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Chapter 1: The

"Hey, Chase." went Marshall, who was in a very happy mood.
"Hi, Marshall. what are you up to?" Said Chase, wondering why Marshall
was in such a good mood.
"I'm just happy that I haven't slipped on my dog bowl the entire day.
That's a new record for me. Woo Hoo!" said Marshall as he leaped into the air,
only to fall down on his bottom into his dog bowl. "Ow...that hurt. Oh well, I
guess my streak had to end at some point."
"Heh. Hey, Marshall. How you doing, pal?" said Rive, one of the bullies at
Marshall's school.
As Rive approached Marshall, Marshall cowardly stuttered, "Hi Rive. What
are you doing here?"
"Oh, nothing. Hey Chase, can you go back into The Lookout for a minute
or two?" said Rive mischievously.
"Uh, sure. I guess," said Chase as he walked into the Lookout.
"So, um, Marshall," started Rive as he smirked at Marshall. "Need any help
with your science project?"

"No. Why?" asked Marshall.

"No reason." said Rive as he started toward Marshall's pup house.
"Hey! Go away from my pup house!" yelled Marshall as he ran after Rive.
"My homework is in there!"
"Ha, Ha!" went Rive as he tore up all of Marshall's project. "You little runt.
You deserve it. after all you're on the smart's team."
"All my," started Marshall. "All my hard work."
"Your hard work? I thought it was your team's. Who cares anyway. You
don't stand against me, in science, or P.E." went Rive as he picked up Marshall
with little effort. "You're such a little runt. You know what? See you at school.
Just hope I don't pulverize you in P.E. tomorrow, we're doing boxing." As Rive
started to go back to his house, Chase came into Marshall's pup house and
saw that he was crying.
"What's wrong Marshall? Did Rive do something?" asked Chase, who was
very worried about him.
"He ruined my team's science project!" cried Marshall to Chase.
"Well, what's so bad about that? You know the rest of the pups and I can
help you rebuild it, right?" said Chase, trying to calm down Marshall.
"Well, even if we do rebuild it, what's there to stop Rive from doing it
again?" asked Marshall, who was starting to stop crying.
"Just don't think about him, Marshall. It'll be alright. Don't worry about
Rive doing it again." said Chase.

Chapter 2: The
Next Day
The next day at Marshall's school, he was spending time with the other pups
just before school started, when Rive came along. "Hey, runt," said Rive as he
approached Marshall.
"Hehe, hey Rive." went Marshall as he started backward, into the other
pups, who were just watching.
"Can't wait for P.E., can you?" asked Rive, in a suspicious tone that gave
the impression of sentience toward Marshall. "You ready for boxing, runt?"
"N-no." stuttered Marshall.
"Well, be ready for me to cream you, since everybody has to go against
each other, and everyone in P.E. knows who the strongest one of them is."
"Well, Rive," started Marshall. "Why..."
"Ha! You can't even ask me a question, now can you? Proves how much of
a wimp you are compared to me. See you at P.E., wimp." teased Rive as he
walked away.
"S-see you then," muttered Marshall, as his friends just stared at him in
shock. As his friends stared at him, Marshall then went off to his next class, his

head down, while seemingly no one, other than him and Rive, saw or knew
about what had just happened. He walked into his first class, quite depressed.
The only person that noticed was he science trainer, Mr. Boron, who was not
boring what-so-ever. Mr. Boron didn't say anything to Marshall, but at the end
of class did ask Marshall to stay in.
"So, Marshall, I saw you come into class very depressed today. And you
weren't in your normal happy mood as you are like other days. What's
wrong?" asked Mr. Boron as he closed the door and sat next to Marshall.
"Oh, it was nothing, Mr. Boron." said Marshall, who was still in a depressed mood.
"Marshall, you can tell me what is going on. Why were you so depressed
this morning?"
"Really, it was nothing, Mr. Boron. I'm fine."
"Well, ok then Marshall. You can always tell me if something isn't right, ok
Marshall? I'm here to teach you and also help you. You can tell me anything
that's going on. I'll make sure you get help, Marshall." said Mr. Boron as he
led Marshall out of the room.
"Ok, thank's Mr. Boron," said Marshall. "See you tomorrow."
"See you tomorrow, Marshall," said Mr. Boron as he waved back at Marshall.
Oh, today is going to be fun, said Marshall in a sad tone to himself.
Boxing will be fun. Hopefully, Rive doesnt hurt me too badly.

