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Jennifer Aiken, LaToya Parker, Mikafui Antonio-Obese, Casey Thomas and Jamie Metrick


Buffalo Lake

New Irving Park

Affluent neighborhood
Over 55% of the homes in the census tract are valued at between $300,000 and $999,999, which is much higher than the state
(at around 16%), and Guilford County (at 15%).

Center of the concentration of wealth and power in Greensboro

Predominately white: 91% White
Median Age: 41 years
Median Income: $69,271
Mendenhall Middle School: center of neighborhood

I think it is thought of as the rich, white neighborhood.

Mendenhall Middle School

A focal point within the

History shows that in the years past,
Mendenhall was a school filled with
wealth and predominately white



Residents identify with their zip code and census tract

Percentage of Families in Poverty by Race

The 127.03 Census Tract, which

is almost exclusively in New
Irving Park has a 12.8% poverty
White families in the 127.03
Census tract have a poverty
rate of about 0.9%, which is
much lower than Black
families, with a 38.5% rate of
poverty, and Asian families
with a 37.9% rate of poverty.

Socio-Demographic- Education
Poverty Rate for Populations 25 Years and Older by
Educational Attainment Level

About 24% of residents in the

area have Bachelors degrees,
which is slightly lower than
Greensboro as a whole, but
the neighborhood dwarfs the
rest of the city in Masters
degrees, professional degrees
and doctoral degrees.

Education & Median Income

Median Earnings in the Past 12 Months (2012) By Educational

This graph illustrates a comparably greater disparity between those who have higher
levels of education and those who do not in New Irving Park.

At a Glance.

How would you describe the health of this community?

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Theyve had a few friends who have been
known to be found dead from of a drug
overdose. My son has lost 5 friends.

Mental health is a challenge

at our school.

There certainly is a concern

about kids and alcohol. My son
was introduced to marijuana at
age 11.

Mental health is an issue if defined broadly, depression,

bullying, self esteem issues.

What are they doing to address this?

Keeping up appearances

The history of Mendenhall started as a highly wealthy area but as
time has gone by the population has changed dramatically.
I think it is more diverse than it was when I lived here as a child.
There is still a majority of white families but there are more Black
and Indian families.

That original group feels like the

neighborhood is theirs and feel a lot more
ownership of the school.

Connecting change with Mendenhall

There is economic and wealth diversity within the school. Some
families are very wealthy while others may be homeless, living in a
50/50 of the students are on free or reduced lunch, close to 36% of the
population is African American, 50% of the population are White...
The question we must ask is how do we make sure the have-nots do
not feel left out?

I guess I dont think of it as a community.
The neighborhood walk was about deciding whether or not they
would have sidewalks, and it was my impression that they decided
not to because they didnt want people passing through.
I would not define it as a neighborhood because there are people
in the neighborhood who are isolated from each other.


Ethnographic Interviews