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Quick Change Shoppe TQM Tools at Work

Quick Change Shoppe is a regional chain of oil

Based on the information from those initial

change service centers located in the tri-state

analysis tools, prepare a cause-and-effect

area. Ken Miller is the manager of their flagship

diagram (a.k. fishbone diagram or Ishikawa

location in Fallsbrook Junction. Ken is

diagram) for the largest category of complaints.

concerned about the number of complaints

registered at his location. Complaints come in
the form of opportunities for improvement
listed by customers on the comment card they
receive when their service is complete.
In order to better understand the substance of
the complaints, Ken has asked you to analyze
the individual complaints received over the past
four weeks. Based on the raw data that he has
provided from the comment cards, prepare a
check sheet, a Pareto diagram and appropriate

Prepare a prioritized list of 3-5 specific

recommendations that will improve the
customer experience at Quick Change Shoppes.
Based on the recommendations, provide target
values for the categories on the Pareto Chart.
Prepare your response to Mr. Miller in the form
of a single professional business document
using MS Word with the appropriate Excel
and/or PowerPoint objects inserted in the text
for easy reference to support your response.

run charts.
Week of August 3
Invoice was wrong

Bathroom not clean

No windshield wipers


Waiting area too cold

Nothing to read

No coffee

Price too high

Waiting area dirty

Credit card did not take

Car was not vacuumed

Too slow

Waiting area was dirty

Slow check out

Seats are gross

My windows were not clean

Cashier did not take coupon

Trash needed to be emptied

Coupon not accepted

Waiting area was hot

Car windows were streaked

Version 5

Week of August 10
Did not fix tail light

Soda not cold

TV was too loud

Waiting area was too warm

Cashier did not enter discount

Did not like the music

Coupon not taken

Check out was slow

No coffee cups

TV had no sound

Forgot my window sticker

Technician was rude

Check-in was slow

Tech was not helpful

Noisy waiting area

No wiper blades

Too backed-up

Check-in was slow

Cashier was rude

Coffee was cold

Did not have my part in stock

Floor was not clean

Week of August 17
Out of my wiper blades

Had to wait

Clean the waiting room

Invoice was wrong

Cashier did not enter my coupon

Tech asked too many questions

Noisy waiting area

Did not receive mail coupon

Didnt like music

Coffee was cold

Restroom was not clean

TV sound was off

TV was too loud

Credit card would not scan

Extra charges

Soda machine was empty

Slow checkout

The wait


Price was too high

Too backed up

Empty the trash!

No sugar for the coffee

Week of August 24
My windows were not clean

Too slow

No window sticker

Car was not vacuumed

Car was not clean

Car was not ready in 10 minutes

Could not process credit card

Tech not helpful

The wait

Waiting area was cold

Long wait

Cashier was rude

No paper towels

Out of soda in machine

Noisy waiting area

No outside seats

Seats in wait area torn

No one answered the phone

Price was wrong

No newspaper

Out of air fresheners

Cashier gave wrong change

Vacuuming not complete

My filter was not in stock

Version 5

EBTM 365
Scoring Rubric (50 Points)
Exemplary (9-10 pts)
Format and
Business Writing

(10 Points)

Check Sheet and

Pareto Chart
(10 Points)

Run Charts

(10 Points)

(10 Points)


(10 Points)

Version 5

Acceptable (5-8 pts)

Tone and style are

appropriate and
consistent for
Data table insertion
is at the proper
locations(s) and
clear references are
made in the text
Check Sheet and
Pareto Chart clearly
summarize the data
and identify the
Charts are
complete and
Run charts are
accurately titled
and axis labeled

Diagram includes
more than 4
sources of failures
with 3-4 causes
within each source
Diagram reflects a
clear understanding
of using the tool to
identify sources of
quality failures
5 recommendations
are provided
are feasible and
clearly linked to the
data analysis

Developing (1-4 pts)

Responses are clear

and concise
Data tables are
inserted appropriately
to support the

Check Sheet and

Pareto Chart are
properly titled
Data are accurately
represented in the
Check Sheet and
Pareto Chart

Run chart data are

accurate and the scale
consistent /
Diagram includes at
least 4 sources of
failures and 2 causes
within each source

are clearly linked to
the data and analysis
Implementing the
recommendations is

Spelling and grammar

are accurate
12 pt font and 1
Submitted on time

Check Sheet and Pareto

Chart are included
3-5 logical categories
are identified
Pareto chart includes
historical and target
Run charts for the
overall trend and
individual categories
are provided
Diagram is included in
the analysis

3 reasonable
recommendations are