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10.00 am

Welcome Address
courtyard stage

11.00 am

Panel: Emerging Artists


Panelists will discuss their current projects, as well as the process and methods used
to get their messages across. Attendees will better understand the experience of
being an emerging artist and what it takes to make yourself stand out.

Olivia Wang, Art Curator and Consultant, Founder/Director of Scholar's Ink Studio
Joyce Wang, Interior Designer
Michal and Jeff (The Anello), Musicians
Shann Larsson, Mixed Media Artist
Cherie Cheuk, Ink Artist
CC Ling, Mix Media Artist
12.00 pm


With performances by The Anello, James Secret and CIS Music Technology
Food provided by Chartwells

1.15 pm

CHRISTIEs Auction House Talk

Sherese Tong and Sophia Zhou, Chinese Fine Arts Specialists, Christies

2.00 pm

Asia Society Talk

drama studio
Alice Mong, Executive Director, Asia Society Hong Kong Center

2.30 pm

Panel: Careers in the Arts


This panel will appeal to those who are interested in listening to personal stories
from a mix of artists that excel in their field. Attendees will learn how they found
professional opportunities for their creative passions.

: Douglas Crets, CIS Director of Connected Learning
Brian Chan (BCHK), fashion photographer and editor-in-chief of Rhea Magazine
Daphne King, Director, Alisan Fine Arts
Kian Yam, Asia Pacific Lead Architect, Aesop
Hammad Nasar, Head of Research and Programmes, Asia Art Archive

3.30 pm

Panel: Digital Arts

: Claire Yeo, CIS Assistant Head of English Department

What role does technology play in various forms of creative expression? Panelists
will discuss how technology has influenced their work. Whether it be a web designer,
animator, blogger, DJ or digital artist, attendees will hear about functionalitys role in
creativity, and how technology has shaped the way we think and work.

Jasmine Smith, Fashion and Beauty Blogger (Dress Me Blog Me)

Brian Ma, ICONIC Founder and Brand Master
Yasmine Liang, illustrator and comic book artist
Jason Capobianco, Fashion and Beauty Photographer
4.20 pm

Student Art Competition Awards


Judges present awards for the student exhibition.

4.30 pm

Prize giving

Sponsors giving out prizes for the raffle.

4.45 pm

Keynote Address
Mitche Choi, Cantonese Opera Performer
courtyard stage

5.00 pm

Closing remarks

Whole day events

Spotlight Artist Exhibition
Brian Chan, CC Ling Pui-sze, Cherie Cheuk, Stephen King, Rocky Cheung

Student Art Exhibition Competition

, Gabriel Poon,
Jimin Kang, Cassandra Cheung & Maegan Wang, Joe Littler, Kameka Herbst

Drama Studio Hallway

Painting with MBA Art Workshop
Moongate area 12-3pm

Jewellery Rendering and Illustration with Hatton Studios

3rd floor classroom 2pm-5pm

Drawing and Watercolor with Rocky Cheung

3rd floor classroom 10am-5pm

Concrete Sculpture Workshop with Kian Yam

4th floor classroom 3pm-4:30pm

Calligraphy with Kalo Make Art

4th floor classroom 10:45am-12pm

DIY Mask
4th floor classroom
Children can come and decorate their own personal masks with feathers, colors, markers etc. It is
absolutely free of charge, and will welcome visitors all day long. Drop by and make your own mask!

Historic Photo Booth

3rd floor
Come take photos with paintings of The Last Supper and The Scream! Clothes and accessories will be
provided to spice up the photoshoot.