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January & February 2016


Featured Stories
01 Executive Board
03 S.C.R.U.B.S
04 IBC Back to Business Bowling


05 FMA x SHRM Beach Social
06 University of Hawaii vs University of
California, Irvine: Mens Basketball
Zippys Fundraiser

01 10

07 Resume and Interviews


Company Tour
08 Hawaiian Host





Regal Bakery Fundraiser

Community Service
10 Great Aloha Run
Job Listing: Hilton Hawaiian Village HR
Coordinator Wanted
12 Subway Fundraiser and Valentines Day
Bake Sale
13 Professional Interaction Night
14 SHRM Breakfast


SHRM Aloha Chapter

Spring 2016
Executive Board

Chelsea Kadokawa
Director of Professional

Gannon Chibana
Director of Student

Tyler Hishinuma

Evon Le

IBC Senator

Director of Fundraising

Ryan Silao
Director of Marketing

Stacy Suda
Director of Public


We began the day with a game requiring

everyone to re-visit their 3rd grade math skills!
First two numbers were chosen. As we went
around the circle, each member counted
whichever number fell upon them aloud. Those
who landed on a multiple of the chosen number
is supposed to clap instead of saying the number
aloud. Members who were unable to math
were subjected to stand in the center of the
circle to answer questions while flailing their
arms in the air.

>> stands for SHRM Club Recruitment

Ultimate Biannual Social. This semester, we
gathered at Mnoa Valley Park to play games,
eat delicious foods, and get to know one
another! Gannon Chibana, our Director of
Student Affairs, organized various games to
help break the ice. The pictures above shows
our members getting ready for our blindfolded, balloon toss relay!

Lunch was catered by Ginas BBQ. Winners

of the relay were allowed to eat first.
However, there were ample amounts and
enough variety to satisfy everyones
cravings! Check out our Spring 2016
S.C.R.U.B.S YouTube video to see highlights
of our event!

IBC Back to Business Bowling

Kicking off the month of February was the IBC
Back to Business Bowling! All eleven Shidler
business clubs gathered together to reconnect, network, and welcome our new and
returning members at the Aiea Bowling Alley.
Although this was a late night event, the
combination of cosmic bowling, music,
delicious foods, and great company created an
exciting experience for all! Speaking of great
company, it is always pleasant when SHRM
alumni come back to visit. At the IBC Bowling
was Geng Fang and Sheina Baybayan to name a
New members developed more
friendships and learned about the exciting life
after graduation!

Since Back to Business Bowling includes all

business clubs, it can become quite
intimidating for new members. However, as
you can see from the awkward photos
above, we accept each member
wholeheartedly (whether they like it or not)
and appreciate their participation! In the
lower left photo, we see vice president,
Jessica Higashi, and member, Tracy Yuan,
displaying absolutely no shame for utilizing
the bowling ramps. One of our newest
members, Carley Shimizu, recalls Back to
Business as a great experience to meet
other people and socialize! She was
ecstatic to make so many new friends!

On February 21st, the SHRM Aloha

Chapter and Finance Management
Association held a joint social at
Kaimana Beach! The weather was
beautiful, aside from the abusive
winds. However, the members had a
great time socializing with one
another. The food was delicious, as
always, and there were lots of Red
Bull to keep us awake! Thanks to the
connections of our Director of
Student Affairs, Gannon Chibana,
members were able to participate in
a free yoga session!

February 21st was also our IBC

Senator, Tyler Hishinumas, Birthday!
Here he poses with cheesecakes.

FMA and SHRM members participating in yoga. Little

did they know their muscles would ache the next day!

UH vs UCI Basketball Game Social

On February 11th, the
SHRM Aloha Chapter went
to support our mens
basketball team as they
won against UC Irvine!
That evening was a
blackout night in which
audience members were
encouraged to wear black.
Straight Outta Manoa
shirts were distributed as
well as awesome green

Resume and Interviews 101 with Cindy Paguyo
SHRM's first spring 2016 workshop was hosted by
Cindy Paguyo and Kristin Inouye from Hawai'i
Pacific Health. The two enthusiastic professionals
shared their personal insights and experiences
when it came to resumes and interviews. Their
thorough breakdown of what belongs on a
resume to walking through each step in the
interviewing process, left our members with a
feeling of confidence and excitement to test out
their new found knowledge in an actual
interview. Our members particularly enjoyed the
little inspirational quotes scattered throughout
their presentation!

The workshop was a great learning

experience. It helped me strengthen my

resume and prepare for future
interviews! Alan Phu

Company Tours

Thanks to our Director of

Navarro, the SHRM Aloha
Chapter was given the amazing
opportunity to tour the Hawaiian
Host chocolate factory without
having to find the golden ticket!
We ended the tour with an
informational Q&A session with
the Hawaiian Host professionals
whom provided inspiring advice
to our members. They were also
allowing us to taste their
delicious products!

