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Return to Normalcy (1920s)

installment plan making payments on credit
bull market rising stock market
bear market falling stock market

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Everything due by tomorrow

Amos n Andy
Radio Clip

Amos n Andy

Freeman Godsen & Charles Correll

Red Scare, 1919-20

Bolshevik Revolution in Russia 1917
Red Scare series of raids against suspected
Communists led by A. Mitchell Palmer, Attorney
Bombings: Palmers home, Wall Street
Used to weaken labor unions

Election of 1920
Wilson called for referendum on League of
Republican Warren G. Harding promises a
return to normalcy
Harding defeats Democrat James M. Cox

Return to Normalcy
Hardings appoints Andrew Mellon as
Secretary of Treasury: pro-business,
reduces anti-trust actions, reduces taxes
on rich
Wall Street bull market through most of

Installment-plan buying: buying on credit
Expansion of electrical power
Growing popularity of professional sports

Fords assembly line makes automobiles
affordable for workers
By 1929, Americans own 26 million cars
New industries: rubber tires, paved roads

1903: Wright brothers first flight
By 1920s: establishment of air mail routes
1927: Charles Lucky Lindy Lindbergh
completes first transatlantic solo flight

1920: first commercial radio broadcast
By mid-1920s, radio had become an
important part of American culture & home

Check for Understanding

What was the Red Scare and how did it
affect labor unions?
What is installment buying and how did it
affect American consumers?
What effects did the automobile have?
What was the return to normalcy and
who promoted it?

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