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A Lost of Life.

200 years have past since the last destruction and diseaster of the Chernobyl
power plant which caused a huge amount of radiation spreading throughout the
entire globe. For about 50 billion of people fled from the Earth to Mars to avoid
extinction while the rest were left to die. Today the humans in Mars advocated for
a scientific investigation on the remaining life left on Earth
Just then, we have explored almost everything in this world collecting every
anomalous samples we can find For 6 days have passed since we have newly
arrived. I already feel sick exposing myself outside the ship for 5 minutes despite
wearing these frustrating issued protective suits. Nevertheless, we can return
home as soon as we accomplish our last gathering in the Sector #999. The last but
not the least. This place was used to be called Chernobyl, had two tragic disasters
back then one in 1986 and 2909. The latter year, proved to be the most devastating
incident ever to happen that cost about millions of lives. The cause was unverified
and rumors along with conspiracy theories suggest of alien interaction. I dont
believe that were going to encounter one here, hell back home in Mars I was
expecting some extraterrestrial beings having big heads, huge black eyes, and what
not. But what did I find? Just a bunch of endless sands, but that doesnt matter
now. Within 12 hours the professor and I have managed to gather about 10 samples
from the vicinity: 3 of which were shining lights, 2 healing miracles, and 5 lethal
The shining lights were pretty fantastic and they look like a lantern, in fact if one
just so happen to put them near an electrical appliance. It will generate unlimited
amount of wireless electric power and distribute them to each appliances within the
range of 10 meters, there were an abundant resources of excellent quality samples
from Sector #45: Japan. While the miracles common source of supply was located
in Sector #81: Cuba, upon acquiring these unusual yellow mudballs we
acknowledged its healing properties and even regenerating abilities when Yao
accidentally cut himself in the kitchen, in fact his wound was healed no less than 1
minute. The spikes, however, are the best thing to exist in the world! Not really,
these things are extremely poisonous when one gets pierced with its pointy spikes,
hence the name, we have tested its lethality on the labs lab rat. The rat died
silently in about 8-10 minutes, it didnt went through any violent reactions only a
good sleep.

There! Pointed Kent. Do you see it Dick? Its right over there! Another damn
You got a sharp eye there, professor. I said, This is the last, correct?
Erm yes, Im afraid Answered Janice.
You want to stay here, professor?
Well Janice turned away from me and stared deeply at the zones grassy fields.
Yes I want to seek more of this world. Discontent perhaps.
Sorry to hear that professor, but try asking our boss for a day off here. Might
work if you know what I mean. I then picked the Queen and put it in one of the
holds in the sample container, the container sealed itself after having all the holds
No way! Exclaimed
Lets go. I said. Theyre waiting for us.
The professor took one last gaze, and moved on beside me towards the transporter.
I put the container at the back seat inside, the professor sat next to me with her
pouty face.
You alright? I asked.
Ill cherish these memories forever
As usual, Janice has always been this like this wherever we explore and discover
places of pleasant viewing. I appreciate this artistic side of her, almost everyone
aboard the ship but Janice and I are uninterested in what we see. They only came
for the greenbacks and fame, nothing else mattered to them.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It has been quiet since we left the Chernobyl and heading back to base. It feels
We have no lover relationship of course, Ill be damned if I do. Elsewhere in Mars,
shes the daughter of the head of the Marzel family, extremely wealthy and
powerful. Besides my political beliefs doesnt match up with her fathers.
Hmm, I havent really had the chance to get to know you a lot. Said Janice, as
she turns to face Ernest. Whats your favorite color?
Black and red.
Interesting colors, they remind me of something She leaned near me. Why?
Well Should I state my beliefs? It wouldnt do any harm would it? Im an
Oh my! Gasped Janice. I didnt take you for a radical.
Now you do. I replied.
Very well. Favorite snack?
Those arent snacks!
To me they are!
Prove it.

I actually dont want to hear your opinion. Janice said folding her arms.
Why you brat-
Moving on- LOOK OUT!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------AN INTERVIEW BY A JOURNALIST FROM THE FAIRE TIMES RADIO
Is that how you broke your legs, Mr. Gustavo?
Close but no cigar these legs of mine I lost their uses in a riot. But aside that,
we did happen to come across near a gravity sucker, good news was we managed
to avoid it. While the bad news was the transporter was all done up after hitting
that huge boulder. So far no injuries.
I see, how did you managed to return back to the ship?
We were able to establish contact with them after walking several kilometers
Im sorry, walked?
20 kilometers if I remembered from the crash, we were notified of the extraction
zone to be designated to the Pripyat City. Took us about 4 hours hauling that
How heavy was it?
30 pounds but do you know what was the interesting thing that we
You have my ears, Mr. Gustavo.
A new life.
A new life?
Aye, apparently after reaching Pripyat we happen to stumble upon this black
figure. It stood 15 foot tall and has a body of human, only faceless.
Interesting, could you put more detail on where you have found this thing?
Just at the entrance of the city, there it stood like a wall. It seemed to be sleeping
as well disturbing it was, skeletal remains encircles the thing. We went around it
of course. But theres more! This city was the only sector to have this thing, any
other sectors had mutated plants and animals. But such a thing like that

After reaching Pripyat, what did you two do?

We seek shelter and waited there Janice stayed with her container while I took a
peak at the thing
It disappeared.
Where did it go though?
It was right behind me. I wanted to alert Janice but I cant, somehow I was
paralyzed it spoke to me.
What did it said?
I didnt understand what it was but it sounded important. After that I just woke
up in the infirmary room aboard the ship
I do happen to remember one part it waved goodbye to me and it said.

After all these years, I finally understood what it said to me. Change to live, it was.
After recovering from the mission, I quit the International Aeronautics Space
Administration and started to campaign for presidency I was successfully
elected. Yet years grow tougher, as most didnt like my policies for it was a drain of
their money. We fought such a long bitter war but it was the last. We will take
care of this new home, we will meet again

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