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Classroom Management Plan

Attention Getting1. Eyes up, eyes down, eyes left
2. 3,2,1 countdown
3. Hold it
4. Seat to seat
Question Answering1. Raise Hand
2. Popsicle sticks
Start of Class- Students are expected to sit in their desks and begin
reading their book until the teacher tells them otherwise.
If they are coming in before computer class, they are to get their
computers immediately and begin turning them on so they are
prepared for computer class.
If they have come in quickly and their computers are ready, then they
can play the simon says game on the smartboard until everyone else
gets in.
Snacks/Water- students are expected to get their snacks at recess and
fill their waterbottles before class as well. Students are also allowed to
go to the snack fridge during AR Reading.
*The waterbottles are not to be on the desks while the laptops or other
technology are on the desks.
Physical Activity- Before a new subject starts, I will give the students a
1-2 minute PA brain break. Whether it is a quick Dance video or just
gets them out and out of their seats moving around.
I have had them do a 10 rep work out routine (sit ups, push ups,
jumping jacks, high knees, etc)
Routine Procedures1. Illness- sickroom, only call home if it is an emergency or if they
have gone to the sick room and still dont feel better
2. Bathroom Breaks- recess or before school (Alicia, Broden are
3. Telephone- judgement call, typically they are not allowed to use
the phone but if they need to call parent or guardian for pick-ups
instead of just calling to go to a friends house.
4. Free Time- They always have a book to read. Strong focus on
5. Fire Drill/Lockdown- emergency bag in the closet has a radio.
Each student has a number that they know. If it is a fire drill they

line up outside by the playground and number off. The radio has
a frequency depending on the month. Change to correct
frequency then radio in if youre all there.
6. Lockdown- very similar to fire drill but the students get low by
Mrs. Dorners desk and I close the windows and door. Still radio
1. Excessive Talking/Off task- Pay Day Board
a. I give the students 1-2 warnings before I ever take points
away on the board.
b. After a warning is given, I slowly walk towards the board
and grab a marker and wait if students still are not ready
for instruction.
2. Pushing/Fighting- ZERO TOLERANCEBrads Office
3. Swearing- Stop class and remind about or respect policy
4. Teasing/Bullying- Again, stop immediately and remind that we do
not tolerate any disrespect to our peers in our class.
5. Focus on positive reinforcement with the Pay Day Board as well.
Encourage those who are doing well to be an example to those
who need help.
Positive Relationships
1. It is important for me to know each student individually. I have
given the students a Tell me about you paper and they have
been able to tell me about themselves and what they are
interested in.
a. I will keep these papers and add notes of information that I
receive from the students about themselves and their
2. I love to play sports and talk about life outside of school with my
students. In the mornings before school, I will either go play
basketball with the students in the gym or make an effort to talk
to the students who are in class early.
3. I greet every student that walks in the door with a hello and a
high 5.
4. I have made it extremely important for me to learn their names
as fast as possible. I have also encouraged them to correct me if
I mess up on their name.
a. The students tell me their name before they give me an
answer or make a comment in class until I feel that I have
learned them. This is especially for Vanhalas class who I
dont see as often as my home class.
5. When the students are sitting or much lower than me, I kneel
next to them and try to make sure that we are at eye level as
much as possible.

6. Its important for the students to feel that I am their equal and
not a superior.
Student Relationships
The elementary school has a strong focus on project based learning as
well as working with partners. Mrs. Dorner and I decided that we really
want to implement these practices in our semester together.
Some of our projects involve both individual and group work. We also
encourage the students to check answers and get help from their
elbow partners frequently.
Our classroom does get a bit noisy while 34 students are all working
together but we have some strategies that help to keep things
relatively quiet to not disrupt other students or classrooms.
1. While working with partners, I walk around to make sure
conversations are on task and the volume doesnt exceed a
needed amount
2. If volume does get to loud, I stop everyone the first time and
remind them that we are allowed to talk with our partners but it
doesnt need to get that loud. Then use softer, quieter reminders
throughout the class.
3. Individual work usually turns into a check with your elbow
partner so it tends to get a little noisy as well but similar tactics
are used. Remind them that we are working individually and it
should be silent.
4. Whenever an answer is given, I respond with positive feedback
and do not tolerate anyone mocking or laughing at someone
elses answer.