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Filter dialog

This dialog could be displayed only from the custom copy dialog for adding/changing the
filtering options for the task.
Include mask - you may enter the mask of files that will be copied (ie. *.jpg copies only the jpg files). If you want to specify more than one mask - separate it
by '|' sign - ie. *.jpg|*.gif|*.bmp.
Exclude mask - specifies mask of the files that will not be copied. Mask is
enteres in a way described in Include mask
Filtering by size - allows to specify up to two size conditions from the
components that lies below. Only files that matches all the conditions are copied
Filtering by date - allows user to specify max. two conditions regarding date and
time of the file. Yo may select one of three date types (last access time, last write
time and creation time).
By attributes - copies only files which matches the specified attibutes. Grayed
check boxes means that this attribute doesn't matter.
All the filter settings must match to the file attributes in order to copy the file.