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Bernie Sanders started out his career in politics as the mayor of Burlington, VT.

was in office from the year of 1981 to 1989. He after won a seat in the House of
Representatives. He represented himself as one of the countries few legislators, which
made him stand out to people in national political arena. In 2007 and 2012 he won both
elections for the U.S Senate, and decided to run for presidency for the 2016 election a
year prior to the election itself.
He is a great fit for the Peace Party due to his democratic and similar views he has on
the issues that we stand for. Sanders believes that its important to protect America and
defend our issues and values, and have law enforcement agencies fight against
terrorism, but it must be done in a way that doesnt sacrifice our basic freedoms. He
wants us to be protected, but stands for the fact that passenger screening based off
race is against our human rights, and extremely discriminatory and wrong. He also
supports American rights to freely congregate, practice, and express whatever their faith
is within legal bounds. Separation between church and law is to take place in order to
secure religious freedom and civic equality for the people. the Peace Party strongly
believes in this motion as well, and believe that keeping the two separate will honor
American diversity and peace with dramatic effects. Bernie Sanders was recently asked
what his view on Syrian refugees is, and how he would go about the issue. He replied, I
believe that the US has the moral responsibility with Europe, with Gulf countries like
Saudi Arabia to make sure that when people leave countries like Afghanistan and Syria
with nothing more than the clothing on their back that, of course, we reach out. Now,
what the magic number is, I don't know, because we don't know the extent of the
problem. But I certainly think that the US should take its full responsibility in helping
those people. He is a good fit for this party because the people of the Peace Party also
believe that we have a moral responsibility to help these people in need, and be the
country to reach out open arms for them to have a happier and safer life here in the
U.S. Lastly, Sanders has plans in his presidency to invest $1 trillion into rebuilding our
infrastructure and getting 13 million Americans to work in good jobs. He believes that
the government has the authority to regulate the economy and make sure business
stays in control and balanced for all Americans. We believe that this will create such an
equal and healthy balance as well, and with his 2016 presidency, our country will be
turned around in no time!