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Code No: A4307

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad

M. Tech I-Semester Supplementary Examinations September – 2009
(Power Electronics)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks: 60
Answer Any Five Questions
All Questions Carry Equal marks

1. Write a short note on the following:

i) MOS turn off thyristor (MTO)
ii) Emitter turn off thyristor (ETO)
iii) Integrated gate commutated thyristor(IGCTS).

2. Obtain the analysis of half bridge and full bridge resonant inverter with
bidirectional switches?

3. Explain the operation of m-type ZCS resonant converter?

4.a] Compare multilevel inverter with PWM inverter?

b] Compare different types of multilevel inverter?
c] Draw different configuration of multilevel inverters to obtain 5 level output?

5. Explain the operation of diode clamped inverter mentioning its main features and
draw backs.

6. The average (or dc) output voltage of the push pull circuit is V0=20V. at a
resistive load of R=0.6 Ω . The on state voltage drop of transistors and diodes are
Vt = 1.2v and Vd = 0.7v. The turns ratio of the transformer is a = s = 0.25 .
a) Average input current Is b) Efficiency c) Average rms transistor current?
Assume duty cycle K=0.5.

7.a] What are the different types of resonant AC power supplies.

b] Explain the control circuits of there converters.

8.a] What are the different types of power line disturbances.

b] Mention the causer of power line disturbances.
c] Write a short note on power conditioners.