After touring the chocolate factory, Angelica Kaina, pulls

a box of chocolates straight from the conveyer belt! She
describes the process of how each step contributes to
their signature quality. Later, we were allowed to eat the
freshly made chocolates!

Fundraiser! Who doesnt love
donuts? Maybe not as much as
Homer Simpson BUT this fundraiser
can also purchase other Regal
Bakery items, such as breakfast,
lunch, and dinner plates! Who
wouldnt be happy with a deal like

For our first community service,

the SHRM Aloha Chapter
volunteered at the Great Aloha
Run! With an average of 24,000
runners every year, we kept busy
the entire day! It felt nice to
promote a healthy lifestyle to the
community as we sat down and
distributed packets. In fact, our
Director of Marketing, Ryan
Silao, became inspired to
participate in the next Great
Aloha Run. Additionally, our club
had one of the greatest number
of volunteers. We were proud to
see such active participation!

The SHRM Aloha Chapter is looking to reconnect with their chapters alumni and
they need your HELP!

If you were a SHRM Aloha Chapter member or know someone who is, please
contact us through the chapters email:
Or visit their webpage at:

Questions? Please contact Leasha

Zimmerman, Recruiter, at

Hiltons Talent Acquisition Team is currently seeking candidates for the position of Human
Resources Coordinator at the Hilton Hawaiian Village! We are looking for enthusiastic customer
service experts who will strive to create meaningful experiences for both our Team Members and
guests. Please submit your application online at
Job Description:

Qualification Standards:

The successful candidate will coordinate

and perform administrative and other
supportive duties, including, but not
limited to, training, recruitment, benefits
and/or labor relations areas with a focus
on employee relations. Plans and
executes community and in-house events
to include but not limited to Charity
Walk, Hawaii Food Bank, Aloha United
Way, Aloha Festivals and Team Member
Recognition programs for our 1800+
team members. The qualified candidate
has one year event planning. Training
experience highly preferred. Must be
available Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am
5:00 pm and occasional events and

Education: Any combination of education, training,

or experience that provides the required
knowledge, skills, and abilities. High School diploma
required. College degree preferred.
Experience: One year experience in event
coordination required. One year experience in
training highly preferred.
General Human
Resources or marketing experience preferred.
Hotel experience preferred.
Licenses or Certificates: CPR certification and/or
First Aid training preferred.
Grooming: All team members must maintain a
neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance (specific
standards available).
Other: Ability to speak another language in addition
to English is preferred.

Do you find it difficult to eat

fresh? Have you always wanted
to enter that subway across your
workplace? Now you can with
our subway fundraiser!! Buy
one 6 inch regular sub and 40 oz
drink and get another 6 inch for
Redeemable 6 times,
meaning 3 whole feet of free
Many cards still

available, so get yours now!

A week before Valentines Day

the SHRM Aloha Chapter held a
$1.00 bake sale for all the
college lovebirds on a budget!
We held a variety of products
from homemade chocolates,
brownies, cookies, and cake
pops! We had a great response,
selling out by 2 p.m. Several
members volunteered their time
to assist the executive board as

Stay tuned for our

next bake sale on
Campus Center!

Our biannual Professional Interaction
Night is an opportunity for our members
to network with local business
Interaction Night is an excellent
opportunity for companies to gain
publicity and recognition and have first
pick of our quality members to fill any
internship or position. This semester, our
Professional Interaction Night will be held
on Thursday, April 28 at 5:30 pm at the
Plaza Club.

If you or your company is interested in

attending our Professional Interaction Night,
please contact Tyler Navarro, our Director of
Corporate Relations with your contact
information at
If you or your company would like to sponsor
this event, you will be recognized at the
event and in our programplease direct any
inquiries to
Sponsorship donations may be mailed or
dropped off to:
The SHRM Aloha Chapter
Shidler College of Business
2404 Maile Way, E402
Honolulu, HI 96822

SHRM Hawaii Breakfast

SHRM Hawaii Oahu Educational Foundation Human Resources

Today and In the Future
This January, the SHRM Aloha Chapter was
invited to a breakfast held by SHRM Hawaii
regarding the current situation and future of
the field of Human Resources. Sharing their
knowledge and experience were guest
speakers, Jonnelly Miller and Beth
Whitehead. Through this experience, the
executive board members learned about the
importance of constant and consistent
feedback in the work place to ensure quality
communication between the employer and
the employee. Overall, feedback, worker
appreciation, and trust were key elements to
creating an effective and efficient work

Our Director of Corporate Relations, Tyler

Navarro, will be graduating this spring and is
excited to utilize this knowledge, stating
The speakers really offered some powerful
advice that I can take with me as I enter the
workforce in a few months after
graduation!" This information can also be
applied to situations outside of the work
place. Since the SHRM Aloha Chapter is
accepting to all majors outside of the Shidler
School of Business, this information can be
utilized for any group project or activity. By
applying the points discussed by Whitehead
and Miller, one can improve group dynamic
and make group work something to enjoy.



Stacy Suda

Stacy Suda