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Explaining technical difficulties to nontechnical people.

The amount of time\par

and people it will take to achieve a certain task to someone who is not a
person. The amount of time it'll take for a process to be changed/modified.\par
And to make sure that the added/modified features are valued and are
measurable, \par
because if its not measuable and tranaparent , it won't mean much to the client.\par
Cite an example...........\par
The impact a new feature like adding another parameter that will be included\par
in complex calculations, would mean not just adding that feature but also \par
modifying every calculatins that takes it henceforth.You must quantify the\par
time/effort in terms of the impact on various modules and the application\par
in totality.\par
* Understanding the nitty gritty of a business domain, its requirement and \par
conveying it to the technical team involved. Presenting the problem domain in \par
a manner that is understandable to the developers/designers of swr systems\par
and also to sketch out a response from the system which is acceptable/
to the user/client.\par
Example.... the requirement is to create folios based on risk appetite/assets. So
inputs would come from asset types and within different asset classes the input\par
would come on the basis of technical/assigned ratios.\par
***********The range of the job that BA offers is really challeging and at times

because thre isn't any clear demarcation, you're expected to know and are
for a lot of things. yov are the one who stands to face the music when things
aern't \par
going the way they should. So at times it tests your patience to its limit. Many a
you feel like being used and abused for others mistakes, but then thats when
your \par
real skills come to the fore.Your persuasiveness and diplomatic skills are tested to
the hilt.\par
But the expose it provides in dealing with so many facets of developing a
software \par
system is what excites and enthuses me.\par