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Ail tb-4 Defendant’ _WadeThomasNaramore__(82990. Requested Bond:_$5,000 Address: TT eect City State Zip: ot Springs, AR.71901 ecmeer" _15L022422 WARRANT OF ARREST ‘The State of Arkansas, To Any Sherif, Constable, Coroner or Policernan in the State: I appearing that theres reasonable grounds fer believing that ens Wade Thomas Naramore sosrse White Male, 008 has committed the offense: Negligent Homicid aclssA Misa in the County of Galan, You ae Hereby Commanded’a Arent the Defendant andi bring the Defendant before eto be dealt with according to law. Given under my hand as sudge othe (2p weve c57— carat ere Bol To Any sheaf, Constable, Coroner or Policeman in the State: You ae further ordered to Summon as Witnesses forthe State and to ntly said witnesses after you have arested the Defendemt. is WV, ae AFFIDAVIT FOR WARRANT OF ARREST bate toners Poceet: —_1su022422 Defendant: Wade Thomas Naramore Detect ith: MMMM | race: whe seem Cy State Zip: Hot Springs, AR. 71901 bated) ore: Pursuant to Rule 7.1 ofthe Arkansas Rules of Ciminal Procedure, the undersigned affant() being duly sworn, \deposes and says that he/she has reason to believe that the above-named person has committed the offense of Negligent Homicide mackssA Misd In violation of Ark Stats. Ann, Section(@) 510-105 onoraboutthe 24 dayof duly 2015 _, by unlawfully (state statutor/language) (5-10-10. Negligent homicide. {200A person commits negligent homicide ithe or she neglgely causes the deth of another person, not consiuting urder of manslaughie, asa result of operating a vehicle, an acraf ora watercraft: [nase upon the definion of breath, blood, and urine concentration in §$-65.204, a determined by a chemical est ofthe [person's bod, urine, teath, or oter boll substance. {i) The metho of chemical analysis ofthe person's bled, urine, or breath shall be made in accordance with §§ 565.204 fn 565.206 or KC) While passing stopped school bu in viltion of § 27-51-1004 {2) A person who voles subdivision (1 of this section is guilty of Class B felony. (0 A person commits negligent homicide ihe or she negligent esuss the deth of anther person, (2) person who violtes subdivision (61) ofthis section s guilty of Class A misdemeanor, () As used in hs secon, “intoxicated” means infuenced or affected by the ingestion of alba conrolled substance, [any intoxicant, or ny combination of lebol a contralled substance, or an intoxianto such a depres that the ives tions, moter kil an judgment ae subsatally altered andthe diver therefore constitutes clear and substantial {danger of physical injury or death to himself or herself and other motorists or pedestrians. Eacts Constituting Probable Cause ‘07 07/24/15, at approximately 1510 hours the Hot Springs Police Department Dispatch Center recelved 911 call rom Wade Naramore. Naramore was requesting help atthe comer of lames Street and Far Oaks Place. INaramore stated, "My son was left inthe car and think, think he's dead.” HSPO Officers responded tothe area, While nroute HSPD Dispatch advised responding units that a possible nfanchad been leftnsie of car. Officers arved inthe area and observed a maroon Toyota Avalon parked in the roadway with the divers door open and no one around the vehicle. The home owner of120 Fai Oaks Place kan outside and directed officers othe inside of his residence. Inside the residence Officers contacted Wade Naramore who was holding his infant son, dentifid as Thomas |Naramore 01/31/14, yelling, "No my baby! No my baby". Naramore placed Thomas ontoa couch to be levaluated by EMS personnel, Naramore was asked how long Thomas had been left in the car. Naramore sald he nad been inthe car for approximately fivt5) hours. Naramoe further stated numerous times," kled my baby!" [Thomas had signs oflividity In hislower extremities and was pronounced dead at the scene. Thomas core Iernperature was 107 degrees, according to the Garland County Coroner Stewart Smedley. tthe time Officers larived on scene the ouside Temperature wasn between 97.0 Fand 98.1 F with aheat index ranging from 108.8 FFt0 106.56. (On 11/23/15 Wade Naramore came into the Hot Springs Police Department with his attomey Patrick Benca. Post Miranda, Naramore sai, on 07/24/15, while driving to wor, at approximately 0815 hours he and Thomas said their morning prayers. He stopped at McDonald's for breakfast which was out of the ordinary because he usually prepared breakfast at home. He said he also had a cour case on this day he was worried about. He sald Ihe went ro workas he did each day. He got off work early, ran some errands and went home. On the afternoon lof 07/2415 he was leaving his residence to go pick Thomas up from daycare. Ashe turned acomer he hearda [nose in the rear of his car which caused him to tun around. Ashe turned around he noticed Thomas was in his lar seat and he had not been dropped off at daycare. He ald he immediately stopped the ca, got Thomas out of [is car seat, and called fr help, Initiale by Affiont_202E dad LOOT WY TT 934 s102 | swear tha the allegations contained herein are tre to the bes of my informatio, knowledge and belie 1 EO eee 2 flan Witness Signature ‘AfantWiness Signature ET] ED) Detecive Mark Falls #113, : Atte Sok EMM PIKE {$41 Malvern Avenue, Hot Springs, AR. 71901, cam.anD G9. C04 ee cette epee a ey 501-321-67096xt6720_ SS rea Code) Telephone ‘Wren Coder Telephone ai 4 AfiandWiines Signature ‘animes Signature Mine ei le ee Me ps a a eS res Cade Tap RORE fe Telephone Subserbed and sworn beforeme this _[34\_ gay or CMNUQWY DON ‘My Commision Expires: ‘208A ‘Notary Public ‘hereby find that this sworn affidavit demonstrates reasonable and probable cause fort arrest forthe above named person forthe above stated offense(s) Metal: g Lb Zor ance ofa warrant of

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