Chapter 3: P.E.
After Marshall had science, he had P.E., his least favorite class, mainly because
Rive was there, who loved P.E., as well as embarrassing Marshall whenever he
"Oh. Hi, Rive..." stuttered Marshall. "How...are you? Hehe."
"Not bad," said Rive as he put his P.E. shirt on, which was kind of tight on
him. "You, runt?"
"Um, good, I guess," said Marshall, in a tone that gave the slight impression that Rive scared him. "Wh-what do you think of today's activity?"
"I'm gonna love it, runt. Especially since I'm going to win, no matter how
times everyone says I'm cheating."
"Well, you technically aren't," said Marshall, somewhat slowly. "I mean,
you are just naturally stronger than everyone." As Marshall was talking to Rive,
Rive was surprisingly somewhat nice toward Marshall. Even if he did still call
him a runt.
"Why, would you agree with me, Marshall? I mean, you always get scared
to talk to me."
"Well, I don't know," said Marshall with sadness in his voice. "I was just
stating the facts."

"Well, thanks. I guess. You're the only person to actually agree with me, in
some sense." said Rive as he walked out onto the gym floor.
"Ok everyone. Today's activity is boxing!" went Mr. Gyminez.
"Yay..." went everyone but Rive disappointed that it was boxing.
"Mr. Gyminez, do we have to do boxing?" asked one of the pups to Mr.
Gyminez. "I mean, you know Rive is going to win every match, right?"
"Well, he might lose, you never know, Cole." replied Mr. Gyminez.
"I guess," said Cole.
"Anyhow, everyone, grab a pair of boxing gloves that fits, and we can get
started soon. The sooner we start, the sooner we finish." said Mr. Gyminez.
"Heh, you guys ready to, uh, I'll say, have a good fight?" asked Rive sarcastically. "You guys do your best, and I'll do mine."
"Rive, you don't even need to try to beat them." said Marshall. "Why do
you say that like you're going to give everyone a chance?"
"Did you just question me?" said Rive somewhat angrily.
"Maybe." said Marshall, trying to sound confident, but just couldn't.
"Don't." said Rive as he punched Marshall. "Don't question me. You won't
get hurt, runt."
"Ow." said Marshall, as he just stood there, frozen.
"Ok! So, let's start. Rive versus Caden." said Mr. Gyminez.
"Easy as pie." said Rive, getting very cocky and the strength side of him
coming out.
As the two entered the arena, Caden gulped and showed his fearful side
of Rive, while Rive as ready as ever to beat Caden, as well as kind of showing
off his muscles.
"3..." started Mr. Gyminez. "2..."

"You ready, twerp?" asked Rive, trying to intimidate Caden. "You can forfeit now and not get hurt, or you can be brave and try and box me. Your
choice; forfeit and not get hurt, but be embarrassed and humiliated, or be
brave and try, at the cost of having a high chance of being moderately to severely hurt..."
As Caden tried to make a choice, he started panicking, but Mr. Gyminez
didn't show it, so he didn't stop. "1...BOX!" Yelled Mr. Gyminez.
"You get the first shot, Caden. Better make it a good one." said Rive in an
intimidating tone.
"Um..." went Caden as he punched Rive in random places. "Did I make a
good one?"
"How I wish I could say yes." said Rive, seemingly immune to Caden's
punches. "My turn." As Rive said that, he started punching Caden in his gut,
causing extraordinary amounts of pain for Caden.
"OW!" yelled Caden as Rive punched him, with Rive ignoring his yelps
and keep punching him.
"Ok, stop!" yelled Mr. Gyminez as he examined the shear strength Rive
had. "Man, Rive. I never knew you were that strong. I mean, I know you are
pretty strong...but not that strong."
"Told you why Rive would win!" yelled another student in P.E., named Kaz.
"So, do I keep going on, or am I going to be out?" asked Rive.
"Um." said Mr. Gyminez. "You are..."
"Please be out, please be out." thought Marshall as he watched. "Please
be out!"
"You are in." said Mr. Gyminez.
"No!" yelled Marshall accidentally.

