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Sub : replacement of reheater tubes supplied vide P.

O______-- dated ------- for 5 th

unit of TTPS Requested regarding.
Ref : P.O.No ___________ dated_________
We have received the reheater tubes of ______ dia and ____thk from
your esteemed Company for the above said ref on __________ date.
On Installation of the above said parts in our ______ unit boiler the
reheater tubes have failed , resulting in frequent Boiler punctures . It is observed
that the failure of the above parts is due to the poor _____________ This is viewed
very seriously by the Government and corrective measures have to be taken
immediately. It is to be mentioned that as per P.O clause _________ in page no
______ replacement of ______ parts have to be done when the materials are under
gurantee period .
Hence it is requested to take immediate action to replace the above said