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Ayurvedic Daily Regimen

In Ayurvedic texts Dincharya i.e. Dialy regimen is described in detail. The Ayur
vedic daily regimen maintains the health of an individual and prevents the occur
rence of diseases. One should follows dinacharya as :
Dincharya or Daily Regimen According to Ayurveda :
One should wake up in Brahma Muhurt i.e. 48 minutes before sun rise.
After waking up one should look at mirror or own's palm and fingers.
Then one should drink cold water kept overnight in earthern pot or copper pot. I
t increases lifespan, delays ageing, Prevents all diseases especially constipati
Then one should go for defecation or urination. It should be remembered that one
should neither postpone the natural urges nor forcibly generate them.
Cleaning of teeth should be done with tender twigs of Neem or Arjuna or Kher tre
After brushing teeth, scrapping of tongue should be done with a Tounge cleaner.
Then one should gargle with cold water or oil or some decoction.
Then one should install 2 drops of medicated oil into nostrils. Anu Taila is rec
ommended by the Acharyas Of Ayurveda. It prevents the diseases of ENT and Head.
Then herbal Collyrium (Kajal) should be applied in eyes.
Massage should be done.
Then one should do exercise as per one's capacity.
After sometime one should take bath with cold or normal water.
Then one should apply cosmetics prepared of Sandal wood, camphor etc.
One should wear clean dress as per season.
One should take food two times a day. The food should be warm, having all taste
and should be taken in a calm ambience.
Chewing Betel nut with arecanut and slacked lime is advocated after having meals
After that one should attend one's lawful profession.
When one comes from outside to home, one must wash face, hands and feet. Then re
lax and after that one should perform prayer in the evening.
One should take light food in the night, sleep in a comfortable bed, remain in m
ental calmness, and be silent. The head should be neither depressed nor elevated
; it should be at the level of shoulders facing towards east or south. One shoul
d pray at the time of sleeping.
Thus Ayurveda Charts out a complete daily regimen right from waking unto sleepin
g. If followed in routine it will render a happy and healthy life.