"No, you don't want me to be in?" asked Rive as he crept toward Marshall.
"Rive..." started Mr. Gyminez.
"You're gonna love this, Marshall." said Rive as he punched Marshall into
the wall. "And I bet you enjoyed when I grabbed your team's work and tore it
up, aren't you?"
"N-no..." said Marshall.
"Well if you didn't enjoy that, then enjoy this!" yelled Rive as he punched
Marshall harder than he's ever punched someone before.
"OW!" yelled Marshall, kicking and punching randomly trying to get Rive
to stop.
"You little runt. You better make sure I don't see you, or I'll make sure you
are in a lot of pain." said Rive as he walked away, throwing his boxing gloves
onto the floor.
For the next week, this continued on and on, with each day Marshall coming home with more bruises and very much in pain, and the rest of the pups
couldn't figure out why, especially since Marshall wasn't telling them what
was happening at school.
"Marshall, why won't you tell us what's happening at school?" asked Skye
as she was caring for Marshall.
"Oh. It's no biggie, Skye. I can handle it." said Marshall, who had a swollen
paw from Rive intentionally crushing it.
Well, ok Marshall. But if something is bugging you, then you can always
tell us, ok? said Skye.
Ok, Skye. replied Marshall. Ill tell you if something is bugging you.

Chapter 4: Another Day...

Hey, runt. said Rive to Marshall.
Hi, went Marshall as he gulped in fear. Rive. What do you want?
Nothing, bud. said Rive. Do you have something for lunch today?
Y-yes. I do. replied Marshall. W-why?
Just wanted to give you something. said Rive as he started making a fist
with his paw. How about a cup of punch?
Um. No thank you. said Marshall.
Ok. said Rive as he punched Marshall.
Ow said Marshall. That hurt.
Yes, it did. said another pup named Carter.
Hey Carter. said Rive, one of Rive's friends.
Oh boy. went Marshall as he gulped. What, do you want, Carter?
Oh, nothing. said Carter. What are you up to, Rive?
Just, uh, bonding, with Marshall. said Rive.
Yeah, because you do that with me. said Marshall, trying to be a little
happy about being with Rive.

Isnt Marshall the weakest pup in school? asked Carter.

Yes, I am, sadly. replied Marshall in a sad tone. Why do you ask,
No reason. answered Carter, who honestly meant it. And, really, I do
mean it. Rive, I know youre a bully. Ill just say it. I know you are a bully.
How? asked Rive. I always hid it from you and only did it when you
werent looking.
Rive, others came to me when you started bullying them, or when anyone started bullying them. The reason? Im just like you, Rive. said Carter.
Theres only one difference between you and me, Rive. Im not a bully. Other
than that, Im just a strong as you, could be just as scary, just as fast, just as
athletic, play essentially the same sports as you, basically everything you do,
and can do, I do.
If youre just like me, why dont you beat others up? You just said youre
just as strong as me, so you should enjoy beating others up. said Rive, trying
to convince Carter to be a better friend.
I do beat others up, Rive. I just do it because someone told me to. And, I
beat up bullies, not random pups like Marshall. I stop bullying, Rive, not a
cause of it. said Carter. Im not going to beat you up, Rive, Itd be quite hard,
but, Im also not going to say that you shouldnt stop. Rive, youre one of the
least liked pups in school.
Go away, Carter. said Rive, who was annoyed and slightly angry at
Carter. Go away now.
Make me. replied Carter as he just stood in place and didnt move. You
cant hurt me, I cant hurt you. We both know that.
Fine. said Rive. Marshall, you win, this time.


