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Net/Court & Wall Games Modifications

Net/Wall Games
Net games:
Table Tennis

Wall Games:
Wall ball

The modifications listed below incorporate the various strategies for modifying games to
fit the needs of the players for the types of games listed in the table above. Many of them
can be used in combination as well.
Use special ball, shuttle (e.g., lighter,
heavier, and/or larger).
Use lighter racquets with larger heads.
Use racquets with shorter handles.
Shrink court size
Eliminate net (using just a line on floor).
Adjust net height (i.e., lower v higher).
Shortened racquets.
Lengthen the court (i.e., deeper baselines).
Increase width & decrease depth of court.
Decrease width & increase depth of court.
Use differentiated scoring.
Divide court in different scoring zones.

Slows speed of object so tracking is easier.
Make execution of techniques easier and
increase success level.
Make controlling the object easier.
Increase focus on controlling object.
Increase focus on controlling object.
Slow game down; limit the use of selected
techniques (e.g., VB spike).
Increase success in striking object.
Makes power control less of a limitation.
Increase focus on playing the angles &
court coverage.
Increase focus timing the use of short and
long shots & court coverage.
Encourage use of particular techniques
Encourage focus on shot selection/direction.

From Complete Guide to Sport Education by Daryl Siedentop, Peter A. Hastie,

and Hans van der Mars, 2004, Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.