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Note: SATA stands for Select All That Apply:

1. Osteoporosis = fall precaution

2. RUQ = Baby is in breach
3. Methergine = exposure to sunlight
4. Fever & Dysuria = UTI
5. SATA ***unknown question*** =
6. SATA Preeclampysia symptoms =
Swollen hands
Blurred Vision
7. SATA Report these signs if new to Metformin =
Excessive Urine
other signs of diabetes (hunger, thirst)
***we need more answers***
8. Young woman taking azithromycin for chylamadia and other disease = use
two forms of contraception
9. SATA Terminal Stroke victim =
Guided Images
Old Family Photos
Visits from Family
10. SATA Confused patient
Bed rails
Bed alarm
11. NB HR of 175 = initiate seizure precautions

12. Narcan for respirations under 10

13. Cysto-"something" complication = cloudy urine
14. Brother saves younger brother appears troubled = ask him how he feels
15. Pt wants to stay in hospital because of fear of another crisis = psych
16. Mitral Value Stenosis = ***need answer***
17. Pt's daughter wants father dead = is daughter POA?
18. After surviving severe MI, pt wants death = inform HCP of pt decision
19. Most valuable consideration of adult program = literacy
20. SATA New Diabetes Training
Sick Day
Aerobic Exercise Benefits
Foot care
Fingerstick glucose monitoring
21. Pic of left thigh, front and back = place stethoscope on popiliteal of area
of left leg
22. Buck's traction = keep leg alignment
23. Pt w/terminal MS = family can perform ROM exercise
24. New hypertension pt is distracted from teaching, best way to give
information = involve family
25. Pt falls off ladder, injuries L2 & L3 = urinary retention and constipation
26. SSRI caution = aural migraines
27. Pancreatitis intervention = continue infusion @ 125 mL
28. Obese woman after ab surgery experiences calf pain = measure

29. Pt has one side ptosis, drooping = find correct side
30. Pt on coumadin = consistent vitamin K diet
31. Baseball bat to head = watch for change in LOC in first 24 hours
32. PIC - fingertrusts into baby abdomen = move fingers toward baby's chest
33. Put in order:
Stop infusion
Call HCP
Adverse/Incident Report
34. PIC - blood fusion tubing = change tubing (there's no inline filter)
35. Video - hanging IV - unclamp roller
36. Sound - S1, S2, S3
37. PIC - Beds for dyspnea (possibly sickle cell) Pt = choose Fowler's
38. Post-partum Infection sign = foul smelling lochia
39. Suicidal Pt has cigarettes from visitor in room = remove cigarettes
40. Psy Pt hitting the walls = get him to verbalize his frustrations
41. Long paragraph but at the end Pt has elevated ST = give morphine and
42. ECG alarm priority = 30 second apnea
43. Nurse on trip, Pt falls in the ravine = cover the wound with a clean cloth
44. Inverted nipples = breast shield

45. Confirm Woman's diagnosis of diabetes = repeated fasting glucose of 132

46. Question has multi-tab charts - early decelerations noted = just keep
47. Bleeding hemorrhoids = monitor color of stool
48. Diaper change notes redness and excoriation = change diapers more
49. Prevent sometimes confused Pt from med mistakes = more alert family
member should administer
50. Homeless w/cirrhosis = take stool sample for occult blood
51. SATA Preventing Asthma
Close windows in car & use air conditioning
No fresh cut grass
Sudden temperature changes
Long hair dogs
52. Prevent injury to Alzheimer Pt = bed alarm
53. IV site redden, what are more signs = drainage around IV site
54. Talking older Pt history w/family member nearby = assess for noise and
55. Alchohic who drinks all the fucking time daily, nurse should respond = "So
you...blah, blah, blah. Am I correct?" (you're restating that he drinks nonstop)
56. Compound fracture = look for compartmental syndrome
57. 2 meds at 0900 = highly protein bound
58. SATA Nurse Education Program

List of definitions
Common used words
(don't use small fonts like 12 or high school education level)
59. SATA Client with new colostomy
Assess for self-care
Pain Meds
Care of Ostomy
(do not choose home inspection if this is an option)
60. Cushing's Lab value = check glucose
61. Pt with severe IV pain = stop IV
62. UAP continues to do cardiac compressions
63. Pt w/NSR on machine but has no repirations or pulse that can be palpated
= Begin CPR
64. Preop Pt states, "I don't know if I can handle the pain" = anxiety
65. Young man newly diagnosed with cancer, "Everyone needs to go away!"
= Do you want to talk about it?
66. Female Client w/foot neuropathy from several months ago, asks when will
pain go away? = develop pain management goals
67. Pt receives continous feedings while on mech vent = Keep HOB up
68. PACU Pt has repirations at 8 breathes = naxolone
69. Greatest concern = dimished left lung soun ds
70. Pt who once had MRSA comes back a few days later, it's important to =
maintain contact precautions

71. Respiridone, can't swallow well = give anticholorengic

72. Hip replacement fracture Pt getting ready for transfer with some really
bad vitals = reassess for transfer to SNP, contact HCP
73. Osteoporosis menupausal Pt who smokes, it's most important to = take
more calcium (1500 mg)
74. 2 month pregnant sign = amenorrhea
75. Pt with gastric ulcers is most painful = empty stomach
76. Fontanel is bulging during non-stress activity like sitting up = most
77. Pt is on soft diet, family wants to bring food = make sure food is on soft
diet too
78. Truck driver smokes 2 packs a day = quit smoking dude
79. Indian wants culture and medicine man for treatment best outcome =
treatment was adhered to
80. Lice question = come back to school when they're all fucking dead
81. Peak & Trough = 5 minutes before & 30 minutes after
82. Pt doesn't speak english = get a billingual translator
83. Chest tube falls outta Pt = occlusive dressing on 3 sides
84. Sickle Pt = HoB at 30 degree angle
85. Most effective Diabetes training for adults = video
86. Burn patient, prevent contractions = rolled towel under neck
87. Pt on tadafil (acts like viagara) = no nitro, heart maybe...?
88. Pt slits wrists outside of hospital = nurse calls RN & security guard
89. Cancer Pt diet = canned veggies and turkey

90. Water breaks on Pregnant woman = 24 hours, time is most important

91. Huntington Pt needs to go to cafetaria = walk them there
92. Magnesium = almonds
93. Pic - restraint = retie on bedframe
94. SATA UAP post mortem care =
Tag toe
religious artifacts
Prepare body
95. RN in disaster = move Pt to expectant zone
96. PIC of FHR & mom HR = Stop pitocin
97. RN finds out medical records in garbage = inform medical records
98. SATA Parkinson's Pt = remove all rugs
99. RN needs to give drugs to chemo Pt = RN gives it (it isn't a chemo drug
but it is a chemo Pt)
100. SATA - Seizure
Document duration
Position on side
Pad rails
Loosen tight clothes
101. New UAP for home health care = evaluate their skill levels &
102. Strain & Nocturia = Benigh Prostrate Hyperplasia

NOTES: These are given but I can't remember if they are relevant to any
questions (write the question and answer as a number if you do and email it

most basic need/structured routine

Any reference to God = spiritual distress
Head Injury
neuro change= subdural hematoma
Myocardial Infarction/May cause low grade fever 24hr to 2 weeks
pacemaker pulse out of range=malfunction
Ventricular irritability-treat with lidocaine
Slow/strengthen heartbeat-Digoxin
blood backing up causes pressure
Diabetes is higher in women
Hypertension higher in African American (MI is not higher in Afrincan
Respitory Acidosis-almost always hyperventilation
Mannitol for ICP (intercranial Pressure)