Lets go, Rive. Im not going without you. said Carter as he walked away
with Rive.
Wow thought Marshall. I...never thought anyone...would want to
stand up, to me.


Chapter 5: Here
we go Again...
Grrr went Rive as he picked up Marshall and slammed him against a locker. Im not waiting this time.
Y-youre not w-waiting to do w-what? asked Marshall who was in heavy
fear because of the way Rive was talking.
Yesterday, you won. And I dont like when you win. So, guess what? I win
this time. said Rive as he punched Marshall in the mouth.
Ow tried to murmur Marshall as he realized Rive was beating him up.
You know Marshall, I really feel like we could be friends...yet, we cant.
said Rive, in some sense trying to soothe Marshall as he threw him across the
Ow said Marshall as he started to black out.
Heh, I bet you wish I would stop, but, Im not. said Rive as he grabbed
Marshalls paw and broke it.
O-w said Marshall as he was in pain and started to black out even


Lights out Marshall. said Rive as he punched Marshall in the head,

knocking Marshall out.
After awaking back up at the Lookout in his pup-house, Marshall decided
to stay inside and think about what had happened while he was at school that
day. I...wish Rive would stop. said Marshall to himself as he realized he could
barely talk. I...want to get helpbut I can...handle this...myself
Hey Marshall. said Chase. You want some pup food?
Yes. said Marshall, realizing it hurt when he tried to talk loudly. Please.
Someone is here to see you, Marshall. I think his name is...Carter? said
Chase. You want me to bring him along with your food?
Yeah, sure. said Marshall fairly quietly. to...see him.
Ok, now, dont try to hurt yourself talking, ok? said Chase as he walked
out to get Marshall food and Carter.
I wonder why Carter is here. thought Marshall. Why would he want to
see me? I never asked him to do something for me.
Hey, Marshall. said Carter in a calming, quiet voice. Chase, can Marshall
and I have some alone time?
Sure, Carter. said Chase as he closed the pup house door and walked
away, leaving Carter and Marshall to talk in private.
So, how are you, Marshall? asked Carter.
G-good. said Marshall, kind of scaredly, in a quiet voice. W-why...are
I heard what happened earlier today. said Carter. And, you dont have
to be scared of me. Im not like Rive, I won't hurt you. know, I never asked you to help me.


I know, but, you seem like you need it. Rive really hurt you badly. Even after you blacked out, he was still punching and kicking you.
Oh...thats why my...back hurts
So, Marshall, do you want my help?
Why not?
I can handle Rive on my own. Really, I can. I just have to wait for the right
No, you cant Marshall. Rive is way too strong for you to handle him
alone. It is physically impossible for you to handle him without help.
So...what should I do then?
Do you want my help?
Well...I have to have it...then yes
Ok. So, what Im not going to do is stand by your side the entire time that
youre at school. What I will do, is keep you in my sight and within a reasonable distance of you so that, if at any moment Rive wants to beat you up
again, you can get the defense you need. Got it?
Yeahbutwhy are you helpingme?
Because, I care about you, Marshall. I knew from day one that you would
be Rives target because I saw how weak and helpless you are against him,
making you the perfect pup for him to beat up and bully.
Ok. said Marshall.
Marshall, I wouldnt help you if I didnt want to. If I didnt want to help
you, I would just let Rive beat the everything out of you. But, since I didnt that
happen, I really did want to help you. said Carter.


