hawaii! 3:00-5:30 Butterfly Club Session 2: July 5- July 22 8:30-1:30 Musical Theatre: Velveteen Rabbit 12:00-3:00 Animal and Plant Expedition 3:00-5:30 Butterfly Club