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The NUALS Economic Forum in association with Centre for Law and Economics, NUALS

hereby opens its threshold to the debating talent in the nation with the Annual Debating
Championship ALTUS DISPUTATIO to be held on the 11th, 12th and 13th of March, 2016.
NUALS, as one of the up and coming colleges in the forefront of imparting legal education
and securing academic excellence, reveres debates as an intellectual exercise paramount to
the development of legal reasoning quintessential to the foray of talents required of the
world. In pursuance of the same, we are proud to present this debate in its unique and one of
a kind format, never to have been employed before: The Devils Cross. The debate is not
confined to any particular stream. Whether youre an engineering student or youre pursuing
hotel management, you definitely belong here.

To those valiant in this unique endeavour, there awaits the pot of gold:

1. Best Team Rs. 50,000

2. Runners up Rs. 30,000
3. Best speaker Rs. 20,000
4. Best inquisitor Rs. 15,000
Come partake in the debate, one unlike any other before. Incoherent thoughts strung to
perfection. Need we say more?
Well be uploading information regarding registration and other important details on our
facebook page. Please follow our page for other pertinent information
Keep the weekend of 11th-13th March free!
Please find attached the rules of the competition. Feel free to contact us for any further
queries regarding the format. You can either drop us a mail on
or contact any of the below:
Theyjusvini. S: +91 9444273464
Anagha Sasidharan: +91 8089769262