Chapter 6: Ow...
Hey, Marshall. said Carter. How are you doing?
Not bad. said Marshall who was in crutches. But also not good.
Better than, started Carter who suddenly paused. Well, being knocked
out in your house. Speaking of being knocked out, the pup that beat you up
is here.
Oh, said Marshall as he gulped while turning around, only to see Rive
right in front of him. Hi, Rive.
Hi, twerp. said Rive. Carter
Rive said Carter as he glared at Rive.
Rive started Marshall. What... makes you want to beat me up?
Well said Rive as he stared at Marshall. Iin all honestydont really
know. I meanIthought that playingfootball would make me happy didnt...until...I started beating...someone up
Rive, did you ever have a friend? asked Marshall, being somewhat sympathetic toward Rive.
No. And I dont plan on it! said Rive somewhat angrily.
Woah I was just
You were just what?! said Rive quite angrily.


I was just...being sympathetic...toward you. said Marshall calmly.

Go away. said Rive, still angered. Now.
Ok said Marshall, in a quiet, scared, voice, as he walked away from
Rive along with Carter.
Urg! yelled Rive.
Thats not worry at all. said another pup nearby. The strongest student
in school getting angrythats definitely not terrifying.
Stop talking or Ill make it even more terrifying. said Rive to the pup.
Yesummsir said the pup in a terrified voice.
Do you know Marshalls next period? said Rive angrily.
Y-yeahhe has Math next said the pup who was clearly terrified of the
current situation.
Thanks said Rive as he gave the pup his lunch and walked away.
Yourwelcome said the student as he wondered how Rive didnt beat
him up.
Hey, Marshall. said Rive as he came up behind Marshall.
HiRive. said Marshall as he stopped walking. How are youI
Not bad said Rive.
Please dont beat me upplease dont beat me up thought Marshall. with anything? asked Rive.
Uhhnonot at the moment replied Marshall, who was skeptical of
Goodgood said Rive as he tripped Marshall then punched him in
the back.
Ow said Marshall who tried to get back up.


No getting back up! said Rive who punched Marshall in the back again.
Ow! yelled Marshall as Carter came to his side.
Rive said Carter as he watched what was happening.
Carterhelp said Marshall. Helpplease
Rivestopnow! said Carter. NOW!
No! said Rive as he punched Marshall in the back.
No, Carter! said Carter. Im not afraid to punch you, whether or not itll
hurt you.
And Im not afraid to punch you, Carter! said Rive.
Rive started Carter as he grabbed Rive. Please, stop. This isnt
the...friend...I came to know when I became friends with you in 4th grade, or
when I joined your football team.
No. said Rive assertively. I can do what I want, and no one, not even
you, can stop me.
Rive. Just because you can do what you want, doesnt mean that its ok.
Please, stop. I didnt befriend you all to just come to this. said Carter in a
pleading voice.
Ow...this really hurts said Marshall as he felt Rive let go of him and
heard him walk away.
Marshall, you ok? said Carter as he rushed to Marshalls side.
Yeah...he didnt hurt me badly said Marshall as Carter helped him up.
Thank goodness he did so much as to not hurt you badly. said Carter.
Wanna get lunch? The cafeteria just opened.
Sure. said Marshall as he started walking with Rive to the cafeteria, with
nothing but a couple bruises and a sore back to say that he was beaten up.
Hey, Carter. said Kaz, a pup who came to Carter after he got bullied.


Hi...uh said Carter. Whats your name again?

You dont remember it? said Kaz.
I helped you nearly a year ago, of course I wont remember it. said
Oh...right...Ill be going now
Wait, what is your name? said Carter.
Uh...Kaz said Kaz.
Oh...ok then...Kaz. said Carter.
Yay, hamburgers! said Marshall with joy, then quickly faded to sadness.
Wait, I have no money with me, Rive took it.
Here. said Rive as he walked by and handed Marshall his money back
and went into the lunch line.
Ok...then said Marshall he walked behind Carter into the lunch line.
Yeah, probably a good idea to stand behind me said Carter.


