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Joseph of the Pines

The Health Center
An Agency Overview
Heidi L. Chalflinch

Brief History of SJOP

When first built in the 1940 operated as Pine Needles Inn, then
1948 SJOP.
ORIGINAL ST. JOSEPH OF THE PINES located on Hwy. 22 near MidLand Road intersection. Operated from 1948-1965 as an Acute
Care Hospital. This 75 bed facility served a wide population in
Moore and the surrounding counties; and was called St. Joseph of
the Pines Hospital a Catholic, non-profit hospital.
1965-1990 The Sisters of Providence transformed the old
hospital into a retirement living and services for older adults.
SJOP currently serves as an UMBRELLA identity for PINE KNOLL,
BELL MEADE, COVENTRY HOUSE all sister communities.
Additional SJOP entities: The Health Center, Therapy Village,
Home Care, Life (living independently for elders)/Pace (program
of all-inclusive care for elderly), Providence Place and Rural
Mobile Health.

The Health Center at SJOP

Five Star Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 2014-15.

Based on information from the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid
176 Bed Facility Allows Residents to Remain Close to Family
and Friends
Each Unit is Built and Designed around the Household Model
to encourage the residents personal care and comfort.
A Dining Room is located on each floor for the convenience of
the residents dining experience.
Dietary Preferences are taken very seriously as food is an
important pleasure in many of the residents lives.
Entire staff is committed to a resident-centered philosophy
of care.

The Therapy Village At


Therapy Village has two separate

rehabilitation areas for residents
Physical, Occupational and Speech
Therapies are provided in an area
focusing on those treatments.
Residents in the Memory Support
area, are provided a secure
environment for their exercise and
therapy regimen.

Mission Statement

We, at St. Joseph of the Pines, and

Catholic Health East Trinity Health,
serve together in the spirit of the
Gospel as a compassionate and
transforming healing presence within
our communities.

Core Values

REVERENCE-We honor the sacredness and dignity

of every person.
with and serve those who are poor, especially those
most vulnerable.
JUSTICE-We foster right relationships to promote the
common good, including sustainability of Earth.
STEWARDSHIP-We honor our heritage and hold
ourselves accountable for the human, financial and
natural resources entrusted to our care.
INTEGRITY-We are faithful to who we say we are.

Continuum of Care At SJOP

SJOP Intake specialist that collaborate with discharging

agencies to assure all residents medical, physical, social and
psychological needs and expectations are meet.
Social workers, Rehabilitation specialist, Registered nurses
trained in elder care and MDS/CMS charting requirements.
Activities coordinator and staff to keep residents engaged.
Nutrition counseling, appetizing, appealing, changing meals for
all residents.
CNA staff that show empathy and kindness toward residents,
monthly elder care in-service.
Support staff: Housekeeping, Maintance, Kitchen staff,
Transportation that uphold the values and Core Beliefs of SJOP.
SJOP Utilizes an Interdisciplinary Team approach to ensure that
all residents receive inclusive, holistic care.