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5 Themes of Geography Notes 2015

1. LOCATION: Answers the questions-Where is the

place? How did I get here? There are 2 types or subthemes1. Absolute (exact)- Latitude & Longitude are used to pinpoint a
Example- Lansing, MI is located at 42 North latitude
and 84 West Longitude where the two lines cross
2. Relative- General directions from one spot to another. A starting
point is needed. (Location which is given relative to some known
landmarks.) Example- From Gaylord, Petoskey is to the north
and west

2. PLACE: Answers the question- What is it like to live there?

All places have features that make them unique. There are 2 types or

1. Physical (Natural features- not made by people)landforms, climate, rivers, valleys, peninsulas, etc.

2. Human- (made by people)-buildings, roads, clothing,

bridges, population, languages, food, etc.
3. MOVEMENT: There are 2 types or subthemes-How are
people, ideas, and materials moved (shifted) in and out of this
place? The 3 types are1. People- All the ways that people move or are moved.
Examples- boats, cars, trains, planes, walking, swimming,
running, horseback riding, dogsleds, migration
2. Ideas- How do people (or animals) receive and send informationT.V., smoke signals, books, talking, texting, emails, sign language,
gestures, sounds, dogs tails, movies, etc.
3. Materials (including goods, earth, water, services, etc.) All

the ways that materials move or are moved. ExamplesErosion, trucks, trains, tornadoes, ships planes, earthquake
moving things, animal migrations, items moved by wind, etc.

4. REGION: Answers the question- What do places have in

common? Geographers and people invent these. Any feature that occurs
in more than one place creates regions. There are 2 types or subthemes-

1. Physical (natural)- bluff region, mountain region, lake region,

beach region, river region, prairie region, snow belt region,
raccoon region, maple tree region, oil region, hurricane region,

2. Human- factory region, bridge region, building region,

school region, cherry region, English speaking region,
football playing region, Democrat or Republican region,
part of a state or country region,


(INTERACTION or HEI {for short}(: How do people
interact with and change the environment and how does the
environment interact with and change people? People effect the earth
and the earth effects people. Three main types are1. Adapt- How do people change to fit in with the environmentExamples are wearing appropriate clothing for the season, doing
different sports for the area for example doing downhill skiing in
snowy hilly areas, etc.
2. Depend- How do people rely on the environment for food,
shelter, heat, etc. (survival)
Examples- Food from crops or fish, heat from wood or natural
gas, lumber for a job, etc.
3. Modify (change(- How do people change or modify the
Examples- Build buildings which cuts down trees in forests, cut
trees leads to erosion, litter, human pollution, clean up lakes or
litter, zebra mussels brought into Great Lakes, build up
greenhouse gases changes climate (greenhouse effect), building
roads, etc.