Chapter 7: Kindness Always Works

Hey, Rive. said Marshall as he walked past Rive.
Hey, twerp. said Rive as he stopped Marshall.
Let me pass, Rive. said Marshall.
I need lunch money, twerp. Give me yours. said Rive as he grabbed Marshalls collar.
Ok. said Marshall and a slight fearful tone, as he held out his money for
Rive. Have mine. I have extra.
Thanks...twerp said Rive as he grabbed the money from Marshalls
paw and let go of him then walked away.
What was that for? asked Carter.
What was what for? replied Marshall. Me giving Rive my lunch money?
Yeah. said Carter.
Oh. I didnt want Rive to beat me up again, plus I decided to carry another set of lunch money just incase he needed some. said Marshall.
Good idea. said Carter as he fumbled around in his pocket. Shoot...I
forgot lunch money


Uhh...need any? asked Marshall. I can give you mine, Carter.

No, Im good Marshall. Id rather me starve than you. said Carter.
Carter, youre a lot bigger, stronger, faster, and more athletic than me.
You need food more than I do, not to mention, you have P.E. right after lunch,
meaning youll be really hungry throughout the rest of the day if you don't
get lunch..
No, Im fine, Marshall. I can go without food and still do good in classes.
said Carter.
Ok, just tell me if you need any of my lunch, I dont mind giving some to
you. said Marshall.
Hey, twerp. I need your social studies notes. I left mine at home. said
Rive to Marshall.
Sure, Rive. Here. said Marshall as he got his notes out of his backpack
and gave them to Rive.
Thanks...uhh...twerp said Rive as he furiously got to copying them
down on another piece of paper. Twerp...why are you being so...kind to me?
You may be a bully, Rive, but you deserve kindness and respect from me.
Everyone does. answered Marshall.
Over the next few days, Marshall was increasingly nice to Rive, even
though Rive continually tried to bully Marshall, but he just couldnt find the
guts to do it, as Marshall was being so caring toward him. Then, a few days
later, something remarkable happened between Marshall and Rive.
Hey, Marshall. said Rive. How you doing?
Skeptical...the first time youve ever said something to me without calling
me twerp. said Marshall. As well as this being the first time you havent tried
to beat me up when you walked up to me.


Hey, Rive. said Carter. What are you doing?

Nothing. said Rive.
So...what do you have instore for me, todayRive? asked Marshall.
Marshall, you know how youve been a really nice person to me? said
Yes said Marshall. I do know.
Well...over the quarter, it has been getting increasingly difficult to bully
you. Which, is a good thing for you. said Rive.
Ok...continue, said Marshall. Where are you going with this?
Carter, can you leave us in private for a moment? asked Rive to Carter.
Sure. said Carter as he walked to one of his other friends.
Marshall. Ive been having a great quarter with you, ever since you started being nice to me. Truth is...I really only bullied people because no one
would really want to do anything with me. Now that youve started doing...really...anything...with me...I feel like bullying isnt something that I need. went
Rive in a calm way that didnt make Marshall feel like he was being threatened
or going to be hurt.
Wowyouve really changed over the past few days. said Marshall,
comforting Rive.
Thankspal. said Rive, subtly informing Marshall that he would want to
be friends with him.
Pal? asked Marshall. Why do you call me pal? I thought my nickname
was twerp.
Not anymore. replied Rive.
Thanks, friend. Great to be...well...friends with you.
Shall we go get lunch?


Sure. Want me to pay?

No, Im good. This time, I brought me own money. said Rive as he pulled
some money out of his pocket and waved Carter to come back.
Well, lunch now? asked Carter.
Yeah, definitely. said Marshall as he started walking with Carter and Rive
to the cafeteria.
This is gonna be a good friendship. said Marshall


As weeks, months, and even school years went by, Marshall, Carter, and Rive,
were always the best of friends. They were always glad to see each other, and
without all of them together, they all felt like something was missing. Even
during summer vacation, they always had plans to see each other at least
once a week until the school year began. And with the trio forever friends,
they will always have each other.


The End


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