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PHED 239: High School Module

Worksheet Chapter 1
Name_____Kyle Hummel_______

Total pts = 6 _________

List and describe three (3) of the six (6) characteristics of a successful
secondary physical education program as discussed in Ch. 1. Be
prepared to share your responses in class.
1. Student choice is offered: Students have been found to avoid
physical education as a whole, just to avoid certain units of physical
education. Some units like swimming could cause a student to feel
uncomfortable. For positive learning to occur, students need to be
comfortable and active.

2. A positive learning environment exists: Teachers that provide

feedback instead of correcting students only when they make a mistake
help create a positive learning environment. Students like to learn in a fair
and safe environment with a friendly, competitive attitude. The teacher can
create this environment by implementing rules and enforcing them so that
everyone is playing fair. Students should leave the classroom happy and
eager for the next class.

3. Health related physical activities: Learning about the benefits of a

healthy lifestyle while participating in health related activities and games is
a very beneficial and positive learning experience. Modern gyms are being
built in high schools for the students to learn about muscle training and
staying fit, while also learning about sports and other games.