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Springfield College Daily Lesson Plan

Name: Kyle Hummel

Date: 3/4/16
Time: 9-10:20
School: East Longmeadow
Lesson #: 4
Facilities: Main Gym
Class Size: 20-30
Grade: 10th
Unit/Theme: Floor Hockey Games/Teamwork Generic Level : control/utilization
Equipment: Tennis Balls (20) Hockey Sticks (30) Music (high energy) Cones (20)
Focus of Lesson: Passing, Shooting, Communication.
Student Performance Objectives (SPO): (National # Standard 3 ; MA CF # 2.9
; Task/Activity # 2 )
By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

(P) SWBAT Pass the tennis ball using the hockey stick to another player successfully
four out of five times displaying 80% of the proper skill cues. (S1.H1.L2, Standard 2,
Activity 2.)
(C) SWBAT Describe 3 out of 4 skill cues used in gameplay involving passing.
(S2.H2.L2, Standard 1, Activity 2)
(A) SWBAT Give 4 examples of effective communication he/she witnessed during
todays games. (S5.H4.L2, Standard 3, Activity 2)
Check each objective is it specific? Is it achievable? Is it developmentally
Teacher Performance Objectives During the lesson the teacher will:
1. Explain safety and spacial awareness for all activities and check for understanding.
2. Give at least 2 pieces of positive specific, or corrective feedback to each student on
the court.
3. Give clear and direct instructions throughout the lesson.

Special Considerations What are the safety concerns? What is unique about the
students in this class?
- Students must be reminded of the hazards that can be caused by floor
hockey sticks. It is important to keep the head of the stick below the waist and to
never use the stick like a sword or any other weapon.
- Students must be conscious of where they are on the court and not hit any
of their peers.
References: (include page # and/or actual web site address)

Chepko, Stevie. Holt/Hale, Shirley. Persse, Dan. Retting, Brad. Roberts, Georgi. GradeLevel Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education. 2013







Locker Rooms: Students will meet with the

teacher before entering the locker room for
Attendance: Teacher will take attendance
before students enter the locker room to
Focus of the day: Warm up and play a few
small sided floor hockey games (Refining
skills such as passing, shooting, ball control).
-Purpose: Floor Hockey is an awesome
modification of the sport hockey. It is a great
cardiovascular endurance exercise and it is
very fun.
- Start and stop signal: One long whistle to
stop and two short whistles to go.
- Safety: There will be a no warning rule on
high sticks. If the head of your hockey stick
goes above the waist you will receive an
immediate one minute penalty. We are
indoors so keep the ball low and under
control, no one wants to be hit in the face with
a tennis ball. Body checks and stick
checks/slashes are not allowed and will result
in a two minute penalty during the game.
Gameplay Skills:
Dribbling: Keep knees bent and slightly lean
towards the ball you are controlling. Tap each
side of the ball repeatedly with each side of
the head of the stick.
Passing: Open stance so your non dominant
shoulder is facing the target. Keep dominant
hand lower than non-dominant hand. Push
the ball with the lower hand as you pull the
stick with the upper hand.
Shooting: Just like passing try to push the ball
as hard as possible without bringing the head
of the stick above waist height.
Demonstration: Teacher will ask multiple
students to demonstrate each skill while the
class watches as he goes over the key points









for each skill.

Transition: Students will now receive a
hockey stick and ball. Find two partners, and
meet on the court.

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Activity 1: Relay Race Warm Up

My coordinating teacher instructed me to
create a lesson plan with a quick warm up
and then 30-35 minutes of gameplay for both
classes that I will be teaching. (Split Block).
Students will be in groups of three, picked by
the students to promote a positive friendly
environment. Two teammates will stand
x x x x x x x x
together at one cone while a third stands at
s s s s s s s s
another across the gym. Each team will have
one tennis ball. They must dribble the tennis
ball to their teammate who then takes it and
dribbles to the third and final teammate. This
will be a relay race so students work hard and
have fun. The first team that gets all their
teammates back to their original starting
position wins.
Demonstration: The teacher will have
students demonstrate the activity before they
start the activity while he explains the key
points for the students to hear and see.
CFU: What hand should be closer to the
head of the stick while traveling?
(Dominant hand.)
Teacher position: The teacher will have their
back to the wall and scanning the class.
Extension up: Students must switch which
side of their body they are holding the hockey
stick on mid run.
Extension Down: Students can pass the
tennis ball to their teammate once they pass
half way.
Safety: Students must be aware of where
they are going so they do not hit anyone else.
Students shouldnt pass the tennis ball with




force as to avoid hitting their teammate or

another team.
Transition: Students will pick up the cones
that they were standing by and stack them by
the teacher. Students will then meet with the
teacher to be assigned teams for the games.
Activity 2: Floor Hockey Gameplay.
Teacher will divide students into teams based
on what team they were in last class. If
students cannot find their teams the teacher
will assign students teams. Teacher will then
run games based on how the class has
recently been playing during this unit.
Rules and Regulations:
No slap shots.
No contact with another player.
Keep head of stick below the
Ball must touch at least four
players before being shot.
Games are played until 5
points then teams will switch.
Players must obey the one
minute fouls.
Teacher position: The teacher will have their
back to the wall and scanning the class.
Demo: Teacher will ask four different
students to demonstrate four passes and
then a shot.
safety: Will be addressed at beginning of
cfu: What is the best way of getting the ball
deep into enemy territory?
(Many passes.)
Transition: Teams will put equipment away
and head to the locker rooms to get changed.
Class changes and the same lesson will be
run 9:40-10:20.