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H1B &

Immigration Visas
Want to Stay in the U.S. After Graduation?

Develop Your Strategy Now!

Speaker: Richard Herman, Immigration Lawyer

Herman Legal Group
Date and Time: March 2, 2016-6:30pm
Location: University Hall 014
Hosted by IEEE-GSB

In this presentation, noted immigration lawyer Richard Herman will

discuss innovative strategies to remain in, or re-enter, the U.S.,
including the following:
How to find an H-1B employer? Target H1B-friendly or capexempt employers
Sponsoring your own work visa by launching a business (E-2
treaty investor visa)
Sponsor your own green card (EB-1/extraordinary ability; EB2/national interest waiver; EB-5 investment green card)
Sponsor your own work visa and green card by working abroad
for one year and then seeking transfer back to the U.S. to launch a
new office (L-1 visa, EB-1/multinational executive)
Miscellaneous options: O-1 extraordinary ability visa,
Sponsoring own OPT (and possibly H1B) by launching a startup,
Diversity Green Card Lottery, and other oddities