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Topic 3: A Tale of Silver

My alarm clock rang in that perpetually annoying tune. I immediately hit the
snooze and fell back into sleep. Aden! Why are you still sleeping? You are going to
be late for school! Disgruntled by the interruption of my sleep, I almost fell out of the
bed when I saw the time. It was already 7.00 oclock! I had only 15 minutes to get to
I immediately changed out of my pyjamas and rushed to the bathroom. To my
chagrin, I slipped on the bathroom floor and banged my chin against the sink. I felt
my tooth break and tasted blood. But nevertheless, I continued brushing my teeth.
One less tooth is better than feeling the wrath of my teacher, Mrs Leong. I decided.
I had no time for breakfast, so I grabbed a bag and hurried outside the apartment.
Just as I arrived at the bus stop, the bus decided to leave. As I ran as fast as my legs
could carry me, the bus decided to greet me with a puff of smoke and chugged off.
As I had only 7 minutes left, I had no time to wait for another bus. So I sprinted like
my life depended on it and finally arrived at school. As I approached the parade
square, it was already empty. A mix cacophony of students chattering and teacher
shouting from the classrooms was audible. As I reached my classroom, I clenched
my fists and braced myself for the explosion When I entered the classroom , I tried
my best to explain why I was late, but was interrupted by Mrs Leong What are you
standing around for ? Quick! Get to your seat boy! I heaved a sigh of relief and
thought the nightmare was over, but instead, the worst was yet to come.
Class, take out your homework right now for me to go through. As I unzipped the
bag, I was utterly flabbergasted to find myself looking and a Mickey Mouse colouring
book. That was when I realised that I had taken my sisters bag instead. As I looked
up, I found an infuriated Mrs Leong glaring at me. Detention! she ordered.
I spent the rest of the day cleaning the lower primary school toilet. Those kids really
need to know how to clean themselves. I grunted. Splat! I felt something wet and
warm on the top of my head, Aargh! Bird poop! I screamed as I whipped out my
handkerchief and began wiping my hair with it. Then I proceed to shout vulgarities
and the errand offender, only to be greeted with more crowning glories. With this, I
took off screaming, I had more than I could take for one day !